The Friday Fling …

… this week is in the Woolshed behind The Pub. So kick up your heels,

order your drinks and munchies from the indefatigable C@tmomma

be very polite to Mr Bushfire Bill

send your number requests to moi The Boss

and hugs and best wishes to CK Watt, his OH, and anyone else in need of comfort (pretty much all of us).

Last of all – enjoy the band!


692 thoughts on “The Friday Fling …

  1. I had hopes that the Guardian would blow in like a breath of fresh air, but, Lenore Taylor? WTF? They had a beauty staring them in the face, and they blew it [Mega]

  2. When I mentioned Rob, he meant bring it on this week (any day) rather than put it off until say, June. At one time the opposition seemed to be pulling back on the idea or wanting to let the potential motion hang around on the agenda perhaps as a threat, but Rob was definite that it a matter of such importance should be dealt with ASAP. That’s why I think he’s driven it to happen this week, so the opp may be adjusting their grandstanding plans accordingly. Just in the last day or two I heard Rob mention this parliamentry week as a day of “supply and confidence”.

  3. Yesterday, Denese complained about rummel and other lowlifes getting past the bouncer. Check out his last 2 postings over the road. Pretty ordinary

  4. The moment the first two Guardian Aus potentials-in-talks where rumoured to be David Marr & Annabel Crabb (although she hasn’t joined), I knew it would be an underwhelming refuge for MSM people we’ve seen way too much of already. Futhermore, how many people will read it? Its real heyday may be in future years if Fairfax tanks altogether.

    Having said that, some of their hires are good. Greg Jericho, Bridie Jabour (the ex Brisbane times reporter, she is straight up), and most of non-famous ones seem at least acceptable. The best thing is that if they break real juicy news, its a proper MSM source, so it will get picked up here & overseas. Better than nothing, can’t see any other well resourced news agencies starting up soon.

  5. denese is fine, I just go with the flow, water off a duck’s back, and re-engage when things settle down for her. She has some pretty traumatic memories of previous lib government,s, when she lost her house, and her hubby nearly got drafted to go to Vietnam based on his birthdate.

    Denese may be a bit changeable in moods but she is certainly one thing, a repository of the lived history of the damage right-wing LNP-type governments do to ordinary working people just trying to bring up families and get on with it through hard work.

    And Denese is not afraid of putting that lived history right up the noses of Tory arske-lickers, like those infesting the other place right now.

    Now Denese can behave in ways which are a bit frustrating at times but she always comes around and comes back to fight Tories.

    Frankly I hope Denese does more of it, not arguing policy with them but saying this is what the L/NP did, explain why I should think you lot are any different?

  6. In his budget speech Swan should refer to the irresponsible structural deficit left to us by Howard/Costello in the form of uncapped middle class welfare and how it requires a responsible government to fix it.

  7. C@tmomma
    From earlier – the budget reply is given at night and is televised live, just as the budget speech itself is.

  8. leonetwo,
    Yes, but is the B-I-R considered a part of daily parliamentary business? Therefore, can a Machiavellian, mendacious, malevolent Opposition substitute a ‘No Confidence Motion’ in the government if they choose to?

  9. Just a thought…

    Once Old Media is finally dead …and Murdoch is pushing up daisies …and our NBN is up and running …and people have access to instant fact-checking …and New (Social) Media is dominant ….the conservative side of politics will wither to an in-effective rump…

    New (Social) Media leans heavily towards the Social Democratic region on the political spectrum….

  10. Mark…yes..I would say it’s a case of ‘you can fool all the people some of the time…”

  11. I wonder if they’ll get their tactics and priorities sorted out better this year.

    Last year, I think they passed in the chance to do a budget-in-reply speech.

    Barely had they moved on from that failed moment and Joe pulled on the opposition’s usual stunt of an SSO “…to discuss THE STATE OF THE ECONOMY.” Talk about wankers.

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