The Pied Piper of the Sky.


I’ve been thinking about the whole Graham Richardson thing and how it relates to us on the Left.

Especially in light of his latest article for The Australian:

Now, I believe the problem we have here is that cynical political operators are taking us for mugs in their aim to manipulate politics in Australia for less than altruistic reasons. A surprise I know, however I’m talking about a specific subset here. Those who we of the Left feel a visceral connection to because the operative was once of the Left themselves, and now operates in some sort of quasi-Progressive Left netherworld where they maintain a semblance of overt identification with us. In order to manipulate the hell out of us!

Yes, it’s yet another creation of the evil genius, Rupert Murdoch, and his minions in his Faux News Empire (and I put a capital ‘E’ on Empire because it is in all but overt assignation).

They do it in America on his Fox News propaganda channel, and they do it here on Sky (which is why I’ll never subscribe to it, no matter how superior its political coverage is). That is, they lard up the channel with Conservative propagandists, but also those who have had previous political connections with the Progressive Left.

The commentators that they have from the Left generally fall into two camps.

Firstly, those who still identify in the here and now with the Left, but who are so meek and mild and concerned about their mortgages and the kid’s school fees, that their criticism of the Right and support of the Left, is only ever less than robust. This keeps the restless natives of the Left who are watching, always a minority of viewers anyway and open to persuasion as Rupert hopes(unlike the Right supporters who get reinforced and vilified should they ever think of changing allegiances), satisfied and thinking, well, at least that Far Right so-and-so’s channel has SOME Left voices, and what can I do about that anyway?

Then there are the Graham Richardsons and the Gary Johns types. Left politicians in a former life, who once they got their dick wet in the Right, liked it so much they jumped Right in. Also, you’d usually find, if you had a close look at them that they were the most cynical and ruthless of Left politicians to begin with, and were not averse to employing a similar mindset to Rupert Murdoch’s during their tenure on the Left. So, and Murdoch is good at this, once word got around that they were a freelance ‘Gun for Hire’ to the highest bidder, they were gladly used by News to befuddle the supporters of the Left, who seem to be loyal to these guys because, well, they used to be in Hawkie’s, or Keating’s government! And they are political Left demi-gods and couldn’t have chosen their confreres unwisely, could they?

Well, no. However, what we have to realise is that while Hawke and Keating haven’t accepted the Devil’s dollar, these other guys are not so principled.
They’ll gladly play a Pied Piper’s tune for the Left to follow them down the garden path.

Graham Richardson finally, candidly admitted as much the other week. He admitted to being part of a concerted, opportunistic, cynical, covert push, in concert with Kevin Rudd, Bruce Hawker and others, to destabilise the government of Julia Gillard, and replace her with Kevin Rudd who had made all sorts of deals with the devil to get his old job back. Which basically means implementing all the policy changes that they wanted.

Thankfully Kevin appears to have seen the light and is not playing along this time. I think, once he took off his rose-coloured glasses that he was looking at himself in the mirror with, he divined the malign moves of the Murdoch shills to destroy to as great an extent as is possible, the great Australian Labor Party, and they were leading him a merry dance, just as much as everyone else.

So Graham Richardson and his ilk appear to be making a Full Court Press anyway to remove the Prime Minister. Again. Though, considering what we now know, it all seems faintly ridiculous, and definitely spurious, to me. Especially so as they have a reluctant figurehead and spear tip, in Kevin Rudd. Which is why they are concocting Candidate Plan B, Bill Shorten, hoping that his renowned ego and ambition will be the pride that goeth before the Labor Party fall at the upcoming election. He’d be PM for how many weeks? 20 something? Not much of a pinnacle of achievement and Bill Shorten, to his credit, realises this absolutely.

So what we are left with is a pack of rabid hyenas baying for the Prime Minister’s blood. Well, one thing I do know about rabid dogs, is that if they are unable to attack their quarry successfully the rabid pack is so driven to distraction by the bacteria infecting their brains that they end up attacking each other. And I think this is the chain of events the PM knowingly set off when she announced the election date.

She unleashed the Rabid Right’s Dogs of War.

However, she is remaining studiously and determinedly out of their reach. A woman with more understanding of their game than anyone else I believe.

And, anyway, I’ve never believed a word Graham Richardson says since Virginia Perger and Offset Alpine.

His faux earnestness, gravitas and sincerity doesn’t convince me. Not for one second. His tune was never music to my ears.

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  1. It’s called a Lagerphone C@t, one of the few reasons I love being Strayan. CT: yes, it hurt
    Good luck with Gus, can’t see tweets or nuthin but I hope a good one finds other good ones

  2. This is a very interesting development:

    This week, Rupert sold off $28.9 million in News Corp. voting shares. And last Friday, he cashed in $40.1 million worth! I imagine 70 million dollars in 5 business days is near the maximum he’s allowed to sell, as Chairman of his own sinking empire.

    Could the wheels come off both Fairfax AND Ltd News before September 14?

    What a delicious thought. 🙂

  3. This is why the craven Conservative Coalition State Governments want to pin the Hospital Funding blame on the federal Labor government, so they can do things like this:

    Townsville: Newman sacks children’s cystic fibrosis nurse serving 29 families: –

  4. BK,

    As always, brilliant links.

    With everything that has been, and can be, said against Mr Dimetriou, the one bone I’m going to pick with him is his use of that silly metaphor “a line in the sand”.

    Yeah, like that’s permanent. A little puff of wind, or a teensy-weensy wave, and where’s your line now?

    Apart from that, the actions he has outlined look pretty good (though they could and should have been taken ages ago).

  5. fiona
    I’m sitting here watching a recording from last night of SBS’s brilliant Israeli drama “Prisoners of War” and to my left is developing a magnificent red sunrise.
    Life is good!

  6. BK,

    Red sky at morning … are you expecting a change later in the day?

    Life’s not too bad here either. I’m about to get another cup of coffee and shall then listen to Jonathan Green’s excellent Sunday program.

  7. There seem to be some interesting developments in the north-west. Maybe some of it will trickle down to SE Australia – eventually.

    Meanwhile, we have all the fun of the Italian election in store. I suspect it will be more entertaining, in the short run at least, than the Vatican conclave.

  8. Jonathan Green!…”The ABC.’s resident leftie” unquote!!??….could’ve choked when I heard THAT!
    Said something (I forget what) stupid again this morning……another self promoted overestimator.

  9. Jaycee,

    At least Mr Green is several degrees better than the appalling Macca.

    I cannot understand why so many rural and regional people adore Macca. He invariably conveys an extraordinary mixture of being patronising and bored rigid.

  10. Jaycee,

    Stop cherrypicking your derivations and remember where the “dict” bit comes from (its root, as it were…).

  11. Morning all. BK, your trouble finding useful links might be explained here
    where veteran Rodney lever continues his series on the declining empires here.

    Fiona, I’d agree with you about Macca. Maybe it’s appeal is the nostalgia. It seems like the Australasian Post set to radio. In fact, a lot of the phone-ins are from people around the country on their retirement caravanning.

    I don’t mind Jonathan Green. Occasionally, like Waleed Ali, he’ll lapse into the MSM stuff, but most of the time he runs a fairly independent line. When we consider how far right the ABC news/current affairs is these days, I suppose it might make him seem a token leftist.

  12. It looks like that by 2014, if Abbott wins, Australia will be one of the few places not to have a “Carbon Tax”

    South Africa to introduce carbon tax| Reuters
    CAPE TOWN, Feb 22 (Reuters) – South Africa is lookingto introduce a carbon tax next year to reduce harmful greenhousegas emissions, although nearly two-thirds of emissions will betax-exempt until 2020Read Article >!/margokingston1

  13. Truth Seeker

    Great. The Peter Costello audit is an excellent point to make. Especially in light of the Cando experiment!

  14. Good morning all.

    Fiona. Macca isn’t anywhere near as popular as he used to be. People have become bored with his show and are no longer interested in his patronising and flowery blatherings. The only thing I can say for Macca is that it is better than yet another sports show or a ‘christian’ Sunday service. I think this is why people are scared to complain in case the ABC replaces Macca with a Church service or another replay of a footie match.

  15. Truth Seeker,

    I notice that Costello has crawled back under his rock since he did that so-called audit for Cando. Don’t think he gained any kudos for his expertise from any quarter.

  16. “Macca in the morning” is the soft-porn version of the Tamworth Music Festival for “country and western” fans

  17. janice

    Have a read of this from Sam Maiden. She gets the last paragraph right!! Eureke!!

    One version of the 2010 leadership coup is he talked her into it. The other is she let Shorten think he had talked her into it. Gillard has drawn Shorten ever closer recently, deputising him to run the frontline attacks on Tony Abbott. Whatever her strategy is, you can bet she has one.

  18. janice

    I reckon Befuddled is due for mention in the Guiness Book of records for the longest dummy spit or some such record!!

  19. Yeah, well, fiona…I do have a tendancy to “fiddle the books” a bit in regards to word-play…it’s that bloody Joseph Heller’s fault with the brilliant “Catch 22”.

  20. Good Morning Patrons,

    Just saw a bit on Gonski. The govt really needs to start getting that policy out in finer levels of detail.

    It is one thing to say we won’t get if the ALP world BUT we really need to know what it is we won’t get.

  21. i once had an email from mr macca after i complained to him re the
    carbon tax, thoughts

    it suggest you all just send him the south african link and say nothing
    just sign it cheers

    i do that sometimes to people liberals that is, just say cheers and my name
    it gets up them as a couple i never hear from any more, and now they may delete what i send ., but they may not.

    i have an aquaitence who tried to get in first the other day and said our 43
    degrees was a one off,, she didnt beleive all the fuss.

    i said well you have just had very big sugery you needed,,, so did you beleive your drs, and the science that went to this operation to help you

    she just smirked at me

    try it its amazing how they beleive what suits them

    then i mentioned my , intereset, will always be high with the libs

    just think back to our days re 12 percent, poor you at least we own our home now

    nasty me.

    but i suspect a lot of liberals are just talking all the time to people about the carbon price and the weather
    o its just a one off’, sowing seeds of doubt in peoples minds,
    so we nice labor people have to stop being so nice

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