Making a Difference in 2013 (Your Part in Abbott’s Downfall)

Note to all Pubketeers:  This post isn’t by me, it’s by Vote1Julia. It appears under my name only as a sponsored post.

It contains some great ideas and is 100% appropriate for today, the anniversary of Keating’s amazing victory in 1993.



Today, March 13th is the twentieth anniversary of PM Keating’s 1993 election victory. Keating said on the night,

“This is the Sweetest Victory of All, this is a Victory for the True Believers; the people who in difficult times have kept the faith..[this is] very much a victory of Australian values because it was Australian values on the line and the Liberal Party wanted to change Australia from the country it’s become, a cooperative, decent nice, place to live, where people have regard for one another…..”

Never have words from our political history had such prophetic relevance to today’s political situation.

The coming Federal Election is not “Labor v. Coalition” but “Labor + Australian Values v. Coalition”, representing the vested interests of Murdoch OM + Money Moguls.

Labor can win in 6 months’ time but it cannot rely on any of the following happening:

  • Abbott unhinging. He hasn’t so far and any gaffes will be ignored / spun away by OM.
  • The AFP investigating the Ashby / Slipper affair and exposing the coalition’s role in the conspiracy.
  • The Craig Thomson affair being exposed as a setup.
  • The ABC returning to unbiased political reportage.
  • The ALP being given a fair go in getting its policies communicated by OM.

Labor can and will win by focussing on policies that underpin these Australian Values. It has such policies in abundance.

The NDIS, the NBN, an affordable Paid Parental Scheme, MRRT, Carbon Price, Tax, Health & Hospital Reform, Education & Training, better targeted Welfare (to pensioners & lower income families) are ones that come to mind.

Abbott’s Coalition have no policies based on Australian Values – just the vested interests of the few in the Privateer Class who only want to plunder Australians’ wealth.

However, Old Media will not call them out on it. They will not report that Emperor Apparent Abbott has no clothes.

Whether it is groupthink that the Government has lost anyway, or as Paul Barry said on Q & A, wtte “… if you want to work in Australian journalism don’t piss off Rupert Murdoch,” they will not report fact but foist upon us opinion based on falsehood.

So our Labor Government’s excellent values policy messages are ignored and the OM focuses on sensationalist faux leadershit, and the polls, the POLLS, THE POLLS. They are (paraphrasing) like the sheep in Orwell’s Animal Farm, “Labor everything bad, Coalition everything good (anything bad: ignore)”.

The WA state election result has driven the shills into overdrive. It is all over for Labor. Yeah right. They said the same about Keating in 1993. It was going to be Hewson’s “Unloseable Election” just like today it is going to be Abbott’s unloseable election.

Well, it’s time for some mulesing of the sheep in the Australian media pack (and if some “accidential” castration occurs to the rams, that’s just collateral damage.)

We need to bypass the OM. You and I as individuals can make a difference and play an important role in Abbott’s coming downfall.

To demonstrate this, I am going to make some broad quantitative psephological assumptions to make a qualitative point. (Apologies to Antony Green and Andrew Catsaras if they ever read this.)

In the 2010 election there were 12,402,363 votes. 2PP was 50.12%(Labor) : 49.88% (Coalition) with Labor suffering a swing against it of 2.58%

I am assuming in 2013 there will 13,000,000 votes (To keep the maths simple).

I also will assume that Labor will have a net swing of 1.5% in 2013 (this represents 195,000 votes). This is feasible as they enjoyed 1.54% swing in 1993 and 1.5% represents a claw back of 58% of the swing against them in 2010. 195,000 votes can be achieved. (Labor was also written off by a shrill OM way before the election, just like today. So 1993 is a valid electoral comparison IMHO.)

This would mean (assuming a uniform swing and holding on to all existing seats) that Labor would win according to Antony Green’s 2013 Electoral Pendulum six seats, namely Boothby(SA) LIB 0.6%, Hasluck (WA) LIB 0.6%, Aston (VIC) LIB 0.7%, Dunkley (VIC) LIB 1.1%, Brisbane (QLD) LNP 1.1% and Macquarie (NSW) LIB 1.3%. An additional 6 six seats would give Labor 78 seats in the new Parliament, just like they achieved in 1993.

This 1.5% swing I assume will come from Labor Party campaigning.

Now imagine if we bloggers and lurkers in cyberspace would fully utilize social media to get Labor’s values policies out, expose the coalition’s lack of such policies and counterattack the bullshit they spin daily in the OM.

Could we, by blogging, twittering, facebooking and emailing add another 0.1% to Labor’s swing? This would mean Labor winning an additional 7th seat, Forde (Qld) LNP 1.6%. Based on my assumptions this additional 0.1% represents 13,000 votes.

Can we change 13,000 voters’ minds?

You bet we bloody can!

There are many good progressive Australian blogs. There is no one definitive best blog.

Of course, each blog and its posters believes theirs is better than many others. But that is not the point.

The idea is to take the best of each and cross post links so word can spread fast. Use Twitter and Facebook to do so.

One blog site, The Political Sword, comes to mind. TPS has developed a great resource called TPS M@il where one can quickly and easily email Federal politicians and political journos.

We can let others know of their response (or lack thereof) – a powerful tool for us in the Fifth Estate to overcome the laziness and ineptitude of those in the Fourth Estate.

We can pool our meagre resources to counteract the vast amount of spin and bullshit that OM uses to sustain Abbott and the coalition in the faux lead in the current polls. The polls will tighten closer to the election.

(Lo and behold the latest Newspoll as this blog is being written is 48:52 to the Coalition.)

OK bloggers: make a difference in 2013, play your role in Abbott’s coming downfall in September. Get active in social media, get the 0.1% additional swing, its only about 13,000 votes. WE CAN DO IT!

You don’t have to blog. You can just cross post links to sites with good posts. Let everyone know in your circle know. Cut & paste, tweet and retweet, facebook, email.


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  1. Catalyst,

    For the second question, it seems that it ended being somewhere around 58/42

  2. Catalyst:

    I. I think it’s just indigenous parents.
    2. The count is still continuing I believe, so the result won’t be known yet.

  3. I guess people voted for Campbell Newman, Ted Baillieu & Terry Mills as well.

    Utter failures.

    I guess numbskulls will vote for Tony Abbott too.

  4. Oh, that reminds me. Numbskulls voted for Colin Barnett and Troy Boy too. Fools are being royally screwed by them in WA already.

    A fool and his vote are soon parted.

  5. Ha ha you are so funny Joe changing my name . Do whatever you want but I will be the happy on the 15/09 while you will be crying into your morning glass of xxxx swill

  6. Thanks, fess. Not bad considering a new leader, foolish campaign decisions like opposing the ‘Carbon Tax’ and stopping the Airport rail line a fair distance away from the airport. Even if for sound engineering reasons. 🙂

  7. “What’s that smell?
    The lovely smell of Tony Abbott…”
    Someone’s got their hagiografic nose too close to Tony’s arse!

  8. Have any of you noticed that when a right-wing troll makes a vitriolic post it exudes the smell “Raw Bogan”?

  9. Have any of you noticed that when a right-wing troll makes a vitriolic post it exudes the smell “Raw Bogan”?

    Yes they same bogans who you applauded for showing common sense when labor won but are now so stupid that they may change their minds.

  10. Paul Bongiorno ‏@PaulBongiorno

    Catch a repeat of Insiders on ABC24 tonight to see the rancid right hyperventilating over accountability they don’t want

  11. BK, my favourite wiz of id was was when the wiz was walking his pet Dragon[hello PTMD] with a fire extinguisher strapped to the dragon, explaining that is was OH&S

  12. I tried to watch the Insiders on Iview, but the entire format and introduction gave the shits something cronic so I had to turn it offf after about five minutes!

  13. Thanks for the replies-

    By the way we used to hear all the time in the Howard years ‘if you’ve nothing to hide, you’ve nothing to fear’ it seems the media must have a lot to hide.
    If TA’s plan to fine parents of truanting children ONLY applies to Indigenous parents then it is appears to be racist.

    Two women who dont send their child to school, one white, one Indigenous, but if only the Indigenous woman gets fined then surely that is racist?
    Aren’t we all equal under the Australian Flag?

  14. SK, it’s just starting to get a little ‘hot in the kitchen’ . This whole scenario from the last week and a bit ie the tour of western Sydney, 457 ,going the media; really poor judgement ,not!

  15. Cameron Watt ‏@CameronWatt

    The first rule of RuddClub is you talk all the fucking time about RuddClub… all the fucking time! RT @cben: Ruddclub #RuddMovies

  16. Moderator, is the Pub averse to verse these days? I have just made a second attempt to post a pome about Murdoch and it hasn’t appeared. There was a good hour between the two attempts.

  17. patriciawa..I have lost posts too sometimes..I believe it is a “wordpress” thing…they sometimes appear later….nothing sinister, just technology!

  18. BK, i once enquired whether Puff was related to Spot, the Munsters pet dragon. Maybe Henry is also in the family?

  19. The smell here was left over potato bake going round in the microwave.

    S.C. coming up in the south east and the Tin Can up opposite.

    Nice out.

  20. Reading between the lines on the Conroy reforms, it looks very much as if News Ltd has a particular viewpoint on the matter and is attempting to force the rest of the press corps on board. There’s something a little McCarthyist about the way they’re going about bullying other journalists to toe their line. Akerman was using the “I can’t believe you journalists think freedom of the press is a laughing matter” line in an attempt to shame them, I suppose. It’s the same as what Chris Kenny was doing to Emma Alberici on Twitter.

    It’s obvious that the only area of the press really concerned about it is News Ltd. It’s also obvious that they’re haranguing the rest of the media with the “it’s your problem too!” argument.

    Of course it has nothing to do with notions of “freedom of the press” – not by any stretch of the imagination. I think for them it’s more about whether they lord it over the government or whether the government lord it over them.

  21. I take it we have a troll?

    How sweet.

    I feel like we’ve come of age.

    Oh, to be 21 again…

  22. No, no… we only don’t allow personal insults here.

    Insults to our intelligence are welcome.

    After all Joe isn’t Stalin. I’m not Fidel Castro. Fiona isn’t (trying to think of a lady despot here) and C@tmomma definitely doesn’t (hmmm… is there ANYTHING C@tmomma doesn’t do?).

  23. Seems Michael Rowland is pissed off about his photograph being used under false pretences by the Daily Telegraph.

    Michael Rowland ‏@mjrowland68
    @Phil_B7 @p_totaro @margokingston1 What the Sunday Tele did was disgraceful. I’ll have more on the back story tomorrow morning.

  24. BB
    If you ned a lady despot who could be better then Supreme Commander Servalan.

    For those who are too young or too befuddled by age to remember Blake’s 7 here’s the lady herself showing off a wardrobe Julie Bishop would kill for.

  25. Remember! True Liberty Is When Free-born Men Speak Free!

    John Milton’s Areopagitica,
    Crying freedom for the press,
    Back in 17th century England
    Resisted monarchy’s excess.

    His tract was a mighty weapon
    In democracy’s progress.
    We are the beneficiaries
    Of his most eloquent address.

    But we ‘free-born’ were complicit,
    As we watched and acquiesced
    While that freedom was abused
    With a brazen shamelessness.

    We encouraged one man’s ambition
    To buy up, control, possess
    As property our thoughts in print,
    And we applauded his success.

    We shared profits with this behemoth
    Who now destroys our happiness
    And publishes news of our world,
    Writ as he commands it be expressed.

    His threat of global tyranny,
    Warns that it’s time to re-possess
    What for him is now a licence
    To break all rules and decency transgress.

    Our precious freedom so perverted
    Has caused democracy’s regress.
    Let’s use our laws while we still can,
    Redeem ourselves, and truly free the press.

    I wrote this back in July, 2011, when the phone hacking scandal was at its height and News of the World had just been closed. Shortly thereafter on July 10,11, there was a direct challenge to this ‘blight on our democracy’ by Mr. Denmore asking, ‘Who will have the guts in Australia to take him on?’ His latest post at makes the point that MSM o.t.t. response proves just how much is needed the government’s media reform legislation, however modest some may think it is.

  26. Just because i disagree i am a troll?
    Who is the Stalin here ?
    Can’t cop the reality that Gillard is going to lose

  27. jaycee, I hope it’s not a wordpress thing – my own blog is wordpress and the URL for that pome is,

    I wrote that back in July, 2011, when the phone hacking scandal was at its height and News of the World had just been closed. Shortly thereafter on July 10,11, there was a direct challenge to this ‘blight on our democracy’ by Mr. Denmore asking, ‘Who will have the guts in Australia to take him on?’ His latest post at makes the point that MSM o.t.t. response proves just how much is needed the government’s media reform legislation, however modest some may think it is.

    If this is accepted in its entirety that does suggest some technical reaction to verse form. Or was that not so in your case, jaycee?

    Moderator, it’s been submitted three times now so some level of censorship will be required!

  28. Right Wing nutjobs really don’t have to say much(not that they can ever develop an argument to save themselves & back up their blithe statements), in order to demonstrate completely and unequivocally, that, without the combined energies of the media in this country 4 square behind them, they’d be struggling to attract attention and the votes they say are in the bag for the petit ‘Authority’-In-Waiting, Abbott.

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