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Was an election called this week?

Yes according to all the media.

No according to the person who made the announcement.


Was Tony Abbott running a mini-campaign?

Yes according to the media then No as election campaigns are destabilising according to the libs.


Does any of this matter?

Yes it does 99% of the time but not now because it’s your favorite time of your week at ” THE PUB’


You know the rules pick 3 numbers 1-100 at 6.oo pm qld time or to make it easier for you supposedly intelligent people 7.00pm AEDST.

Draw will be around 7.00pm QLD TIME,8.00pm SILLY DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME.

The prize is either a quick pick sat.night lotto ticket or  for the horse doggie people a $7 pick on any race you wish.

Last week haveachat collected $20.60 on lotto and asked me to donate it to a charity Thank you.

What I have decided is if you win and want the collect which you are entitled to I will send you a check.

If you wish the winnings to be donated to a charity I will pool the money in a separate account and at the end of the year we will do a ‘polldaddy’ poll and decide who will get the donation from all of us at ‘The PUB”

Enjoy Have Fun Stay Safe

332 thoughts on “FRIDAY NIGHT RAFFLES

  1. Joe
    My apprentice has just won another race at MValley. I have just got off the phone to his dad – he was rugging up all their horses.

  2. Get ready for some newly minted bulldust from the OM tomorrow over who will become leader of the senate in Evans’ place. It will probably be Conroy, but the OM will run crap about ‘Labor insiders’ leaking that the PM wanted someone else, that she was over-ruled and her leadership is in tatters, that she offended some nameless senator who wanted the spot blah blah blah. All lies of course, but you can bet it will be all over everything.

  3. aquaire i wonder is there any thing we could read on line
    re the charter can the minister have a say

  4. victoria,
    Why would Chris Evans resign from Cabinet and NOT the Senate?
    He hasn’t been doing a bad job in his portfolio and seemed to be enjoying it.

  5. so sen evans been there 20 years,

    i dont blame him time to spend with famiy

    before they all leave home

  6. What TLBD said, Joe. You’d have to ask Scott about that. He thought it was a great idea. My suspicion is that it was a nice cover for putting ‘commercial’ pressure of journalists and presenters. The idea being to create the impression the ratings = relevance, and that therefore the measure of the ABC’s success would be ratings.

    Of course, the only way to chase ratings is to go downmarket, and that is what they have done. He’s got them competing with the commercial networks on news content now.

    I’m not saying I agree with it. I’m not even saying it makes any sense. But I am saying that’s what he’s doing. The upshot of it has been to give Murdoch a voice on the national broadcaster. And, as we can see, to dictate content.

  7. No wonder John Lennon never kicked on.
    Rail out 3 mtrs at the Heath tomorrow and Nellie has a trot around after R4.

  8. Early – Last before I go: My cousins own the farm and still do as far as I know.

    The Festival was yet another of their money making schemes after suburban development was refused.

    Pat still lives there I think and the wine making there also seems to be over.

  9. Here’s the Jon Faine/Michael Smith/Mark Baker interview that is causing the angst. It was conducted at the end of last year before the last week of parliament:

    [audio src="" /]

    Obviously a complaint was made by the interviewees.

  10. And –
    Eliza Borrello ‏@ElizaBorrello

    The PM & Chris Evans will hold a press conf in Canberra tomorrow announcing he’s quitting his portfolios immed & parl in 2mths #auspol

  11. Apparently Chris Evans is sick of the travel from WA. Now is the time to go if you’re going to go. So there you go!

    ‘Alannah McTiernan for the Senate!’

  12. from James J at the other place

    “Tomorrow’s Telegraph.

    THE senior Sydney Labor cabinet minister sacked last year by Julia Gillard after he backed Kevin Rudd for the leadership is being considered for a top judicial post by the NSW government.
    Former attorney-general Robert McClelland, who had been eyeing a future federal appointment to the bench before he was dumped, has now turned to the O’Farrell government for a possible life after politics.
    An appointment of Mr McClelland to the bench has the potential to spark a possible by-election in his western Sydney seat of Barton if he took up the post before September. ”

    The LNP will try anything to get into government before September – and how vindictive is McClelland likely to be?

  13. halloweenjack,
    The LNP will try anything to get into government before September – and how vindictive is McClelland likely to be?

    He would find it a very cold and lonely life on the Bench. As did Jeff Shaw.
    He certainly wouldn’t be welcome in Labor circles any more if he helped bring down the government. Why should he be?

    He was vindictive and leaked Cabinet Documents when he was dumped from the AG position by JGPM, and that was bad enough, but if he brought the government down and caused them to be banished to the political wilderness then ‘persona non grata’ would not be the only thing he would be called.

  14. Why the hell is everything reported through a Ruddstoration lense?

    And why has Sheldon come out now to bag Labor? Bloody hell, STFU. We don’t need this in an election year.

    I hope Newspoll isn’t a shocker this Sunday.

  15. Cross post. Is this correct?

    McClelland only has to stay in parliament until about late April to prevent a bye-election.

  16. “McClelland only has to stay in parliament until about late April to prevent a bye-election.”

    Probably correct but if he does leave early it takes away a vote from the good guys.

  17. How by-election dates are chosen –

    The Speaker has the call. There are no specific time limits on when a by-election must be held, it’s just supposed to be as soon as possible. In an election year a Speaker could decide to just hold off until the full election. That’s where the ‘any time after April’ thing comes in.

    Anyone else think that O’Barell has been told to offer McClelland a job with a very short window for taking up the position? It’s so very obvious.

  18. victoria
    Who knows. We don’t even know if there has been a real offer or will be, it’s probably just Uncle Rupert’s underlings having a stir. Something to add to their ‘Labor in disarray’ spiel.

  19. leonetwo

    It was posted on PB by James J. Usually he posts stuff that has some real implications

  20. Labor still has the ability to offer judicial positions to the Federal Court, doesn’t it? Plus other positions which attract a good salary. I mean, the Liberals sent Amanda Vanstone to Italy, fcs!

  21. c@tmomma

    PMJG and Sen Evans are having a presser tomorrow. Perhaps she will be asked about McClelland.

  22. I’m sure something tasty will be offered to Mr M. If it wasn’t already in the pipeline it will be by tomorrow morning.

    btw C@tmomma, I loved the Roxy Music clip, it’s one of my favourites.

    I’m off now. Here’s some late night music for whoever is still propping up the bar.

  23. @vanOnselenP: No one should think that Chris Evans will be the only resignation from cabinet in the next 24 hours…I assure you.

  24. Ryan ‏@genericleftist

    Tele reports Justine Elliott to be dropped, Bowen to get Higher Ed, O’Connor to take over Immigration. #auspol

  25. No one should think that Chris Evans will be the only resignation from cabinet in the next 24 hours…I assure you.

    Bloody nora!

    Not M’arn! 😀

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