Reflection: ANZAC Day 2013

Some people may remember Malcolm B Duncan, a regular contributor to Margo Kingston’s first venture into the 5th estate, Webdiary. A barrister, a curmudgeon, a good friend, Malcolm died, far too young, in January 2011. He was also, on the right day, a good poet.

He wrote this poem in honour of his grandfather Alan Lord, a veteran of World War II.

I hope that some of you find it as moving – and as honest about the futility of war – as I do.

Sparrow’s Fart

Lest they forget
They huddle numb
In tiny pools of light
As those whom now they
Did once around
Fag end’s glow
Gather for warmth
(at least of spirit)
Brashly boisterous
In a diff’rent pre-dawn hush,
Wave-slapped, kit-jingled,
Gravid with fear.


Guns roared and lit them on
To landing.

What cruel star fates their nation
Ever to light upon the wrong cove?

Why remember disaster?

Death is not glory
Nor error truth

But now in the circles’ glow
Annual lit from town to town
Last posts quaver
For the ordinary heroes
We don’t forget
Still for whom
We keep the fag-ends burning.

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    So, that took a bit of time, and then #1 Son was waiting at the station for me to pick him up from Uni. Which I then duly did. After which, I get back home and #2 Son tells me he’s going to see ‘Iron Man 3’ with his mates tonight and could I make him an early Dinner?


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