Raffles vendredi soir


Oui patrons c’est le moment de la semaine encore,

Friends another week has passed and we have 218 days to go till labor win the next federal election.

The Govt. is getting on with business while the Coal. want to feed the world from a desert staffed by forced relocation’s.

People will take notice and polls will change,do not despair.

Be of good cheer there is much to look forward too.

Raffle time and I have given up on the 6.00pm start as hardly any one takes any notice so request your tickets now.

WE are doing well with 2 collects worth $43.70 now generously donated back to the xmas charity kitty.

Draw time will again be around 7.00pm normal QLD. time.

The bars are all open,

As always on Friday night, play your favorite music, share your most memorable sports moment,give a struggling publican a tip.

Sunday lunch 17/02/13 has been decided( dictated). It will be at Abdul’s ,Surry hills.All are welcome.

Enjoy the night ,Enjoy the esprit de corps.

Buvez, mangez bien, Amusez-vous
bonne chance

345 thoughts on “Raffles vendredi soir

  1. I think the government needs to broaden it’s branding of the Coalition. Instead of constantly saying how ‘negative’ they are I feel it would better serve them if they expanded the accusation into a 3 word slogan 😀 with cadence.

    So, for no charge at all to the ALP, I have come up with:

    ‘Negative and nasty’.

    As I have said before, the Coalition are better at formulating this sort of thing so it resonates with the electorate. 3 word slogans tend to bang around inside the head before dribbling out the ear, compared to single word accusations which generally go in one ear and out the other, after a brief moment of recognition or acceptance. Also, the 3 word descriptor encompasses a more complete picture.

    So, anyway, I’m going to start spreading it around like fertiliser on Twitter, where the best memes seem to gain currency. 🙂

  2. http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/political-news/liberals-super-pledge-to-hit-the-poor-hardest-20130208-2e3wz.html

    Liberals’ super pledge to hit the poor hardest
    February 9, 2013
    Mark Kenny
    Senior political correspondent

    MORE than 900,000 Victorians would face tax increases under a Tony Abbott-led government, thanks to his pledge to close off the low-income superannuation concession.

    Across Australia, 3.6 million people would lose the concession, which reduces to zero the normal 15 per cent rate applied to super contributions.


    All set for a super class war
    February 9, 2013
    Mark Kenny
    Senior political correspondent

    AUSTRALIA’S roughly 12 million superannuation contributors are nervous, and they vote. The fixing of the September 14 election date has supercharged the super debate, stoking fear and fuelling a nascent class war over retirement income. The sums involved are enormous as are the political stakes as both sides pander to a growing tide of baby boomers reaching retirement age from now and over this decade.

    Tony Abbott says Labor is preparing to soak the rich to rescue its parlous budget position via harsh tax increases on superannuation accounts of the well-off. Julia Gillard says the Coalition is revealing itself as fiscally reckless and champion of the rich.


    NZ, Oz to crack whip over telco fees
    By Audrey Young
    5:30 AM Saturday Feb 9, 2013

    New Zealand and Australian authorities will get the power to cap mobile roaming charges if they don’t continue to fall, Prime Ministers John Key and Julia Gillard plan to announce today.


    NZ’s link to Aust drug cheating probed
    Fri, 08 Feb 2013 5:31p.m

    Sport Minister Murray McCully has asked top New Zealand sports bodies how this country could be caught up in the drugs scandal enveloping Australian sport.

  3. “‘Negative and nasty’'”
    I agree. There is no shortage of “nasties” to whom to attach the label.

  4. C@t….My Grandmother is from Bandon County….Big family there before the wars…Her family was Union prodo…She turned Papal over here in Aust…I supect she was traumatised in the black and tan wars…it was murderous there in Bandon County!…..Brutal!
    My Father was Italian…from the Dolomites……..

  5. victoria,
    In all seriousness, no one has explained properly why Labor is on the nose in Western Sydney

    I tried to explain this last week sometime.

    Basically, it comes down to increasing gentrification as lots of tertiary facilities like Universities and Hospitals have been centred there, attracting Yuppies, for wont of a better descriptor, who are a more natural fit these days for the Liberal Party, since money replaced altruism as the prime motivating factor of these sectors.

    Also thanks to Howard and his conscription of the terms ‘Howard’s Battlers’ and ‘Aspirationals’, it thus encompasses a lot of the people who live in these seats. The Small Business owners(even though Labor HAS tried very hard to win them over), the Tradies(whom Ray Hadley tries very hard, on behalf of the Coalition to win over, and has succeeded to a large part, the Old Aged Pensioners and Retirees(who are in Alan Jones’ pocket). Plus, these days, increasingly, are added the Socially Conservative bloc from various religions, a lot of whom have their headquarters in Sydney’s Western suburbs, based upon their traditional shunning by the rest of Sydney and migration there to form their now entrenched enclaves.

    It’s going to be a tough nut to crack in the election, to be sure, because it is the microcosm of the Australia of the future. Jason Clare is just the man for the job, IMO. 🙂

  6. ‘And it’s hard to argue you have a finalised plan when you are still asking for input on half-thought through draft discussion papers.’

    That’s exactly the first thought that occurred to me.

  7. c@tmomma

    Understand in some part, but the govt policies at present would suit western Sydney to a tee. Those that come to mind include

    The increase in Super
    Bonuses paid to apprentice tradies and their employers
    School kid bonus
    Business tax write off for equipment purchased
    Increasing tax free threshold
    Hardening of Asylum seeker policy re Nauru etc

    Again in all seriousness, what is Abbott’s mob offering Western Sydney?

  8. I’d love to do a series of short video vignettes featuring “Tony on his bike”.
    You’d have a frontal shot with the real Tabbott in his full lycras on his bike, then you substitute a “double” for rear or angle shots of little “events” making a sort of series of goofy idiot adventures….say..off the top of my head..: “Tony stops his bike to get off, puts his foot down on what he thinks is solid ground, but is a deep puddle and falls over undecoriously”…sure..predictable slapstick…but done suddenly with apparent reality would be humerous.
    There could be any amount of “situation comedy” set pieces!
    Do any of you remember the Jaques Tati “Jour da fete”(?) adventures with his pushbike? where he gets drunk and gets caught on the rail fence when he thinks he is riding his bike….glorious!

  9. After the misogyny speech, while the news stations were still trying to fit the seismic shock of it into their narrative, that ABC24 had Hartcher on to provide commentary on it. He of course described the day as a big win for Abbott because of the texts and Slipper giving up the Speakership, but when it came to Gillard’s speech, he rolled out the biggest load of arrant nonsense imaginable. You could tell he was floundering because of the sheer number of times he peppered “in my view…” throughout his bit. He’d say something at odds with reality, short pause, “… in my view…” Must have been at least a dozen times. It was his little cue to the studio not to question him on what his was saying because it was just his opinion.

    You don’t often see clear, unambiguous examples of a reporter aware that his view is totally wrong but carrying on with it anyway.

    Since that day, I haven’t bothered myself with Hartcher’s articles at all. If even he knows he’s deluded, there’s no reason for me to pay attention to him.

  10. How about all the stories in the MSM sites about Abbott’s glowing reference for a convicted paedophile! Big headlines and in depth analysis of his judgement and character.

    We are poorly served by the press in this country.

  11. Victoria,

    Abbott is offering Western Sydney pie in the sky bullshit which hardly any of them take time out to analyse and reflect on what benefits they are receiving under Labor now, and which will disappear under Abbott’s fanciful offerings.

  12. rnm1953 – This is what the ABC would refer to as balance. They like to get the mix right between the Coalition mouthing off against the Government, and the ABC (read: IPA) mouthing off against the Government. And a bit of the Government defending themselves against criticism.

    I’d prefer to see ‘balance’ not as an allocation of time or articles, but just the same standards of scrutiny applied to both sides of politics. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

  13. Janice

    I dont even know what pie in the sky stuff is. Only one comes to mind. Stop the boats

  14. Excellent tweet by Greg Barnes

    @margokingston1 The Coalition likes to pride itself on smaller government mantra so why give high income earners government subsidy?

  15. Similar to Consumer confidence here, as discussed by Michael Pascoe & Ross Gittins.


    Feel Better About the Economy? You’re a Democrat
    By JOSH BOAK, The Fiscal Times
    February 7, 2013

    If you feel more optimistic about America’s future, you probably vote Democrat. You’re younger than 29 years old. And you’re Hispanic, or, maybe, Asian.

    How you feel about your standard of living increasingly stems from your political beliefs, according to data released Thursday by the polling firm Gallup. Fifty-seven percent of Americans say their quality of life is improving; the survey’s highest reading in five years.


    From China’s GDP to Ratings from S&P: Whose Data Can You Trust?
    By BRUCE BARTLETT, The Fiscal Times
    February 8, 2013

    On Monday, The Washington Post published an article about the poor quality of China’s economic statistics. This may seem like an issue that is only of interest to the Chinese, but with the growing interconnectedness of the global economy, it is a problem for everyone. Trillions of dollars of capital flows and investments depend on good quality data.


    GILLARD EXCLUSIVE: I think this will change the nation
    By JOANNE McCARTHY Feb. 8, 2013, 10:30 p.m

    PRIME Minister Julia Gillard has revealed the Newcastle Herald’s ‘‘Shine the Light’’ campaign ‘‘got into my head’’, in an exclusive interview about Australia’s historic royal commission into child sexual abuse.

    ‘‘I think it got into my head, and got into my language because of the campaign,’’ Ms Gillard said on Thursday about her use of the phrase ‘‘shine a light’’ during a media conference on January 11 to announce the six royal commissioners.


    Ms Gillard said the royal commission would be ‘‘nation-changing’’.

    ‘‘When we look back, one of the things that will be most important, and most remembered in this part of the nation’s history, will be the royal commission into child abuse,’’ she said.

    Ms Gillard said the decision to hold a national royal commission, when even many victims’ groups accepted that arguments for state-based commissions were much stronger, was reached after ‘‘the evidence piled up about the systemic nature’’ of child sex abuse.

  16. Victoria,

    Stop the boats. Ax all the taxes, Replace a ‘bad’ government with one which is better economic managers to give surplus bottom lines forever. No more wasteful pink batts, expensive school halls and a rolled gold paid parental leave scheme and bigger baby bonuses.

  17. Interesting – this nifty graph shows that The Greatt God Howard, Lord of the Golden Years, really did lead the field in one thing. Losing ministers through sackings or resignations. The most chaotic government by a long way, more than twice as many ministerial losses as the Hawke and Keating governments combined.

  18. Foreverjanice

    You know what is ironic. I suspect those who live in Western sydney never have a surplus of their own finances. Yet somehow expect the govt to have one after doing everything as set out in your post.

  19. Victoria,

    What I find rather amusing is watching the coalition wriggle and squirm into fabulous contortions as they find themselves more and more up the creek without a paddle. They’ve been promising nirvana if they get their paws on the keys to the Lodge, but they’ve spent the whole of their time in opposition talking down the economy so that consumer confidence has dropped to the extent that people are too scared to spend their hard-earned.

    It has hit Joho and his not-too-smart money managers rather hard to hear Swan report the big write downs in Govt.revenue and the diminished growth in the nation’s economy. They are scared shitless that in just a few months they will have to put something that resembles policies together with believable costings into the public arena.

    In other words, the coalition will need to offer a bit more than airy fairy pie-in-the sky aspirations, and Abbott will have to do a bit better than asking people to take him on ‘faith’ that he is not the mongrel we all know him to be.

  20. foreverjanice

    confessions posted this over at the other place

    So tightly controlled is discipline within the Coalition ranks right now that even a simple going over of the challenges it faces, as we are doing here, risks a witch-hunt to find out who has been talking out of school, especially following the “Tony goes troppo” leak to Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph on Thursday.

    PvO in his column today. Ok I accept now that Abbott was leaked against. But by whom?

  21. I was quite enjoying PvO’s column until he went and spoilt it all by lurching into more ‘Labor has to bring back…’ crap.

  22. Seriously why do Libs so desperately want Rudd back?

    They see it as the really easy way for the Coalition into government.

    ‘Kevin O’Lemon’ would be back so fast your head would spin.

  23. That’s what I don’t like about our voting system. Single member electorates mean that you’ve got safe seats and marginal seats, where voters in marginal seats have much more voting power to decide the government.

    There’s about 100 seats that will likely never change sides from Labor or the Coalition, so it’s only the voters in the remaining 50 (a lot of which are in Western Sydney and Queensland, with only a few others elsewhere) that have any meaningful input in this system.

  24. Victoria,

    They are desperate to get Rudd back because he’d be easier to destroy than Gillard who simply will not lie down and die. They have so much material on Rudd to use in an election plus all the stuff they had ready to use in 2010 before he lost the job.

    All those stupid delusional Labor supporters of Rudd are aiding and abetting the LNP + media campaign to destabilise the Govt.

  25. Absolutely, C@t. They’ve got their Rudd attacks all worked out, and have been sitting on them since 2010. They’re itching to use them. Plus they get to exploit ‘leadership crisis’ all over again.

    They’re trying out the old, “Oh please don’t bring Rudd back, we’d be helpless, what would we do, woe is us….” tactic.

    I’m not even bothering to address it. Complete waste of time, won’t happen.

  26. victoria

    I can’t believe I’m adding to the leadershit discussion, this will be all I’ll have to say on the matter for a long time…..

    The Libs have spent a lot of time war-gaming what would happen if Rudd returned, time that would have been better spent on policy development and costings. Their desire to bring down the government would finally be achieved if The Messiah returned.

    Bringing back He Who Must Not Be Named would destroy the government and that’s exactly what they want. Half the cabinet would walk, there would be massive ‘Labor in Chaos’ headlines, there would certainly not be a honeymoon period because the OM would launch straight into a ‘Get Kevin’ campaign, dragging up all the old criticism of Rudd from the last challenge. It would all spill over into the election campaign. I can see the Fiberal ads now – ‘Even his colleagues didn’t want this man’ sort of stuff. The election would be a push-over for Abbott. This is why leadership pie-in-the-sky is being rammed down our throats all day, every day by every OM journo and Tory Troll out there. It’s why we keep on getting all this fabricated ‘sources in the Labor Caucus say…’ garbage. It’s meant to destabilise Labor and spook them into a change of leader. Be prepared for an endless stream of it for the next few months, until it becomes bleeding obvious to even the Coalition that it’s too late to change. It’s all the Coalition has left. All their other plots have fallen into heaps of dust.

  27. Wish those over at the other place would stfu about Rudd being the saviour of the ALP. Of course, unless they are trolls and that is their purpose.

  28. Anyone have thoughts on how things would play out if the budget had a small surplus. I don’t think that govt has gone down the no surplus path with any cunning gotcha for the oppo in mind but just wondering how Libs etc would look.

  29. Judging by the fanboi response of the Daily Telegraph on Day #2 of Troppo Tony and on 2GB BOTH days (and I presume in other, similar media) it wouldn’t surprise me if Abbott or a “close associate” leaked it himself, or organized for it to be leaked, to kill it off once and for all.

    He knows it’s a crock of shit policy. He didn’t really defend it, only seeking to take some soft and cuddly “vision thing” away from the whole sorry mess.

    It defies belief to me that the DT would EVER take something and use it against Abbott. And, in the end, they did not. They praised it to High Heaven.

    If you didn’t hear the 2GB riff,then you missed something particularly well organized as caller after caller rang to say what a wonderful idea it was.

  30. rnm1953,
    Re the Surplus. I’m thinking that there may be a way of Budget Lego possible that will achieve all that Labor want to put in place before the election, Gonski and NDIS, plus take away all that they want to, such as Superannuation Tax Concessions Costello poisoned the Super Well with before he took off for his after life as an ‘Auditor'(sounds sooo Scientology ; ) ), and still come up with a Balanced Budget, or a small Surplus. Especially considering the increased revenue that has started to flow back into the government’s coffers via increased Resource prices.

    Then the Coalition could screech 😉 “Soak the Rich!!!” and “Smoke and Mirrors Surplus!!!” all they want all the way to the election, as it would achieve two objectives for the government:

    1. Clearly identify whose side the Coalition is on, ie ‘the Rich’.

    2. Put them in the position of having to lay their own Surplus cards on the table. How much would your Surplus be? And how would you get there?

    I think it’s called ‘Putting the cat among the pigeons’. Miaow! 😀

  31. rmn1953

    Due to the increased mining tax due in the next six months, there is a very small chance of a surplus. If it were to occur, the Libs would call foul

  32. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but in the recent bout of ‘labor sources’ who background the media, I heard one or two journos say that they’ve been told that backbenchers are counting numbers and that ‘they will shut up when “she” stops stuffing up’. Now I read those words as well as other words these so-called backbenchers are saying, in posts from Rudd supporters over the road.

    I’ve said it before, and now I’ll say it again, that the media are smart enough to read pro-labor sites. There are a few posters over there who blow their trumpets about how active they are in their branches and their posts are designed to make us all think they have inside information. Why wouldn’t the media use them as “labor sources”?

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