Thank Goodness It’s……Friday Raffles!

Lazy Gilly was a flower child
All the summer
Calmly running wild
She’d be silly and her friends just smiled
Pass the bottle
Wash the pills down – what went wrong
What went wrong

She don’t care no more
She don’t need to fight it
She don’t care no more
She gets paid on Friday

Cooler weather it’s not cool to smile |
Pretty colours
Going out of style
It ain’t so bad when you get used to it
Once you clock in
You’ll take any shit – all right
Ain’t that right

She don’t care no more
She don’t need to fight it
She don’t care no more
She gets paid on Friday

Monday morning
Friday’s far away
Pray you’ll make it
It’s a magic day
Bells will ring and you’ll go out to play
Spend your money
Pass the bottle
Friday rules
Friday rules OK

Ain’t talking ’bout Monday
Ain’t talking ’bout Tuesday
Ain’t talking ’bout Wednesday
Ain’t talking ’bout Thursday
I ‘m talking ’bout . . .

She don’t care no more
She don’t need to fight it
She don’t care no more
She gets paid on Friday

She gets paid on Friday, Friday, Friday . . .

Now, while I do not advocate anyone washing down some pills with some alcohol tonight, what I do approve of is the focus on the energy that can be unleashed at the end of a long, hard week of working nose to the grindstone. So what I do advocate is a little trip to The PUB, a few bevvies, and a Raffle!

My name is Victoria. I’m the barmaid. I’m here to help! Along with CK Watt, who will be bringing around the raffle tickets.

Kick back. Reflect on the week that was. Play a little music. Watch some footy. Unwind!

679 thoughts on “Thank Goodness It’s……Friday Raffles!

  1. Sorry for the double post.

    A combination of being distracted by an annoying 12 year-old and a slight excess of red wine 😉

  2. norman have u posted that at the other place.

    gosh he would be busy all over the place,

    abbott everywhere

  3. I am organising a Pollbludger – The PUB meet-up for the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend (that’s is 8-10 June) (yes, I know it is a different date in WA) If anyone here will be in Adelaide SA on that weekend and wants to come along email me through the admins. Also I sent an email tonight so if you are expecting one check your junk folder or contact me through the admins.

    Hey, duckie why don’t you and mrs duck fly South for the winter? Even Adelaide in June has to be warmer than Can-bra.

  4. This little black duck

    I assume Brandis’ titles refer to his head and his wit?

    More than any other thing that a Coalition government might seek to do should they be elected, this is what worries me the most. If they bully our law enforcement agencies or install their own puppets into positions of power within those agencies we will be deep in the poo. Brandis already believes he has the power, from opposition, to instruct state police ministers, state agencies and the AFP on what they should and should not be investigating.

    I find this really really scary.

  5. Oh, of course visiting The Pub interstaters, or interstaters who just want to sample the great wine and nosh of SA in June, are welcome.

  6. Scorps,
    Were you going to be in SA for QBLW? Without going back through thousands of posts, I think we are expecting Jaycee. if I am just muddled anyone please let me know.

  7. Peak Derp from the Opposition then.

    No more investigation into Drugs in Sport and the Organised Criminals associated with Match Fixing & Drug Supply but investigations into Bikie Gangs….who happen to be the ones who control drug supply to the sporting types.


    Tony Abbott will turn this nation into a combination between the Wild, Wild West, and a Laughing Stock. Should we be unlucky enough to be blighted with him as PM.

  8. have any of the posters here seen a piece with Malcolm
    frazer about abbott

    I found it on a tweet, at the bottom of the tweet it looks like

    the conversation,

    \I found it when I was wondering what greg barns is up to
    I like his tweets,

    the link was amounst a whole heap of tweets

    have no idea how old the tweet is

    but mr frazer makes some very good points

    I hope its found
    by one of you skilled posters

  9. NormanK,
    Howard directed investigations and even Royal Commissions when he was in power. Remember Mick Kelty? He had to do Howard’s bidding and then one day he decided to tell the truth and nearly lost his job. So Howard made him publicly capitulate to him and apologise for speaking out of school.

    Abbott would be just like that, except on steroids.

  10. I hope the sporting bodies come out tomorrow and condemn that sort of

    for the sake of the country

  11. denese
    So do I. it is beyond time there was a clean out in Australian sport.

    And I am sick of over-indulded athletes gloating when they win and whinging when they get beaten. Does no-one teach them manners in the AIS? And what about their parents, what were they doing during Little Junior’s sporting development?

  12. puffytmd,

    { Scorps,
    Were you going to be in SA for QBLW? }

    Not on the radar so far. Love to come down & catch up though.

    Check your e-mails. I sent a lovely picture of a man & his dog. Nobody could love their dog more I don’t think. 😉

  13. puffytmd,
    You are a real fighter for the cause. I thank you so much for taking that fight up to the van Onselens of the world, but most especially that jerk, jon kudelka, who thinks his monkey shit don’t smell and all his smarmy put-downs of the Gillard government and Julia Gillard herself, are oh so clever.

    I once told him on Twitter that he had a Simian brain to match his monkey avatar. It hit the spot because he replied back that I was rude. I should have said ‘Pots and kettles’. 😉

  14. C@tmomma
    I am sick of these journos, as BB says, calling the race over with three furlongs to go. (BTW, what idiot changed from furlongs to metres?)

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