Friday night Frivolities

Good eveninig to all patrons and welcome to another fun filled Friday Night at “THE PUB”

There will be music,laughter,dancing and of course the getting more famous by the week “FRIDAY NIGHT RAFFLES.

Come in have a drink,,chat up the barmaids if you wish they won,t mind in fact I suspect they would be annoyed if they weren’t getting chatted up.

Drinks are free on Friday,s just ask for your tipple and it will be cheerfully supplied,just don,t overindulge and get nasty as we have the best bouncers in town keeping a watchful eye out.

A big week for “THE PUB” as we now ( thanks to MR. Bushfirebill ) joined the ranks of the tweeters or tweeterate or what ever they are called.

Join in for all you users and we will grow and improve that as we go along. I am in  the process of trying to link it to the main blog so bear with me on that.

On Another note are there any rugby league supporters that would be interested in joining a footy tipping competition? IF I get enough takers I’ll set something up,Same goes for the AFL.

If we get a comp.up and running I.ll work out a prize for the winner at the end of the season .

A thank you also to the patrons that have offered suggestions on how we can improve the looks/layout of the blog. All suggestions are welcome as we are by no means experts at this and all ideas will be considered.

So Drink up ,Have Fun and remember

Julia Gillard se toujou Premye Minis nou an

Tony Abbott se yon psikopat danjere kouche 

Courteous Bar staff


328 thoughts on “Friday night Frivolities

  1. Tony wright has written a lovely piece today. Not sure if BK had linked it earlier, but worth reposting

    REFUGEES, barely more than boys, worked on our family farm when I was a child. Not one of them spoke anything approaching ”all the English language skills that you might normally expect”. They were Italians – and later, a Hungarian. In our remote rural district, they might as well have come from another planet.

    Read more:

    Definitely off for now ciao!!

  2. Janice, on the rare occasions we drive through Singleton and on towards Muswellbrook (a region that back in the 60’s was beautiful), we call it Mordor.

    People can sure make a mess of things in their quest for progress and money.

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