Friday Night Frolics

The Pub

Another week  of 2013 has gone and it’s time for Friday night frolics.

Soak in the genial atmosphere,have a drink, marvel at our magnificent staff,share stories,post pictures,play your favorite tunes.

FRIDAY NIGHT RAFFLES  will begin around 6.00pm, (I will let you know when) and be drawn about 7.00pm. “QLD.TIME”

Ask for your favorite  3 numbers between 1-100. First in first served.

All are welcome to join in.



850 thoughts on “Friday Night Frolics

  1. Hello PUB dwellers,
    As I understand it, we’re now past Q’L’D starting time for the raffle, so I’ll have 4 11 & 47, as I think these have not been picked.
    joe6p, no wonder you get bored!

  2. I think I am the miserable drunk in the corner tonight.

    “Moura Hospital staff meeting confirms LNP privatisation agenda: Townsville, Eidsvold, Maryborough

    Published: 18 January 2013

    Central Queensland Hospital and Health Board officials have confirmed the Newman Government is seeking to privatise free public hospital services in Moura, by replacing the town’s public hospital and community health services with a fee-for-service private medical practice and other non-government services, the Queensland Nurses Union (QNU) said today.”,-eidsvold,-maryborough

  3. Ian,

    Here you are. Remember, there’s a nice, comfy couch out the back if you want to stretch out and have a zizz …

  4. On this, the day they buried Ned Kelly, I took my own advice and chilled the sauv’ blanc…..mmmmmmmm..pitchkin matina!!

  5. Hey Joe!…if you took that vid from the cabin of the truck on your Apple Ipod….would that vid qualify as a “Apple-Mack”?

  6. Inspired by another poster I poached some peaches earlier with a sticky cinnamon infused sugar syrup. They look sensational …. And will be with a good dollop of ice cream shortly.

  7. Aguirre
    I was gonna have 83, it was part of a special date, ah well. 😦

    if they are still available.
    Nice bit of driving there joe6pack, hope it wasn’t done today in all that heat. 🙂

  8. “Can do may well become a 2 term premier if he keeps this up”

    Do I hear one term? Anyone bidding on one term?

    Who will be the next Labor Premier of Queensland?

  9. jaycee
    JANUARY 18, 2013 AT 7:25 PM (EDIT)
    Hey Joe!…if you took that vid from the cabin of the truck on your Apple Ipod….would that vid qualify as a “Apple-Mack”?

    Not a Mack so no

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