What’s with the ALP and the polls

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What’s with the ALP and the polls?

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What’s with the ALP and the polls?

After the craziness of the last sitting week of parliament before the budget session, and the emotional roller-coaster that was the leadership spill, that wasn’t, I am left feeling somewhat bemused.

English: Simon Crean in 2010.Simon Crean in 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My first reaction, as I watched Simon Crean was of  WTF!

I was angry and frustrated, as were many other ALP supporters, from what I read on the different blogs that I frequent, wondering how and why such a strong ALP man as Crean could possibly think that he was acting in the best interests of the party, when he had just handed the election to Abbott on a silver platter?

This wasn’t however the first time that I had felt anger and frustration this week, at politicians.

The first source of my ire was the independents as they dithered over the media legislation, so desperately needed, to deal with the lying, spin merchants laughingly called “NEWS” outlets.

Rupert Murdoch - CaricatureRupert Murdoch – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)


I watched on, incredulously, as the self serving media bosses waxed lyrical about freedom

of the press and free speech in front of the senate committee, while out in the real world, the front pages of the tabloid purveyors of crap, and the “News” headlines from a variety of outlets, screamed “WE NEED STRONGER REGULATION!” while the independents, who have been comprehensively done over by the media since the last election, whined “We need more time”.   To which I replied, for the first time this week, WTF!

My first thought was that Wilkie’s a knob, so I expected no less from him, but Thomson and Oakshot in particular should be jumping at the chance to put the wind up the Murdoch devil and his morally and ethically bankrupt sycophants.

However, I digress. The real question of the week for me is “Why are certain members of the caucus so poll driven, as to be prepared to become the tools by which media speculation can turn into self fulfilling prophesy?”

Having said that, and after the first flush of anger subsided, I thought that just maybe Crean had, in the words of someone else, “strapped on the suicide vest and blown himself up, for the sake of the party” or in the more widely used term “Taken one for the team!”

Now in the harsh light of day, I am somewhat prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt, as he is no fool.   But when there is such an obvious bias in the entire MSM, not to mention their ABC, and the main players are the ones that commission the polls, which at best, miss a huge demographic in the under forties, who predominantly use mobiles as opposed to landlines, and at worst, are as corrupt as the MSM and for that matter the LNP, then why give them so much credence this far out from an election?

Are they so faction focused, that they don’t care about winning?

Are they so shit scared of their own shadows that they will believe what  the MSM tell them?

Are they just plain stupid?

Are they LNP sympathisers?

Will someone PLEASE enlighten me as to “What’s with the ALP and the polls?”

And for those ALP pollies that feel this way…   FFS just ignore the polls, and get on with the job of showing up the LNP for the rabid right wing nut jobs that they are!

Finger puppet: Tony AbbottFinger puppet: Tony Abbott, and you have to wonder
where Murdochs finger goes (Photo credit: Hil)

808 thoughts on “What’s with the ALP and the polls

  1. The Prime Minister should not have to put up with the kind of behaviour Leigh was guilty of.

  2. Australians for honest Politics has been having a debate on the Sales i/veiw . This a reply to a reply to my first comment. Though, as per usual, BB puts it much more cohesively and succinctly than I…..curses

    You state that it is essential that our system of democracy requires a ” free, courageous and active journalistic media “. While I agree with the sentiment. the reality from my point of view is far different.

    Do you seriously, for one minute, believe that journalists pursue truth instead of the headline grabbing, byline ego trip gotcha? That any one of the current Canberra Press Gallery would disobey editorial edicts? That they would put the truth before the payslip? Not in this world mate…Sorry.

    You state that Gillard made many ” unsupportable and non transparent ” statements. What about the questions?

    Slipper..the disastrous appointment? Why bring that up and not allude to the dirty work behind it. Is Sales saying or implying that Justice Rares got it wrong?

    Budget surplus?….when good fiscal practise advises not to? Is Sales an economist to?

    The Malaysian Plan..knocked on the head by Abbott and the Greens. Why state two people have died? If the Malaysian plan had been given a chance to work those souls may never have been on a boat. Why did she not qualify that? Why don’t any journalists qualify that?

    The live cattle debate….does Sales or any journalist really think that if the Govt. had allowed the practises in Indonesia to continue that would not have been an huge backlash against the industry? Have they thought to contact a northern cow cocky and just ask if they look any closer at what value from the surchage per beast they pay to Meat and Livestock Australia?

    What I’m saying is if journalists are going to throw out any damaging thread they can, without research or fair qualification, the Prime Minister has every right to ignore them and put forward her own agenda.

    Say what you will but it will always be my view that if a journalist conducts an interview with preconceived biases that is rude and it is hostile.

  3. It’s true, the Poll Bludger site is now hardly worth posting on. William Bowe has allowed it to be dominated by trolls. As rnm1953 speculates, it’s probably because William feels the need to drive traffic to his blog. Well, it won’t be my traffic any more.

    When James Joyce left the Irish literary revival scene about 1904, a friend lamented: “If you go, who stays? If you stay, who goes?” Joyce left Ireland anyway. He had his own star to follow.

    We could say the same of PB. If Bushfire Bill and other star posters go, who will stay? I think you can see the answer in the increasing number of defectors to this site.

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