37 thoughts on “BK wedding photos

  1. As I mentioned on the other thread. Beautiful. Your daughter is positively beaming. You are as I pictured you, but taller!!!

  2. BK,

    I have tears in my eyes! Your daughter is beautiful and you don’t scrub up to bad yourself!

    As for the scoreboard, I hope you had plenty of tissues handy on the night! *pads off to grab one myself*

    Just priceless!

  3. Congratulations BK on having such a stunner as a daughter (Mrs BK must be a right cracker and her genes haven’t allowed yours to dilute the beauty in the family) and organising a brilliant day for her.

  4. Well done BK, lovely daughter.
    Nice looking scoreboard, I too would have felt very proud for both your daughter and your father.

  5. Love the scoreboard! Sensational!!!

    And yes, Puffy, that was the first thing I noticed: GORGEOUS dress.

    No wonder he was a proud as punch. She was stunning 🙂

  6. BK

    Thank you for sharing the happiness & joy of your family festivities with your cyber friends here at the Pub. I wish your lovely daughter and her husband all the happiness and love for their future.

    Maybe we might, all one day, be able to wet the baby’s head live via NBN
    here at the Pub. 😉


  7. Well done BK. Have to say though that it looks like your beautiful daughter takes more after her mum! 😉

    Just kidding!

  8. Congratulations BK you look just like your gravatar!

    And the scoreboard is a nice touch too.

  9. great pics BK, just popped in to check the posts and there you are with that beautiful daughter of yours. Well done and congrats to all.

  10. Loved the pics. A great day, well-earned. Congratulations to you and your family, BK.

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