Piektdienas nakts LOTERIJAS


Sveiki un laipni aicināti citu izdevumu Piektdienas nakts Loterijas.

Good Evening patrons and staff of the wonderful establishment called “THE PUB”.

Seems it was all doom and  gloom on the poll front front this week for the party of  light and good.

The party of dark and evil are acting like they have already won and it would be better for everyone if Julia just handed over the keys to Tony and lets not worry about a pesky election anyway  .

Be of good cheer people there is still 211 days until election day and if a lot can happen in a week well a shitload can happen in 30 weeks.

Don’t be downcast be positive ,have a drink,chill and take a few deep breaths.

The music is great,the staff are without doubt the best in any pub anywhere,the company exceptional and the bouncers benevolent.

As always it,s raffle night and you can ask for your numbers straight away as apparently supposedly educated people cannot grasp the concept of after 6.00pm.

Fiona won last week and very narrowly missed out on adding to our kitty of $40.70.

‘A prize will also be given to the first person to name tonight’s header language  without looking up any translator tools.

A tip for the horses tommorow is Melb.race 7/ 6 .Apparently as some ability but who knows.

enjoy “THE PUB” ,cropped-beer_pub_header.png


470 thoughts on “Piektdienas nakts LOTERIJAS

  1. Interesting conversation from Twitter –

    David Donovan ‏@davrosz
    I heard some great news about Craig Thomson and his case the other day too, but I really can’t say any more.

    Susan Peterson Susan Peterson ‏@SElizaP
    @davrosz Aww Dave! At least give us a hint…..

    Mari R ‏@randlight
    @SElizaP @davrosz I second that comment just a little tiny hint!!!

    David Donovan David Donovan ‏@davrosz
    @randlight @SElizaP ThomPson with a P.

    Susan Peterson Susan Peterson ‏@SElizaP
    @davrosz @randlight OK, it’s about the spelling of his name being wrong…..:-)

    David Donovan David Donovan ‏@davrosz
    @SElizaP @randlight Ah, a literalist, I see. I suggest you need to think outside the credit card slip.

    Susan Peterson Susan Peterson ‏@SElizaP
    @davrosz @randlight the spelling of the name on the card is wrong?

    David Donovan David Donovan ‏@davrosz
    @SElizaP @randlight A lot more than that about the card was wrong.

    Susan Peterson Susan Peterson ‏@SElizaP
    @davrosz @randlight ah ha! A duplicate card! I knew

  2. bruce hawker ‏@brucehawker2010

    Great result for NT Labor in Wanguri by-election: 70% vote and 13% swing. Congratulations to Leader Delia Lawrie and team. CLP in trouble.

  3. I still reckon, as I have since the day of his speech in Parliament, that Thomson sans P is innocent. The ALP had little choice but to take his suspension from the Party, but I reckon he will be vindicated. I wish him many swimming pools.

  4. The tweet I was referring to from Oliver Peterson ABC presenter from WA

    [Hearing something huge is brewing in #auspol which will play out within 10 days
    12:39am – 16 Feb 13]

  5. Puffy & Leone,

    Fizz all round then.

    NO, C@tmomma, back to the keyboard at once. No fizz for you until that article is finished


  6. Puff,

    Shhhhhhhh, it’s in the Secret Cellar – geez I hope Joe6pack, Bushfire Bill and CTar1 aren’t listening …

  7. I’ll be sooo glad when just one of the rumours that have been floating around for months comes to fruition . Although I’ve said that before ! Interesting timing from Karen Doane then if info about the credit card is getting out .

  8. The name on the card Thommo allegedly used is wrong?!

    Seriously, why wouldn’t that have been picked up before if that’s indeed what that tweet is referring to?

  9. Leone,

    I couldn’t possibly comment, except that the best single malts are down there too. That’s why I don’t want the lads to know.

  10. Yes, Ptmd, I could never understand how that extra ‘P’ was not seized upon by journos. I posted this at that time with notes on his story


    I believed him, thought what he said was true.
    His story’s unchanged. He’s said nothing new.
    But the lady protests so oft, methinks,
    Increasingly the air around her stinks.

    Her stories change and are embellished
    In many interviews, each one relished
    By her audience, the peoples’ jury!
    So why is he the focus of her fury?

    What did he do to deserve this hell,
    The unhappy member for Dobell,
    When her entitlements have swollen
    To far outweigh the sum she claims he’s stolen?

    Isn’t it time we really got to know her,
    This ‘heroine’, this ‘whistleblower’?
    Who are her friends, lovers, connections?
    Why for her so much media protection?

    Why do editors find it so very hard
    To spot an extra ‘P’ on a phony credit card?
    If investigative journos checked out his alibis
    Couldn’t they prove which of them is telling lies?

  11. What happens in the cellar stays in the cellar. But when I ask you for a tomato juice, I will mean the cellar ‘tomato juice”. 😉

    And I take single malt straight, with neither ice nor water. 😀

  12. leonetwo

    More like she does not want to be located so questions can be asked. Such as why did she assist Ashby to steal Slipper’s diary

  13. Old Roy might be able to mosey on through Surry Hills tomorrow – briefly. Depending on chauffer duties…

  14. leone:

    She’s doing an Assange.

    Honestly, do these people think the general public are buying the crap they are selling?!

  15. Hey, Puff.
    I’m doing a bit of work on the trashing of the CES. Don’t know if you’d have any interesting take, having come in a little later. If so, maybe you could give me an email. I’ve got a gmail account now. It’s just in my moniker, but all single word, small case, e.g.

  16. Puff,

    And I take single malt straight, with neither ice nor water

    That’s cos you are a civilized dragon.


    oops, too much tomato juice


  17. Roy Orbison
    February 16, 2013 at 8:53 pm

    Old Roy might be able to mosey on through Surry Hills tomorrow – briefly. Depending on chauffer duties…
    Maybe you could do a rendition of this

  18. Well I bit the bullet today and bought a beautiful, soft leather lounge suite that is so comfortable I’m considering swapping it for my bed. It will be delivered in 10 days to 2 weeks time from Perth.

    I think I will have to decree it a dog-free zone unless a blanket is applied first.

  19. doyleym

    My understanding from the tweets, is that a duplicate card may have been issued and used by someone else.

  20. victoria,

    could well be the case.

    Steve Lewis was all upbeat recently about the police calling in a hand writing expert.

    Have not heard anything more on that.

    Seems a bit slow for Lewis to report if it receipts were in the handwriting of Mr Thomson.


    not getting too excited yet. Will have to wait and see.

    Long way to go I would think.

  21. A blast from my past. This was one of the few LPs owned by my parents in the late 1950s. I knew all the songs by heart by the time I was 4, and my first ever theatrical experience was being taken to a matinée performance of My Fair Lady in Sydney during JC Williamson’s 1959 tour. Two key members of the original cast – Rex Harrison and Stanley Holloway – were in the touring cast though not, to my sorrow, Julie Andrews.

    I hope that some patrons enjoy the following. Legend has it that when was singing it in 1958 – 1959, he was thinking of his third wife, Kay Kendall, who was dying …

  22. fionaj,
    I’ll probably have my post ready to publish around midnight. So could you tidy it up in the morning?

    Thank you in advance, and a big hug too! 🙂

  23. No doubt ready for the News Ltd papers tomorrow. Poll of women only voters

    “@GhostWhoVotes: #Galaxy Poll 2 Party Preferred (Women voters): ALP 47 L/NP 53 #auspol”

    “@GhostWhoVotes: #Galaxy Poll Primary Votes (Women voters): ALP 36 L/NP 46 #auspol”

    “@GhostWhoVotes: #Galaxy Poll Is Abbott a misogynist (Women voters): Yes 25 No 44 #auspol”

    “@GhostWhoVotes: #Galaxy Poll Is Gillard a good role model (Women voters): Yes 44 No 43 #auspol”

  24. Roy Orbison,
    You do know there will be No. Dance. Of. The . Seven. Veils. by moi, don’t you? 😀

    I’m just not capable of competing with Amira. So I won’t. 😉

  25. Gorgeous Dunny,

    DEFINITELY not a Carmen to tangle with! What a superb performance, and many thanks for the introduction.


    Of course. Have a lovely time tomorrow – you may have Mari’s special piece of 4 x 2 just in case 😉

    Hugs to you too.

    And goodnight all from moi.

  26. C@t:

    Yes, a losing battle.

    Btw will this place still be operational while the bigwigs are chowing down at Abduls tomorrow?

  27. I love Elina. Even the budding romance I have might be in trouble if she ventured in. It bit beyond my league, alas.

  28. Rudd is going to be on Sunday Agenda tomorrow with PVO. In light of what was reported today, I will watch with interest whether he is indeed going to be a team player or not.

    Brw Guys have a great lunch tomorrow!!

    Good night

  29. It will be interesting to see how many were polled in that Galaxy and if they did a PPM.

    Voting liberal does not mean a vote for Abbott.

  30. confessions

    I cant promise. It is Sunday and I do like to sleep in. But I will try. 🙂


  31. Dearest Duckie,

    I have my parents’ original – slight hiccup in the middle of The Street Where You Live and all!


    Moi will be at moi’s desk, slaving away (no rest for the wicked … and only wistful thoughts about the Secret Cellar) from 1000 AEDT onwards.

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