Friday night Frivolities

Good eveninig to all patrons and welcome to another fun filled Friday Night at “THE PUB”

There will be music,laughter,dancing and of course the getting more famous by the week “FRIDAY NIGHT RAFFLES.

Come in have a drink,,chat up the barmaids if you wish they won,t mind in fact I suspect they would be annoyed if they weren’t getting chatted up.

Drinks are free on Friday,s just ask for your tipple and it will be cheerfully supplied,just don,t overindulge and get nasty as we have the best bouncers in town keeping a watchful eye out.

A big week for “THE PUB” as we now ( thanks to MR. Bushfirebill ) joined the ranks of the tweeters or tweeterate or what ever they are called.

Join in for all you users and we will grow and improve that as we go along. I am in  the process of trying to link it to the main blog so bear with me on that.

On Another note are there any rugby league supporters that would be interested in joining a footy tipping competition? IF I get enough takers I’ll set something up,Same goes for the AFL.

If we get a comp.up and running I.ll work out a prize for the winner at the end of the season .

A thank you also to the patrons that have offered suggestions on how we can improve the looks/layout of the blog. All suggestions are welcome as we are by no means experts at this and all ideas will be considered.

So Drink up ,Have Fun and remember

Julia Gillard se toujou Premye Minis nou an

Tony Abbott se yon psikopat danjere kouche 

Courteous Bar staff

328 thoughts on “Friday night Frivolities

  1. In any event, we shall know soon enough if the govt have any major announcement.

    Night all

  2. I did warn people that I am in an elegaic mood tonight.

    Two decades ago I started attending my local Anglican church, mostly because the quality of music there was surprisingly good. At the time the choir was all male. However, a few months after I began attending their one and only male alto became a bass (and a very fine bass he is, too).

    The choir director asked if I would join the choir, but “only until they found a proper alto”.

    I had done a lot of choral singing in my youth, and enjoyed getting back into it. Two of the highlights for me were singing evensong on the first Sunday of each month – always a traditional setting like Purcell, Byrd, or Tallis or (horror – not v keen on 19th century slush) Stanford. Only the adult members of the choir sang evensong, and though it was never a well-attended service (the choir often outnumbered the congregation) there was something special about having our voices spiralling up into the vaulted ceiling.

    The other highlight – this time only once a year (on the third Sunday in Advent) – was when I, as the lone alto, sang the solo in Orlando Gibbons’ anthem This is the Record of John:

    Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

  3. All I can say for sure about the announcement on Sunday is that whatever it is, it’ll be spun as bad, in order to follow the #1 cardinal rule of Australian political coverage: If Gillard says or does it, its wrong.

  4. I watch a movie and everyone’s gone.IT’s pretty clear they got MArkKenny in on a contract from NEws to run the Ruddstoration Bureau at Fairfax.

    What a tosser.

    He deserves to be laughed out of town.

    Someone ought to tap him on the shoulder and tell him it’s over.

  5. This goes rather well with the Piano Hill Cheddar:

    and we could polish this off for afters …

  6. Since BB seems to have disappeared I think we will be alright!

    I will have to seek my basket soon too. So glad that you like the sofa 😉

  7. I’m half still here,but off to sleep soon.

    Anne Summers, at least, sticks up for the PM. She doesn’t like the mockers.

    … it is … increasingly absurd the way the media no longer waits for leadership failure; it now anticipates it and, with no attempt to disguise its bloodlust, makes the presumption of a change in leadership the prism for day-to-day coverage of politics.

    Such is the fate of Julia Gillard, whose demise is confidently predicted on a daily basis by the politician commentariat. If her party doesn’t get her, the voters will. Either way she is dead, politically speaking.

    Such is the confidence of the journalists and shock-jocks and others who peddle these opinions, that they see no need to wait for history to happen.

    Why bother waiting for the actual voters to actually vote when these pundits have persuaded themselves that already it’s all over?

    As a result, they feel no obligation to respect the person, let along the office of prime minister, since in their minds she is already gone.

    So they feel free to mock her in ways that would have been inconceivable with other leaders and, as recently as a year ago, even with her.

    Gillard has always had to put up with intense, often unfair and sometimes cruel commentary about her clothes, her voice, even her body shape.

    But now there is a new element. The pundits are scoffing and mocking her every action, from her new glasses to every policy or political step she takes, as if to say: why bother, lady, it’s all over anyway.

    Rude, crude and unattractive, and wanker Kenny is one of the principal offenders along with Fairfax “first class brand” Peter Hartcher (the editor of the SMH was on ABC radio this afternoon saying how wonderful Hartcher is and how much space he’ll be given in the new format paper).

    I never thought I’d say this but the SMH and The Age are now even worse than The Australian.

    News has some residual respect for the woman, but Fairfax has clearly made a decision to be a thuggish as possible.

    Anyways, it won’t be long now. I confidently predict that, after an initial curiosity spurt, the laughingly terms “compact” version of the paper will die a thousand deaths.

    The editor bloke sounded FAR too shrill about its chances. It’s a career terminator for him if he believes punters buy their crappy rag for Peter Hartcher’s rubbish.

  8. I can see them all sitting around in the smugglers’ cave.

    “I got in a haul of cigarettes. I put a real bottom in a false case. Worked a treat.”

    “You call that smoogling? I put 10 gallons of 90% proof in the bull-bar of me trook. Care for a drink? What about you, mate.”

    “I had a bit of a problem. You see, I was in Gatwick with 94 kilograms of dried caterpillars…”

  9. (The sub-editor responsible for the stray “as” has been sacked.)

    I’m not overly keen on pate, but having been served some of this as an in-flight snack with crackers, I discovered it is utterly delicious:

    (Hopefully the image works this time.)


  10. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.


    Cop this Morriscum, you creep!
    Lenore Taylor goes in strong on the creep and Abbott’s support of him.
    Mike Carlton has HAD ENOUGH! This is a MUST READ.
    Alan Moir conflates fiscal policy with the Warramgamba dam.
    David Pope’s “Bushwhackers”.

  11. Good morning everyone.

    Congratulations Janice, you’ve won a date with BB tomorrow night. You do know you can’t take any of your cows or calves with you, don’t you? Have a great time and a full report Monday morning will be a pleasure to read. 🙂 :mrgreen:

  12. BK
    Glad you had a good report about your eyes, and thanks heaps for your links, will read them when I get back from shopping.

  13. Gravel,

    I’m feeling very sorry for myself this morning. I won something for the first time in my life (albeit because I was the only one in it), and yet I lose because I can’t collect and enjoy my prize. 😦 I live 40kms from the nearest railway station and even if I got there it would mean an overnight stay and I have the responsibility of two dogs, two cats and chooks. Woe is me 😥

  14. Morning all


    Wish lived nearby to help get you over to Western Sydney somehow,

  15. BB

    I have been saying for ages that Fairfax is more feral that News on the PM.

    Btw last night’s discussion included the possibility of a second airport.
    Mark Kenny had written this up yesterday. Fwiw he says no major stuff on the horizon

    [If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, on what substrate is the long path to the federal election based? Great ideas? Thought bubbles?
    Grand infrastructure projects previously deemed worthy but unaffordable are perfect candidates for a fiscally-starved election environment where the game is reduced to seeking credit for the announcement rather than actually delivering on the policy.]

    Read more:

  16. Vic, it is funny in a bizarre way. My friends in Adelaide regard Mark as the (relatively) ‘good’ Kenny, but that is compared with Chris Kenny who is off the planet. He’s still pretty woeful.

  17. Victoria,

    It was a moment of wishful thinking that set me up for this big disappointment 🙂 The problem I have is this end because public transport is non-existent. It happens to be the downside of living alone out in the never never.

    Maybe those in Western Sydney wouldn’t whinge as much and be a bit more grateful for what they have if spent a couple of years out in the sticks.

  18. Janice, it seems that being “a bit more grateful for what they have” is something that John Howard convinced one and all that that was the promised land he was leading them into: the Rich (who needed no convincing), the Middle Class (who thought, ‘now that’s a good idea’) and the Battlers (who decided that they might as well join in the scramble).

    And as for the homeless and the downtrodden, well it’s their fault, isn’t it, or so say Howard’s heirs, the Abbots and Morrison’s of the world.

  19. Victoria,

    True, but smashed dreams have consequences and I’ve reached the age now when I’d rather not suffer them. 🙂

    At least the weather is cool and wet.

  20. On re-reading that, I reckon I was being a little Delphic.

    I meant to write that according to the Gospel of Howard we were all told not to be grateful for what we had but to demand MORE. Whether we were rich or poor or in between we were entitled to more, we were entitled to what that other bloke or sheila had. What is mine is mine and what is yours is mine too.

    I think I made myself clear this time.

    Thank the Great Spaghetti Monster for the Pub and for people like Janice

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