Raffles vendredi soir


Oui patrons c’est le moment de la semaine encore,

Friends another week has passed and we have 218 days to go till labor win the next federal election.

The Govt. is getting on with business while the Coal. want to feed the world from a desert staffed by forced relocation’s.

People will take notice and polls will change,do not despair.

Be of good cheer there is much to look forward too.

Raffle time and I have given up on the 6.00pm start as hardly any one takes any notice so request your tickets now.

WE are doing well with 2 collects worth $43.70 now generously donated back to the xmas charity kitty.

Draw time will again be around 7.00pm normal QLD. time.

The bars are all open,

As always on Friday night, play your favorite music, share your most memorable sports moment,give a struggling publican a tip.

Sunday lunch 17/02/13 has been decided( dictated). It will be at Abdul’s ,Surry hills.All are welcome.

Enjoy the night ,Enjoy the esprit de corps.

Buvez, mangez bien, Amusez-vous
bonne chance


345 thoughts on “Raffles vendredi soir

  1. Unless someone has hacked into PMJG’s Twitter account it really is a tweet from her. It’s polite and carefully worded. Note that she did not say she enjoyed Ms Grattan’s work or agreed with any of it.

  2. .@michellegrattan Always a must read. Looking forward to reading you on @ConversationEDU JG

    The corollary to that being, of course, that she is looking forward to NOT reading her at The Age.

  3. leonetwo

    fwiw Margo Kingston believes Ms Grattan will be an asset to The Conversation.

    Margo Kingston claims to be a People’s Journalist, but she does seem to have an unhealthy hankering to cuddle up to the mainstream hackocracy.

    Michelle Grattan wouldn’t be an asset to even the parish church weekly, much less The Conversation.

  4. I’m getting very fed up with Margo Kingston’s ongoing hymn of tweeted praise to Michelle Grattan. Yes, I understand she thought Michelle was the best editor to work for evah, but it’s been going on all day and I’m more than a bit over it.

    I’ve always appreciated Margo’s work and I’m glad she’s back and all fired up. But enough is enough.

  5. C@tmomma
    Also thanks to Howard and his conscription of the terms ‘Howard’s Battlers’ and ‘Aspirationals’, it thus encompasses a lot of the people who live in these seats. The Small Business owners(even though Labor HAS tried very hard to win them over), the Tradies(whom Ray Hadley tries very hard, on behalf of the Coalition to win over, and has succeeded to a large part, the Old Aged Pensioners and Retirees(who are in Alan Jones’ pocket). Plus, these days, increasingly, are added the Socially Conservative bloc from various religions, a lot of whom have their headquarters in Sydney’s Western suburbs, based upon their traditional shunning by the rest of Sydney and migration there to form their now entrenched enclaves

    A pretty good summary of some of the mess there. Can I just add a direct knowledge example.? My nephew went from Adelaide to Sydney outer west with his transport management work. He married a girl from there, a divorcee, about 8 or 10 years older than him, with several ready-made daughters, and had two themselves.

    Father-in-law paid deposit on a McMansion in Campbelltown. A good start and all they had to do was keep up the payments – not too hard on his pay. Lost the place in about a year, unable to keep up. Went to Adelaide for a while and then returned. Now renting a McMansion at a very high rate. Nephew at one point was doing pizza deliveries to try to keep up.

    Massive over-consumption is at the heart of it. She doesn’t seem to recognize limits. Recently returned from a trip to the US with a huge credit card bill, and is planning to go back!

    Now a lot of that must be down to her personally not having any sense of proportion. Even so, I just wonder if the Howard years of pouring out electoral pork inflamed that attitude that we have unbounded riches and you can have anything you dream of.

    If there are other families under similar stress, it would be no surprise that they sought to blame others for their strife. After all, everything was fine in the Howard years.

    Even when he was not trying to, Howard seemed able to wreck the social fabric of our society.

  6. i could never understand what howard battlers was about.

    he never did any thing for us when interest where 17 person not a thing.

    i think it was a catch phrase, like dont worry daddy will look after you.

    the term howards battlers seem paternal to me, yukkk i hated the phrase

    i wonder who thought it up

    battler for what, the libs never provided a free uni. education or started medi care pb s no.. so imagine if there was none of that

    we would surly be more than battlers

    it was a myth and still is

    no one was better off when he was around they just told us we where

  7. i am just about to sack my automatic spell check

    there u go ive sacked it

    percent turned in to person,

    what a no all my lap top is not

  8. leone

    yes very well put,
    press release, was Newman expecting another levy.


    our power is about to go off

    suppose u read my story of the tree cutting men and their toys

  9. oh look a little embarrssed i think,

    with all the fires and some still burning they dont need us
    to attend to,
    but the branches where hanging over the power lines

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