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Was an election called this week?

Yes according to all the media.

No according to the person who made the announcement.


Was Tony Abbott running a mini-campaign?

Yes according to the media then No as election campaigns are destabilising according to the libs.


Does any of this matter?

Yes it does 99% of the time but not now because it’s your favorite time of your week at ” THE PUB’


You know the rules pick 3 numbers 1-100 at 6.oo pm qld time or to make it easier for you supposedly intelligent people 7.00pm AEDST.

Draw will be around 7.00pm QLD TIME,8.00pm SILLY DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME.

The prize is either a quick pick sat.night lotto ticket or  for the horse doggie people a $7 pick on any race you wish.

Last week haveachat collected $20.60 on lotto and asked me to donate it to a charity Thank you.

What I have decided is if you win and want the collect which you are entitled to I will send you a check.

If you wish the winnings to be donated to a charity I will pool the money in a separate account and at the end of the year we will do a ‘polldaddy’ poll and decide who will get the donation from all of us at ‘The PUB”

Enjoy Have Fun Stay Safe

332 thoughts on “FRIDAY NIGHT RAFFLES

  1. Embargoed until 1900 AESDT (I will be going out shortly).
    53, 83, 1 – all primes again.
    Next week I’ll start using the Fibonacci series.

  2. Get me drunk enough and I may reveal some details of the flirtatious mad monks visit to Western Victoria last year. Not one journalist in on this one. Incredible.

  3. To put it mildly, it looks like a major stuff-up in Queensland by Newman.

    Costello told him he could just sack front line maintenance staff and make a pot of money from it.

    Newman probably believed all that “once in a hundred years” business, too. After all, the Earth is getting cooler, we all know that.

    Queensland voters will be starting to figure out that there are consequences from wielding the baseball bat. Serious consequences indeed, like No Extra Money For Ungrateful Whingeing Bastards.

    They whinged so much about how the hated Gillard “Destroyed mateship” by introducing the Flood Levy, and now they’re calling for government assistance. Let ’em do a bit more whistling before you give in Julia. A grovel and a toe-lick from Newman might help too.

    Of course, after moaning that the Queensland government under Labor hadn’t taken out sufficient (or was it “any”?) insurance, I’d love to see how much “Can-Do” has signed up for. Nothing, I’ll bet.

    The question arises as to just how many times Queensland has to be bailed by taxpayers in other states out before Banana Benders realize sausage sizzles and gold coin donations don’t cut it when half a state is wiped out regularly.

    Abbott didn’t help much either. After a gruelling ONE sandbag effort (in a suit!) he warned against “new taxes” the other day – a new Flood Levy I guess was the charge. This would have been just the encouragement Gillard needed to open the purse strings. NOT.

    Thank you Tony, you idiot… although if Queenslanders get angry enough, I’d like to see him vote against Flood Levy Mk-II, if it comes up, and give reasons why… real reasons, not bullshit references back to the Howard Golden Age. I’d also like to see him call any future LEvy a “Cash splash”. Some splash.

    The Queensland voters have to be taught a lesson: if you want to get out the baseball bats, expect a few king hits in return. Be careful what you wish for, it’s name is “Campbell Newman”.

    It’s other name is Tony Abbott.

    Let’s see whether people in Bundaberg care more about Craig Thomson or Peter Slipper, or Whether She Lied than they do about fetching their homes back onto their foundations from where they washed up half a mile down the creek without any wherewithal to do it.

  4. ‘Can I take Maeve O’Meara home?’

    I saw her at a cooking demonstration a few years ago.

    Even better in the flesh.

  5. BK, in the over 35s we had the running joke that it took 7 days to get over a game. Fortunately, we only played every 7 days

  6. Tlbd – I sat and watched the radar.

    It was headed directly at us until about 5ml from Hall and then swerved S-SW.

  7. TLBD,

    … Krug? I wonder if there is still any 1843 around.

    Fishie has arrived – will let you know a bit later.

  8. That should have said 8 kilometres (spending time in the UK has totally stuffed me up on Imperial and Metric).

    Always wrong where ever I am (on everything)!

  9. Fiona
    Unfortunately I’m on the humble James Boag circa 2013 – too late for bubbles now. 10 of these and I still don’t blow a candle out.
    Never too old to learn something – ‘scads’

  10. fiona

    ‘Do you think a few quick lessons on how to tell the time might help?’

    Working to UK office hours has stuffed me up on that too – the phone rings and the computer beeps to tell me I was supposed to be doing a video conference an hour ago, time after time..

    I’ll get well again after March.

  11. I’ll just lower the tone a bit ( no pun intended) and have another of my draft beer home brew. Tastes like s–t but I love it.
    On a political note doesn’t Tones makeover look awful?
    The next step will be for cameras to have on a filter to hide the plastic look that he’s got.

  12. You’re right BB. Cando felt secure in the thought that the 2011 Q’ld floods and cyclone wouldn’t happen again for years. Now he’s finding out what it is like to be in charge when his people suffer the wrath of mother nature.

    I felt so sad for them up there in 2011 and dug into my meagre pensioner income to donate. Then I became furious when they all began to winge and whine when no-one had a magic wand to restore the damage after 6 months and decided that next time I’d hang on to my donations to give to the volunteer fireys on a regular basis.

    I see and hear their pain but they put their faith in Cando and so let them rely on him.

  13. Black Duck ( I’ve shot plenty on the Cow Swamp ) –

    If you sort of understand why (perfect Swahili) could you share the explanation?

  14. CTar1, 2 years ago, I was standing 2 metres away from Jennifer Aniston .Drop dead gorgeous!!

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