Making a Difference in 2013 (Your Part in Abbott’s Downfall)

Note to all Pubketeers:  This post isn’t by me, it’s by Vote1Julia. It appears under my name only as a sponsored post.

It contains some great ideas and is 100% appropriate for today, the anniversary of Keating’s amazing victory in 1993.



Today, March 13th is the twentieth anniversary of PM Keating’s 1993 election victory. Keating said on the night,

“This is the Sweetest Victory of All, this is a Victory for the True Believers; the people who in difficult times have kept the faith..[this is] very much a victory of Australian values because it was Australian values on the line and the Liberal Party wanted to change Australia from the country it’s become, a cooperative, decent nice, place to live, where people have regard for one another…..”

Never have words from our political history had such prophetic relevance to today’s political situation.

The coming Federal Election is not “Labor v. Coalition” but “Labor + Australian Values v. Coalition”, representing the vested interests of Murdoch OM + Money Moguls.

Labor can win in 6 months’ time but it cannot rely on any of the following happening:

  • Abbott unhinging. He hasn’t so far and any gaffes will be ignored / spun away by OM.
  • The AFP investigating the Ashby / Slipper affair and exposing the coalition’s role in the conspiracy.
  • The Craig Thomson affair being exposed as a setup.
  • The ABC returning to unbiased political reportage.
  • The ALP being given a fair go in getting its policies communicated by OM.

Labor can and will win by focussing on policies that underpin these Australian Values. It has such policies in abundance.

The NDIS, the NBN, an affordable Paid Parental Scheme, MRRT, Carbon Price, Tax, Health & Hospital Reform, Education & Training, better targeted Welfare (to pensioners & lower income families) are ones that come to mind.

Abbott’s Coalition have no policies based on Australian Values – just the vested interests of the few in the Privateer Class who only want to plunder Australians’ wealth.

However, Old Media will not call them out on it. They will not report that Emperor Apparent Abbott has no clothes.

Whether it is groupthink that the Government has lost anyway, or as Paul Barry said on Q & A, wtte “… if you want to work in Australian journalism don’t piss off Rupert Murdoch,” they will not report fact but foist upon us opinion based on falsehood.

So our Labor Government’s excellent values policy messages are ignored and the OM focuses on sensationalist faux leadershit, and the polls, the POLLS, THE POLLS. They are (paraphrasing) like the sheep in Orwell’s Animal Farm, “Labor everything bad, Coalition everything good (anything bad: ignore)”.

The WA state election result has driven the shills into overdrive. It is all over for Labor. Yeah right. They said the same about Keating in 1993. It was going to be Hewson’s “Unloseable Election” just like today it is going to be Abbott’s unloseable election.

Well, it’s time for some mulesing of the sheep in the Australian media pack (and if some “accidential” castration occurs to the rams, that’s just collateral damage.)

We need to bypass the OM. You and I as individuals can make a difference and play an important role in Abbott’s coming downfall.

To demonstrate this, I am going to make some broad quantitative psephological assumptions to make a qualitative point. (Apologies to Antony Green and Andrew Catsaras if they ever read this.)

In the 2010 election there were 12,402,363 votes. 2PP was 50.12%(Labor) : 49.88% (Coalition) with Labor suffering a swing against it of 2.58%

I am assuming in 2013 there will 13,000,000 votes (To keep the maths simple).

I also will assume that Labor will have a net swing of 1.5% in 2013 (this represents 195,000 votes). This is feasible as they enjoyed 1.54% swing in 1993 and 1.5% represents a claw back of 58% of the swing against them in 2010. 195,000 votes can be achieved. (Labor was also written off by a shrill OM way before the election, just like today. So 1993 is a valid electoral comparison IMHO.)

This would mean (assuming a uniform swing and holding on to all existing seats) that Labor would win according to Antony Green’s 2013 Electoral Pendulum six seats, namely Boothby(SA) LIB 0.6%, Hasluck (WA) LIB 0.6%, Aston (VIC) LIB 0.7%, Dunkley (VIC) LIB 1.1%, Brisbane (QLD) LNP 1.1% and Macquarie (NSW) LIB 1.3%. An additional 6 six seats would give Labor 78 seats in the new Parliament, just like they achieved in 1993.

This 1.5% swing I assume will come from Labor Party campaigning.

Now imagine if we bloggers and lurkers in cyberspace would fully utilize social media to get Labor’s values policies out, expose the coalition’s lack of such policies and counterattack the bullshit they spin daily in the OM.

Could we, by blogging, twittering, facebooking and emailing add another 0.1% to Labor’s swing? This would mean Labor winning an additional 7th seat, Forde (Qld) LNP 1.6%. Based on my assumptions this additional 0.1% represents 13,000 votes.

Can we change 13,000 voters’ minds?

You bet we bloody can!

There are many good progressive Australian blogs. There is no one definitive best blog.

Of course, each blog and its posters believes theirs is better than many others. But that is not the point.

The idea is to take the best of each and cross post links so word can spread fast. Use Twitter and Facebook to do so.

One blog site, The Political Sword, comes to mind. TPS has developed a great resource called TPS M@il where one can quickly and easily email Federal politicians and political journos.

We can let others know of their response (or lack thereof) – a powerful tool for us in the Fifth Estate to overcome the laziness and ineptitude of those in the Fourth Estate.

We can pool our meagre resources to counteract the vast amount of spin and bullshit that OM uses to sustain Abbott and the coalition in the faux lead in the current polls. The polls will tighten closer to the election.

(Lo and behold the latest Newspoll as this blog is being written is 48:52 to the Coalition.)

OK bloggers: make a difference in 2013, play your role in Abbott’s coming downfall in September. Get active in social media, get the 0.1% additional swing, its only about 13,000 votes. WE CAN DO IT!

You don’t have to blog. You can just cross post links to sites with good posts. Let everyone know in your circle know. Cut & paste, tweet and retweet, facebook, email.


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  1. Tobe
    Easy Rudd was knifed the voters never had a say
    Gillard lied about he carbon tax
    Labor blew the surplus Rudd admited they stuffed up the pink bats scheme
    Abbott at least sticks by his word
    Shall i continue your pain?

  2. Just because i disagree i am a troll?

    You are a troll because you are a troll.

    Now get about trolling and stop whining.

  3. C@tmomma
    All your huffing and puffing won’t change the fact that Tony Abbott will be the PM after the 14/09
    Suck it up

  4. I highly recommend NOT feeding the troll Pubketeers.

    Then he will go away of his own accord.

  5. bushfirebill

    Ah the great Bushfire replies
    . No answer i see to why Bogans were good when labor was elected but if they elect a lib govt. they are idiots

  6. Watch out troll, or I’ll come around and raze your village with everyone in it, including you under the bridge! Lol, ‘Stalin’. 😀

    How old are you? 13 3/4, like Adrian Mole?

  7. C@tmomma

    Yes you do that in your imaginary world I am so scared.
    I guess the next thing is that the drunken truckie who apparently owns this site will be around to give me a beating

  8. Pain??? you must be joking if you think that pathetic effort will give me anything other than a laugh.

    Your list contains not 1 positive reason to support Abbott.

    Abbott has been a weather vain on Climate Change… had as many positions as the Kama sutra… including supporting a “Carbon Tax” and you concern Yourself with Gillard, who has delivered the ETS her party promised.

    Abbott Knifed Turnbull and the voters never had a say.

    Australia has had a world beating economy since the ALP gained office. All rating agencies rate us AAA (first time all 3) … worlds greatest treasurer… GDP that leaves all other similar economies in the dust.

    You don’t have a reason to support Abbott, and no pain to deliver anyone.

  9. Hartcher will go into overdrive, but how will he defend the obvious accusation that he is cherry-picking polls to suit his agenda.

    If he’s true to form there’ll be a gloating piece from him soon.

  10. You are all gutless and won’t hear anything against your beloveded pm . she is going to lose big time just like qld and wa and the nt.
    Again suck it up and get ready for a dose of real governance.

  11. A wise attitude to the polls by Mark Colvin.

  12. Cmon Truckie Joe
    Have a say
    Or are you passed out or full of drugs driving on the road hoping you dont kill some poor innocent motorist

  13. Is that mr colvin from the abc

    If so i think h e is from the abc we used to know
    so a wise sage

  14. ‘Or are you passed out or full of drugs driving on the road hoping you dont kill some poor innocent motorist’

    No wonder he added the ‘bag’ bit.

  15. I wonder if Menzies House pays penalty rates for Sundays? Must try and find the EBA for trolls.

  16. They just don’t make trolls like they used to. Gone are the days when a troll could provide hours of entertainment with whacky posts and hilarious responses. These days trolls are just abusive little twerps. The current crop of under-bridge dwellers can’t even master spelling and they have no idea about the correct usage of capital letters, abbreviations and punctuation. I know we shouldn’t expect too much from a troll, but are basic literacy skills too much to ask? I blame it all on Tony Abbott.

  17. This troll has got to be gay. The man love for Abbott he is exuding is sickening to behold. ‘Give me some real governance, Tony! Until it hurts!’ 😉

  18. CTar1,

    That sounds like an ‘In and around the village of Rovno’ type threat!

    Wrong end of the stick there, my man.
    Fascists razed that village. Stalinist, neo-classical architecture was erected in it’s place. 🙂

  19. So I take it that our Stalinist ex officio execution of Biisbag was approved of?

  20. Hartcher will go into overdrive

    Aye. As will Mark Kenny who seems to be styling himself as a kind of mini-me Hartcher.

  21. C@Tmomma

    I knew a lot about the place once.

    It was a ‘target’ in the ‘Nazi’s immigration to Australia investigation’ in the 80’s.

    John Rau assisting.

  22. Aye. As will Mark Kenny who seems to be styling himself as a kind of mini-me Hartcher.

    Mark Kenny is a News Ltd commissar who has been brought to Fairfax on a contract to stiffen spines and to fill the considerable gap left by the sacking retrenchment absence from the scene of the esteemed Michelle Grattan, who, at the moment, is discovering that the shit she writes does not travel well.

    I am awaiting Hartcher with anticipation.

    It would be hard to outdo his efforts of last week, but there’s always hope!

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