It’s Friday O’Clock

… time to Shake, Raffle, and Roll!

What a week! Some highlights include …

This may have slipped under most Pubkateers’ radars, but is very important news. The European Union will impose a two-year ban (starting 1 December) on three pesticides suspected of contributing to the global decline in the number of bees.

The Netherlands has its first king in 120 years with the abdication of Queen Beatrix and the investiture of her son Willem-Alexander.

(Credit: Reuters – Robin Utrecht)

Tsk tsk – the Nanny State (this time New Zealand) even controls children’s names.

Awwww! Lion cub triplets

At last – Samoa has been circumnavigated.

(Credit: kayak4youth)

I also understand that something happened about the NDIS, and the Tasmanian Forestry Agreement …


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  1. BB,
    If it makes you feel any better, I had a Root Canal that became abscessed after it got a hairline crack in it and I didn’t need jaw surgery to have it out. If they can get a grip on what’s left they can usually get it out. Sometimes they can slice the gum open with your normal local anaesthetic injection, just to get a grip, and then take the bit that’s left out. Then, of course, sew it up afterwards. After that, I think a plate is your best, cheapest option to replace it.

  2. Pretty modest coverage in The Age, too. About fourth item down in the Politics heading. No independent heading or lead. You have to wonder about that, with Napthine having such a good human interest story to go with it.

  3. If anyone is interested at this late juncture, and before the Woofle Dust has been sprinkled around, I have a new post up in the top right-hand corner. 🙂

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  4. C@tmomma
    “Maybe Chrissy Boy has been trying to fill a few more test tubes over the Long Break”

    Doing what he does best? :devil:

  5. Jacqueline Maley has no idea about feminism. Her arguments are facile at best, deeply cynical at worst. On past form, I’ll grant her the benefit of the doubt and label her lazy and facile. Idiot!

  6. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.
    Absolutely diddly squat to link this morning despite the fact that Dennis Napthine signed up to the NDIS. 0/10 MSM!
    So it’s straight to the Land of the Free –

    A classy contribution from the deranged head of the NRA.
    Some cartoons on the NRA convention.
    Bill Maher takes on the GOP over guns. Lawrence O’Donnell is there to help him out.

  7. Good morning all.

    Tony’s Fridge,

    As I said the other day when I first heard this reported, I cannot understand the Yanks – to me it beggars belief that anyone with even half a brain would give a rifle to a child.

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  9. First “Um” from Maley to kick off Insiders.

    Three more “Ums” within 15 seconds!

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    It’s “Um” City!

    “Um”… why is this twerp on the show?

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