Friday Night Frolics

The Pub

Another week  of 2013 has gone and it’s time for Friday night frolics.

Soak in the genial atmosphere,have a drink, marvel at our magnificent staff,share stories,post pictures,play your favorite tunes.

FRIDAY NIGHT RAFFLES  will begin around 6.00pm, (I will let you know when) and be drawn about 7.00pm. “QLD.TIME”

Ask for your favorite  3 numbers between 1-100. First in first served.

All are welcome to join in.


850 thoughts on “Friday Night Frolics

  1. lbd

    any one over there pick up on the who voted for who
    last feb

    i off to get the ice cream and coffee will look later
    home made with butterscotch schnaps

  2. Duck

    Is the therapy to do with peristaltic movement by any chance?

    And, schveetie, before your pretentious request is delivered, huyabarakin4?

  3. i am very happy about the senate choice or the pm

    in the mean time lotto was playing in a sand pit
    at child care centre

  4. may i say a little more effort in helping out here with links

    ect may bee a good
    it would help the crew a little bit.

    and keep the blog alive

    its nice to chat but that not the only reason for being here

  5. Well, judging by the Superannuation report on ABC-24, recent gains on the stock market, and a swag of ABC economics commentators, the economy – and confidence in it – seems to be on the way up.

    Perfect for a Labor re-election.

    And I got $16k’s worth of orders today, even if one of them was from a dickhead whom I hope doesn’t read this blog.

  6. well ok i wasj ust trying to get a bit of discussio n going

    not talk fest

    and what did happen to my link to me denmore



    ps i am trying

    i really hope the site survives

  7. joe6pack,

    I would like to try it. Is it alcoholic?

    I’m still looking out for a really good scrumpy. It has to be sweet without being cloying. Most I have tried are too dry.

  8. TLBD

    Yes it is alcoholic.
    I am not a wine buff but my wife likes it, and she doesn’t like wine that is too sweet as well.
    About $10 a bottle

  9. TLBD

    Dan Murphy’s has quite a selection of ciders. Do you need some help (if not support) while sampling? : )

  10. denese,
    For some reason your link to Mr Denmore’s blog went into the spam bin, and that’s just not right! 😀
    It has been restored to it’s rightful place.

  11. FFS There was a crisis over Penny Wong getting the number two on the ticket in Adelaide, and now a crisis over Nova Peris getting the number one ticket in the NT.

    WTF is wrong with the MSM?

    Don’t they like dark-skinned ladies?

    It it getting far, far, far beyond a joke now.

    Make up your bleeding minds.

  12. Now we are blessed with The Holy Trinity in commentary on the tennis: Hewitt, McAvaney and Courier.

    Give me strength!

  13. The absolute demented commentary on Penny Wong retaining her second spot of the SA Senate ticket needed to be locked up in an asylum marked “never to be released”

    Penny Wong was not relegated, she was always number two, stupid FW reporters. Tricia Crossin is not a saint. And we wonder why the Fourth Estate is fkd.

    Headline after headline, demanding Wong be re-installed!

    What a load of fking wankers.

    And, here they are again, escaped from the loony bin.

    The Commonwealth has poured millions into the care of dementia sufferers, particularly concentrating on the hardship of carers of those with short-term memories.

    No wonder, Baillieu reduced health care in Victoria by $616 million. He realised the press gallery needs to be taken out the back with all funding rescinded.

  14. lbd

    i noted over there you talk politics,

    i give up i thought we would have a bit of go here

    now i see that bb is over there too

    so whats the point

  15. TLBD,
    Not sure that I see a problem with the commentators. Hewitt and Courier lend the requisite technical expertise and McAvaney, as a pro, knows when to shut up and when to talk.

    On another matter, does that idiot, Simon Howson (Showson) post here?

  16. You know when Gillard has made the correct move. The MSM go absolutely berko. As it has today. My belief is that this was done to shore up one seat and try to win another back. Also, to send a message of sorts to Rudd supporters (not that his numbers are that great anyway). Sort of a horse’s in head in bed message. McLelland could find himself waking up to a huge, bruised, rotting spud one of these days. The sooner the better.

    The Peris move could prove to be very popular in the NT with a large number of discontented ex ALP (read Black) voters. Only need a few thousand. I can also see the redneck vote getting a little discombobulated and a few things might be said locally that will be regretted nationally. Not that they will be reported or followed up on…

  17. Roy,

    I do not seek “intelligent commentary” nor particular points ephemeral.

    I have many other stuff me gently and call me olive things about the coverage. I object to the close-ups of the ladies, and in slow motion no less: thighs, cleavage, ankles, backsides.

    They are doing to sport what Channel Nine did first: tried to “look at this!” rather than “look at the sport!”

  18. McLelland could find himself waking up to a huge, bruised, rotting spud one of these days. The sooner the better.

    😆 Great image!!

    PS C@t et al, will there be a new post soon?

  19. fess,

    Polls, what polls? You are here for the drinks, the company and the ambiance.

  20. TLBD,
    We’ll have to agree to disagree. When Seven’s tennis plumbs the depths that Nine has with the unlistenable tedium of Tubby Taylor, Ian Healy or the other Ian who hasn’t managed a tone change in over thirty years then I may agree. To take it a step further, have you listened to Gus Gould and Rabbits Warren destroy perfectly good NRL games? No, no, no, no, NO!. I’m sick of it! And I’ll tell a man that I’m also sick of Ray calling players by their first name. Adam, slips it on to Greg and they won’t stop him but Ben pulls off a marvellous tackle! What are the Sportsbet odds on that, Glen?

    I don’t think Seven have got a major problem but you are right. I don’t really want to see what some of the ladies have had for breakfast. Some of the other ladies, well, the more the merrier. And you can’t possibly be offended by Henri LeConte (Henry the Cont?).

    Is unlistenable a word?

  21. Ducky:

    I don’t care about polls. I was hoping for another of C@t’s or BB’s excoriations of either OM or the Tories.

  22. This little black duck

    { I do not seek “intelligent commentary” nor particular points ephemeral.

    I have many other stuff me gently and call me olive things about the coverage. }

    Blimey! Looks like a good drop you are imbiding at the moment. You wouldn’t care to drop a little hint of what it is by any chance? 😉

  23. scorps,

    A cask white from Aldi. I’m toasting Eli.

    Signing off now.

    Love to chat here or off-site.

  24. Roy Orbison,

    As I wrote on another (PB) blog re Peris, I know a previous NT State Sec was up Darwin way recently, which make think there may have been some behind the scenes negotiation.

  25. no not whinging just wondering, as it would be nice to see the blog
    keep going
    and a bit more contribution from those that comehere
    its not social media
    so my link to mr denmore,, was not allowed
    please spell out what sort of links are ok
    more effort could be made in link area
    vicy does great links also tweets are interesting

    ducky as far as know, its just not just social

    you can do that on social media
    i may be completley wrong
    who am i say..
    but the blog is voluntary and the volunteers have jobs
    not like they can sit around all day watching what people write.
    we understand that
    but if u have a little political news share it

    and of course this post may be out of order compelty

    so i apologise if so

    i am not a bit contributor i know that

  26. Political Animal,

    Unfortunately, that’s not fibre. When you see them hauling blue cable, roughly half an inch thick into a pit or a manhole, take a Viagra.
    Whereabouts was the hospital? I know the northern suburbs of Canberra have just been lit.

    The good news is it is coming down my street pretty soon. Kensington and Mascot exchange areas are next on the list for Sydney and I’m in the former.

    When we were on ADSL, Mrs O was always complaining about the slowness and dropouts. I explained to her that were were literally at the furthest point from the exchange and that the Maroubra exchange area literally was less than fifty metres away. Her response? Wouldn’t it be good if we lived fifty metres away so we could be on Maroubra exchange! Of course, the similar distance from that exchange would NEVER be a problem!

    Women! Should never be allowed near computers. Or cars. Or Lodges…

  27. My living quarters are now back into order, and it’s high time I hopped into bed.

    C@tmomma, I’m looking forward to your post – consider your halo well-polished.

    Goodnight, everyone, rest well.

  28. denese,
    now i see that bb is over there too

    so whats the point?

    I see what you mean. And I was told he was too busy to contribute here.

  29. Roy Orbison, my theory on sports commentators is that they are paid by the word. Why use one word when they could use five. Ray ‘Rabbits’ Warren is the worst offender.

  30. BK,

    If you are still around, further to recent comments about Colin Cowdrey, OH has all the signatures of the MCC 1954-55 touring side on a much-cherished and framed piece of paper.

    He was lucky enough to get this because Colin Cowdrey was good friends with a neighbour of OH’s family in Battery Point – 12-year-old OH got brave, asked the then Mr Cowdrey, and a few days later …

  31. C@tmomma,

    There is a big difference as you well know between making a comment or three on a blog and writing a fully-fledged post. Anyway, it’s goodnight from me (again).

  32. And I was told he was too busy to contribute here.

    BB is too busy to spend four hours straight writing, plus illustration time of a couple of hours, and then to spend a lot of extra time moderating a post THIS week, My Say.

    If you wrote more than two sentences at a time you’d understand the effort that goes into writing a head post.

    Consider yourself told off.

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