Small Business Being Sold ‘A Free Gift With Every Purchase’



In her National Press Club Speech last week the Prime Minister stated that she wanted the focus to be on policy, so that the electors, when it came time to vote, would have at their fingertips the policies, with Costings, of both parties, so that they could make an informed choice when they cast their vote.

So it is in this spirit that I am going to devote some of my posts this year to comparing the policies on offer from both parties, Labor and Liberal, and National, where it is relevant.

Firstly, I would like to start with Small Business.

The Gillard Government have made a lot of headway with the Small Business sector. They have brought the Small Business Minister into Cabinet, and introduced a raft of positive policies meant to benefit Small Businesses.

As of this past week, the Minister for Small Business in the Federal Labor Government has changed from Brendan O’Connor to now being Chris Bowen. He will be up against Bruce Billson from the Liberal Party.

However, the policies will not change and I have been taking a look at what has been proposed for the Small Business Sector by both parties.

Let me turn my attention to the Liberal Party and Bruce Billson.

On Bruce’s website there is a statement of policy principles:

Small business is the driver of Australia’s economy, underpinning growth and innovation and providing jobs for millions of Australians. Unlike Labor, Bruce Billson and the Liberals stand for real action to keep costs down and protect small businesses from union bullying. We will always back small business to grow our economy and create jobs.

What does this mean? Let’s unpack:

Motherhood statement: Small business is the driver of Australia’s economy, underpinning growth and innovation and providing jobs for millions of Australians.

Can’t argue with that, though I don’t believe that the Liberal Party are unique in believing that.

However, what they uniquely believe is contained in the next sentence of the statement of principles:

Unlike Labor, Bruce Billson and the Liberals stand for real action to keep costs down and protect small businesses from union bullying.

That is, the Liberal Party are four square behind the proprietors of small businesses, so that they may maximise their profits. This is not a bad thing, in and of itself. It is the way that they intend to encourage small businesses to go about it that is worrisome.

What are the ways that they want to achieve this?

The Liberal Party want to deunionise workplaces. This is the method they believe is appropriate to ‘keep costs down’ because it is only ‘Union bullying’, or, to put it another way, Unions fighting for the rights of employees to get decent pay and conditions in their jobs, that ‘puts costs up’. One has to reflect on this that not all costs going up is a bad thing for small business. Sometimes it’s the right and proper thing.

It’s simply not enough for small business to be lauded for ‘providing jobs for millions of Australians’. There also needs to be a debate within the community about the pay and conditions that come with those jobs. Right-thinking Australians have always agreed with that principle up until now.

Finally, what is this ‘real action to keep costs down’ that Bruce Billson alludes to? Please explain, Mr Billson.

I also checked out the Press Releases that Bruce had up on his website:

I note, amongst the ‘Carbon Tax is Bad!!’, material is this:

The Coalition will reduce the compliance burden on small business through several measures.

• The Coalition will adopt the principle of minimum effective regulation for proposals to amend or extend compliance burdens on small business.

• Under the Coalition, every Minister will be required to guard against growth in the regulatory burden and requested, where possible, to reduce existing red-tape. This responsibility will be included in the job description of every Minister, and they will be accountable to the Prime Minister and the Parliament for their performance.

• The Australian Accounting Standards Board will be required to justify additional disclosure and compliance obligations being imposed on non-listed enterprises in excess of adopting International Financial Reporting Standard for small to medium size businesses.

This appears to be why we keep hearing repeated ad nauseum by Coalition MPs that they want to decrease the amount of regulation on the books.

What they don’t expand upon is that which this equates to. Might I just say that it was the removal of regulatory control on business which precipitated the Global Financial Crisis. And that worked out well, didn’t it?

It’s certainly a feel-good statement, ‘We want to reduce the regulatory burden on you and your business. However it’s a dangerous simplification of what it would become manifest as in reality.

I’d also be interested to find out from any of our business owner posters just what the last dot point equates to.

There are also a couple of policies which Tony Abbott has announced.

Firstly, in his drive for savings to fund his embarrassingly generous Paid Parental Leave Scheme, Mr Abbott has decided to rip Small Businesses off to pay for it, by repealing the Small Business ‘Loss Carry Back Tax Offset’, and the Small Business ‘Instant Asset Write Off’. Hardly the friend of Small Business he claimed to be in his National Press Club Address.

However, he has decided to throw Small Business a bone, but it’s a funny shaped one in response to the more frequent Natural Disasters which will occur as a result of his potential government’s lack of action to minimise the effects of Global Warming. He has decided to go beyond the government’s ‘Existing Commonwealth disaster relief assistance currently which includes concessional loans for businesses to repair or replace buildings and equipment and to replace up to one month of stock’, and decided to give away taxpayers’ money, by way of a 4% Interest Loan to those businesses not even directly affected by a Natural Disaster:

Under our plan, a small business that has not experienced physical damage as a result of a natural disaster, but still suffers a loss of income as a consequence, will be eligible for a loan of up to $100,000.

Eligible businesses will be able to pay back these low interest loans over a period of up to 7 years at an interest rate of 4 per cent, consistent with existing commonly used guidelines.

I can only imagine how much this will add to Government Debt and Deficit in an Abbott Government. Still, it makes for a great carrot to tempt Small Business away from the Labor government. Now, every business in town can expect largesse from Abbott.

Also, Abbott is proposing to Provide a GST and PAYG Holiday of 3 months to small businesses after a Natural Disaster. Note he is not waiving the payment, so it will be due when the next payment would also be due, and will have to be paid then. So how that helps a struggling small business get back on their feet after a natural disaster is open to question. However, it sounds nice to be able to say that you are being given a holiday.

Next is a proposal that I actually think is a worthy proposition from the Coalition:

Extend ‘Unfair Contract’ provisions

In dealing with big business, smaller enterprises may be subject to standard form contracts on a ‘take it or leave it’ basis, with little opportunity to vary the terms.

This can create a significant imbalance in the rights and responsibilities of each of the parties.

The Coalition will provide a ‘fair go’ for small business by extending the unfair contracts protections currently available to consumers to cover the small business sector.

Finally, another proposal that sounds better than it is when you get down into the fine print and read between the lines:

A Coalition Government will waive for a period of six months any penalty interest for disaster-affected small businesses failing to estimate their PAYG obligation accurately.

It would be prudent for small businesspeople to note that Mr Abbott is not promising to waive the Penalty Interest for inaccurate estimation of their PAYG obligation, following a natural disaster. Get it wrong and you will still be fined under an Abbott government, you’ll just get 6 months more to pay for it. Good, as far as it goes, I guess.

Now, for the Labor Party.

As far as I can see the Labor Party hasn’t announced any new policies with respect to the Small Business Sector. I imagine this will change with the movement out of the portfolio of Brendan O’Connor, to be replaced by Chris Bowen.
By the time of the Budget this situation will probably change.

Therefore all that remains is to assess what the Labor government have done as regards Small Business policy since they have been in power.

Firstly let me make it clear which Labor initiatives Tony Abbott will scrap should he become Prime Minister:

Mr Abbott has pledged to scrap the instant asset tax write-off, which allows small businesses to claim a deduction for the full value of each new asset costing up to $6,500 after one year.

“Mr Abbott also confirmed that the Liberals would abolish the loss carry-back initiative, which allows companies which make a profit one year and a loss the next to claim a refund on tax paid.

“This initiative not only gives companies assistance if they make a loss, it encourages them to take careful risks and innovate and invest in their businesses.

Both measures are funded under the Minerals Resource Rent Tax and the Carbon Price, both of which Mr Abbott has pledged to repeal.

Now, let me just list a number of the policies that the Labor government has implemented since they came to power in 2007:

The review would consider issues including:

* Questions of good faith in franchising,
* The rights of franchisees at the end of their franchise agreements including recognition for any contribution they have made to building the franchise, and
* The operation of the Competition and the Consumer Act 2010 with respect to enforcing the code.

The Commissioner highlights the importance of small business owners being able to access information, assistance and referral to services including business advisory and dispute resolution services.

“I see the role as being an advocate for small business. And not just advocating to governments, but to business about what they can do to improve the business environment. No small business should fail through lack of information,” Mr Brennan said.

“It is important that we let small businesses know that there are effective and low-cost dispute resolution services available should they need them.

“If we see small businesses and big business working together, you’ll find the incidence of things like disputes will decrease.

Note how the Labor government’s approach to resolution of conflict between big business and small business is via Mediation, not Litigation. As the Liberal Party policy above advocates.

Since the SBSL(Small Business Support Line) started taking calls on 3 September, 2009, each working day almost 80 small business owners and people looking to start their own business have dialled the 1800 777 275 number.

Remember how the Coalition are constantly berating the Labor government for increasing Red Tape for business?

Legislation has today(13 Sep 2012), passed the Parliament that will see about 12,000 regulations removed for business.

A second set of amendments also passed today provides for a more efficient repeal or ‘sunsetting’ of regulations after 10 years, and facilitates reviews of those regulations, for example, by looking at regulations across a particular industry sector as a whole.

And what’s this I see? Not more ‘Red Tape’ cutting from the Gillard government?

For the first time businesses can find all the information they need about government-related licences, registrations and permits for all levels of government online in the one place.

The Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS) is now live, and will provide customised information for any new or existing business.

Previously, businesses had to register their name separately – with different fees, forms and processes – in each state or territory in which they traded. Registering a business name for three years in every state and territory, cost over $1,000.

Under the new service, one online registration process and a low fee – $30 for one year or $70 for three years, registers a business name nationally.

Also reducing Costs for Small Business!

So, facts not matching the rhetoric of the Opposition.

Let’s have a look at another initiative for Small Businesspeople that the government have developed and implemented:

The Business Finances topic provides information on a range of common finance issues, including setting up a bookkeeping system, preparing financial reports and applying for finance.

Now a couple of acts of largesse from the federal Labor government:$25mingrantsavailabletoimprovecompetitivenessofTCFsmallbusinesses.aspx

Enterprising small businesses in the textile, clothing and footwear (TCF) sector can start applying for Australian Government grants of up to $50,000 to help transform their business so it is more competitive and productive.

You can also feel a small sense of relief if you were worried about all those Queensland Public Servants that Campbell Newman unceremoniously sacked:,000tohelpretrenchedpublicservantsstartafresh.aspx

The Gillard Government will help Queensland public servants who have lost their jobs following Campbell Newman’s extensive job cuts who are looking to start their own business or open a franchise.

Minister for Small Business Brendan O’Connor today announced that $200,000 would be invested in Start-Up QLD, a new initiative funded under the Gillard Government’s Small Business Advisory Services program to provide advice and assistance to retrenched Queensland public servants. This is in addition to other government support available for workers who have been made redundant.

Finally, if you thought that the Labor government was only interested in allowing ‘Union bullying’, as the Coalition assert, and intimidation of Small Businesses, then you may be interested to know this:

“The Australian Government is committed to working with small businesses to get the balance of workplace relations right for employees and employers,” Mr O’Connor said.

“Small businesses are the foundation of our economic prosperity and the Government is committed to helping them prosper.

“This was an opportunity for all concerned parties to get together and to hear some frank and direct views from small business representatives about the Review recommendations and workplace relations generally,” Mr Shorten said.

“The Government is considering recommendations to enhance Fair Work Australia’s ability to deal with unfair dismissal claims, and to provide disincentives for frivolous or vexatious unfair dismissal claims.”

So, as best as I can, I have now gathered in one place the competing Small Business policies and programs, such as they are up to this point in time, of the two sides of politics. All that I thus ask is for any Small Business people out there who may be reading this, have cause to reflect upon what they have been offered by both sides of politics before they cast their vote in the upcoming election. Consider what you have got and compare it to what amounts to
‘A Free Gift with Purchase’ that you may be offered by the other side, and how Arkwright’s customers never seemed to end up with theirs, despite all his promises.

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    If Abbott hadn’t seen Nestor for years why did he write a glowing reference to help man convicted on kids’ evidence win Appeal #auspol

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    [So Abbott hadn’t seen him for years?”What’s reference for Nestor”.”Aw,Tone I’m convicted paedophile”.”Sure Nestor,here ya go!” #auspol]

  3. BB
    Can you please repost your photos or let me know wjhere they are, there are thousands of comments here now.

  4. victoria
    I enjoyed the comments about the journos present in court.Incompetent fools is a polite description.

  5. The Abbott reference for Fr Nestor already in the press for 2 days. Kind of shows what sort of legs this story will have with the MSM. Just imagine if it was J. Gillard doing the same. No front page would be big enough for the headline.

    This is what we are up against this year. It is going to be interesting if these stories can break the confines of social media and be reported honestly by the MSM. Fat chance.

  6. Honestly people, don’t you get it? Tony Burke spending a night at an Obeid ski lodge is a real national scandal. The PM’s glasses are headline news. Tony writing a reference for a mate? Nothing to see here folks, let’s move on. Let’s focus on the real news – someone said someone told somebody else that one of Rudd’s pals told him that Therese said Kevin’s mate thought he almost had the numbers to get Kevin back in as leader. Let’s run with that.

  7. Oh what a smelly dung heap we build when we start to sling muck….

    Abbott cannot dismiss his support for a paedophile by saying it was all a long time ago. Not after his insistence that PMJG has questions to answer about something that happened even longer ago. And Abbott was an MP at the time he gave his testimony, he even used that to emphasise his support for Nestor – despite being so important and so busy he had taken the time to ravel all that way blah blah.

    Abbott has managed to trap himself with his own muck raking.

  8. Seems like some of BB’s old Riverview friends he had dinner with last week were right. Stuff about Abbott is coming out now.

  9. This picture is a hoot – St Tony, complete with special lighting to give the appearance of a halo, offering advice to Pope Benedict.

    The accompanying article isn’t too bad either, if you are into the Abbott and Santamaria’s influence stuff. The comments are good.

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    We are obviously hanging out in the same places today, I was just about to post that same link.

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    With the prices going to 155 per tonne. We can definitely expect big revenues soon

  12. That article in the Australian hardly seems to be a genuine result of 3 months investigative reporting.

    One wonders if there is not more to come.

  13. Check out this pic from Peter Garrett’s twitter, David Bradbury posted one similar…

    Seems like Labor are handing out info packs?

  14. Looking at those photos of ALP members handing out info packs at schools.
    Wonder if there is a possible disconnect in the publics minds about our Govt? On one level polls appear to be saying we don’t like govt but on another level I wonder if this translates to a dislike of the local member. Back in 2010 the govt basically held the line in NSW despite dire predictions.Anecdotal feed back I was getting was that wtte “gee govt has wasted money on school halls.” Come election day if not before at the opening ceremonies of these facilities, parents and maybe even voters walking up to vote were saying” isn’t the school hall/facility in this school great?”
    This might be a very clever way of by passing MSM especially at a time when parents have just received “the cheque in the mail” for school kids bonus. Imagine standing outside of a school and saying to parents” You know that $600 you just got, if Abbott gets in you’ll have to give it back”

  15. Yeah good idea tweeting pics around . Good on Garrett & Bradbury . I hope lots more of them do this ….reminding people exactly what they may well lose under the Coalition . & as someone else said , bypassing our OM.
    ps hope you’re still around denese

  16. BB

    Did your friends allude to this story at all?

    This story has nothing to do with Riveriew. Abbott met him at the seminary.

    Although my sister DOES know another priest he went through the seminary with who’s not talking.

  17. While Pastor Nastor may have been cleared by temporal authorities, he was not cleared by the Vatican, at its highest level of appeal.

    The question therefore is: Does Tony Abbott recognize the civilian courts’ jurisdiction or the clerical courts’ jurisdiction?

    And why?

    Incidentally, the story has apparently disappeared from The Age site. This would have to be a news record for the media mill. In and out in 90 minutes.

  18. victoria
    It’s still there, in the Breaking News National list after you go to National from the main page. But you do have to be looking for it to notice it.

  19. Archer…Hard to hear the ques’ but one asked him to answer the Q’. another asked if he’d give the mrrt takings back to the miners.
    But he just rambled on and on and on..I was hoping someone there would shove the mic’into his mouth!…accidently of course!

  20. Jaycee,

    I was hoping someone there would shove the mic’into his mouth!…accidently of course!

    Or, failing that, if someone had “accidentally” pulled the mic out of the socket …

  21. Rnm 1953,

    Great get! I thought this bit was particularly exquisite:

    The other highly amusing thing for me was my engagement with members of the mainstream media in the lift going down while they chatted between themselves trying to sort out what had just happened in court.

    It was my “OH For Fuck’s Sake” moment as I then, without the benefit of any notes, gave them a six point summary as to what had happened – all done and dusted before we hit the ground floor. Once outside the court precincts I was asked to repeat what I had said in the lift, which I did while notes were taken, much to the amusement of the delightful Ross Jones, my comrade for the morning and occasional contributor to Independent Australia, the on-line magazine.

    To my very best new friends in the MSM: Today wasn’t exactly rocket science, and it helps to prepare and listen to what is being said in court instead of chatting, even if it is about the case. I don’t even want to think about what is not being taught in journalism degrees.

    And what’s with Mr Harmer and that photo???

  22. That Michael Harmer originally came from here –

    I bet Mr Harmer wishes he’d never heard of James Ashby now his career is on the line.

    By the way, did any of youse know that Michael Harmer’s mum used to be the administrator of St Patricks seminary,? The very same place that once housed both Tony Abbott and his paedophile mate Nestor the Molestor. Make of that what you will. The conspiracy theorists can knock themselves out with Jesuit connections and the like. All we need to do now is link the judge who let Nestor off with the Jesuits and Bob Santamaria is you uncle.

  23. Leone,

    I’ve checked the alumni of the three most likely schools and apparently the judge is not sufficiently illustrious to make it onto any of the lists. Of course, he may have been educated outside NSW, but knowing the preference of NSW governments for appointing natives to the judiciary I’d be surprised.

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