Reflection: ANZAC Day 2013

Some people may remember Malcolm B Duncan, a regular contributor to Margo Kingston’s first venture into the 5th estate, Webdiary. A barrister, a curmudgeon, a good friend, Malcolm died, far too young, in January 2011. He was also, on the right day, a good poet.

He wrote this poem in honour of his grandfather Alan Lord, a veteran of World War II.

I hope that some of you find it as moving – and as honest about the futility of war – as I do.

Sparrow’s Fart

Lest they forget
They huddle numb
In tiny pools of light
As those whom now they
Did once around
Fag end’s glow
Gather for warmth
(at least of spirit)
Brashly boisterous
In a diff’rent pre-dawn hush,
Wave-slapped, kit-jingled,
Gravid with fear.


Guns roared and lit them on
To landing.

What cruel star fates their nation
Ever to light upon the wrong cove?

Why remember disaster?

Death is not glory
Nor error truth

But now in the circles’ glow
Annual lit from town to town
Last posts quaver
For the ordinary heroes
We don’t forget
Still for whom
We keep the fag-ends burning.

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  1. Clive’s value isn’t in splitting votes. It is what he knows about the LNP and their activities at the top of the tree. He knows it they know it.

  2. Tweet from Mike Carlton

    Tomorrow’s column: a history lesson for Malcom Turnbull and some inconvenient truths for the inmates of the Alan Jones asylum.

  3. I hope somebody s tweeting Wixxy’s latest post on Thomson to Ray Hadley’s team at 2GB. After their spectacular stuff-up with Rob Oakeshott today, they could do with a bit of good news.


    The Hon Tony Burke MP

    Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities
    Super trawler stopped again

    Media release
    26 April 2013

    Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke today made a final declaration stopping large capacity commercial fishing vessels from operating in the area of the Small Pelagic Fishery for two years.

    The declaration will prevent the super trawler – the Abel Tasman, formally named the FV Margiris – from operating as a freezing and processing vessel of fish supplied by other vessels in the Small Pelagic Fishery following a second proposal by Seafish Tasmania.


    The Hon Tony Burke MP

    Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities
    Government supports the work of indigenous rangers

    Media release
    26 April 2013

    The Australian Government today reaffirmed its commitment to the network of indigenous rangers by supporting the important program for a further five years.

    Environment Minister Tony Burke today announced continued support for the 680 Indigenous Rangers working across Australia, and a commitment to fund 730 Indigenous ranger positions by June 2015.

  6. BK first choice numbers are A OK. Prize is an antique vase or 85 pounds sterling. Your choice

  7. Ctar 1
    Dry atm but not dusty still a bit of rain around
    Was on the river today saw a few crocks sunbaking so am in no mood for a dip

  8. Joe6pack do you want me to keep up with the raffle or do you wish to take over? no probs either way

  9. CTar1,

    Beautiful – thanks. However not the best I’ve heard. I can’t remember the lady whose rendition of this song sent shivers up and down my spine.

  10. I am using my phone as my internet source and it is very slow so if i get cut off
    Everything is going good.
    We spent a day in MT Isa and had a bit of a experience as my wife went and saw her Grandfathers Grave for the first time. He fought in mid-east and PNG in ww2 so was a bit moving for her.
    Then we had a good night in Isa with people I have dealt with and we cruised up here yesterday. I know people here also so we are well looked after
    Staying at the Karumba lodge. Basic but a balcony view over the river
    .Stubbie in hand

  11. C K Watt

    NO go for it you are doing great Thanks and I will be gone soon.
    C@tmomma is getting a raffle post thread ready so I guess things will transfer to that.

  12. 6Pack

    If you make London it’s safe to swim there.

    At the end of a ‘busy’ evening I jumped off the south Thames bank, swum around the front of the Belfast and made for the Tower on the other side.

    OH in hot pursuit over Tower Bridge in the Kombi.

    The City of London Police were unimpressed with me and even more unimpressed with her (they considered she was going very quickly on Byward Street).

    A mispent youth!

  13. SK – It cost me a hundred pounds for being a ‘public nuisance’ and her 250 for speeding.

    Hey, just another night out!

    6Pack – The Thames Valley Authority has done a marvellous job of cleaning up the river but yes I wouldn’t get in downstream of St Katherine’s Dock.

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