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Hello and welcome to what will be my last Friday raffle post for 4 – 5 weeks

My wife and I are going on a long overdue holiday so i will be leaving you all to the benevolent care of  the TERRIFIC TRIO of  Fiona, c@tmomma and of course bushfirebill. 

Everything of course will run smoothly along as they do 99% of the work anyway

Raffles will continue but the winners will have to wait until I return to nominate their prizes. Good luck

On a blog note I know people have been trying to post their pictures but unfortunately all pics must be approved by myself or one of the mods. We usually are onto it pretty quickly and post them . I apologize for any delays

I do wish to thank all of you for your continued support of  “THE PUB” as it is you people who have made it such a great little online community. Over time I am hoping to add some improvements and  who knows what will be possible after labor win the next election and the proper NBN is completed . 

Onto Tonight’s Raffles and as a going away present The winner tonight will receive a SURPRISE GIFT in the mail., ( you just have to trust me with your address p/o box number. I’m not a stalker or anything promise)

Good luck everyone have a great night ,crank up the tunes and have a few drinks .I sure as hell will be

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  1. “our son told me not to take him for a walk I would get pulled over
    he also weighs that amount, said off his lead he is fine but on a lead
    he would defend me, mm so no walking for a whole month”

    There’s a thing called a “Gentle Leader” which really does control the dog but you must be gentle with it because it puts pressure from the lead over the dog’s nose which is very sensitive – and very effective. A light tug is all that is necessary and a daily walk is the best way to gain control over your dog, IMO.

    See here:

    The whole idea is not to have pressure on the lead. If the dog pulls, a tug on the lead will correct that behaviour, and constant correction takes a week or so until the dog realises that pulling the lead is not on and a loose lead is required.

    BigDog, an ex- shelter, untrained, bunle of excitement, was very difficult to control until I bought one of these – it took about three weeks of walks with the Gentle Leader, and now she just walks (or runs beside me if I’m on my bike) without the lead going tight at all and the Gentle Leader sits on the shelf. If one of our hard-working moderators would please give you my email and you contact me with your address I’ll post it to you as I don’t need it any more.

    No walks for a month? Do you have a dog park you can visit? Please? 🙂

  2. PMOffice
    .@vanOnselenP Wrong. Turning grants into loans. Ending discounts for prepayments. And ending tax rorts are not cuts to unoversities.

  3. did any one else hear the Prime Minister say that under the funding arrangements made by John Howard, that federal funding for schools is contingent upon the states contribution. When states cut their funding to schools then the federal funding is cut by a similiar proportion.

    Did any one else see that funding appears to be formulaic
    in the proportions of
    12/14 to government schools
    ?? % to catholic sector
    ??% to other independent schools

    which might mean state government cuts to government school funding will lead to cuts in funding to the catholic and and the independent schools as well

  4. does any one else think it’s pathetic that we have to watch the press conferences because the ABC summaries of the press conferences are ‘unreliable’?

  5. Excellent Presser from PMJG, she batted away a couple of silly and insulting questions, and really put the Uni spending cuts into perspective. I knew tertiary sector funding had increased significantly in the last 5 years, but 56% is awesome. A small 2% decrease in the rate of funding is really insignificant, but no surprise that Unis are squealing anyway. However I do agree with the person on 24 this morning who said Regional Unis should get special consideration because of the broader impact on regional area.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one to see this (the MSM certainly don’t/won’t) But its so very obvious to me that JG has planned out the improvements to school education from before she became Minister for Ed, and determined how to harness the complementary policies for tertiary education,NBN, Asian century, BER, new partnership with China etc

    The ability to grasp the detail of so many very different policy areas sufficiently that you can talk intelligently about any of them off the cuff, and then also demonstrate with specific examples how these policies work together to meet broad national goals across all sectors, is a phenomenal skill and relatively few people can do this. (Abbort and his front bench cronies certainly can’t)

    I’m sure someone who is clever with diagrams could show the Synergies between all these policies and how all the smaller items all lead into the big picture. (And I wish someone would ’cause the sheer enormity of it is doing my head in!)

    BER is a perfect example – a challenge to stimulate the economy, end result could have been construction of ????, but instead the govt kept their eye on the long game – that when school funding and new curriculum etc were implemented, there would be all this new education infrastructure to take advantage of..

    I’m probably not expressing this well, but I’m just in awe of PMJG!

    One thing is very clear – The ALP have always been prepared to take the tough, and often unpopular decisions for the long term future of the country. LNP just want to get into power and provide perks for their big business mates and in comparison they look like the shortsighted pipsqueaks that they obviously are!

  6. re stopping the 10% discount for paying HECS fees upfront. It isn’t going to change votes and it isn’t going to reduce the level of prepayment of HECS fees.

    University fees are still cheaper than school fees

  7. billie at 12.40, agree its pathetic- if you watched the press conf, why would you then bother with a dumbed down and biased summary from press gallery trolls..!

  8. angrybee101 it does appear that Julia Gillard mapped out a long term plan for education when she was Minister for Education and filed it away in a bottom drawer ready for implementation whenever the opportunity arose.

    She has dived into that drawer at the right time consistently over 5 years.

    A W E S O M E

    I wish I had her ability to make long term plans and follow them through

  9. Angrybee
    You said for me, and eloquently as well. Yes, someone do the diagrams. If the PM put it out there would beall sort of “whiteboard” insults but surely there is systems person in the social media who can put it together?

  10. yes lots of dog parks but I would be scared he would run away

    he hasn’t of course,, and ignores other dogs totally
    unless they try to get his ball, that son throws to him

    yes I am worried about it
    also have to watch he doesn’t get the scent of a rabbit and try to jump the fence he would injure is tummy area.

    o dear the things we do for our children

    well and the dog no way I could put rufus in a kennel

  11. A very good summary, angrybee. I note also that there was a subsequent presser from the Education Union and a couple of education professionals. This is a once in a generation opportunity to do something important on education. The states simply cannot afford to miss.

    I’d expect schools to rally heavily behind this innovation and probably bring community support with them.

  12. I no not like the ticker tape at the bottom of the ABC24 screen saying

    “educators and universities furious at university funding cuts”

    I heard Angelo Gavrialatis, President Australian Education Union, say he was ‘concerned’ about funding cuts

  13. billie

    The people who could afford the 10% discount for paying HECS fees upfront, are in, or close to the same demographic as those who will now have to pay 15% on super earnings of $100k – this demographic are not ALP voters anyway.

    To those who say this govt has started a class war (looking at you Simon Crean), I say this govt is correcting the class war started by Howard and Costello many years ago. No more concessions for the small proportion of very wealthy people at the expense of everyone else.

    That said, I hope the govt announce some sort of increase to newstart soon, its really damaging their credibility with traditional labour voters..

  14. Billie…the ABC. is total shite now!..If Labor get re elected they will have to purge the lot!…start at the top!

  15. when I first met joe on pb I wasn’t really sure who he barracked
    for , but I really liked him and his style.
    [.saying wtte you people don’t realise what is said out there about labor.
    up here]

    loved his down to earth thoughts , loved chatting to him about is truck

    I sort of thought he could be a liberal but liked us lot.
    and even now I am sure if he is a convert or was always labor,

    but any way I know now for sure we are going to win as

    up the top at the beginning of Friday,, he said so,

    made me so happy. as joe since joining pb and now giving us this little area.
    has been spot on
    so have a great time just the two of you.

    joe mentioned when we win and the nbn , wtte saying other things will be possible here at the pub

    thanks joe

  16. Puffy, GD thanks!

    I can use MS Visio, so could make the vision look professional, but someone else would have to provide the vision, or at least a scribbled version of It!!

    This is something the govt have to keep promoting – their long term vision and how each policy initiative is complemented and enhanced by other policy initiatives. And they can do this without pointing out too often that the LNP have no vision, it will become obvious..

    there are dog walking services available, and I’m sure they are not too expensive – at least the one’s I’ve seen advertised in Canberra are not too expensive – i had to use one for a couple of weeks many years ago when i had a torn ankle ligament, and I only have small dog.

    try googling for dog walkers in your area – otherwise Rufus could become bored. Bored dogs can be destructive dogs…

  17. angry bee we have a very good dog groomer , I will give her a ring

    she has a lots of dog friends,

    who may know, some one who would walk a big dog,

    yes and I don’t want him putting on weight either

    he goes to the park with our son every morning and evening when he gets home

    the dog groomer lady who actually lives for her dogs

    told that dogs must be walked at least an hour a day
    the love the exercise but the smell is important, its like us reading the news
    they like to know whats around them

    she said they think about that , and that makes them contented

    I don’t know how she knows this but it makes sence to me

    muttly I had a look at the lead and ii think its the same as the picture

    fits over his nose

  18. Yesterday I mentioned at IA Bruce Rugby (Whiteside) a former One Nation follower and reluctant admirer of Gillard. I’m very much warming to the guy.

    …If Crean was the supporting arm of Gillard then why would he take his concerns into the very bosom of the opposition …an accommodating press? This smacks at the prima donna mentality that lurks not too deeply below the surface of present day Labor. Piqued, hurt …why not projects this to the world let them see that our own little egos have been pricked? Where are the MEN within Labor these days …cowering behind a fearless leader who has now called their bluff …for all the world to see? It is almost as if Abbott, Rudd and Crean have ganged up to take her on …and yet she remains as Prime Minister. How galling, that she has achieved that and retained dignity that does not become those who seek to destabilise at a time when unity ..says it all. Yes Mr Rudd, yes Mr Cream perhaps you should be the first pupils to benefit from the Gonski program. Unity, if you don’t understand it, then bloodiwell find out!

    We get a few more like that and we’re on the way. The good old Aussie sense of fairness kicking in, I think. And I thought it had died out.

  19. On IA, gee’s latest satirical cartoon on NBN worth a look…

    Also, Victoria Rollisons latest…

    and another well written piece of satire by rossleighbrisbane re Crean’s recent bout of “look at me…”

  20. More pooch pics courtesy of their proud pets …

    Muttley McGee’s BigDog:

    “Wanna play?”

    and Denese’s son’s Rufus:

  21. “fits over his nose”

    There’s no way he’ll pull wearing that, Denese. Try it in the backyard first.

    You need to be relaxed, happy, head up, shoulders back and walk confidently and enjoy the experience. Rufus will get that and walk with you. If you are relaxed, he will be too.

    So often dog owners are uptight, worried, and scared of another dog which their dog picks up on, and becomes the same, which is counter productive.

    Rufus is very lucky he has someone who cares for him so much.

  22. denese

    Rufus is a handsome dog. Looks a bit timid to me. Agree with muttleymcgee, he needs to go for a walk. Otherwise he might think that his life has no purpose.

  23. on a totally subject, isn’t “Pell the reformer” an oxymoron..? emphasis on the moron…

    But if it means he spends more time in Rome, and less time here promoting his faithful acolyte Tony then great, give him a one way ticket to Roma..

    However sincere and well intentioned papa frank is with reforming the curia, its unlikely to amount to much – the Cardinals with dither and take their time about implementing reform until papa frank is too old and senile to care….

  24. yes it me I am scared what if he snarles at some one and they sue

    us anything happens to rufus while paul is away

    after the awful year he has had,,,,,,

  25. see how worried his eyes are,, even if paul goes for a week end

    he looks so worried.

    but after a few hours his eyes change

    happy and bright your beautiful girl


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