Dydd Gwener Raffles Nos



All good posts must come to a end and we must all agree that Bushfire’s was a ripper,stirred a few people up and set a few tongues wagging. A big Thank you to him aswell as c@tmomma and Vote1julia for their insights and reports of last Sunday,s magnificent speech by our Red Headed, welsh descended fiesty and apparently smallish PM. How anyone can prefer Credlins Creature ( thanks BK) over her eludes me.

Friday Night is upon us again so we all now that means its Raffle Night. Get In early as the numbers go quick lately.

A big welcome to all new patrons  here at “the pub”,have a good time, enjoy the conversations and atmosphere.

Football season is here Good Luck to all those that have signed up for our footy tipping comp.

You can still join    http://www.footytips.com.au/comps/THEPUB-_FootyTips_comp.

The Prize will be decided later. (GO THE COWBOYS)/(GO THE LIONS)

Have a Great Night and good luck



A high profile member of the Opposition was spotted entering this establishment earlier on.800px-York_Hotel,_Kalgoorlie

Unnamed sources say she tried to instigate Foreign Relations with some patrons but was rejected out of hand on the grounds that she was a bit rough looking. When pressed further the patrons said they had been drilling in the desert for 6 months and hadn’t realized how far the town had gone downhill . Luckily for them they are off to Halls Creek where they say scrubbers like that one are not welcome.

321 thoughts on “Dydd Gwener Raffles Nos

  1. Jeez, those Newspoll figures from WA are shockers. I didn’t know it was that easy to brainwash people via the media.

  2. C@t: why do you think millionaires want to get into the dying newspaper business?

    They can be kingmakers – if they are willing to spend a lot of money 😉

  3. fj,
    The Murdoch Single Celled Slime know that Tim Mathieson has built up a groundswell of goodwill in the community. They don’t like that. It might reflect back positively on the PM.

  4. Danny Lewis,
    You need to be a cross-platform media mogul these days, like Silvio Berlusconi and Rupert Murdoch, to have real impact. Also like Gina is attempting to be.

  5. What a coincidence, not, that this story in The Australian about Tim Mathieson, came out at the end of what turned out to be a pretty successful week for the PM in Western Sydney.

  6. That ANY rich person is willing to buy into media these days tells you all you need to know about their motivations.

    Poor people starting a collective is another thing altogether.

    PS I think this is a really good idea 😉

  7. C@t: when it comes to the media in this country, I don’t believe in coincidences.

    Murdoch is an evil bastard

  8. DL

    Obviously the govt know what they are dealing with. Challenge is how fo counteract it

  9. C@tmomma,

    Agree entirely.

    Sorry, folks and world, must go to bed now. Stay calm and feisty – it’s not a contradiction if you think about it carefully.

    Loves you all.

  10. Night fiona.

    Danny L: Very pleased to see you here, and appreciative of your comments tonight. 🙂

  11. Sorry to be so serious at this hour on a Friday night, but ……

    There has been talk for ages about the OM’s plans to go after Tim during the lead-up to the election. If they are about to launch into an attack now then once again they are using their firepower (what’s left of it) too early. If what they have to say is so damaging why not wait a few months? Nothing else to talk about, probably. As the average voter has an attention span shorter than that of the average boxer puppy it will all be forgotten in a week or two, unless you are one of Michale Smith’s fans and we all know how that lot vote, don’t we.

    While we are on the OM, for Pete’s sake cut out all the ‘but someone said Rudd was going to…..’ crap.

    Didn’t any of you read IA’s excellent article on the media the other day? It very clearly told how all these ‘Labor insider’ reports of Rudd challenges are made up by the OM when things are going well for the PM.
    If you missed it go here –

    Some lack-wit starts a rumour on PB, claiming it comes from an unnamed Labor insider. Yawn!

  12. Dead on my feet here too, just back from nodding off in front of the computer. 🙂

    So, it’s over and out till tomorrow!

    Night All!

    And here’s my song for Gweneth 🙂

  13. Hey DL,
    Thanks for the Colleen Hewitt, fantastic memories (and fantasies) of my younger years. What wonderful singer.

  14. Oh yes, I forget to tell you all the tale which emanated from my day at the Gosford IWD event.

    The Liberal candidate, a woman who touts her ‘Feminist’ credentials, didn’t show up!

    Now this is someone who has been deputised by both the State Liberal MPs who represent us up here to go to every event that is going, on their behalf, to increase her profile. They don’t need it, their election is two years away still.So we were expecting to see her. Especially as she already has her bloody corflutes up everywhere and her fizzog on every bus shelter in the electorate(she actually lives in Wahroonga, but has a Holiday House up here, so=’resident’).

    It was a beautiful day. The local media were here. In other words, it was the ideal occasion for her to increase her profile, and she has left her job to concentrate on campaigning full time, but a noticeable ‘No Show’.

    I was told that people up here were getting sick of the sight of her already, and she is in PR & Marketing, so maybe another one of these Liberal strategic retreats?


  15. Good Night, victoria!

    This time for real.

    I can wait to hear about the ‘scandal’ involving Tim Mathieson. God that lot at News Ltd are desperate to get their chosen one in.

  16. Well, I’m still kicking on!

    Come on, you boring old broads! Where are you all this fine International Women’s Day evening?????


  17. While its still IWD here (5 minutes left), I should sincerely wish a happy day to all the denizens of this fine place.

  18. That’s okay. I’ll be giving you Adelaide germs, so I guess we’ll be even 😉

  19. Locks are off the fridges and the taps. FREE BEER, WINE and SPIRITS for the rest of the night until closing (except we never close).

    All we ask is that you put the empties in the receptacles provided and no spitting on the floor.

  20. Hartcher up himself again…

    The same week Gillard’s Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Kate Lundy, announced that resources had gone online to help promote Harmony Day for schoolchildren to “encourage students to think about their own heritage and the important concepts of diversity, harmony and belonging”.

    Gillard’s xenophobia in pursuit of low political advantage is a shameful moment, divisive and damaging in a country built on immigrants. The measure of her conduct was that it was warmly approved by Pauline Hanson.

    To minimise the damage to the deficit, the economy, the social fabric, as our leaders plunge into a frenetic campaign, they need to keep the Hippocratic principle foremost. If you can’t assist the national good, at the very least do no harm.


    Is this person stupid or just wilfully ignorant?

    457 Visas are NOT for immigration purposes.

    In fact the ENTIRE IDEA of 457 visas is to import workers for specific jobs, NOT to offer them citizenship.

    The 457 rorters don’t see them that way. They see them as a back-door racket to get people into the country before trying on a citizenship scam.

    To be in favour of proper compliance with 457 visa conditions is to be IN FAVOUR of immigration – official imigration – NOT against it.

    It’s not Gillard’s fault that serial loser, Pauline Hanson, is on her side in this policy area. It’s a free country, even for idiots.

    If Hartcher is the “future” of Fairfax, it’s pretty easy to see how its history got it to where it is now: in the shit and going down.

  21. When Oakes can’t think of anything else, he:

    (a) Sells futures in his in-house copy generator, Newspoll,

    (b) Brings up Ruddstoration.

    We don’t even have to conduct a poll nowadays, it seems. We only have mumble darkly that the next one – it is assumed it will be bad – will be watched with keen interest by Rudd supporters who are “muttering more than ever.”

    It’s easy to mutter, harder to deliver… as Rudd fans have discovered, practically weekly, for the past 2.5 years of back-dooring their own party in a Quixotic quest for vindication and, as Oakes notes, a venal desire for promotion.

    When will Oakes realize that the lady is stronger than his pompous pontificating? She’s seen off more predicters of her doom than Oakes has had hot dinners.

    And, when you consider Oakes’ apparent appetite, that’s saying something.


  22. With the OM. journalists having become nothing more than advertising mouthpieces for a corporate promotion..shouldn’t they be registering their vested interest on their opinion pieces as : “this is a cash for comment advertisement”?

  23. Read that “scandal” about Tim Mathieson and have to say I am more cheesed off by the fact that he hang’s around drinking with that “counterfeit commie”..; Barrie Cassidy!

  24. Good Morning Grown Ups! 🙂
    It seems brains and a discerning eye are in ever diminishing supply in this country, huh?

    So it was Barrie Cassidy that shopped Tim Mathieson to The Australian?
    Anyone got a link?

  25. Bushfire Bill,
    The muttering darkly about forthcoming polls seamlessly fills the spaces between the actual polls. Though at the rate we are getting a Newspoll, Reachtel, Nielsen, Galaxy, Essential, and the odd Morgan, it’s a wonder there is any space.

  26. Perhaps Tim was aggrieved at the sight of Tabbott visiting the “boy’s club” in the player change- rooms would twist their minds somewhat….From what I’ve read and seen, all THAT would take is a small “shifter” to undo the lock-nut and a flat-edged screwdriver to turn the grub-screw a half turn….then lock it up again!

  27. BB. A word of warning when you peruse those pages of the Daily Terror..if a hard-copy…DON’T lick your finger-tip between turning the pages…if online…..a good St Pat’s boy like yourself must remember a couple of mea-culpas to mumble between clicks!

  28. The best story I heard about Oakes was when a fellow journo’ looking out a window at the office saw Laurie RUNNING across the road to get to the building…by THAT SIGHT, he just knew it was going to be a BIG story!

  29. So, is the story about Tim Mathieson in The Daily Telegraph or The Australian? I only want to give the Mordor Empire one click if I have to.

  30. Good morning all Pub Crawlers.

    I’ve always thought the saying “you’ve got to be in it to win it” is a furphy. In my book its a matter of you’ve got to be the only one in it to win it 🙂 I reckon I must have been behind the door when luck was dished out.

    So, the ‘get Gillard’ campaign has now moved on to ‘smear Tim in order to get Gillard’.

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