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Was an election called this week?

Yes according to all the media.

No according to the person who made the announcement.


Was Tony Abbott running a mini-campaign?

Yes according to the media then No as election campaigns are destabilising according to the libs.


Does any of this matter?

Yes it does 99% of the time but not now because it’s your favorite time of your week at ” THE PUB’


You know the rules pick 3 numbers 1-100 at 6.oo pm qld time or to make it easier for you supposedly intelligent people 7.00pm AEDST.

Draw will be around 7.00pm QLD TIME,8.00pm SILLY DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME.

The prize is either a quick pick sat.night lotto ticket or  for the horse doggie people a $7 pick on any race you wish.

Last week haveachat collected $20.60 on lotto and asked me to donate it to a charity Thank you.

What I have decided is if you win and want the collect which you are entitled to I will send you a check.

If you wish the winnings to be donated to a charity I will pool the money in a separate account and at the end of the year we will do a ‘polldaddy’ poll and decide who will get the donation from all of us at ‘The PUB”

Enjoy Have Fun Stay Safe

332 thoughts on “FRIDAY NIGHT RAFFLES

  1. Justine Elliott was another Rudd supporter, and pretty useless with it. With the emphasis on ‘pretty’. But what will the voters of Richmond think when their girl gets dumped?

  2. For the record, from the Courier Mail article:

    Small Business is tipped to stay in Cabinet and some believe Treasurer Wayne Swan should add that portfolio to his job to elevate the importance of the sector ahead of the election.

    Mental Health and Ageing Minister Mark Butler may pick up Mr O’Connor’s other portfolios of Housing and Homeless.

    It is unclear if there will be a new Cabinet minister but there will be a new junior minister. Victorian Mark Dreyfus or Mike Kelly from NSW are among those who could be promoted.

    I’d pick Mike Kelly. It might help shore up the Defence Forces vote.

  3. Tony Sheldon’s spray (I agree with him though 🙂 ) :


    Senior Labor figure Tony Sheldon has launched a scathing attack on one of the party’s factions and says the organisation is in a potentially catastrophic situation.

    Mr Sheldon, who is the secretary of the Transport Workers Union and Labor’s national vice-president, launched the critique in a speech to the Young Labor National Right Conference in Canberra on Friday.

    He said the scandal-plagued NSW Right faction was bringing the rest of the party down.

    “Like cockroaches, B-grade politicians are able to thrive on the corruption and detritus that lies under the dishwasher,” Mr Sheldon said.

    Labor had steadily lost its political compass in recent years, he said.

    “Our crisis is more than just a crisis of trust brought on by the corrupt behaviour of property scammers and lobbyists,” Mr Sheldon said.

    “It’s a crisis of belief brought on by a lack of moral and political purpose.

    “The memory of what we once stood for is starting to fade.”

  4. thearcher0412,
    Mark Dreyfus would be a fantastic AG, but boning Nicola Roxon to get him there? However, I guess, if there is to be a battle between George Brandis and the AG, Mark is the guy to take it up to him.

  5. C@tmomma, I hate to ask but… Ruddstoration is definitely a no go right? I know Roxon has a young daughter so that could explain it.

    I guess if you’re going to have a shuffle and resignations, better do it all now.

    What a week.

  6. thearcher0412,
    Ruddstoration is definitely a no go right?

    Definitely. There would be mass Cabinet resignations if he tried to come back now.

    Call me crazy (Plenty do! 😀 ), however, isn’t there another High Court vacancy coming up this year? Now, wouldn’t it just be the cat’s whiskers to have Nicola Roxon appointed to fill that High Court vacancy? 🙂

  7. Interesting you should mention that about the High Court vacancy, someone mentioned that as a possibility on twitter.

    Journalists are speculating it’s about Rudd.

  8. Journalists are speculating it’s about Rudd.

    Journalists don’t know their arsehole from breakfast time most of the time.

    Julia hasn’t been performing badly enough for there to be a leadership change.

  9. When questioned about the timing of the election the PM mentioned talking with the independents before Xmas. I can assume that the conversation wasn’t only with them.

    I think these resignations were planned and the PM informed long before today. Having been bought forward they will certainly take Craig Thomson off the front page.

    In my veiw, the resignations of Roxon, McClelland and Evans are shiny little baubles thrown into the sandbox to amuse the children, because shiny new things take up so much of their attention.

    It’s another subtle long game move by The PM and her advisors.

  10. The OM has no idea what is happening.

    ATM they are running around like chooks grabbing at anything.

    I think it is funny to watch the OM when they are rattled.

    The PM has constantly been on top of the OM, She destroyed them with Bob Carr, with the election date etc etc etc and is doing it again.

    The presser tomorrow will be interesting.

    Both Roxon and Evans are strong and loyal labor to the core.

    Perhaps a presser with the PM and both of them ?

  11. Just watched Lateline – thought David Bradbury did a good job considering the two issues delivered from left field (Evans and Sheldon). Christopher Pyne was as obnoxious as ever. Great to hear questions being put re Ashby/Brough and the Rares judgement. Emma is much more even handed than the sneering Tony. Now, I need a soothing nightcap and the Pub’s closed!

  12. thank you bk
    the article re Andrew west and values,

    lovley writing,, o i dream of more like this

  13. well if there is talk of who now replaced sen, evans,
    of course the pm has known for some time,

    and yes we can count, i know how many times
    the mentione new senator has been in parliement
    and i live no where near w a

  14. was b g aroung when in your time

    i am mused at that suggestion, re treasurer

    yes andrew west, very good ,i agree with his thoughts about the pm

    mr carlton misses out on my usuall sat , email this week.[smi

    so are you presently in aust,
    london or paris,

    you do confuse me ,,,, well i am stillhere
    your travelling life reminds me of the adventures of the

  15. i amm not a bit shocked at peopl stepping down and leaving\
    there is NO big drama in any of this,
    its people getting on with their personal lives,

    the media people dont ever seem to leave the media and when they do they go to other media,
    sports people well some step up to hold a microphone, so they dont really leave .

    but most people do get on with other things,

    so what,
    thats life
    o i did forget the abbotts front bench have not they been sitting in the same
    spots since 2007

  16. The Archer, C@tmomma, Doyley, Ian,

    Here I am, up way too early for a Saturday, all because Nicola Roxon’s retirement pierced my sleep-fogged brain.

    My initial reaction was shock. Then, why? And my initial thought was – a potentially life-threatening condition …

    While I would much prefer the High Court possibility, nobody apart from Dyson Heydon is due to retire soon – within months – and his replacement – Patrick Keane – has already been announced. Ken Hayne and Susan Crennan go in 2015. I suppose it’s possible that Ms Crennan may go early – she has not been in the best of health.

    Sabra Lane got her usual dig of “rats deserting” in before (of course) putting the contrary position (balance, dear, balance …) that the retirements could also be seen as giving new ministers time to find their feet.

    Eh bien, as usual we shall see what we shall see.

    Going to get some coffee. Back in about 15 minutes.

  17. Forget the High Court theory. Dyson Heydon retires in March but his replacement – Patrick Keane – was announced last November. So unless one of the esteemed members falls off their perch unexpectedly the next retirement isn’t until 2015.

  18. I’d also have to say that Ms Roxon doesn’t have the legal experience to make the High Court grade, so I now regard that possibility as being vanishingly remote. There are far better candidates around.

  19. PPvO was putting the most ridiculous slant on the retirements last night. All the usual tripe – ‘A big blow for Gillard’, ‘Labor in disarray’ and a whole lot of Ruddstoration.

    Why is it that the OM are unable to move on? Everything that happens, no matter how big or how trivial, simply has to be a sure sign that Rudd has the numbers. I’m so sick of it..

  20. Leone,

    The only positive that I’m drawing from news of the retirements is a personal one: it’s got me out of bed early on the day when darling daughter is coming home for a month. I need to make sure that the House Elf (from now on HE) sweeps the kitchen and vacuums my study before her return 😀

  21. Joe6p…I ‘spose you got my race details….I’ll just ask if you could hold off placing the bet till the exact moment that the shadow of venus passes the equinox of the centrifugal sphere of the second ring of saturn…… see…I got a system!

  22. Abbott’s statement that he would keep his shadow ministry intact is pure GOLD!
    I can see the ads now.
    “Just imagine this lady (the Puff Adder) as Minister for Innovation, Industry and Science”.
    “Just imagine this man (Barnaby Joyce) as Minister for Regional Development, Local Government and Water”.
    “Just imagine this woman (Mesma) as Minister foer Foreign Affairs and Trade”.
    “Just imagine this man (Truzzzzz) as Minister for Infrastructure and Transport”.
    “Just imagine this man (Erica Betz) as Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations”.
    “Just imagine these steady hands (Cormann) as Minsiter for Finance”.
    Just imagine this ineffectual man (Babyface Dutton) as Minister fopr Health and Ageing”.
    Just imagine this fossil (Kevin Andrews) as Minister for Families, Housing and Human Services”.

    And the list could go on and on!

  23. Listening to Pain last night on Lateline shooting his mouth off..I am hoping that their cockyness boxes them in a corner on policy and arrogance and they fail to keep their powder dry for the big battle.
    Lets face it…the PM. is head and shoulders above the “roads scholar”, so I suspect she has his moves pegged already.
    In my experience in an arguement with women, just when you think you’ve shot off that “killer-line” (that you’ve been rehearsing in your mind), she will casually dismiss the point with a metaphorical wave of the hand and then proceed to “left-field’ you with some damn logic or other that leaves you breathless and strategically retreating to the shed!
    The only thing the LNP. has going for it is the complete backing of the OM.
    I think the PM. will have to deal with the ABC. with extreme prejudice!

  24. The only reason the OM are going on about shock news is because they knew nothing about it and had no idea what was about to happen.

    Once again a big fail.

    If the changes to cabinet are decided and the Pm announces them today then this has not happened overnight.

    Both Mr Evans and Ms Roxon would have told the PM of their intentions a while ago and all this is the PM taking advantage of that.

    This is nothing more than a cabinet reshuffle as the election year begins.

    The right time to do it.

    The OM are a joke.

    I love watching them pretending they have any idea.

    All is good.

  25. fiona

    ‘I’d also have to say that Ms Roxon doesn’t have the legal experience to make the High Court grade’

    Federal/Family Crt, Melbourne Registry more likely.

  26. Good Morning Jittery Kittens! 🙂
    Tony’s going to look like a dork wailing and gnashing his teeth about the Cabinet changes with all the dead wood sitting behind him on the Opposition Front Bench. 😉

    Like I said to geekrulz last night on Twitter when all this was breaking, after he commented that this PM plays a mean game of Chess. ‘Au Contraire’, said I, she plays a mean game of ‘Go’. She is inscrutable. 😀

  27. BK,
    There’s a nice line in ‘Compare and Contrast’ ads just begging to be made highlighting the ‘experience’ of the Howard Years B Team, and the whip-smart A Team on the Gillard Front Bench.

  28. Anyone know yet what time the Press Conference is scheduled for? #1 Son wants me to watch ‘Rage’ with him on ABC1. It’s a family tradition. 🙂

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