Dydd Gwener Raffles Nos



All good posts must come to a end and we must all agree that Bushfire’s was a ripper,stirred a few people up and set a few tongues wagging. A big Thank you to him aswell as c@tmomma and Vote1julia for their insights and reports of last Sunday,s magnificent speech by our Red Headed, welsh descended fiesty and apparently smallish PM. How anyone can prefer Credlins Creature ( thanks BK) over her eludes me.

Friday Night is upon us again so we all now that means its Raffle Night. Get In early as the numbers go quick lately.

A big welcome to all new patrons  here at “the pub”,have a good time, enjoy the conversations and atmosphere.

Football season is here Good Luck to all those that have signed up for our footy tipping comp.

You can still join    http://www.footytips.com.au/comps/THEPUB-_FootyTips_comp.

The Prize will be decided later. (GO THE COWBOYS)/(GO THE LIONS)

Have a Great Night and good luck



A high profile member of the Opposition was spotted entering this establishment earlier on.800px-York_Hotel,_Kalgoorlie

Unnamed sources say she tried to instigate Foreign Relations with some patrons but was rejected out of hand on the grounds that she was a bit rough looking. When pressed further the patrons said they had been drilling in the desert for 6 months and hadn’t realized how far the town had gone downhill . Luckily for them they are off to Halls Creek where they say scrubbers like that one are not welcome.

321 thoughts on “Dydd Gwener Raffles Nos

  1. That’s exactly what I was thinking of, Fiona. I actually had the image of somebody else on his front bench when I wrote that – but it would be uncharitable to say exactly which one.

  2. victoria,

    Cronulla hasn’t managed the situation at all. They are in an appalling state financially, in the middle of a huge project, no sponsors, no chairman for a few years now and the one person who should have been on deck at this time of the season is overseas.

    They let the crisis roll over them rather than managing the message. From what I am hearing the players have had more to do with ‘managing’ the situation than the club itself.

    There are more clubs to come. Hope they heed the lesson of how not to handle a crisis.

  3. Gee we must have some dumb living over here in the West. In the week where Colin told the people that live in the Swan Valley, he has no long term transport plan for them, also 3 billion dollars worth of his promises are dependent on The Federal Government, they are still going to voter fo his party anyway. If I was the PM, He would be told there is no money available, and maybe he should fund it out of the Pork Barreling for Regions fund.

  4. Can somebody explain to me why they are accusing Labor/Gillard of racism regarding the 457s?

    I honestly don’t understand why it was terrible for the PM to say that if an Australian can do the job, they should get priority.

    Or is it because Abbott didn’t say it that it was criticised?

  5. SK

    Cronulla have been piss poor, but what are the NRL heirarchy doing to assist? People whinge about the AFL, but in comparison their professionalism sticks out like the proverbial.

    The sporting codes need to be cleaned up. The integrity of the sport demands it. There is going to be serious short term pain for long term pain

  6. C@t,

    The only way to look at that blogger is through the definition of the handle he chose: i.e confused, bewildered, befuddled, engrossed, stupified.

    He is also the sort of character who, once having expressed his opinion among his peers, cannot bring himself to admit he could possibly be wrong or have misjudged. So, there is no evidence however glaring that will ever bring about a change in his stance.

  7. c@tmomma,

    His value as a commentator is nil. His value as a human being is nil. As such if I never hear his BS or name again I wll consider it no great loss.

  8. Meanwhile here in the suburbs of Melbourne, a full scale bikie war is on the brink of breaking out. That is all we bloody need!!!!

  9. I should have added, remember the ACC report into Sport, mentioned links to organised crime and bikie gangs. I dont believe in coincidences…….

  10. foreverjanice @10:57

    Yes, he seems invested in his BS. I don’t know how he finds the time. Love the way he blames everyone else for the fights he causes. Like a spoiled child he doesn’t understand that continuously whinging is passive aggression. He needs to take responsibility for the tone he sets.

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