Friday On My Mind …

– not to mention the small matter of the weekly raffle.

Joe6pack thrust the Raffle Instruction Book into moi’s trembling paws a couple of hours ago. He is unavailable this evening due to a home invasion – of the nicest possible sort.

So please be patient with me as I record names and numbers, allocate second, third, and even fourth choices, and eventually spin the Wheel of Fortune. C@tmomma and Bushfire Bill, the bar is in your tender care for the next couple of hours, so do beHAVE.

Well, what have we learned this week?

PMJG announced her new ministry – with some cracking new talent

• Defence Minister Stephen Smith announced the withdrawal of most Australian troops from Afghanistan by the end of this year – and about time, too

• Yet another asylum seeker boat capsizes off Christmas Island, with lives lost and several seriously injured – response from the Greens: crickets

• Former NSW ALP mining minister Ian Macdonald was described as Eddie Obeid’s left testicle – cruel, but apt

• Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison said a Coalition government would impose “behaviour protocols” for asylum seekers – but did not reveal what colour(s) the stars would be

• Zed Seselja has been confirmed as the Canberra Liberals’ Senate candidate – Mr Abbott’s nose seems slightly out of joint

• The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry masquerades as Santa Claus again, offering Australia’s lowest-paid workers a stellar increase of – wait for it – $5.80 per week . . .

• . . . which allows a nice little segue to Mr “you won’t be hearing much from moi” Joel Fitzgibbon and his heartfelt sympathy for those denizens of Western Sydney doing it tough on $250,000 a year.
Moi’s heart bleeds for you too, Mr Fitzgibbon.

To return to more important matters: the usual raffle rules apply, and Joe6pack will (moi hopes) be around to organise a Tatts ticket or wager on the animal(s) of the winner’s choice at some stage.

Enjoy your evening,

and be nice to each other (especially moi . . . )

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  1. And from the Land of the Free –

    Oh dear! The Bible Belt shows its intelligence and ignorance again.
    Such class from the Repugs!
    This is an interesting proposition.
    Religion has addled this idiot’s brain. Pat Robertson.

  2. leftrightout

    May I say you are now no longer leftrightout, but have a wonderful grandson to join you in the good fight. Congrats to all and now man, we women need details, weight, eye colour etc, and photo’s lots of photo’s.

  3. a little boy. how beautiful, our first grand child is a boy,

    when you dont have grandchildren you think it my not matter

    but when they arrive, its more wonderful than you can imagine,
    it crossed my mind at the time,, i now have more people to love,
    but more responsibility as well,, you never stop being a parent
    and now you never stop being a grandparent,

    its life changeing in the best of ways
    and at this time of year even more so , a sign for us all of new life and new beginings

  4. i got up a little earlier , was thinking about that threat from

    north korea dont see any thing in the link though

    also occurred to me,,,, if any thing did come ot their threat, a labor gov, on our side would be our saviour

    the war mongers would, love it

  5. Laurie Oakes was rather plonking in tone:

    Reflecting what will be a crucial part of the economic debate in the run-up to the September 14 election, this newspaper ran a prominent report about government debt levels under the headline “Julia’s gift to Australia is massive and growing debt”.

    Knowing it was coming, and with the coalition pushing the issue hard as well, Treasurer Wayne Swan’s office prepared a counterattack – a graph showing Australia’s current government debt compared with that of 22 other countries as a percentage of GDP.

    But the change, while embryonic, is certainly under way. Who can doubt it when Labor’s digital boffins tip that the debt graph will eventually reach more than a million people before all the sharing and liking on Facebook is over.


    “We put out a dodgy table purporting to show Australia is drowning in debt. We made up the interest rates, wrote a scathing article, and put everything in the worst light possible. It was bullshit, of course, but that’s what the Tele does best.

    Devious little bugger Swan got wind of it and tried to bypass us with facts. Cheeky sod. It won’t work, but hey, worth a try I suppose. Maybe some day it’ll match us for sheer gall, but in the meantime WE decide who wins elections around here.”

  6. Note Maley’s use of the passive voice:

    But little is made of the fact that, in six months, Johnston will be our defence minister, Christopher Pyne will be our education minister, Peter Dutton will be our health minister – and if Barnaby Joyce makes a move to the lower house, he could end up our deputy (and acting) prime minister one day.

    Are they talented enough? Are they experienced enough?
    We will soon find out. That is, unless Abbott is destroyed by Leigh Sales, or embraces the carbon tax, or does cross that species barrier.

    Read more:

    “Little is made”, by whom?

    By Jacquie of course, and her variously naive and cynical colleagues who swallowed Kevin Rudd’s spin and bullshit act, then spread it and maintained it to the detriment of everything else.

    The sense of ennui among the media, and particularly the Press Gallery is dominating politics. If they can’t “do” information, then they do boredom as a substitute.

    That a member of the Press Gallery can write oh-so-casually that “little is made” of the people who may be running the country, by the people who are supposed to be doing the “making” says it all.

    As their ranks thin and the proportion of empty desks in their offices reaches critical mass, they spread the gloom and cynicism around to make themselves feel better.

    In doing so they make us all feel rather worse.

  7. Further to my post yesterday querying as top why the “Top-brass” is sticking with Abbott the four time dickhead Turnbull ever was.
    Also, after reading Morrison’s interview w/S.Lane and his adamant claim that they will ; “stop the boats”.

    And I have been thinking along these lines…: If Abbott commands the navy to confront and turn the boats back to Indonesia, Indonesia will inevitably send it’s own navy and there will be a stand-off….do the powers behind Abbott want a war w/Indonesia?…..why?
    Second…Morrison and Abbott have both said they will go to Indonesia and state in very strong language…etc……this may be more of a clue…think of this scenario…:

    Abbott goes to Indonesia, asks them to “deal with” the refugees at their end, making sure none attempt to cross to OZ’…and in return, he will give special priveledge to Indonesians to come to Australia on 457 visas to work in mining……and in doing so, would severly cut the wages out from under the existing workforce, cut the influence of unionised labour and unions themselves, make Gina and Twiggy and others very happy…..and “kill off” a contentious political and racist concern..making the average Aussie happy!
    Win, win, win…..
    By the way…where’s Kevin at the moment?

  8. Oh!…By the way…congrats’ to leftrightout’s daughter on her baby….well done!

  9. so is he being sarcastic about the young peoples choice of social media
    they want like , it should be link in a good tweet
    one of my children said in the early days, mum this the new way of communication get use to it, or miss out or know nothing,
    hmmm i thought know it all,
    the other comment was , before there was a postman the mail came on horse and coach. then the postman who walked miles or rode, you would thought that an achievment , as they even worked on saturdays

    now you only have to lift the lid of that thing in the study

    so he, and his media friends can huff and pufff at the brick house of reality its going no where

    they have not quite worked it out yet but they are.
    in to the realms of past history and irrelevance

    cannot come quick enough wish it was very soon, we can just get on with the futue and leave them to their past.

    this fight has to be won for the sake of ourselves and the future

    we want, the has beens, to alwasy be has beens and asap==========
    so even more this is another reason to win to show the old men in suits that
    their time has passed. its young thinking ( not necessarily young people only]
    what grand occassion it will be, when we can say this gov, was returned by social media.

    lets make sure we dont let out selves down and our children

    but there is so many blogs out there, how do we connect

    with out trolls ruining what we want to get out,
    at least at this one we know that people learn and go away wth knowlege they can then weigh up
    we need to have another big blog that is recognized and looked at on a daily basis by thousands ,just links
    ito head lines and good thoughts
    how would be moderated, as moderating is important
    or do the blog ,master here just hope the lukers will grow here as we in time there will be more links,
    so if you want to join you get a pass word if you want knowledge you can just read,
    whis is really what the pub is

    one thing also occurred to me,, if they feel the need to send their
    movment to blogs,, they must think social media is working,,

    there has been many examples through history the other one i read about is the hand woven fabric / the modern fabric making, of the late 1800.
    where jobs where lost and retraining, had to be done,
    many had hoped to stop that as well

    i am sure you can think of many others

  10. That article is a bit silly in it’s summary…I might just as well say Benito Mussolini killed my father 30 yrs’ after his own execution….due to circumstances external to his control!
    Politics is politics is politics….christ, if you get a kick from the power of it, you can’t really complain when it kicks you back!…heat, kitchen and all that!

  11. Even so BB, the article implies that it is recent death. He died in 1958 FFS. Yet somehow it is still Gilalrd’s fault.

  12. BB:

    I think I will email that link to Fritz Gibbon, Ferguson and Bowen – they especially need to read this bit:

    My uncle, retired now in Canberra, is still a member of the Labor Party. But on the day last week that it imploded, he turned the television off. He’d already had enough, had enough of the Obeids and the Macdonalds and their ilk, and the whole damn mess.

    He did not want to hear the words “light on the hill” ooze out of Tony Abbott’s mouth as he hammered Julia Gillard. He did not want to hear Simon Crean tell a slobbering pack of reporters that the party had given him everything. Crean’s comment might have reminded him that the party had given his father very little: there were no perks, no big salary, no overseas trips or big super payouts. My uncle might have remembered that when my grandfather died, my grandmother was left with a pile of bills and a meagre pension.

    He certainly did not want to hear Kevin Rudd claim to be a man honouring his word. And when on the same day he received a missive from Labor’s national office about something or other, he let fly: “Dear S-,” he wrote. “I’ve been part of Labor for more than 60 years. Yesterday was tough … Having to put up with that display of incompetence and foolishness from a bunch of obvious misfits … Self-centredness, pettiness with no idea of the mob of us out here who work for something better. Leave me alone, take me off your lists.”

    Read more:

  13. What the hell was all that article all about? Julia’s fault – no doubt about it! Not sure her grandfather would be cheering her on in her convoluted self-serving nonsense.

  14. I like Mike Carlton’s work most of the time but he really needs to drop the ‘Julia Gillard can’t get a thing right’ line. His work is beginning to sound like a campaign ad for Tony Abbott. Carlton’s dislike of the PM has been very, very evident since the day her colleagues gave Rudd the boot. He has never hidden his gold-badge membership of the cult of St Kevin the Wronged and is now sounding like the grumpiest of grumpy old men.

    Mike, pet, there is a reason why the Prime Minister of Australia didn’t stick with the ‘respected elders’ you are so fond of – they proved themselves to be a bunch of traitorous curs who could not be trusted.

    Mike, sweetie, it’s long been all too obvious that you cant’ let go of your glory days as a war correspondent. As you are far too fond of writing about wars and warriors let me explain the demise of your ‘elders’ in a way you can understand. If the government was an army Messrs Carr, Crean, Ferguson et al would have been court marshalled. found guilty of treason, placed in front of a firing squad and despatched to whatever afterlfe would take them. Understand?

  15. Halloweenjack,

    I don’t think the lady means to imply it is Gillard’s fault. As I read it, she was talking about Labor traitors and the split in the party that resulted in the DLP was tough, soul destroying and kept Labor out of government for many, many long years.

    She is blaming this latest blow-up as a “display of incompetence and foolishness from a bunch of obvious misfits” i.e. the Rudd supporters.

  16. Morning everyone,
    A big thank you to Fiona for running the raffle last night, A excellent job Might make it permanent :-D.

    Still have a hose full of various relations.My nieces 2yo boy playing with toy trucks at my feet and other kids doing what kids do.cry, poop. demand food etc.
    The dogs have retreated to our room and I may join them. The boss is happy so I guess that is the major thing.
    I have a feeling,( though I haven,t been told yet) that we may be babysitting the kids while the parents have a break today.
    Drinks may begin early

  17. morning all

    Congratulations leftrightout!! Best wishes to all the family on the new arrival. xxx

  18. I cannot for the life of me comprehend the claim that Julia Gillard is not the PM. they want her to be.
    I cannot think of any other MALE minister who could hold this hung parliament together AND deliver so many policies WITH such a savaging media and mysoginist opp’n continously bearing down on her and her govt’.
    Her patience is remarkable…Her demeanour is peaceable..especially as the treason is SO palpable!
    If there is justice to be had in our system..then there are those operating against the best interests of this nation that should face court.

  19. Wtf. Labor support in Qld has taken a huge dive. Latest newspoll 62/38 to the LNP.

  20. Carlton also vigorously defends the scourge of suburbia – bloody 4WDs, because HE has one. Let not the facts speak – toddlers maimed and killed because of lousy rearward visibility, pedestrians maimed because bullbars, SO necessary in the city, cause far more serious injuries than they should while flouting Australian Design Rules and a propensity for 4WDs to invert themselves causing more carnage than necessary.

    My blood runs cold when I see diminutive people in a driving position way too big for them driving a 4WD far too big and cumbersome for the job at hand. Straight out dangerous in the city, the place for 4WD is in the bush or as Emergency vehicles where their obvious attributes are necessary. The more suitable alternative, the station wagon, is hard to find from major manufacturers like Mitsi and Toyota now with the hungry Falcon and Commodore, both very safe from my garage because of bitter experience, about the only reasonably priced option.

    Carlton has been doing radio for far too long and is a victim of the disease common to all of his ilk. They think that they know it all because they yap all the time whereas learning is more frequently achieved through listening.

  21. Where is Richard Torbay. Apparently he has gone awol. Is News Ltd even interested in asking?

  22. Every so often a gem pops up on Twitter. Here’s one –

    Victoria Rollison ‏@Vic_Rollison 41m
    RE Gemma Jones’ puff piece about Abbott’s daughters liking him, surely the real story is that the third daughter doesn’t want to comment?

    Spot on. Tony’s eldest daughter, Louise, fled to Switzerland allegedly to study a couple of years ago, now she is working there. She hasn’t been home for a very long time. She didn’t meet up with her father while he was in London last December, she didn’t come home for Christmas. Has there been a rift between Abbott and his eldest daughter? Was Margie telling porkies when she said all three daughters would feature prominently in Abbott’s election campaign?

  23. ForeverJanice – your reading of the article is correct. However she could have started the story that he died in 1958 – to leave that to the very last paragraph to me implies that somehow he died because of the current ALP

  24. If one was to go by the News Polls..the percentage of “undecided” and “swinging voters” must be phenominal!……If the vote last time around was roughly 50 / 50…(give or take!)….and the margin for error taken into account w/these last polls, there should not be such dramatic swings…after all, I can’t for the life of me find reason enough to consider voting the complete opposit to what I voted last time. And I am sure others think likewise.

  25. [Latest newspoll 62/38 to the LNP.]

    O shock! O horror!

    A NEWS poll again. Commissioned by NEWS, run by NEWS, and published by the reliable and respected NEWS.

    With Mordor and his minions in Oz what result would you expect?


  26. Joe6pack,

    Might make it permanent

    But then, if I come and sing under your window like this …

    … you might like to review that thought 😈

    Truly, it was a pleasure, and I rather enjoyed it!

  27. Actually most of her criticism is reserved for the traitors, and Gillard’s name isn’t even mentioned.

    I do, however, detect the influence of sub-editors somewhere. The story seems incomplete. It just blames “Labor” for her grandfather’s death. It mentions names, but fails to point out specifically that they were the enemies of Gillard, not her allies.

    I get the feeling that the writer may have made this point – it’s basic essay-writing #101 to do so – but that the connection was edited out after submission.

  28. Muttley McGee,

    I am sure you have observed that ownership of a 4WD also conveys licence to:

    1. Park in loading zones and disabled slots;
    2. Drive while speaking/texting on one’s mobile;
    3. Do Uturns across unbroken lines;
    4. Straddle lanes …

    I think I reported this incident a while ago: The (female) driver of a very large 4WD sideswiped a very elegant European sports coupé, and tried to exonerate herself by claiming that the coupé was too small for her to see.

    The (female) owner of the coupé retorted that the 4WD was too big for the offender to drive …

  29. Possum, who is working on a huge Megapoll of state level QLD voting intentions seat by seat, doesn’t think Newspoll have it right there…

  30. A while ago I wrote that the power of social media was in the speed and velocity of messaging and the fact that it was a peer driven network – the most powerful recommendation there is. I also wrote that the party who masters it best will win the election.

    I think that Laurie Oakes piece indicates at least one old outdated media dinosaur finally gets it.

  31. 1. Park in loading zones and disabled slots;
    2. Drive while speaking/texting on one’s mobile;
    3. Do Uturns across unbroken lines;
    4. Straddle lanes …

    We both forgot this one:

    5. Maintain total occupation of the Right Hand lane on Motorways regardless of traffic.

  32. Furthermore:

    FOUR-WHEEL-DRIVE owners, already seen as a road menace, are more dangerous than we thought, a study of more than 40,000 vehicles has found.

    A person behind the wheel of one is far more likely to be wielding a mobile phone while driving, and less likely to wear a seatbelt, researchers say. They have concluded that four-wheel-drive owners take more risks because they feel safer.

    Rules? What rules?

  33. posums tweet

    #Megapoll has KAP polling 3 points or less in only 8 seats. #qldpol


    so does the above mean they only polled 8 seats?

    , what seats

  34. and the message is

    he you lot you need not think qld are sick of the lnp

    no way,

    we thought we would just let you know


  35. yes but how do we judge we are doing well with social
    media we have no poll

    dam polls,

    but how do we know we are reaching the un rusted ons
    we need

  36. denese – No, the Megapoll (yet to be released, i think they are still compiling it), polls every State QLD seat. Possum is saying the Newspoll is flawed because there is no way the KAP vote is that low statewide.

  37. Dreadful crash in SA yesterday. A car and a truck hit, and both occupants of the car died. The car passengers were tourists from overseas and as the car seems to have veered onto the wrong side of the road, it is possible they forgot which side of the road they should be on. This is a problem which has seen road deaths here in SA, a popular spot for backpackers as a staging post to go inland.

    Hire-cars in SA now have stickers on the windows to remind overseas drivers to drive on the left hand side of the road.

    Poor families back home, poor truck-driver.

  38. Dukes Highway, an abomination that should have been dual carriageway years ago. No highway between capitol cities in Australia should be less than dual carriageway. That is what smeggin Howard should have spent the boom money on, instead of tax-cuts I did not need and did not expect.

  39. Puffy,

    It’s 25 years since I last drove on Dukes Highway, and it was scary then.

    I couldn’t agree with you more about highways linking capitals, but so should all heavily-used highways e.g., the Bruce Highway (truly terrifying), the Pacific Highway, and even the “little” ones like the Barton, Kings, and Monaro Highways out of Canberra.

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