The Pied Piper of the Sky.


I’ve been thinking about the whole Graham Richardson thing and how it relates to us on the Left.

Especially in light of his latest article for The Australian:

Now, I believe the problem we have here is that cynical political operators are taking us for mugs in their aim to manipulate politics in Australia for less than altruistic reasons. A surprise I know, however I’m talking about a specific subset here. Those who we of the Left feel a visceral connection to because the operative was once of the Left themselves, and now operates in some sort of quasi-Progressive Left netherworld where they maintain a semblance of overt identification with us. In order to manipulate the hell out of us!

Yes, it’s yet another creation of the evil genius, Rupert Murdoch, and his minions in his Faux News Empire (and I put a capital ‘E’ on Empire because it is in all but overt assignation).

They do it in America on his Fox News propaganda channel, and they do it here on Sky (which is why I’ll never subscribe to it, no matter how superior its political coverage is). That is, they lard up the channel with Conservative propagandists, but also those who have had previous political connections with the Progressive Left.

The commentators that they have from the Left generally fall into two camps.

Firstly, those who still identify in the here and now with the Left, but who are so meek and mild and concerned about their mortgages and the kid’s school fees, that their criticism of the Right and support of the Left, is only ever less than robust. This keeps the restless natives of the Left who are watching, always a minority of viewers anyway and open to persuasion as Rupert hopes(unlike the Right supporters who get reinforced and vilified should they ever think of changing allegiances), satisfied and thinking, well, at least that Far Right so-and-so’s channel has SOME Left voices, and what can I do about that anyway?

Then there are the Graham Richardsons and the Gary Johns types. Left politicians in a former life, who once they got their dick wet in the Right, liked it so much they jumped Right in. Also, you’d usually find, if you had a close look at them that they were the most cynical and ruthless of Left politicians to begin with, and were not averse to employing a similar mindset to Rupert Murdoch’s during their tenure on the Left. So, and Murdoch is good at this, once word got around that they were a freelance ‘Gun for Hire’ to the highest bidder, they were gladly used by News to befuddle the supporters of the Left, who seem to be loyal to these guys because, well, they used to be in Hawkie’s, or Keating’s government! And they are political Left demi-gods and couldn’t have chosen their confreres unwisely, could they?

Well, no. However, what we have to realise is that while Hawke and Keating haven’t accepted the Devil’s dollar, these other guys are not so principled.
They’ll gladly play a Pied Piper’s tune for the Left to follow them down the garden path.

Graham Richardson finally, candidly admitted as much the other week. He admitted to being part of a concerted, opportunistic, cynical, covert push, in concert with Kevin Rudd, Bruce Hawker and others, to destabilise the government of Julia Gillard, and replace her with Kevin Rudd who had made all sorts of deals with the devil to get his old job back. Which basically means implementing all the policy changes that they wanted.

Thankfully Kevin appears to have seen the light and is not playing along this time. I think, once he took off his rose-coloured glasses that he was looking at himself in the mirror with, he divined the malign moves of the Murdoch shills to destroy to as great an extent as is possible, the great Australian Labor Party, and they were leading him a merry dance, just as much as everyone else.

So Graham Richardson and his ilk appear to be making a Full Court Press anyway to remove the Prime Minister. Again. Though, considering what we now know, it all seems faintly ridiculous, and definitely spurious, to me. Especially so as they have a reluctant figurehead and spear tip, in Kevin Rudd. Which is why they are concocting Candidate Plan B, Bill Shorten, hoping that his renowned ego and ambition will be the pride that goeth before the Labor Party fall at the upcoming election. He’d be PM for how many weeks? 20 something? Not much of a pinnacle of achievement and Bill Shorten, to his credit, realises this absolutely.

So what we are left with is a pack of rabid hyenas baying for the Prime Minister’s blood. Well, one thing I do know about rabid dogs, is that if they are unable to attack their quarry successfully the rabid pack is so driven to distraction by the bacteria infecting their brains that they end up attacking each other. And I think this is the chain of events the PM knowingly set off when she announced the election date.

She unleashed the Rabid Right’s Dogs of War.

However, she is remaining studiously and determinedly out of their reach. A woman with more understanding of their game than anyone else I believe.

And, anyway, I’ve never believed a word Graham Richardson says since Virginia Perger and Offset Alpine.

His faux earnestness, gravitas and sincerity doesn’t convince me. Not for one second. His tune was never music to my ears.

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  1. *reposting:

    I’ve lost what little respect I had for Waleed Aly with his pathetic article today.

    Moaning about how “Labor doesn’t have a story to tell” and “Stands for nothing”

    We do bloody well so have a story to tell, just you useless trash-peddlers, con artists and lofty narcissists in the media are either actively trying to suffocate it or are too lazy/stupid to figure out that day after day after day ministers are trying to create quality jobs for as many people as possible in a world where that sort of thing is getting increasingly difficult.

  2. spacey,

    To start say blockquote within left and right arrows.

    To end say /blockquote within left and right arrows.

  3. Yay! You are quicker and smarter than I thought, von kirsdarke! And doesn’t your comment fit nicely into my theme? Waleed Aly is another, ostensibly Progressive Left sympathiser, who has been bought and paid for. This time by Mark Scott at the ABC and Fairfax.

    What’s that saying?

    ‘Money is the root of all evil’ ?

    Which is why I got off that treadmill ages ago. Now I am free to say and do whatever I want. 🙂

    How big do you reckon Waleed’s mortgage is? 😉

  4. Strategically, the media barons have made a brilliant move, however people see through the rubbish. Especially when a man once famed for his networks and numbers now has trouble getting anyone to even background him.

  5. Images are easy once you know how as well, sk.

    Bushfire Bill explained this one to me.

    All you do is open

    If that makes any sense! 🙂

  6. right click on image

    click on “copy image url”

    “paste” in the comments box.

  7. space kidette,
    I just read the first line of the Richo story, ‘My friends in the Labor Party aren’t going to like me for saying this, but it has to be said…’, and I thought to myself, you complete and utter, soulless creep. I doubt if you have any friends LEFT in the Labor Party, save those who, like you, are rats preparing to jump ship to the Dark Star Murdoch Borg for his dirty money. People whom we could all name probably.

  8. Thanks, C@t. Aly’s defection hit me hard because I had him down as a somewhat intelligent and visionary progressive, but of course since Labor didn’t give him everything he wanted in a government, he’s joined the ranks of the whining lefty corps (the Anti-Labor, Pro-Green types that would seem to be delighted with an Abbott government so they would have lots more to complain about).

    As for Graham Richardson, it would be sweet justice if some Labor elders publicly announced that he is no longer any friend of the Labor party.

  9. Fabulous post c@tmomma.

    I am counting on Rudd seeing the light. If he is truly on the side of the PM this time around, and understands who the real enemy is, Labor have a chance. Otherwise, the dark side will have won. It is simple as that.
    What Richo has served up today, is as naked a ploy as any I have ever seen. Still feel sick in the guts about it.

  10. Victoria
    After reading Graham Richardson’s latest offering, I feel particularly nauseous.

    I feel nauseous when I hear his name. Richardson is proof that turds float.

  11. vonkirsdarke,
    Waleed Aly appears to be a purist, of the most cynical kind. 🙂

    As for Graham Richardson, your suggestion has merit, however there is more to it than just taking him out back of the political shed and giving him a metaphorical seeing to.

    He does have media sway among the politically less savvy, and is not going away anytime soon. So for the ALP, so close to an election, to try and fix his little red wagon, would most likely end in tears.

    Also, there are those that still exist in the NSW Right, in the federal sphere that have got his back. Maybe it’s of the kind of ‘keep your friends close, but your enemies closer’ type of relationship, however he’s not the type who can be publicaly shamed and cop it, anyway. 🙂

  12. Malcolm Turnbull ‏@TurnbullMalcolm

    Grahame Lynch Commsday founder and editor exposes the bias and ignorance of the ABC’s Nick Ross

    12 mins sortius sortius ‏@sortius

    @TurnbullMalcolm awww, poor Mal, has to go to the least read IT journo in Australia to attack respectable IT journos.

    7 mins Malcolm Turnbull Malcolm Turnbull ‏@TurnbullMalcolm

    @sortius so just remind me how much do subscribers pay to read your newsletter?

    2 mins sortius sortius ‏@sortius

    @TurnbullMalcolm bahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Yet again proving you have the intellectual capacity of a rabid dog.

  13. SK

    Kudos to Sortius for keeping the pressure on Turnbull, who of course, is doing Murdcch’s bidding as well.

  14. victoria,

    Sorry prematurely posted.

    I meant to add that I stand by my claims that NBN is a sleeper issue which will probably be a huge differentiator in the election.

    It is only Abbott’s cohort that are IT illiterate. Everyone else gets it.

  15. Great response to Waleed

    [The thing that Aly points to is the media’s decision to turn against Gillard because she doesn’t give them what they need: a consistent story. Gillard’s pragmatism and consensus-style method of governing is too messy, too much like work, too short on conflict, too … real. What the journos want is biffo, and if they don’t get it from the PM they’ll manufacture it, so two ministers resigning just after Gillard announced the election date becomes part of a wider problem within the Labor caucus. Signs of internal disaffection. That fits the narrative, which is … Leadership change!]

  16. I resent that about journalists. What we have is a group of cynical-minded people attempting to seize political power so that they can enact their dream of turning the country into a real-life reality TV show for their exploitation.

  17. I just had a similar argument to this topic with my son, who came in and asked me if I was going to watch ‘Planet America’ tonight?

    I said, “No. I’m not really interested in hearing their perspective on anything anymore, since all they seem to do, as is becoming more common these days on ABC shows, is criticise the political parties of the Left but leave the parties of the Right virtually unscathed. Which they only reinforce by larding their shows up with Right commentators from external sources as well.” I said, “I’ll watch it when they put out a balanced perspective.”

    To which he replied, “You’re only saying that because you’re a Labor partisan and you don’t appreciate the fact that they are criticising the Labor Party from the Left of the Labor Party!” (It’s a common refrain of his that I’m not ‘left’ enough. 🙂 )

    Anyway, so as not to stoke his nascent fire of outrage, I thought to myself, “Yeah, right. John Barron supports the Green perspective, after what I heard him come out with when he hosted The Drum 2 weeks ago, and he was virtually sucking the toes of the RW shills on the program.” 😀

  18. Roger,
    Graham Richardson has always been gifted with enough rat cunning not to get caught with his metaphorical pants down.

    Amazing how the Offset Alpine investigation just disappeared into the ether, huh? But the Prime Minister’s alleged undotting of an ‘i’ 20 years ago on a Power of Attorney, and some spurious allegation that she had a crystal ball and knew that the Union fund-raising Association that she helped set up was going to be one big rort, has been gone over with the sub-atomic-sized fine-tooth comb.

    It stinks to high heaven. However, the only thing we of the 5th Estate haven’t been able to wrest away from the bastards is reach for our message, and penetration. They still have that on us.

    Hence their fight to the death to only allow the rich to have the NBN, by putting it out of the financial reach of the less well-off, as Turnbull has at last let on.

    This will enable them to keep using and abusing the means of communication. The poor dumb clucks will have Free to Air, which they own also, and none of the magnificent benefits of an NBN.

  19. space kidette,

    tina ‏@tmc071

    @margokingston1 @robbiet1234 why would I pay for TV when I have the bandwidth to download from the Internet?

    Exactly! Which is why THEY want to get their grubby mitts on it and make people pay for it!

  20. SK

    If you converse with sortius, tell him to keep up the pressure on Turnbull. He is doing a great job so far.

  21. C@t
    How do you do the embarrassed symbol please. Great bit of writing there. With friends like this, who needs enemies.

    I was disappointed with Waleed Aly too, although I was listening to him on radio one day and something he said jarred so I have not followed him since. Keep your chin up, we have a lot of hero/ess on this blog that will never let us down.

    Thank you , thank you, thank you. You remain grounded while many of us around you are in a tizz. I know you live in a rural area, and if you are hearing/reading this then I for one will take heart.

  22. SK

    Agree that it does help that Sortius knows his stuff. I only understand it from a commercial point of view, but have no clue from a technological perspective

  23. Stephen Spencer ‏@sspencer_63

    I sense another AFP investigation coming. RT @osbornep Rudd. Gold.

    32 secs Littleaud Littleaud ‏@littleaud1

    @sspencer_63 @osbornep Hey guys he posted it himself this morning. Its on his facebook page

  24. Joe Hockey puts on that face when he wants to use the word “eleventy” and still seem credible!

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