Friday Frivolity at the PUB

The Pub

In our esteemed Publican’s absence on his mission of mercy – braving the wild weather and the rotten roads – I declare Friday Night Frivolities open.

Enjoy yourselves in the PUB’s unequalled ambience, remember that our bar and cellar have never yet been found wanting, exchange badinage with the saucy staff, and lap up the music, the stories, the videos …

The traditional FRIDAY NIGHT RAFFLE will begin around 7.00pm AEDT (goodness how this will work in Joe6Pack’s absence – but we will do our best), and will be drawn approx 8.00pm AEDT.

As always, name your three favourite numbers (1 – 100 both inclusive) and remember, first in best dressed.

And oh, beHAVE …


________________________________________________________________________________________________________I may just add


Good evening loyal patrons and magnificent co-workers.

What a week!

PMJG blindsided everybody again by announcing Nova Peris will enter parliament as Australia’s First elected Indigenous senator, to much cries of derision by sooks,losers,whinges,wankers,wankettes  and other assorted members of what passes for our elite Msm journalists.

Mad man the lying truckstunter Tony Abbott has announced he will go on a mini election campaign next week  to howls of approval by many psychopaths,idiots suckers,suckeruppers ,fawning brain-dead  janissaries and other assorted members of what passes for our elite msm journalists.

Rain is pouring down in QLD. while other parts of our great land are burning.

Tommorow is Australia day where Proud Aussies will fly their Chinese made flags on their Korean built cars and then get drunk and abuse Chinese and Koreans.

To all of this is I say a great big PPFFFFTTTT  because its ‘RAFFLE NIGHT’.

Now for the benefit of  new patrons and for other people who for the life I me I cannot understand what is so hard about the rules .

At 6.00pm QLD TIME  The raffle will open (I will announce when it is 6.00pm in Qld to help some of you who have started early on the friday night drinks,lucky buggers)

Request your 3 numbers between 1 and 100. First in first served . If your number is taken you can request another but a maximum of 3 numbers per person.

The draw will be held at 7.00pm again Qld time (in case some of you thought you only has 1 second to ask for your numbers)

Again I will determine when it is 7.00pm in QLd. I hopefully would have had a few drinks by then.

The Prize will be announced at the time of the draw or soon after.

Enjoy yourself, welcome to new patrons, join in the fun let drinks be had,stories told,music discussed and lets hope everyone who is stuck in the floods gets home safe shortly.

Happy Australia Day Tommorow.

780 thoughts on “Friday Frivolity at the PUB

  1. C@tmomma,

    [ scorpio,
    If you don’t hear from me again, this is what I fear might happen: ]




    “NATE Silver, the blogger and political forecaster who accurately predicted the outcome of the US presidential election in all 50 states, expects there to be a change of government in Australia this year.
    However, he argues that opinion polls are only predictively significant closer to an election.”

    Has anyone been able to access the full article?

    It would be interesting to see how much of a twist with forward pike The Australian has employed to arrive at the “Coalition WILL win” title to the article.

  3. Joe – I drove up to KSA recently and behaviour of most of the the trucks is simply unseemly.

    Heading through Marulan the ‘race’ up the hill is just skate hockey as the ‘flicked through’ join with the even more determined ‘been inspected’ on their way north.

    It’s just as bad coming back.

    A scary 5 minutes.

  4. Oh, I don’t doubt your acceptance of climate changr…you’d have to be a Liberal voter to doubt that!….But I’d show a bit of caution in believing these current weather events are “normal’….With the Pacific ocean warming and the Indian ocean warming AND the Aussie continent blisteringly hot..that’s and awful lot of loose energy floating around out there!

  5. CTar2

    Marulan like most other RTA inspection stations is poorly designed.

    Most Truck drivers are professional and courteous on the roads,you will always get the bad eggs.

    A lot of the problems is car drivers not understanding how large heavy trucks are driven.
    They take a long time to get up to speed and a long time to stop.
    If a hill is coming up and you think the truck is getting a bit close to you he is probably trying to keep the speed and revs up.50 tons and more is a slog going up mountains.

    Everyone has to share the roads and a bit of understanding from both sides should be encouraged.

  6. I was really concerned about the Coalition’s economic credentials already, and more so when I had a look at that booklet. Lots of fluff, nothing concrete about what they actually intend to do. Motherhood statements, in the main.

    But that was before I noticed the little stamp they’d mocked up. It says “Fully Costed, Funded”. It doesn’t say who costed it, or how it’s funded. But there’s a little blue box at the end of the pamphlet that says they always manage budgets responsibly. Gee whiz, that’s good enough for me.

    You should always read the fine print before you sign up for anything. But the Coalition are changing all that, they’re holding the fine print back as a nice surprise for us later on.

  7. we are not voting for two
    people we dont vote for preseidents in this country

    we vote for many people , over there is only one or the other

    it facinates me that the make up of their houses have nothing to do with who
    is preseident.
    here of course it does matter

    but would like some input from an expert here
    regarding that story.

  8. I’ve had a first. I have a facebook account and I usually scroll past the usual Gillard bashing but it got a bit much for me today as there were two, the 1st re. Citizen day/ Australia Day then the downgrading of Anzac Day. I commented on both wtte it was crap and was told that I had been in the bush too long. Big mistake, he got both barrels, so I’m waiting for the fallout, I might have one less friend. No big loss.

  9. What’s this!?..ABC. 24 running promos’ for Tony Abbott!!!…What sort of shite is this?…..
    How long does this go on for?….C’mon Conroy…do your job…purge the lot start at the top!

  10. Did any of you see that?…ABC. news 24 ran the Tony Abbott promo W/complimentry editing for a couple of minutes…What are those bastards up to on OUR ABC.?

  11. Saw Cambell Newman shitting himself with the poetic justice flooding his way! Now HE wants the Army in, now HE wants the volunteers in, now HE DOESN”T want to commit to paying for anything!…..calling for thr “mud army” to do the heavy lifting……Where’s the levy, Can Do?

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