Don’t Believe the Hype of the Power Hungry, the Self-Interested, the Greedy, the Grasping, Predatory, or the Politically Ravenous Hungry for a Win.



Last week I told you the story about the Liberal candidate in my federal electorate and the roadshow she brought to town for our Seniors and Pensioners Groups, starring Bronwyn Bishop, federal Coalition ‘Senior-In-Chief’.

I guess this must be the strategic reason that the Liberal Party have left so many antiquated MPs, like Bishop and Phillip Ruddock, in parliament as Representatives. So as to act as touchstones for the aged in the electorate and as drawcards to ‘speak to’ issues that affect the nation’s elders and be ‘on their wavelength’ ostensibly. Thus to be rolled out around the country, from one Retirement Village to another, and one Senior Citizens Centre to another, as some sort of symbol that Tony Abbott ‘gets’ old people. Just like ‘Margie and the Girls’ are wheeled out to demonstrate he ‘gets women’ and Women’s Issues. And his Gay Sister is beeing wheeled out to show he ‘gets Homosexuals’.

As opposed to the likely reality of his policies being dictated to by his Faith, in so far as Women’s Issues go especially, but also with respect to Same Sex Marriage, but even as far as the issue which concerns a lot of elderly citizens – Euthanasia.

However, be that as it may, that is not what I want to make the point of this post.

It is the fact that, it seems to me, that the Coalition are not intending to win the election, or win votes, in a contest of ideas, which would see them putting forward their positions and a positive plan for the country, and the various demographics that are contained within it, such as the Elderly in this nation, in this particular instance. Instead, if the ‘Bronwyn Bishop Roadshow – Coming Soon to a Senior Citizens Centre Near You!’ is any guide, the Coalition are hoping to win power with an entirely negative campaign, embroidered with a few positive flourishes around the margins so as not to make it too obvious what the main thrust of their campaign is.

They seek to engender a negative reaction to the ‘Carbon Tax’. Which is a demonstrable good for the country. Especially in the light of the ‘field evidence’ around us, both of the impact Global Warming is already having on our country, ‘The Driest Continent On Earth’ and the planet; and also as far as it achieving it’s stated intention of reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

No, as a result of a simplistic paradigm that the Coalition have created, around an artificial construct of the PM as a ‘liar’, and absent any acknowledgement of the hypocrisy of their own party’s history, with respect to ‘Core and Non-Core’ promises made before elections by a Coalition Prime Minister, the Coalition are thus seeking to create a sense of anger and indignation in people, so that they vote against the government, with the Coalition the grateful recipients of their Protest Vote.

Not only that, but we are being presented, on an all too regular basis, with the tawdry spectacle of the Coalition’s Banshee of Bloviated Bigotry, Scott Morrison, scrabbling around in the 6 O’Clock Swill of the asylum seeker debate, to come up with ever more exotic and tenuously-based assertions to continue the demonisation of ‘illegals’. Such as the effort, cooked up with Ray Hadley recently, to tar all asylum seekers with the ‘sexual deviant who lack control of their animal urges’ brush, and then to propose ‘Behaviour Protocols’ for them, which they must adhere to, or be thrown off the island, of Australia.

No mention, again, of the rank hypocrisy of this position, in light of the Leader of the Opposition’s staunch support of a paedophile priest and benign indulgence of the sexually deviant behaviour, recently reported, of the inhabitants of St John’s College, the alma mater Residential College of the Leader of the Opposition himself when he was studying at Sydney University, in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and where similar scandalous attacks on women occurred at that time. I know, I was a student there at the time myself.

I don’t recall the Coalition calling for ‘Behaviour Protocols’ for John’s Boys.

Not to mention the Coalition’s rank hypocrisy of seeking to repeal the MRRT. Which has barely made a dent in Mining Company profits, yet they remain mute about State Coalition governments massive increase in Royalty Rates levied on ALL mining companies and which do have a deleterious effect on the profits and viability of Small and Medium-sized Miners.

However, as I said, that is not the main point I want to make. What I want people to, hopefully, realise, is that there is a stark difference and contrast between the two main contenders for government, come federal election time.

On the one side, an antediluvian team, with no positive agenda to encourage electors to vote FOR them. Only a plan to tear down and rip up the federal Labor government’s achievements. To create a ‘Ground Zero’ in order to go back to where they left off when John Howard was defeated, turfed out of his own seat by his electorate in a massive repudiation of the man and the place he had taken the country to over his tenure, I might add.

In other words, they are the antithesis of a genuine political party. All facade. With more front than Myers.

As their pathetic little roadshows, be it with Bronwyn Bishop & the elderly, Malcolm Turnbull & NBN bashing, or Tony Abbott himself with his shrill ‘Carbon Tax’ and specious ‘Prime Minister’s character’ bashing. It’s all just the politically bereft, trying to lead the blind up the garden path to the voting booth.

Don’t Believe the Hype!

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  1. To those who are anxiously counting votes – Katter, Wilkie and Oakeshott have said they will not support the bills, they did not say they would vote against them. They could simply abstain. They do want reform, they just don’t like what’s on offer, so why vote against it?

  2. bombers80

    She made a comment at the other place, a few nights ago. Wtte that PMJG has something up her sleeve. No mention of what it was though

  3. After hearing that question from Pyne in Question Time, with it’s little rhyme, and reading Bri Bri’s daily homily, I am convinced the Coalition want to dumb down the country to the mental age of a toddler.

    It’s the only way they’ll ever succeed in bamboozling the electorate.

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