Easter Egg Hunt

Hello echidnas! My name is Kylie Sandilands – Kyle’s virtually identical twin sister. It is an honour and a privilege to be The Pub’s first official Guest Author, and to share with all you lovely Pubketeers a Very Special Event. Yes – it’s the Kirribilli House Easter Egg Hunt,

hosted by our wonderful Prime Minister, Ms Julia Gillard,

First Bloke Mr Tim Mathieson,

and Adorable Dog Reuben the Cavoodle.

Today I will be your very own Easter Bunny, and I have much pleasure in declaring the Easter Egg Hunt open. Here is your first clue:

Welcome to my Easter hunt

Now, first let’s go to something out front.

The clue is hiding in a spot

That grown-ups seem to check a lot,

Sometimes it’s full, sometimes it’s empty

You’ll often see here stamps aplenty.

Have a nice day – and would you like fries with that?


243 thoughts on “Easter Egg Hunt

  1. http://www.news.com.au/national-news/prime-minister-julia-gillard-to-meet-chinas-leaders/story-fncynjr2-1226609930222

    “JULIA Gillard is taking Cabinet ministers Bill Shorten, Bob Carr and Craig Emerson to China on a five-day visit to Australia’s biggest customer to meet its new leaders.

    In what will be the most senior Australian political delegation to ever visit China, the Prime Minister will be aiming to strike a vital currency deal to help Australian exporters, win new markets and improve defence and security ties.”

  2. Mutleymagee
    I reckon the next big project for our Labor government will be the high speed rail down the Eastern seaboard. Not national but needed infrastructure

  3. Muttley

    re your question last night about the next nation building project, there are I think a couple of obvious ones worth pursuing for long term benefit.

    A huge investment in Renewable energy alternatives – eg wave power, because this is still in its infancy and needs huge investment and govt incentives to make it viable

    If the govt took a similar approach to solar power as they have to the NBN, then conceivably, every house could eventually have solar panels in ~10 years – although I think the Fed Govt would probably have to buy out the energy companies. As a start, there should be legislation that requires all new built houses to have minimum 6 solar panels, with a reasonable implementation time to allow manufacturing to ramp up, with govt support and incentives. Better if we support our own manufacturers here than send $ to China.

    And the really big nation building project – the very fast rail Melb-Can-Syd-Bris. I know its been recently put back on the shelf as too hard, expensive etc but this would create hundreds of thousands of jobs, and eventually solve the congestion problems on the Pacific/Hume/Princess highways.

  4. Good Morning Funsters and April Fools Pranksters! 🙂

    Did you hear that Tony Abbott has challenged the Prime Minister to a Duel?

  5. http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/abbotts-paper-armour-20130330-2h0dg.htm
    lBoiled down, they are a mishmash of pledges, plans, ideological stances, ideas not yet developed, discussion papers and speeches

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/abbotts-paper-armour-20130330-2h0dg.html#ixzz2P9jHTegL


    READ MORE of course to get the overall picture

    but the above was the bit that jumped put at me

    why now are they looking at abbott, have business started to get worried,

    who knows has mr wright written on the lnp before

  6. as much s i hate aprill 1 st thinhgs

    it s really a day when a licence is allowed to start rumours

    so then you say,,,,,,silll u believing that but a few would be rather fun

    my father s freind did that about a football team that was supposedly not playing that season in the 50s that is
    on the way home my father who new it was just an april fools day thing

    was told buy the tram driver that the team was folding,

    dad often told us that,, he said it was made up on the tram going to work
    and by the time he came home it was a fact lol

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