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All good posts must come to a end and we must all agree that Bushfire’s was a ripper,stirred a few people up and set a few tongues wagging. A big Thank you to him aswell as c@tmomma and Vote1julia for their insights and reports of last Sunday,s magnificent speech by our Red Headed, welsh descended fiesty and apparently smallish PM. How anyone can prefer Credlins Creature ( thanks BK) over her eludes me.

Friday Night is upon us again so we all now that means its Raffle Night. Get In early as the numbers go quick lately.

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A high profile member of the Opposition was spotted entering this establishment earlier on.800px-York_Hotel,_Kalgoorlie

Unnamed sources say she tried to instigate Foreign Relations with some patrons but was rejected out of hand on the grounds that she was a bit rough looking. When pressed further the patrons said they had been drilling in the desert for 6 months and hadn’t realized how far the town had gone downhill . Luckily for them they are off to Halls Creek where they say scrubbers like that one are not welcome.

321 thoughts on “Dydd Gwener Raffles Nos

  1. This thing between the OM. and the Old Politicians…..it’s quite incestuous. a sort of “you scratch my genitalia and I’ll scratch yours!”……A complete in-house combination promo-flyer / scandal sheet.
    Whereas we, of the fifth estate are trying to report “outside the square” to bring a bigger-picture of global significence into the local politics.
    It’s sadly a case of the old “fish-n-chippery” vs. the new “alfresco” in the High-street.
    The old-boy’s club is now morbidly obese but doesn’t want to change their diet.
    “…your old road is rapidly fadin’….please get out of the new one if you can’t lend your hand!…for the times they are a changin’ “

  2. Next Monday’s Four Corners program…: “The Obied corruption inquiry that is tearing the Labor party apart”……
    I mean..; FFS!..it’s been on the front pages both hard-copy and online for bleedin’ months!…and NOW we’re going to get the “inside story”….What?….on Eddie Obieds intestinal functions?
    What’s with the ABC…I mean look at their title..: A-B-C…you start from A…O for Obied is two thirds down the alphabet….so why not start with A – for Ashby! and do an “inside story ” on THAT little morsel?
    Useless pr!cks!

  3. Vale Gweneth. (Lynette)
    This Bludger was a excwllent contribute.r Her in real life achievements in the education field are an important legacy.
    Gweneth wilk be missed in the blogosphere

  4. So let me get this right. Tim Mathieson tried to get his lady an advantage over Tony Abbott?

    That’s not a scandal, that’s noble bloody behaviour by the man who loves her.

  5. Can’t see why the OM. is getting on Gillard’s case about Tim getting Abbott snubbed from the Tiger’s dressing rooms…Gillard, being (I believe) an Essendon supporter most likely SENT Tony down there on the ruse that “the boys want to hear your exploits with ‘getting women’…and carbon credits!”…..anything to upset their game!

  6. Morning

    PMJG supports the Western Bulldogs.

    If she gets asked about this by our esteemed MSM. She should suggest a judicial enquiry. You know it makes sense!

  7. Listening to sports news. A former Asada boss is stating that what is happening at Cronulla Sharks is just the tip of the iceberg. The NRL season is going to be a hard one for fans. They are in for some tough medicine.
    Of course, it will be all the fault of PMJG and Tim Mathieson!!!

  8. The film, produced by actress Daryl Hannah and directed by Craig Rosebraugh, essentially tells the DeSmogBlog story. Greedy Lying Bastards chronicles the dirty money trail from tobacco companies paying for fake experts to attack the science linking cigarettes and cancer, through to the modern day equivalent of oil companies paying fake experts and think tanks to attack climate science and fight against any government attempts to regulate pollution to protect public health.


    There is a trailer of the film on this link

  9. Morning all,

    I didn’t know Gweneth. (Lynette), but from what I’ve read here and elsewhere, she was one helluva Labor Lady.

    I extend my condolences to her family and many friends.

    To quote Bob Marley: Don’t give up the fight …

    Rest assured, we won’t.

  10. Saw a promo on WIN about the upcoming “60 Minutes” where (if you can believe the hype) they give TA a ‘grilling’ specifically on the subject of his comments about honesty. Does anyone know anything more?

  11. BB

    I don’t know how the 457 drama unfolded, but possibly the PM was giving a wink and nudge to her audience, that’s OK, but for Hartcher to suggest her bringing up a crackdown on rorts is xenophobic,is shameful. Why doesn’t he have something to say about the compassionate Liberals who privately revealed to the USA that the more boats that come, the better for them. On 457s, there definitely can be a tightening, when you hear of overseas truck drivers and other arrangements for semi-skilled entry, people have to wonder. But my understanding was that union reps had to sign off on the proposals.

  12. Tony’s Fridge

    I cant imagine anything Channel 9 produces is going to be hard on Abbott. In any case, I wont be watching!!

  13. Lovey

    From my understanding, It was the Unions who raised concerns with 457a visas. My union connections have been speaking to me about this for months. In fact, they have been critical of this govt for not tightening the rules. Go figure

  14. Good morning everyone.

    It was great to see dannylewis celebrating here last night. 🙂

    So, as I’m not going to click on the link about Tim, I’m trying to work out what he did exactly.

  15. 2gravel

    [AN email obtained exclusively by The Weekend Australian reveals Julia Gillard’s partner, Tim Mathieson, sought to involve her office in pressuring a major sporting club to freeze out Tony Abbott.

    After attending an AFL clash at the MCG as a guest of the Richmond Football Club, Mr Mathieson emailed its chief executive, Brendon Gale, copying in the Prime Minister’s office, to complain about the Opposition Leader’s access to the team’s inner sanctum and his prominent seating at a pre-game function.

    Mr Mathieson demanded that Mr Gale raise the matter with the Prime Minister’s chief of staff, Ben Hubbard.

    His fiery outburst occurred on a Sunday evening after the Dreamtime AFL match between Essendon and Richmond on May 19 last year. The Dreamtime game is one of the highlights of the AFL calendar for its social and cultural significance in promoting reconciliation.

    “Mate u need to speak with Ben Hubbard on why abboott was taken down to the rooms … ” Mr Mathieson fumed. ” … it’s just not on Who authorised it < it was a shocker it was a Don's function and he should not have gone down there

    That same weekend Ms Gillard was travelling to Chicago for top-level security talks with Barack Obama and other NATO leaders to plan the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

    Ms Gillard's office declined to respond to questions about Mr Mathieson's complaint.

    Mr Mathieson is a fanatical supporter of the Richmond "Tigers" while the PM barracks for the Western Bulldogs. They are often seen at games together in their respective club colours.

    Richmond has accommodated Mr Mathieson's requests for tickets, hospitality and memorabilia since his move into The Lodge.

    At the Dreamtime game in Melbourne, the first bloke invited ABC Insiders host Barrie Cassidy to join him on the Richmond table. Both men visited the Richmond room before the contest, where they crossed paths with Mr Abbott, who was a guest of Essendon's chairman David Evans.]

  16. 2gravel

    Basically Tim told Richmond after the event that Abbott should not have gone down to the Richmond rooms, as he was a guest of Essendon and should have gone to their rooms. Shock horror. Call a judicial inquiry

  17. victoria….”PMJG supports the Western Bulldogs.”….Nah!..can’t believe THAT!….NOBODY supports the WB’s!….C’mON!

  18. jaycee

    Yep. Her seat is in this part of town. She has supported them for years

  19. What I want to know the answer to is, why wasn’t there a Richmond player gutsy enough to tell Tony Abbott to pee off back to the Essendon rooms with all their dodgy as players? Like attracting like and all. 🙂

  20. When I was a little kid I was told to eat my carrots which I loathed. Veges are green not dayglo. At the then predictable “Think of all the people starving in the world” I said “Name three” which got me a deserved clout.

    Now here’s Carlton: The revolution in the newspaper business has tipped hundreds, even thousands, of Australian journalists out of their jobs. Many of them have high political and media skills

    “Hundreds, even thousands ….”

    Hey, Mike!

    Name three!

    What bloody rubbish!!

  21. victoria,

    Thanks for that re Tim. That’s desperate stuff.

    Although I’m not really in to music, I recall a song that went something like:

    (ital) “Is that all there is, my friend … so let’s keep dancing …” (end ital)

  22. victoria,
    The thing I can’t figure out about bemused’s schtick is, why does a supposedly intelligent man allow himself to fall for a Murdoch scam and promote it? Surely he must be honest enough with himself to realise that there is the entirely likely prospect that the media would rip Kevin Rudd to shreds as soon as he got his bottom back onto the PM’s chair? Ably assisted by the hyenas in the Opposition, who have an alternative ad campaign ready to go if such an outcome eventuates?

    Kevin Rudd himself realises it. Why can’t bemused? He wastes too much valuable time and energy focusing on the wrong enemies, and causing general despair among Labor supporters.

    As Danny Lewis has demonstrated, there is the Inner Circle and Outer Circle of Rudd devotees, and it’s the Outer Circle, without a real clue, who are almost just using Ruddsteration as an artifice to get back at Julia for their own personal enmities.

    So why doesn’t bemused just get with the program that his hero has sensibly gotten on board with? Instead of supporting the malcontents? Because his behaviour in no way supports Rudd’s own intentions, and especially provides zero support to the Labor Party who are experiencing very heavy weather at the hands of the malign media.

    Still, as belligerent and pig-headed as bemused is, I don’t expect any change in his behaviour. Pity, really, he can be such a committed and forceful advocate.

  23. This is worth reposting in its entirety. State Labor MP on the 5th March. Entered in Hansard

    [Government: performance
    Ms MIKAKOS (Northern Metropolitan) — In 10 days it will be the ides of March, a date in history which forebodes calamity. This year it forebodes calamity for the Victorian coalition. Just as Caesar met his fate in the Roman senate at the hands of a group of 60-odd co-conspirators, referred to as the Liberators and led by Brutus, Ted Baillieu looks to suffer the same fate at the hands of his 53 Liberal members, especially those in the Legislative Council.

    Brutus was Caesar’s loyal ally who turned on him. Jeff Kennett, the Premier’s mentor, was recently quoted criticizing the government as ‘reacting rather than leading’. There seem to be many Brutuses at the moment doing the numbers for a leadership spill.

    Liberal members have been busy backgrounding the media as to the obvious — that is, that the government is bordering on dysfunctional’, ‘giving a sense of secrecy and paranoia’ and looking ‘shambolic and undignified’.

    The surfacing of the secret Tony Nutt-Tristan Weston tapes this week show the Caesar-like, imperial, born-to-rule, get-away-with-anything mentality that pervades this government. Under Ted Baillieu thousands of Victorians have lost their jobs — 30 000 in January alone — but the only person the coalition is interested in helping find work for is Tristan Weston. The needs of the Victorian people are being ignored while the Baillieu government reels from its daily crises. The problem for the government is that it has no Mark Antony waiting in the wings.

    With the atmosphere at today’s last Liberal Party meeting described by one MP as ‘extremely volatile’, the Premier would be well served to heed the advice of the soothsayer to Caesar, ‘Beware the ides of March’.

    The ACTING PRESIDENT (Mr Ramsay) — Order! Time, Ms Mikakos — very entertaining.]

  24. c@tmomma

    I generally scroll by as it is more than a little tiresome.

    It has been pointed out that as soon as Rudd took over the reigns, the msm would tear him and the ALP to shreds. It is as plain as day. It would not matter if Christ himself were leading the party, they would be accusing him of being a communist ffs!

  25. Boy, that Tim Mathieson story is pretty weak. I’ll wait and see how footy fans react to it, but I suspect they won’t care. The only ones with a real interest would be Richmond fans. And I expect the thinking will be “Tim overreacted, but so what?” The idea that he ‘pressured the club to freeze Abbott out’ won’t even get off the ground. It’s stupid. It relies on the assumption that a politician has a right go swanning about with any club they feel like. Footy’s still passionate and tribal enough to have that sort of notion dismissed.

  26. Muttleymcgee at 9.34

    Thank you muttleymcgee for giving me the biggest laugh to start my day.

    I defy Carlton to name even one so-called journalist who would qualify as having high political and media skills

    I agree they all seem to have a very high opinion of their own abilities.

    However anyone who reads the opinion pieces of these alleged journalists would realize that there is a huge gap between their actual performance and their opinion.

  27. Haunting piece of music by the Cure. “Pictures of you” It evokes the emotions of sadness caused by loss.
    This is my musical contribution for Gweneth. RIP

  28. Sorry … should be ” their actual performance and their opinion of themselves”

  29. I’m hopelessly addicted to American Idol and hope Kree Harrison wins. Here she was the other night:

  30. Good Morning Patrons!

    That Mathieson ‘scandal’ is a bit ho-hum isn’t it. But I am sure we will get a whole week of the outraged opinion out of it.

  31. And I’d give the Rudd issue a very wide berth. It’s media-driven. The plan for the first half of the year was to put intolerable poll-pressure on the ALP well in advance of the election being called, drag the Rudd issue back into the spotlight – by force if necessary – then let a combination of the two force Gillard to hand over to Rudd. The flip side was the ‘rehabilitation’ of Abbott’s image.

    The setting of the election date threw everything out of whack. Political journalists got caught up in deciphering what it meant and how it was supposed to fit into the ‘narrative’. They’ve failed to do that because they’re not very savvy. It meant the stage-managed Thomson arrest got lost in the speculation. It meant that Abbott’s mini-campaign had to be abandoned while they recalibrated. And it also meant the entire Coalition plus parts of the press were shown up as being unable to keep pace with the unfolding of events.

    But beneath that you can still see them plodding on with their pre-planned attack. They’re still trying to sandblast Abbott’s image. They’re still rolling out polls from all over the place (Reachtel has gone berserk lately, but I think they were seconded early to provide reinforcement to the major polls). And they’re still talking up the return of Rudd, against all the available evidence.

    None of it can happen the way it was intended, because Gillard calling the date has locked her into the minds of the Australian people as PM until the election. Abbott’s a bit lost, because instead of being able to pretend to a statesmanlike calm, he has to comment on policy and things as they’re happening. His absences are being noticed, and his pressers are looking increasingly weak and irrelevant. The man’s an attack dog by nature, You can smooth his face out and script him to within an inch of his life, and you can place as many women around him as you like – but you can put a bonnet and a rose on a bull terrier too, and that won’t fool anyone either.

    The Rudd talk this year started from absolutely nothing. Journalists just started talking about it, out of the blue. No ‘sources’, no ‘rumours’, nothing. They slipped that stuff in later. It’s a beat-up.

  32. Spacey.

    Had to give your second sentence a bit of a fix-up:

    But I am sure we will get a whole week of the outraged opinion confected outrage out of it.

  33. Sk

    In light of what is going on at Cronulla, and what is expected soon. The Time Mathieson story is beyond boring as batshit

  34. Aguirre:

    Excellent assessment! And btw I’d completely forgotten about Abbott’s mini campaign, long ago abandoned when the PM announced the election date.

  35. fionajr,

    I bow to your superior use of the english language! 😉


    From what I am hearing from our footy connections Cronulla is just the tip of the iceberg.

  36. Dear Space Kidette,

    Not superior at all – just cutting through to the fairy floss 🙂

  37. SK

    Yep that is what the former Asada chief said. He also mentioned AFL. So perhaps Essendon players are not the only ones in a spot of bother. So far it does seem that Cronulla have not handled this matter in a professional way

  38. C@tmomma, bemused is a legend in his own lunchtime because he stood for Labor, years, even decades ago, and achieved a swing against Labor, even in the face of a general swing towards Labor at the time. That’s when he found out what he’s good at – achieving a swing away from Labor.

    Petulant, opinionated, contradictory, argumentative and hopelessly inaccurate he rarely gets anything right, then usually by mistake. He is one of many discontents who have had buggerall to do with the Milky Bar Kid personally, yet champions him to the boring, bitter, tedious, doomed end. Always there at moonrise when the demented, the lost, the hopeless, the irrelevant come out to howl and bay at the moon, he’s not worth the electronic paper he writes on.

    Scroll on by. Your time is worth a lot more than wasting it on bemused.

  39. I don’t care what Mike Carlton thinks about John McTernan. I have seen a definite change for the better since McTernan came on board. Whoever was doing the job before was hopeless, and doubtless one of those thousands with ‘high political and media skills’.

    Why didn’t the all-but-retired Mr Carlton offer his services as the PM’s media advisor? I suppose it’s too much like real work. It’s so much easier to just email in the weekly column from Sydney’s northern beaches and then go back to snoozing in the sun.

    Mr Carlton almost redeemed himself this morning by referring to Abbott ‘on his hind legs’ walking like a chimpanzee, but it wasn’t enough to make up for his appalling opening rant. If Carlton wants to be taken seriously then he should name names. I bet he can’t come up with three, let alone three hundred. As for ‘thousands’ – pull the other one, it plays Waltzing Matilda.

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