Fantastic Friday Raffles



Hello and welcome to what will be my last Friday raffle post for 4 – 5 weeks

My wife and I are going on a long overdue holiday so i will be leaving you all to the benevolent care of  the TERRIFIC TRIO of  Fiona, c@tmomma and of course bushfirebill. 

Everything of course will run smoothly along as they do 99% of the work anyway

Raffles will continue but the winners will have to wait until I return to nominate their prizes. Good luck

On a blog note I know people have been trying to post their pictures but unfortunately all pics must be approved by myself or one of the mods. We usually are onto it pretty quickly and post them . I apologize for any delays

I do wish to thank all of you for your continued support of  “THE PUB” as it is you people who have made it such a great little online community. Over time I am hoping to add some improvements and  who knows what will be possible after labor win the next election and the proper NBN is completed . 

Onto Tonight’s Raffles and as a going away present The winner tonight will receive a SURPRISE GIFT in the mail., ( you just have to trust me with your address p/o box number. I’m not a stalker or anything promise)

Good luck everyone have a great night ,crank up the tunes and have a few drinks .I sure as hell will be

844 thoughts on “Fantastic Friday Raffles

  1. I finished my second case of jury service this afternoon but did notice as we were going for lunch at a local hotel, what looked suspiciously like fibre cable being installed in the street in front of the Courthouse.

    I casually said to one of the workers there as we passed, “NBN” and he replied, “yep”, so it looks like the south side of Rockhampton is being wired up according to the program.

    North side next. Yippee!

  2. BK,

    { joe
    Then in that case there will be a special SA luncheon! }

    Sorta goes with out saying, doesn’t it. Giving our Blog Host the special treatment in the place where it all started sounds like a pretty good idea to me.

    And I can’t imaging you, BK, letting a golden opportunity like that get away! 😉

  3. This little black duck,

    { Scorps,

    Did he have a smile on his dial? }

    He did actually. I reckon they would be hard pressed to run across anybody that wasn’t in favour of it.

    Murdoch, Abbott & Co excepted.

  4. That postcard of bushfirebills is the best thing I have seen in ages and am amazed at how much time that must have taken to do.
    He is a very very clever cocky
    I bet the press have seen it and pissed themselves laughing .
    Imagine if it was published in a msm paper.

  5. I know the pic, is false’

    t comma said it was a good likeness

    I give up.

    was rather hoping there would be a bit of excitement

    re that interview

    I don’t think that was false


    or was it

    I found it on pb

  6. Joe6Pack

    Three numbers of your choosing, please.
    I don’t know what the rules are but I’m sure someone will set me straight.

    Hope you have happy travels up in my part of the world.

  7. Barrel girl for tonight, obviously.

    I am staying above all this filth.

    Someone has to.

  8. NormanK


    Simple rules you ask for 3 numbers your own or random, we do a draw and the winner gets either a sat.night lotto pick or a $7 bet of their choice.
    Welcome and good luck

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