The Pied Piper of the Sky.


I’ve been thinking about the whole Graham Richardson thing and how it relates to us on the Left.

Especially in light of his latest article for The Australian:

Now, I believe the problem we have here is that cynical political operators are taking us for mugs in their aim to manipulate politics in Australia for less than altruistic reasons. A surprise I know, however I’m talking about a specific subset here. Those who we of the Left feel a visceral connection to because the operative was once of the Left themselves, and now operates in some sort of quasi-Progressive Left netherworld where they maintain a semblance of overt identification with us. In order to manipulate the hell out of us!

Yes, it’s yet another creation of the evil genius, Rupert Murdoch, and his minions in his Faux News Empire (and I put a capital ‘E’ on Empire because it is in all but overt assignation).

They do it in America on his Fox News propaganda channel, and they do it here on Sky (which is why I’ll never subscribe to it, no matter how superior its political coverage is). That is, they lard up the channel with Conservative propagandists, but also those who have had previous political connections with the Progressive Left.

The commentators that they have from the Left generally fall into two camps.

Firstly, those who still identify in the here and now with the Left, but who are so meek and mild and concerned about their mortgages and the kid’s school fees, that their criticism of the Right and support of the Left, is only ever less than robust. This keeps the restless natives of the Left who are watching, always a minority of viewers anyway and open to persuasion as Rupert hopes(unlike the Right supporters who get reinforced and vilified should they ever think of changing allegiances), satisfied and thinking, well, at least that Far Right so-and-so’s channel has SOME Left voices, and what can I do about that anyway?

Then there are the Graham Richardsons and the Gary Johns types. Left politicians in a former life, who once they got their dick wet in the Right, liked it so much they jumped Right in. Also, you’d usually find, if you had a close look at them that they were the most cynical and ruthless of Left politicians to begin with, and were not averse to employing a similar mindset to Rupert Murdoch’s during their tenure on the Left. So, and Murdoch is good at this, once word got around that they were a freelance ‘Gun for Hire’ to the highest bidder, they were gladly used by News to befuddle the supporters of the Left, who seem to be loyal to these guys because, well, they used to be in Hawkie’s, or Keating’s government! And they are political Left demi-gods and couldn’t have chosen their confreres unwisely, could they?

Well, no. However, what we have to realise is that while Hawke and Keating haven’t accepted the Devil’s dollar, these other guys are not so principled.
They’ll gladly play a Pied Piper’s tune for the Left to follow them down the garden path.

Graham Richardson finally, candidly admitted as much the other week. He admitted to being part of a concerted, opportunistic, cynical, covert push, in concert with Kevin Rudd, Bruce Hawker and others, to destabilise the government of Julia Gillard, and replace her with Kevin Rudd who had made all sorts of deals with the devil to get his old job back. Which basically means implementing all the policy changes that they wanted.

Thankfully Kevin appears to have seen the light and is not playing along this time. I think, once he took off his rose-coloured glasses that he was looking at himself in the mirror with, he divined the malign moves of the Murdoch shills to destroy to as great an extent as is possible, the great Australian Labor Party, and they were leading him a merry dance, just as much as everyone else.

So Graham Richardson and his ilk appear to be making a Full Court Press anyway to remove the Prime Minister. Again. Though, considering what we now know, it all seems faintly ridiculous, and definitely spurious, to me. Especially so as they have a reluctant figurehead and spear tip, in Kevin Rudd. Which is why they are concocting Candidate Plan B, Bill Shorten, hoping that his renowned ego and ambition will be the pride that goeth before the Labor Party fall at the upcoming election. He’d be PM for how many weeks? 20 something? Not much of a pinnacle of achievement and Bill Shorten, to his credit, realises this absolutely.

So what we are left with is a pack of rabid hyenas baying for the Prime Minister’s blood. Well, one thing I do know about rabid dogs, is that if they are unable to attack their quarry successfully the rabid pack is so driven to distraction by the bacteria infecting their brains that they end up attacking each other. And I think this is the chain of events the PM knowingly set off when she announced the election date.

She unleashed the Rabid Right’s Dogs of War.

However, she is remaining studiously and determinedly out of their reach. A woman with more understanding of their game than anyone else I believe.

And, anyway, I’ve never believed a word Graham Richardson says since Virginia Perger and Offset Alpine.

His faux earnestness, gravitas and sincerity doesn’t convince me. Not for one second. His tune was never music to my ears.

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  1. Morning Fiona
    I called out to you on Friday night. I will be busy fighting the good fight probably up to Sept 14 and won’t be able to catch up here as much as I would like. We have so many new posters and the comments are coming so thick and fast it is hard to keep up now I am not sitting here so much.

  2. BK. Mt Torrens has to be one of the dampest places in the hills….after Parawa!…out here on the flats you got dry!…, it is so dry even the fencing wire has died….(Have I used that one already?).

  3. Victoria,

    Sam Maiden is a vicious person but she now respects the PM for her tough resilience and knows she has welded herself to her perch so as not be knocked down easily.

    I agree that Sam has realised that Julia Gillard has a strategy and she is wise enough not to disclose it so it can be leaked to a journalist.

  4. jaycee
    No it’s not. The annual rainfall here is only about 21 inches in the old language. Last week Lobethal and Woodside got over 30mm in a downfall but we got nary a drop!

  5. foreverjanice
    February 24, 2013 at 7:22 am


    I wonder if the Rudd’s “key backer” is befuddled? If it isn’t then befuddled has a twin who is feeding the media.

    I have told myself, for my own sanity even apart from Joe’s advice, to avoid this topic. But a glance over there last night almost got me going. According to him, it was just a piece of cake negotiating all those things with the Greens and indies. If anything she should’ve been harder on them – they had nowhere else to go. What can you possibly say to that mindset?

    Just once, I’d love one of the Ruddsters to give her credit for something, anything. At least dear old TT concedes she has done well, as does Lefty E (a Green) – they just want a change because of the media stoush.

    The rest of them… don’t bother.

  6. Ms Adventure,

    I did see your call out on Friday night, and my apologies for not responding then and there. My only excuse is that I was run off me paws serving drinkies to the thirsty mob …

    Very best wishes to you in the good fight – all power to your claws!

  7. Jaycee,

    😆 to your last two comments …

    … but what I really want to know is: has the fencing wire been buried and cremated.

  8. Fiona
    We may have to speak to your union rep about the overwork 🙂 and demand a hefty increase in Thank You’s.

  9. Ms Adventure,

    It’s entirely my own fault for revealing some of the wonders of The PUB’s cellars …

    Which reminds me. We have some rather nice “Barossa Pearl” if you’d care to join us for a quick drink this evening.

  10. BTW It is lovely to see Spacey has joined this merry throng as well as Puffy. A couple of my favourite people.

  11. Janice

    Agree re Sam Maiden.

    I am out and about for a while today, so catch you all later.

    Btw SK and others, hope Gus is okay

  12. Space Kidette ‏@SpaceKidette

    A policy change for a ‘product’ with a 13yr lifecycle and everyone expects silver bullets & o’nite changes! #insiders

  13. This’ll get your juices flowing!

    *C@tmomma alert: don’t listen – it will give you a headache …*

  14. fiona….hmm!…another “highly-strung” comment?….and f*ck me!…’Egg’ and Beethoven” in the morning?

  15. Had to turn it off after that long-winded diatribe of an intro..direction =predictable…saw a glimpse of the “panel” and saw G. Henderson there…suprising as I heard he had only just come out of operation getting Tones’ levered out of his backside!
    gotta go….the horses.

  16. About Ray Hadley and that recorded abuse –
    The other day I gave a link to a story about Hadley. Rob Oakeshott had said that 2GB and Hadley were controlled by vested interests including Gina Rinehart. Hadley said this in rsponse –

    He (Singleton) has never said in any instance to me ‘Do this’ or ‘Do that’ and if he did I’d tell him to get nicked. I’m fully indpepenent.’

    And yet when 2GB management suspended Hadley over that abuse incident Mr Fully Independent ran straight to John Singleton and sobbed on the boss’s shoulder. Result? Singleton over-ruled managment and ordered Hadley be put back on air.

    Hadley is your typical bully – a big sook who spends a couple of hours five days a week pretending to be a tough man by dishing out abuse from the safety of his studio. None of those he abuses ever get the chance to respond because he hangs up on them. Say something he doesn’t like and he threatens to sue. And yet, when just one person serves back just a fraction of that sort of behaviour Hadley goes to water and runs to the boss.

    A bit more – Hadley was sued for defamation twice last year.
    First for calling Channel Nine NRL caller Andrew Voss ‘a grub of the highest order’ and much more. Hadley settled the day before the whole mess was to go to court. Better that than having all sorts of very interesting evidence revealed.

    Second, NSW AG Greg Smith sued Hadley for defamation around the same time.
    That seems to have been settled out of court too.

    Charming bloke, Ray Hadley. I just wish Rob Oakeshott would sue him too. Two and a half years of daily abuse from Hadley has to give him the best ever chance of winning a few million.

  17. And just like your classic bully backs away from those who stand up to him:

    Colleagues interviewed by Fairfax have described Hadley’s anger in two ways: it is uncontrollable and no incident is too minor to provoke it.

    ”I’ve seen him in those rages,” Carlton says. ”The eyes are popping out of his head, his lips are foam flecked. I think he quite seriously loses all control of himself.”

    Hadley is known to cower when confronted, Carlton says. ”There was one fabulous time when he picked on a slightly older journalist … He did the full ‘you’ll never work in this town again’ … And the bloke put up with it, he didn’t burst into tears and he said: ‘Are you finished?’ Hadley said: ‘Naaa’ … ‘All right then,’ the journalist said, ‘Let’s settle it outside.’ Hadley backed up like an Arab tank in the Yom Kippur War.”

  18. confessions
    And then there’s Chris Murphy’s ongoing crusade to get some action after Hadley and his police officer son allegedly attacked some teenagers at a party at Hadley’s home last year. The police have not charged anyone despite numerous witnesses being happy to give statements.

  19. I gave up on Insiders after about three minutes. First Ruddstoration then ‘the gummint is doomed’ and then -OFF!

    Gerard Henderson gives me the pip. That pouty,looking up through his eyebrows thing he does constantly might have worked a treat on mum when he was three but someone should tell him it’s not a good look on an old man. How and why his wife puts up with him is beyond my imagining.

  20. Agree ; fej’….I even suggessted to Bazcas personally..PERSONALLY!..that he oughta get a few respected (nah!..I hadn’t read much Bushfire then!) Fifth Estaters on his panel to re-ignite it a little…….and he ignored me!…..well!…to his peril……….to his peril, I say.

  21. Fiona’s clip of Martin Frost inspired my to go for another popular orchestral: Leroy Anderson’s Fiddle Faddle

  22. so did the pm appear on abc

    we now have the oscars, good old abc, now sounding more
    a commetcial channel

  23. — Shared using Google Toolbar\

    some would say this is a sad song but i dont think so its about enduring love

    for any person of your choice.

    and growing old gracfully to

  24. Very good clips, denese. Loved them.

    On First of May, there’s an even better live version featuring Robin Gibb which you can access from the various references at the end.

  25. yes gd i found that last year
    some one on pb was having a wedding ann, on the first of may so i linked

    love it

    so if you can find it , please do

  26. I was lucky enough to see the BeeGees in the ‘Bandstand’ pavilion at the Easter show[Sydney] around 1969. Magic, even then

  27. barry was here a few weks ago we know a person who went
    i new he was coming but there was no publicity that i noticed

    gosh how we miss them so sad for barry and his extended families and
    and the brothers familie,s all so young
    so much more to give

  28. yes leftrightout\

    i some times feel we have lost a lot of things over the years. i know our parents said the same but life seemed to have less worry

    now i feel threatened in my own country

  29. Victoria, thanks for your comment, and yes we should keep letting people know that Costello is still there in the background, and got paid very well to do over QLDers. 😦

    Janice, yes he has gone quiet, but make no mistake, he will come back out when Hockey or Abbot ask him to, to do over Australia as he did to QLD 👿

    Cheers 🙂 😀

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