Hello and Welcome to another Friday night at THE PUB.


PMJG against all the collective wisdom of the numbskulls that make up the msm journalists is still Prime minister and going from strength to strength . 

I thought i would see who you think should win the inaugural PUB “WANKERLY”  award for worst jurno of the week.

AS Always it’s Raffle Night so get in early for your numbers. Well done to levin12 for winning last week in the lotto the kitty now stands at $60.75

For Our Footy Tipping Patrons and others who are interested the leader so far is  “joe6pack”.

My prize is a free beer.

Bar is open, music and sports are on the tubes .have a great night.



  1. Nice in Canberra too.

    Done the Markets and depressed suicidal B-I-L up to bat tomorrow.

    I’ll deal, I guess. He’s been binned by his doctor. 6 Hours out.

    Shit happens.

  2. CTar1 & BSA Bob,

    What a pity that we don’t still have the language test requirement. Otherwise we could require Mr Murdoch to do a translation of Anindilyakwa, or something similarly challenging.

  3. Aguirre

    I get that Murdoch may oppose Labor because the NBN is a threat to his cable TV arm because people will be able to live stream their football etc. But super-fast broadband is the future, I am sure it will happen in the fullness of time anyway, regardless of who is in power.

    But that is not an issue for Fairfax, is it? I can understand why beating up leadership battles harms Labor, but BB has surmised that Fairfax’s goal is to have Rudd installed. Why? Polls show he is more popular, so unless he has policies more favorable to their interests, why? SMH and Canberra Times have taken a sharp turn to the right lately, and of course News has been rabidly anti-Labor for as long as I remember. The Oz only backed Rudd when they saw the writing on the wall, but you do wonder if he has given some private undertakings.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think the Libs are totally unethical, and they won’t be getting my vote.

  4. fiona – A prostrate clip at 60 has done him over.

    Always dark.

    I hope my sister can keep him on the trail.

    Hard work.

  5. Victoria,

    In a couple of months we may well be complaining, but it’s definitely a pleasant change!


    That’s what I was thinking – and I can’t really see O’Connor ever going to the ALP…

  6. Yes. Lovey, you’d think Fairfax would be all FOR the NBN.

    Sure, they’re corporate, they can fund snazzy comms for themselves (would already HAVE an ultra high-speed link), but the punters won’t be able to get their material unless they stump up a fortune for the enhanced connection.

    Unless, of course, Fairfax are thinking of getting into the telecommunications business. Might be something in that. Vertical integration, like News: produce, transmit and exhibit.

    That might be fanciful, I guess.

    It might also just be that Fairfax have taken the inexcusable path of making an ideological stand.

    Geez, I bet the Mums and Dads among the shareholders would be thrilled at that.

    The basic thing about the company is that it’s going down the toilet fast. Next year should see a loss if the puny profit this year is anything to go by. Stock price lower. More retrenchments. Selling off the furniture.

    The circulation hasn’t improved much, if at all, with the ridiculous format change. If it had, believe me we’d be hearing about it. Fairfax would be crowing. They’re not.

    The other possibility is that they’re trying to out-tabloid the tabloids to regain some market share. Fat chance of that succeeding. News wrote the book on Shit.

    In any case, 2UE is a hopeless failure compared to 2GB. So is the Herald compared to the Tele… for the same reasons.

    Basic rule: if you’re going to do tabloid, go the whole hog or else the pros at the game will trump you every time.

    I suppose it’s never occurred to them to try supporting Labor. That’d be too obvious for the likes of Hartcher, who has never seen a subject he couldn’t fuck up and make even more obscure by linking it to his pseudo-intellectual pretension du jour.

    Speaking of Fairfax’s political writers… they are making fools of themselves with their obsessive Rudd Love. That won’t be doing much for circulation, either, and as Labor improves in the polls, or even if trends improve, Fairfax’s position at the crackpot right will look pretty stark.

    Thing is Fairfax are trying to be too many things. They attempt to interest the top end reader, yet print incoherent rubbish like any article from the last two months.

    Fancy if Labor got to 51-49 steady and Fairfax was STILL telling its readers they were deluded in supporting Gillard. Once upon a time, maybe, they could get away with that, but not nowadays, when every unsold newspaper left for pickup and refund is a dagger in their heart (assuming they HAVE a heart, that is).

    You seldom see a company self-destruct quite like Fairfax is self-desstructing: wilfully, deliberately, consistently and relentlessly selling their own brand, shareholders and readers down the river. It’s almost at the stage where someone might complain to the ACCC over negligent corporate governance.

    Fancy putting a grocer on the board. It’s ridiculous, when you think about it.

  7. Remember this from “super suit” Greame Kraehe before the “carbon tax”?

    BlueScope’s chairman Graham Kraehe, who also sits on the Reserve Bank of Australia board, said: “I am extremely disappointed that the government refuses to acknowledge the severe impact its proposed carbon tax will have on the steel industry.”

    Nice call Graeme. Bluescope share price, burdened by the crippling carbon tax, has gone up by 106% since those words were uttered.
    Kraehe has shagged virtually everthing he has touched. His reign at Southcorp saw it decline into the cost accounting death spiral until the reverse takeover with Rosemont.
    He was right in the thick of it when NAB lost millions due to certain risk management issues.

  8. Fancy putting a grocer on the board. It’s ridiculous, when you think about it.

    He thinks selling a newspaper is exactly the same as selling a side of beef.

  9. Thanks BB, and when you think of it, even the Libs NBN-lite still presents some challenge to News. I imagine all apartments and new homes will connect, and many – like me- would pay for it as a good investment, anyway.

    And with Fairfax, it might be an ego thing, if they get upstaged by the social media. But the SMH now is definitely a right wing paper, just not as fanatical as all the News ones, they don’t deserve to be called newspapers. Any grief that they get, they have brought on themselves. How is it the public interest to have such one-sided “reporting” the overwhelming dominant force in the industry? And Abbot has weekly meetings, to discuss tactics. At taxpayer’s expense of course. It is pretty outrageous, whatever your politics may be.

  10. C@tmomma,

    He thinks selling a newspaper is exactly the same as selling a side of beef.

    Especially if it’s “plain label” beef …

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