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Hello and welcome to what will be my last Friday raffle post for 4 – 5 weeks

My wife and I are going on a long overdue holiday so i will be leaving you all to the benevolent care of  the TERRIFIC TRIO of  Fiona, c@tmomma and of course bushfirebill. 

Everything of course will run smoothly along as they do 99% of the work anyway

Raffles will continue but the winners will have to wait until I return to nominate their prizes. Good luck

On a blog note I know people have been trying to post their pictures but unfortunately all pics must be approved by myself or one of the mods. We usually are onto it pretty quickly and post them . I apologize for any delays

I do wish to thank all of you for your continued support of  “THE PUB” as it is you people who have made it such a great little online community. Over time I am hoping to add some improvements and  who knows what will be possible after labor win the next election and the proper NBN is completed . 

Onto Tonight’s Raffles and as a going away present The winner tonight will receive a SURPRISE GIFT in the mail., ( you just have to trust me with your address p/o box number. I’m not a stalker or anything promise)

Good luck everyone have a great night ,crank up the tunes and have a few drinks .I sure as hell will be

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  1. well I don’t believe polls

    and doley is correct

    until mr bowe can show me where
    these polls are conducted
    and what the questions are ask

    if it was =my blog no polls would see the light of day

    as I want to know how these numbers are achieved

    what electorates they are ask in, and how many people in each electorate

    it thinks that only right and correct to expect that

    I could say more but I want,

  2. I’m here, I’m here…just lurking!…non compus mentus after last night’s BBQ. w/ vino brutto!

  3. I doubt it, Victoria. The smoke and mirrors can be kept up for another month or two, but I don’t think it can be sustained over five months.

    Sooner or later, there will have to be some substance to rhetoric. Labor is holding all the trump cards on social coherence and delivery of economic performance.

    I think Andrew Elder and Ian, and Doyley, too, for that matter, have got it right. But it’s just such a different game from everything that’s been done over the last 30 years … it takes a bit of adapting to. We’re still looking for a poll or a positive media reaction -they’re not going to happen in the short term. But over time it will break through.

    Gillard is not popular, according to the media schtick, but slowly she is winning respect just because she is still standing despite all the shit poured on her daily. If nothing else, they know she’s got guts, which is what we want in a leader.

  4. but on the other hand Victoria

    the nbn out cry showed it was policy

    there is one comment t comma put up where this person said they where not interested in politics
    but went on to say how bad the the liberal policy on broadband is

    now that angers me I get that a lot not interested in politics

    politics is your future,
    if you not interested in that your not interested in your country or the future of the children and if you don’t care about your self,

    how selfish is that.

    but secretly I do wish they would do things like the uni

    of course if we had good media.

    doing their job how they where trained in the first place
    to put both sides together

    that of course would NOT be a problem

    so I do get concerned that they know what the media are doing
    and must steer away from them getting

    so called cotchas

  5. Insiders are STILL arguing over nuts and bolts of who pays what and when over the next couple of years re. the NBN.

    All you need to know about the NBN is that the Coalition’s corroding copper monstrosity will have to be pulled down within 10 years and rebuilt properly.

  6. BB, could it be possible that your trepidation is receiving confirmation bias equal to your intake of info from news ltd rags and 2GB?

  7. GD

    I will be happy if that is the case. But with the feral media in tow, i am not optimistic.
    I agree that there is a nudging respect for the PM, despite her unpopularity. Abbott still casts plenty of doubt in people’s minds. There is something not quite right about him, and this unease will continue.

  8. Now Savva is saying that our having the best economy in the world is “irrelevant”.

    Savva says we shouldn’t compare ourselves to the rest of the world, but compare ourselves to “us”.

    She not only wants a gold medal, but a personal best every time as well.

  9. now that’s sounds a bit thatherism

    re sarvy

    there is NO community just people

    is she on tiwtter

  10. BB:

    Today’s news (via Samantha Maiden) that the Galaxy poll found 34% trusted Gillard with superannuation administration, while 45% trusted Abbott just sucks.

    I think what we have there is an electorate who really can’t be arsed with thinking about Super, and are just thinking along party lines. That looks very close to the PV for the respective parties.

    It may be worth noting that, for anyone over say 65, the amount of Super they’re getting is not much of an issue – not entirely, but by and large. What do they care how much Super workers are getting? It isn’t going to accrue for 30-40 years for them, so there’s nothing particularly attractive in the ALP model.

    What it’s probably saying is that Super is not a game-changer.

    I should also ask – are those percentages out of a hundred for each, or was it one of those “who do you trust more…” questions?

  11. bb I am sure you can think of some nice words for her

    but I bet she is not on twitter is the insiders on twitter

    they should have tweets along their screen if they are game enough
    like questions and answers

  12. BB, could it be possible that your trepidation is receiving confirmation bias equal to your intake of info from news ltd rags and 2GB?

    I hear what they say repeated everywhere.

    2GB doesn’t depress me. But it depresses me that people listen to it and absorb the message, because it’s the only message around.

    If Labor, the party that invented superannuation, has preserved it and nurtured it against total opposition from the Coalition, can’t win on superannuation then things are dire.

    As Mark Kenny has just put it the political culture is “toxic”.

  13. Savva’s right. Why don’t we compare ourselves to us? We didn’t have the world’s best economy under the Coalition. We do under the ALP. There’s your comparison.

  14. BB,

    Mark Kenny has managed to be nice about JGPM this morning. Nikki Savva, on the other hand, is the pits and ought to get back into her cleopatra dummy case.

  15. aquire

    I would say the people that do care about their supper

    are not polled

    they are on twitter and NO phone line
    simple as that,

    if you where to say to a young person now when you retire

    would u like x amount of dolars re labor
    or z amount of dollars re liberal

    now that question would have to be answered labor

    as every one want more,

    not less.

    so it s useless to ask people in their late 50s as they don’t get a big boost
    and the 63 year olds well they just about know now what they will be getting,

    I find also some 18 year olds that work have no idea ,
    they don’t think that far ahead,

    but I can tell you we did
    my oh worked at Telstra those days, and even paid more in to his super

    then of course howard taxed it at 15 perent now that gone

    people are thick as bricks

  16. Or another way of looking at it: the Coalition (especially Hockey) are very fond of pointing to some indicator in another country and saying we should be like that. Savva would agree, then, that that is wrong, and that we should only compare ourselves to “us” – our needs, our indicators, our outcomes. Wanting to be like another country is wrong, because that would make us worse. So Hockey ought to shut up about that.

  17. Most overused and abused word re politics this term: toxic. A Credlinism no doubt, picked up and run with by all the lazy self-disrespecting journos.

  18. so what country does she think we should be like

    spain the usa
    most of europe

    UK I suppose where every person that is poor is taxed
    so they will be poorer

    so the rich can gloat and sit around their street side coffee

    shops chatting all day


  19. toxic don’t start me on that stupid word

    there are other also,

    but toxic now that really sums us all the liberal

    they use the word the most
    ad some journalists

    I hate all these aggressive words now that mean poisonous

  20. bb stop listening to those people

    just find out what the audience numbers are

    and say to your self, idiots listening to that rubbish

    you know its not the whole country we don’t have ONE shock jock here not one

  21. In “Talking Pictures” BB’s postcard should have been mentioned as it was easily the best of all the week’s cartoons, imo.

  22. Here in Melbourne, the only news in town is what is going to be the fate of AFL Golden boy James Hird. For eg. Yesterday’s Herald Sun had the front pages and back pages devoted to the Essendon win against Freemantle, against the backdrop of a coach under seige. Who will be making a statement to Asada next week. It is our own soapie here

  23. if you where to ask questions in liberals marginal seats

    you would always find the answers to come down on the side of

    the lnp

    that’s just commonsence re the maths,

  24. The light of Nikki Saava’s life went out when Costello got voted out…she’s been walking misery since then, with her little bottle of hemlock clasped in her fist ready to administer with every interview.
    spite dribbler!

  25. Aguirre
    April 14, 2013 at 9:47 am

    Savva’s right. Why don’t we compare ourselves to us? We didn’t have the world’s best economy under the Coalition. We do under the ALP. There’s your comparison.

    Gold, Aguirre, as are so many of your posts.

  26. “but there is one suburb here if you go there and he is in sons
    car he starts to cry,”

    German Shepherds (and Shepherd crosses) are very vocal. I love them and our current (third) GSD is now 6 years old, from Animal Welfare League in Sydney. If one of us has been away for a few days the reception is very vocal, and although it sounds like crying it’s proably not – just lots of excitement, expressing all sorts of dog emotions. All 45kgs of her tries to climb in our lap out of sheer, unconditional love.

    Once Rufus bonds with you, and it sounds like he has, anyone who ‘menaces’ you is heading for a lot of trouble as both Sheherds and Labs become very possessive and fiercely protective.

    A younger, badly trained Shepherd male snapped at another dog right beside me at the dog park a while back. Big Dog thought he was having a go at me and literally took him out – no blood, but just full-on, furious, screaming snarling attack until she pinned him with his throat in her open mouth, him on his back, belly exposed, in total submission. Her message was very clear. He’s been very wary of both of us since. Much respect.

    A house without a dog is not a home IMO.

    We have Big Dog, two cats and six chooks which all get along fine except occasionally the two (ex-boy) cats get cranky with each other.


    Julia Gillard pledges $14b school funds boost while cutting $2.8b from universities
    Samantha Maiden
    The Sunday Telegraph
    April 14, 2013 10:09AM

    PUBLIC schools will secure the lion’s share of the Prime Minister’s plan to boost spending on schools by $14.5 billion over the next six years.

    While independent and Catholic schools will secure just $2.4 billion under the plan the nation’s struggling public schools would secure a massive $12 billion injection

    Julia Gillard will today gamble her election hopes on a plan to slash funding to universities but deliver a $4,000 boost to every school student in Australia.

    Vowing to “get it done” Prime Minister will pledge that if the new spending is averaged across Australia it will equate to $1.5 million extra over six years for every school in the country.

  28. muttley

    poor rufus has had to bond a few time I think

    son moved house also this week, there is no way we could let
    go to a kennel and revive terrible memories
    our cocker and he play very well together.

    he gets sad eyes,, it upset me so, our son will be gone for a month

    so he only had one week in his new home with our son,

    I am afraid he sleep s on his bed, well our first cocker did to ‘his dog

    but really our dog.

    no agree with you.
    our son told me not to take him for a walk I would get pulled over
    he also weighs that amount, said off his lead he is fine but on a lead
    he would defend me, mm so no walking for a whole month
    I think
    will have to take the cocker spaniel whom we adore when rufus is not looking

    but we would like to take a holiday, and we just will not use kennels,
    so looks like no holiday

    as the family all have working commitment.,

    but we travelled a bit before this cocker arrived. so all good,

    I am hanging around wondering when the news, conf, will be re the pm

    both dogs follow me every where

    oh is up the garden

    we have 8 chooks barnavelders,

    and two new babies, henry and molly named by our grandchildren

    it turned out that henry and morry are there real best friends

    in this wonderful country the thought of abbott sickens me

    I just don’t even feel like a holiday

    people going about their business not caring, don’t they realise what

    could happen to them

  29. jaycee

    [I’m here, I’m here…just lurking!…non compus mentus after last night’s BBQ. w/ vino brutto!]

    Enjoy, lad!


  30. What a stupid thing to write:

    It’s now demonstrable that the Government’s all-fibre NBN, with its nominal price tag of $37.4 billion, cannot be built within either its promised budget or timeframe. In the first 10 weeks of this year, NBN Co, the company charged with the fibre rollout, passed only an additional 28 households a day. At that rate it would take 1,200 years to build the NBN.

    And from a supposed “expert” too.

    And this too:

    Indeed, it seems the only issue in play is the differing speeds promised by the Labor Government’s fibre to every home policy (FTTH) and those offered under the Coalition’s fibre to the node (FTTN) proposal…

    What rock do they drag these people from under?

    When it comes to the internet and telecommunications in general, speed is everything.

    It’s not 100mbps v. 24mbps. It’s the almost limitless potential speed of FTTP v. the brick wall that FTTN is going to run into in a few short years.

    You don’t have to rebuild the NBN to get the mega and giga speeds our country is going to need in the very near future.

    You just upgrade the switching equipment at the exchange, as it becomes available. The pipeline stays in the ground ready for gigabits per second any time the switch gear catches up.

    To upgrade FTTN you have to pull out all the old, power-hungry cabinets – 60,000 of them – and build what Labor is building now anyway, with all the added up front extra costs to FTTN that building it right first via the NBN time avoids.

    By the time he’s half-way through his article the NBN is characterized as a…

    train wreck that the Coalition has been obliged to frame their policy {around}. …

    … thats right, a “train wreck”.

    What a spirit of adventure Kevin Morgan has! He can only see the past:

    The reality is FTTN is by far and away the most commonly used technology to take fibre close to the consumer.

    So it’s alright yesterday… must be alright for tomorrow.

    Australia is a country that relies for its economic success on digging holes in the ground. It cannot rely on selling dirt to other, more enterprising economies forever, nor should it.

    Morgan’s thesis (if you can call it that) is that we should just continue mining, and when that peters out, we’ll have to find something else to do. Gee what would that be?

    This whole attitude that we must always accept second-best, that we don’t “do” high tech, that we should never set ourselves up for anything in the future, that we should only go by what other countries are doing (and do no more) is a death knell for Australia’s competitiveness in the not so distant future.

    We are already running a “two-speed” economy. Exporters and manufacturers can’t compete with the dollar being so high. We will continue to run two-speed if we don’t get off our political arses and stop justifying outdated junk copper technology, worth not much more than its scrap value, by labelling ourselves as not good enough for the best.

    This is when even this “best” is almost not enough to surmount the hurdles our economy needs to become competitive in the world, in more ways than just digging holes in the ground.

    We need to become a one-speed, NOT two-speed economy.The NBN will do that, or at least will help, but the cultural and technological cringers in the Coalition and in their shills llike Henry Morgan will doom us to always being behind, while the rest of the world gets on with coping with the 21st century.

    The question we must all ask ourselves is do we want a fate, or do we want a future?

    To deliberately pick a second best option in telecommunications, like #Fraudband, when the best is underway and being built as the NBN, is vandalism of the highest order against the Australian people and the economy.

    As Nick Ross of the ABc put it so tellingly, it’s like evaluating the viability of Sydney Harbour Bridge simply in terms of how much profit collecting tolls will generate.

    It’s not about tolls, contracts, internet plans, a few dollars here and there in laying cable, or whether we could better spend the money paying for subsidized nannies or funding well-off retirees who use superannuation as a tax dodge.

    It’s about looking forward to a way where we can bust the future of Australia right open and become not only a lucky country, but a leading nation in this competitive world, relying on intelligence and not the dumb luck that’s got us by so far.

    We’re going to lose our car industry soon, with all the economic death and destruction for the manufacturing sector that loss will entail. What fools we will look like if, faced with having to re-skill our country, we need to rely on the technology of the early 1900s just to talk to each other, and to the world.

  31. don’t you love the sickening press

    gamble her election
    what ever,

    all these aggressive negative words

    I hope they are all out of work come 2014

    I am never a nasty person but the press bring out the worst in me

  32. We are all in trouble…

    News is bad for you – and giving up reading it will make you happier

    News is bad for your health. It leads to fear and aggression, and hinders your creativity and ability to think deeply. The solution? Stop consuming it altogether
    Rolf Dobelli
    The Guardian, Friday 12 April 2013 20.00 BST

    In the past few decades, the fortunate among us have recognised the hazards of living with an overabundance of food (obesity, diabetes) and have started to change our diets. But most of us do not yet understand that news is to the mind what sugar is to the body. News is easy to digest. The media feeds us small bites of trivial matter, tidbits that don’t really concern our lives and don’t require thinking. That’s why we experience almost no saturation. Unlike reading books and long magazine articles (which require thinking), we can swallow limitless quantities of news flashes, which are bright-coloured candies for the mind. Today, we have reached the same point in relation to information that we faced 20 years ago in regard to food. We are beginning to recognise how toxic news can be.

  33. LL

    I agree. News is bad for your health. It certainly creates anxiety. And many are simply switching off

  34. So – is the PM making her Gonski announcement today, ahead of COAG, because the states have agreed to join in, or is she doing it because she wants to shame them into an agreement?

  35. BB

    We used to say, ‘Why are we 10 years behind the Yanks, in everything technological?’ Since the technology has improved, we have caught up somewhat. If the worst happens, we will be able to say that we will be 50 years behind the rest of the world.

  36. 😆

  37. “Morgan’s thesis (if you can call it that) is that we should just continue mining, and when that peters out, we’ll have to find something else to do. Gee what would that be?”

    According to Gerard Minack, stock broker analyst is that
    we are in the second wave of the mining boom construction of more mines
    there is a lot of mining construction underway now that will be completed in 2015
    construction is now the largest employment category in Australia. When the mining boom peaks in 2015 it would be nice to have the NBN rollout ready to absorb construction workers

    see Inside Business ABC TV 10am Sunday

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