Friday Night Frolics

The Pub

Another week  of 2013 has gone and it’s time for Friday night frolics.

Soak in the genial atmosphere,have a drink, marvel at our magnificent staff,share stories,post pictures,play your favorite tunes.

FRIDAY NIGHT RAFFLES  will begin around 6.00pm, (I will let you know when) and be drawn about 7.00pm. “QLD.TIME”

Ask for your favorite  3 numbers between 1-100. First in first served.

All are welcome to join in.



850 thoughts on “Friday Night Frolics

  1. The time ‘as come
    the walrus said to
    speak of many thingz

    of pubsnclubz n beers
    an packets of cheesy things
    the yarns an spats andribbles
    on chins

    these are some of my favourite

    footy work sweat and laughin
    swearin and bluein
    pool game playin while cricket

    I remember some of my favourite things

    and no,

    it’s my turn to sing and recite and if they want to play pool they’ll just have to shoot around me.

  2. PTMD,

    A pint of Guinness, please. And a packet of chips.

    At least you didn’t call them ‘Crisps’! 😀

    Now, if you want, I’ll play you a song. And the song is?…

  3. Oh, shit, bum, basket

    I missed out, not that I would have picked 23, but that doesn’t matter, it’s the principle that counts.

    You’re just a bunch of


  4. 14, 96, 64.

    Here’s something new for all you oldies. Have faith in 21st century music – don’t think that what plays on the radio is all there is. Quality is still out there.

  5. I’ll have a Pimms thanks, with tonic not lemonade. and lots of ice.
    i’m just going to sit here quietly for a while, just enjoying the music.

  6. nnnn not only that ol mate yere me best mate… fair dinks mate yaar everytime I have beer wiff you I feel better bout shit y’know what I,m talkin bout only time eiver of us has an in talg intalac inteelectooal talk is in here on Fridee noight…anyway I’m pissed up, talked out and wobbly booted…see ya termorra….g’night.

  7. J6P

    And her was I thinking that you were religiously folding over 100 of those little raffle tickets, putting them all into a hat (or similar scrabble-type receptacle) and letting one of the kids draw a number out.

    Still, spose we’ve gotta move with the digital times.

  8. kezza2,

    We’re handling the heat here OK. Keeping our birds cool is a big job though. Gotta keep spraying water on them and changing their water often.

    I feel sure my daughter, her partner & young Eli will be feeling it though. They arrived at their new home for the next 3 years or so yesterday evening.

    The mean summer temperature there is something like 44.2c according to BOM. They do have 5 aircon units in the house though and other than the bother of the elec bill, I expect they will make good use of them.

    Young Eli is going great. He is over his expected normal birth weight for this time and has a pretty good appetite. We thoroughly enjoyed having them here over the X-mas/New Year period and are missing them already.

    Thank you for asking and sorry to be so long replying. It gets a bit busy here at times. 😉

  9. i am here now .went to sleep over a glass , mind u just one glass of

    bk re the cricket,, don’t u think the crowd would be upset that the game didn’t last long.

  10. sorry Joe6

    I was watching kd


    I have no doubt you write the numbers down, I just imagined you doing the draw differently. S’all.

  11. Don’t know what happened there, so I’ll try again.

    Good to hear. Scorps.
    That all is quiet on the western front.

    and only because I can’t see what the hell I’m writing here.
    The box won’t expand.

    Also, any of you peeps read “Breath” by Tim Winton?

  12. I do.

    And I think the blokes in the bar at Y&J’s were just a bunch of perves, quite frankly, who loved a joke a female’s expense. Bit like the Coalition and Larry Pickering today. No class, all arse. Tres boringment.

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