Easter Egg Hunt

Hello echidnas! My name is Kylie Sandilands – Kyle’s virtually identical twin sister. It is an honour and a privilege to be The Pub’s first official Guest Author, and to share with all you lovely Pubketeers a Very Special Event. Yes – it’s the Kirribilli House Easter Egg Hunt,

hosted by our wonderful Prime Minister, Ms Julia Gillard,

First Bloke Mr Tim Mathieson,

and Adorable Dog Reuben the Cavoodle.

Today I will be your very own Easter Bunny, and I have much pleasure in declaring the Easter Egg Hunt open. Here is your first clue:

Welcome to my Easter hunt

Now, first let’s go to something out front.

The clue is hiding in a spot

That grown-ups seem to check a lot,

Sometimes it’s full, sometimes it’s empty

You’ll often see here stamps aplenty.

Have a nice day – and would you like fries with that?

243 thoughts on “Easter Egg Hunt

  1. ptmd 8.50pm…..it can be depressing I agree , but when I see our PM out there day after day with a smile on her face , trying to do the best for us , it gives me heart .

  2. puffytmd,
    I’m with you about the First Female Prime Minister. I just wanted to bask in the rosy glow of a mountain climbed. However, it was not to be because I didn’t count on there being some vile misogynists out there still in this day and age, aided and abetted by some abominable retrograde women.

    Still, as a trailblazer I think Julia Gillard knew there would probably be a backlash. I don’t think she calculated on the ferocity of it though. However, she has coped rather well in standing up to it. As only such a remarkable woman would.

    Her place in Australian History is sealed. Tony Abbott, should he become Prime Minister, may be infamous, but never will he be a famous Australian Prime Minister. He fails the ‘Character Test’ that Julia Gillard has aced. 🙂

  3. It’s the ongoing negativity that gets me.

    Frankly, there’s got to be a shift soon, maybe it’s happening as we speak, but surely Australians are not that stupid to believe that a Rabbott Government would do them any good. I see a repeat of Howard’s populism and have to rely on whoever succeeds Obama not to be another Bush or the like, which is a lousy way of trying to avoid another war. The results of the Vietnam war were very bad, perhaps Iraq and Afghanistan might not be so bad if only because of the fewer troops involved.

    We need cool heads, trust and respect at International level which JG has in spades. I can’t imagine Rabbott, Bishop or anyone else in the LNP in tough negotiation in the middle of say, a Chinese/US/NthKorean standoff without a major stuffup. Rudd would have been bad as his showing off his amateur Mandarin and insulting them like a stupid schoolkid proved, but the other mob make my blood run cold.

    There is an excellent opportunity for Gillard to take out the September Election and I look forward to it. The NBN can then be bedded down, our response to Climate Change more intelligently dealt with and the NDIS and Gonski are both much too important to be buggered about with.

    Gillard has had the purge she should have done when Rudd challenged from the US, (she won’t make that mistake again), is gaining respect, has the full support of her cabinet and has strong allies in Emerson, Combet, Swan, Albo et al, all of whom are bright, capable and doing a good job. There’ll be a serious media reform bill appear (why d’yer reckon Mordor is here?) and the gloves are coming off, and the word is getting out via Social Media if not the Oafs’ Media.

    There’s a thought:
    What would be your recommendation for a major, nation-building Project for the next Gillard Government?

    ‘Night All

  4. Re: public perceptions of Rudd

    I think the last ‘challenge’ was probably the first time a majority of the public got to see Rudd the shirker. Political watchers had seen it months/yeaes ago. I think we need to give those less engaged time for this to sink in. I hope it does sink and they move past it and make a sensible choice in September.

  5. I am baffled/amazed/ shocked at the negativity that some women display towards the Pm. Very nasty and sour- mean. I think all the women who support the Pm should tell all their female friends WHY and all the great things that are happening for women, children, pensioners, health , education. If all the women in this nation voted for the PM- she could win b y a landslide.

  6. Middleman,
    In case they hadn’t realised it already, Kevin Rudd had shirked ‘The Greatest Moral Challenge of Our Generation’. I guess a lot of people just needed reminding what a shirker he was. 🙂

  7. Danny Lewis, Scorps is right to say not all Qlders are nitwit anti-laborites. Let me tell you, everday I talk to and spend time with people who believe in Labor and the values thereof. They are also putting huge amounts of time and effort into ensuring the Gillard Govt win on Sept 14.

  8. Yes, not all us Qlders are dimwits. Everyday in my job I sow the seeds of doubt… My particular area is superannuation. All my education sessions include a little history of who started compulsory super, which PM stopped further increases for 11 years and which one is taking us up to 12%…. And I also conclude with wtte ‘but if the polls are right and we have a change of govt I doubt we will see super get past 9.25%…’ And leave it hanging there. I get to tell about 12 people a day 5 days a week.

  9. http://www.news.com.au/national-news/prime-minister-julia-gillard-to-meet-chinas-leaders/story-fncynjr2-1226609930222

    “JULIA Gillard is taking Cabinet ministers Bill Shorten, Bob Carr and Craig Emerson to China on a five-day visit to Australia’s biggest customer to meet its new leaders.

    In what will be the most senior Australian political delegation to ever visit China, the Prime Minister will be aiming to strike a vital currency deal to help Australian exporters, win new markets and improve defence and security ties.”

  10. Mutleymagee
    I reckon the next big project for our Labor government will be the high speed rail down the Eastern seaboard. Not national but needed infrastructure

  11. ‘re comment at 4.43, sorry my tablet got away from me before I could complete my details

  12. Muttley

    re your question last night about the next nation building project, there are I think a couple of obvious ones worth pursuing for long term benefit.

    A huge investment in Renewable energy alternatives – eg wave power, because this is still in its infancy and needs huge investment and govt incentives to make it viable

    If the govt took a similar approach to solar power as they have to the NBN, then conceivably, every house could eventually have solar panels in ~10 years – although I think the Fed Govt would probably have to buy out the energy companies. As a start, there should be legislation that requires all new built houses to have minimum 6 solar panels, with a reasonable implementation time to allow manufacturing to ramp up, with govt support and incentives. Better if we support our own manufacturers here than send $ to China.

    And the really big nation building project – the very fast rail Melb-Can-Syd-Bris. I know its been recently put back on the shelf as too hard, expensive etc but this would create hundreds of thousands of jobs, and eventually solve the congestion problems on the Pacific/Hume/Princess highways.

  13. Good Morning Funsters and April Fools Pranksters! 🙂

    Did you hear that Tony Abbott has challenged the Prime Minister to a Duel?

  14. http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/abbotts-paper-armour-20130330-2h0dg.htm
    lBoiled down, they are a mishmash of pledges, plans, ideological stances, ideas not yet developed, discussion papers and speeches

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/abbotts-paper-armour-20130330-2h0dg.html#ixzz2P9jHTegL


    READ MORE of course to get the overall picture

    but the above was the bit that jumped put at me

    why now are they looking at abbott, have business started to get worried,

    who knows has mr wright written on the lnp before

  15. as much s i hate aprill 1 st thinhgs

    it s really a day when a licence is allowed to start rumours

    so then you say,,,,,,silll u believing that but a few would be rather fun

    my father s freind did that about a football team that was supposedly not playing that season in the 50s that is
    on the way home my father who new it was just an april fools day thing

    was told buy the tram driver that the team was folding,

    dad often told us that,, he said it was made up on the tram going to work
    and by the time he came home it was a fact lol

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