Piektdienas nakts LOTERIJAS


Sveiki un laipni aicināti citu izdevumu Piektdienas nakts Loterijas.

Good Evening patrons and staff of the wonderful establishment called “THE PUB”.

Seems it was all doom and  gloom on the poll front front this week for the party of  light and good.

The party of dark and evil are acting like they have already won and it would be better for everyone if Julia just handed over the keys to Tony and lets not worry about a pesky election anyway  .

Be of good cheer people there is still 211 days until election day and if a lot can happen in a week well a shitload can happen in 30 weeks.

Don’t be downcast be positive ,have a drink,chill and take a few deep breaths.

The music is great,the staff are without doubt the best in any pub anywhere,the company exceptional and the bouncers benevolent.

As always it,s raffle night and you can ask for your numbers straight away as apparently supposedly educated people cannot grasp the concept of after 6.00pm.

Fiona won last week and very narrowly missed out on adding to our kitty of $40.70.

‘A prize will also be given to the first person to name tonight’s header language  without looking up any translator tools.

A tip for the horses tommorow is Melb.race 7/ 6 .Apparently as some ability but who knows.

enjoy “THE PUB” ,cropped-beer_pub_header.png


470 thoughts on “Piektdienas nakts LOTERIJAS

  1. i’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Tony Abbott is not a misogynist. He’s an old-fshioned male chauvinist of the worst kind. There is a difference. Abbott thinks women are inferior to men. He likes women, but in their proper place, a long way below men. He thinks women should be hand-maidens, wives, devoted daughters, stay-at-home mothers. He’s also afraid of powerful women but that’s a whole other problem.

    No-one has ever polled me on my views on Abbott, but if asked I’d lie and say he’s doing a fantastic job, I approve of him 100% and think he’s a great role model. Why? Because I want the Fibs to keep him on as leader.

    I suspect i’m not the only person willing to lie to polls.

  2. If you didn’t have unhealthy obsessions then what would you do when your GP tells you to improve your lifestyle?

  3. Gorgeous Dunny,

    Some obsessions are best left as fantasies – and there’s nowt wrong with appreciating sheer artistry.

    Gentle hint time: when posting a youtube link make sure that you take the “s” out of the beginning https bit or it won’t display as a pic.


    I couldn’t agree more with your assessment, and I’d be as manipulative as possible if polled.

    Goodnight, once again, everyone.

  4. It has been calculated by some that Galaxy polls underestimate labor vote by approx 1%.

    Have no idea about the male female breakdown of that however.

  5. vic:

    Your legal eagle Graeme has resurfaced, but I can’t recall what it was you wanted asked of him.


  6. Thanks for the tip, Fiona. I wondered how they did that.Talking of obsessions, I saw Eartha Kitt live in Adelaide 50 years ago. Magic .

  7. Doane’s in over her head. I think she’s known that for a while, probably as soon as the Ashby case started to fall apart. Judging from the texts, I reckon Ashby sweet-talked her into backing his case. She’d have made a very convenient ‘witness’ for some of the charges he wanted to bring against Slipper. And it’s usually the case that when someone starts getting in your ear about intolerable work conditions, you start to accept that it’s true. The strategy to convince her to get on board would have been three-pronged – befriend her so that she feels an ‘obligation’ to help a friend out (no doubt in the world Ashby’s more charming than Slipper) ; dangle a carrot (cushy job with LNP in Qld through Ashby contacts) ; wield a stick (dead-end career if Doane sticks with Slipper). Voila. All those elements appeared in their text conversations.

    Once you commit, you can’t go back. Doane’s implicated, so she has to find a way out of the mess. The LNP have no doubt stepped in again to ‘help’ her. But it looks as if they’ve just roped her in to provide a distraction from their other troubles. It doesn’t make her any less implicated, all it does is buy them some time.

    She’s got no future career-wise. She has to play out this nightmare until the story drops away; then she gets to pick up the pieces and find out who her friends really are. And maybe learn a valuable lesson: the short-cut to success often proves the long way around.

  8. In fact, the more I think about the Ashby case, the more convinced I am that he’s a real freakin’ player. I thought for a long time that he was just a useful idiot for the LNP, but he really did line those dominoes up very nicely. Cosying up to Slipper, seeing his chance with the Speakership going Slipper’s way and going straight after it. Not a scrap of conscience over Slipper when the option came up to do the LNP a big favour. Setting up Doane, drinkies with Pyne, roping Brough in.

    The way I see it, Ashby’s sitting on a fair bit of hard evidence that could destroy Brough’s career, if that’s the way he wants to go. I don’t know if they can really afford to cut him loose, and he no doubt knows that.

  9. Fair dinkum, they’d argue about two flies crawling up Abbott’s nose across the street.

    Now it’s whether Abbott is a “misogynist”,a “chauvinist”, or a “sexist pig”.

    All based on whether half the respondents to the Galaxy poll even knew what the word “misogynist” means.

    Don’t get me wrong. It’s not a bad point, actually. Many less well educated women may NOT know of the word.

    But geez, to get into a shit fight over it at nearly 1am???


  10. Pleased to see my own down home gut feeling that the original estimated size of the Russian meteor was too small has been vindicated.

    I thought there was something screwy about the figures, as soon as I saw how BIG the bang was from so FAR away (about 30 seconds delay from the passing of the object means it was 40 kilometres distant… and still windows smashed).

    Using NASA’s figures of 55 feet diameter, the consistency and density of iron, and Russia’s estimated speed of 33,000mph (14.7kilometres per second),my own spreadsheet (from years ago when one came near Taree in NSW and broke a few windows there too) gives:

    Speed: 14.7kps
    Diameter: 56 feet
    Weight: 19,000 tons
    Yield: 501 ktons
    Hiroshima equivalent: 33

    … so roughly in agreement with NASA (55 feet, 500 tonnes), except for the weight (which is double NASA’s estimate).

    That’s quite a bit bigger than 10 tonnes.

    If we take away the “iron” density assumption (7.2grammes/cc) and assign a “rock” density (3.8grammes/cc) to it, then the speed needs to be increased only to 19kps (only!), or about 43,000mph to achieve the 30x Hiroshima level.

    These things are pretty imprecise, and based on distant readings.

    My own skepticism was based on the time it took for the sonic boom to reach distant observers against the damage done: it had to be pretty big to do so much damage so buildings far away from the trajectory.

    Anyway, I feel vindicated: a 55 foot diameter combo of rock and iron travelling at 19 kilometres per second, weighing 10,000 tonnes CAN cause quite a bang.

    A paltry 10 tonne pebble (the original estimate) can’t do that.

  11. Dear Bushfire Bill,
    Are you able to do the ‘New Thread’+ ‘Comments Closed’ thingy for me? I have just published my latest magnum opus. 🙂

  12. David Donovan ‏@davrosz

    The next election will be between people who believe in honesty, decency and Australia’s future prosperity – and people who believe the MSM.

    And on that note, it’s Good Night from me! 🙂

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