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Was an election called this week?

Yes according to all the media.

No according to the person who made the announcement.


Was Tony Abbott running a mini-campaign?

Yes according to the media then No as election campaigns are destabilising according to the libs.


Does any of this matter?

Yes it does 99% of the time but not now because it’s your favorite time of your week at ” THE PUB’


You know the rules pick 3 numbers 1-100 at 6.oo pm qld time or to make it easier for you supposedly intelligent people 7.00pm AEDST.

Draw will be around 7.00pm QLD TIME,8.00pm SILLY DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME.

The prize is either a quick pick sat.night lotto ticket or  for the horse doggie people a $7 pick on any race you wish.

Last week haveachat collected $20.60 on lotto and asked me to donate it to a charity Thank you.

What I have decided is if you win and want the collect which you are entitled to I will send you a check.

If you wish the winnings to be donated to a charity I will pool the money in a separate account and at the end of the year we will do a ‘polldaddy’ poll and decide who will get the donation from all of us at ‘The PUB”

Enjoy Have Fun Stay Safe

332 thoughts on “FRIDAY NIGHT RAFFLES

  1. I have been lurking for a bit and not up to date with all of the posters but am now posting because this is a good site.
    Denese, if i may be a little forward in addressing a lady, were you My Say in another life?

  2. doyleym
    As another life long Qlder

    You are spot on about the privatization. They knew what they were going to do and they took the people for granted.

  3. My nephew turned up with paella for Ciara and I half and hour ago.

    Nice – we’ve just finished being ‘face-down’ in it.

  4. victoria,

    I saw that as well.

    While I have no doubt that labor has issues in NSW I still think journos such as Keane et al base their 8 month predictions on group think rather than actually being on the ground in those electorates.

    Carbon pricing was toxic to labor last year and would result in the defeat of the government etc etc yet polling came back to approx 52-48.

    As I said lots of work to do but back pocket issues will be the issue not what the Canberra group think press gallery come up with.

    BTW the caucus and candidates are meeting in Canberra this weekend to discuss the year ahead. George Wright to set out the plan for the next 8 months.

    That will be interesting.

    Always positive.


  5. BB – sounds eleventy plus 4, eleventy minus 3 and eleventy x 5 -2

    Being a mathematical type of chap Earlyopener, you would know that comes to:


    Joe will pitch in the extra gold coin to make it $7-Eleventy and I will provide the beers and the steaks, BUT ONLY if Julia Gillard introduces a New Eleventy Tax On Everything to pay for the Qld. floods, thus destroying Mateship and The Australian Way.

    What could be fairer than that?

  6. foreverjanice

    As much as we would like it sooner or later our chosen political party will be voted out of office.
    That’s a good thing to happen.

    Labor won 1 too many elections in qld just like what happened in NSW. and Howard.
    The get tired,lazy arrogant and the people see this.

    We do live in a democracy and govt’s change .
    Better than living in a country when the people in charge never change.

  7. We are watching The Sapphires in beautiful Big Screen Cinemascope tonight, in precisely the way the Director intended.

    Where are you Kezza2?

    Don’t screw up another movie for me again.

  8. This little black duck – my punting would want to be better than my numerology. Can one eat numbers?

  9. Tlbd – It was Pieta (his OH) doing paella that had us enthralled. (How she managed it with 4 walking and very active children 6 ans and under swirling around her is a mystery).

    A very decent first try at it.

  10. ‘6 ans and under’

    Whoops – a bit of my mongrel Fratalian crept in there: 6 years and under!

  11. Just popping over from the coal face on my break – 20, 61, 51 please. And a flat white and chicken salad roll to go please. Beer o’clock is midnight for me tonight.

  12. Joe.
    I’ll have 76, 37 and 19 if possible.
    Talking of good looking celebs, I met Elle Macpherson when she was about 22. A hell of a good sort! Also saw Naomie XCampbell in Paris about 5 years ago, her limo drove up to the kerb about 5 meters from where I was standing waiting for a friend, you could hear Naomie screeching and swearing 20 meters before the car stopped. One look at her eyes and I was convinced that she is absolutely mad.

  13. The National Party were in power for 32 years straight in Queensland either in Coalition with the Libs or in government in their own right.

    They even scraped in another 2 years under Rob Borbridge when the Unions did Wayne Goss in.

    The ETU and CFMEU campaigned against Anna Bligh for over 2 years. The LNP didn’t have to do anything more than fall or cruise into government.

    The Labor movement can be its worst enemy sometimes. Look what happened in Tasmania in 1996!

  14. Tlbd – As I told Joe last night I think it won’t be possible for me.

    Less than 2 weeks to the end day even tho’ it’s a Sunday.

    Over there they’ll be working and I have to umpire from here as best I can.

    A couple of days later I’ll be gone from here for a while.

  15. Joe6pack,

    The deeper I go into my dotage, the more I believe our democratic system is serving us poorly.

    It is not a good thing to have a party in government too long because, as you point out, they become lazy and arrogant and even corrupt.

    However, it is also not good when a new government is given carte blanche to do as it pleases because it is human nature to abuse that power.

    When the country and its people are denied factual information by a media which suppresses the voice of one party and pushes blatant lies and misinformation from the other, we are a country in trouble.

    When people like Slipper and Thomson can be vilified and crucified by parliamentary colleagues and are denied due process and the presumption of innocence, we are a nation in trouble.

  16. Hello Kambah Mick
    The most all round attractive female I have ever stood next to was Belinda Green.
    A few lengths behind was an ex partner Rachel, mother of Holly Valance.

  17. Friends..let me first say..; “Ask the boys in the back-room what they’ll have!?”
    I’ll have a punt on the ponies.

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