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Was an election called this week?

Yes according to all the media.

No according to the person who made the announcement.


Was Tony Abbott running a mini-campaign?

Yes according to the media then No as election campaigns are destabilising according to the libs.


Does any of this matter?

Yes it does 99% of the time but not now because it’s your favorite time of your week at ” THE PUB’


You know the rules pick 3 numbers 1-100 at 6.oo pm qld time or to make it easier for you supposedly intelligent people 7.00pm AEDST.

Draw will be around 7.00pm QLD TIME,8.00pm SILLY DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME.

The prize is either a quick pick sat.night lotto ticket or  for the horse doggie people a $7 pick on any race you wish.

Last week haveachat collected $20.60 on lotto and asked me to donate it to a charity Thank you.

What I have decided is if you win and want the collect which you are entitled to I will send you a check.

If you wish the winnings to be donated to a charity I will pool the money in a separate account and at the end of the year we will do a ‘polldaddy’ poll and decide who will get the donation from all of us at ‘The PUB”

Enjoy Have Fun Stay Safe

332 thoughts on “FRIDAY NIGHT RAFFLES

  1. left – Have never seem but good on TV sometimes.

    Sabrina El Ahl (ex-DW news reader) went to uni with my daughter and visited the London flat a few times.

  2. TLBD,

    No 1843 left – some greedy so-and-so scoffed it.


    I’m sure you realise that I was using it in its slang version.


    Your wellwishers here and elsewhere will be hoping for a speedy recovery.


    That’s an excellent plan.

    Mine Host,

    If they haven’t already been snaffled, may I please have 37, 41, and 96?

  3. Goodo, Joe.
    Was waiting, to be polite and all. I’ll have 4, 7 and 47 please.
    Oh, and a glass of your best bubbles, thanks.

  4. Joe
    Do you know what 3 numbers paid at Wangaratta today in R7 and all in the market – $370. Actually 2 numbers because 1 of them picked itself.

  5. Joe, I also really like the idea of saving up any winnings that people don’t want to claim for an annual donation to a worthy cause.

  6. janice thats how i feel to

    i sort of said that to my counsin,,, and she said

    well i didnt vote for cando,

    she feels they will be years with him as it will be hard to convince rusted on liberals to ever change, then there was the labor voter who she thinks
    where just sending a message, not realising every one esle was to.

    i do fear it could happen here.


    on another note, i would of liked to have said to one of the labor regular
    posters over there . not to rule us out allready, andrew i think it was
    lots could happen, a few chickens could come home to rooste
    as this has not been an ordinary three years,
    the libs, have so many unfinished things


    did any of u see the beautiful painting of Julia,

  7. Joe – busy Friday night and you have been dumped in it again. Serving drinks and selling raffle tickets one out.
    And looking at your dog, he has missed out on a walk.

  8. Actually, selling raffle tickets is one of the ALP’s most honoured traditions. In our branch, I have just had the privilege of being the raffle person bestowed upon me

  9. Denese,
    It is funny, don’t you think, that pretty well no one will admit to voting for Cando? Voters always chuck the baby out with the bathwater because for some reason or other they feel hard done by and then wonder why they have to suffer the consequences.

  10. leftrightout
    Don’t let botox Abbott know he might kidnapped you seeing there has been another flood up north.

  11. foreverjanice

    Labor won 1 too many elections in Qld.
    They had been in office a long time and made too many mistakes/arrogant in their last term.

  12. I wish to permanently reserve 15, 8 and 53.

    I am prepared to pay a premium for this privilege.

    Joe, another round for the bar, on the house!

  13. Joe6pack,
    I have been buying soup bones for Paddy but the price of them (skinned chuck bones) $5.95 kg pisses me off. I sent two prime steers to market a couple of weeks ago because the buggers were pinching milk from freshly calved cows. I knew it would be a bad market but was still put out when all my son got for them was $1.60kg.

  14. LeftRight Out 5.38,
    On being close to celebrities:
    Years ago my wife and I took our 3 children to Royal Easter Show in Sydney ( at old Moore park site ).
    We were in one of the pavillions when a team of men in suits and dark sunnies came in and started to inspect the watermelons or whatever. Wife and I ” What the hell is this?”
    Princess Anne came in (obviously looking for moi).
    What an attractive lady!
    Photos etc did her no justice at all. For some reason those long features that dominated photos did not reflect the true appearance.

  15. Apparently on the Drum tonight, Bernard Keane called fhe federal election for the coalition because NSW is toxic for Labor

  16. ‘I wish to permanently reserve 15, 8 and 53.’
    BB – sounds eleventy plus 4, eleventy minus 3 and eleventy x 5 -2
    Is this your reasoning? Especially as you hailed ‘Joe’
    And hang the house!

  17. joe6 pack,

    excuse me for butting in on your discussion with janice but as a life long Queenslander and labor voter I have to agree with you.

    Many stupid decisions were made that I cannot still understand but the decision to privatize so soon after the election was the first and worst.

    That decision set the whole anti labor agenda for the 3 year term and after it labor had no chance.

  18. Joe6pack,
    Yes I know Labor were in office up there too long. However, voters ought to look before they leap – when they turn on their party en masse all they do is end up giving the other side carte blanche to do as they please. I can never understand how Cando was elected over a good rep who had worked very hard for her constituents.

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