Friday Night Frolics

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Another week  of 2013 has gone and it’s time for Friday night frolics.

Soak in the genial atmosphere,have a drink, marvel at our magnificent staff,share stories,post pictures,play your favorite tunes.

FRIDAY NIGHT RAFFLES  will begin around 6.00pm, (I will let you know when) and be drawn about 7.00pm. “QLD.TIME”

Ask for your favorite  3 numbers between 1-100. First in first served.

All are welcome to join in.


850 thoughts on “Friday Night Frolics

  1. Apparently Nova Perris is running as head of the Senate ticket for Labor in the NT. Always been a Labor voter, but not yet a member of the party.

    Gillard says she’ll fix that up pronto.

  2. Gillard getting a hardish time from the assembled hacks re. Nova Perris.

    dunno how she did it, but she managed to palm Grattan’s incisive interrogation with not much more than an “Eh?” (maybe there was a “Pfffft!” in there as well).

  3. Good morning everyone – I’m baaaaaack (home and PUB).

    Feeling pretty good, and it is so nice to have peace and quiet again (though I’m almost tempted to ask the hospital whether I can check in again every couple of days for a proper shower 😉 ).

    Anyway, I have a fair bit of work- and health-related paperwork to plough through, but once that is under control I shall be posting a cheeky little number for your amusement/edification/consideration.

    Having dealt with those pressing matters, let me assure Truth Seeker and Janice that I shall be visiting their blogs and am looking forward to being stirred in various ways.

    Meanwhile, thank you to my fellow-moderators for allowing me to skive orf.

    Have a nice day (and would you like fries with that?) …

  4. Meaty question now about Climate Change: one on Obama, one on the latest heat wave here in re. CC.

    1. Obama made a great speech. There should be more of them!

    2. Climate Change is real. We can’t pretend it’s not anymore. Records are tumbling, but you can’t put down one weather event as CC. More extreme weather events will be the result of CC. Our scientists tell us this is probably CC-related.

  5. OK, I’m baaaack myself! 😀
    I, too have written a post, just in case it was needed due to that other Barmaid maybe skiving off with some more Sickies. 😉
    However, embarrassment seems to have motivated her to come back to work 😀 so I will post my work after she gets done with hers.
    All correspondence with the other staff gladly entered into in the office out back re timing of other work, should it be necessary. 🙂

  6. Just got off the phone to a recalcitrant customer who genuinely believes that the Abbott-Hockey trash talking of the economy is necessary to bring it down so that there will be no doubt Labor will lose the election.

    He is quite happy for confidence to be gutted, as long as it helps get rid of Labor, who have run up debt, waste money everywhere he looks etc. etc.

    When I mentioned the GFC intervening, he dismissed that as just a bullshit excuse typical of Labor. He says the economy would have been the best in the world under the Libs.

    When I pointed out it WAS the best in the world, he said the GFC was a Labor lie, promulgated through the Labor-luvvie newspapers and the commie ABC.

    In any case, he said, Labor trash talk their OWN economy. They don’t need the Coalition to do that.

    When I asked why Labor would trash talk its own economy he told me it was because they were so negative and none of them had ever owned businesses.

    I asked him whether Abbott, Hockey, Robb, Pyne, Bishop or many other Libs had owned businesses and he told me that was irrelevant, because they had businessmen to advise them.

    This was in the context of his whingeing to me that his business (in Queensland) had halved in the past year due to the Newman cuts.

    Mad as a meat-axe, and a hard case needing to be cracked, but I didn’t go on because I didn’t want to lose the order. He was starting to sound so deranged.

  7. BB
    I once ran a small retail business with my then OH. I very quickly learnt that to fit in with the other local retailers one had to master Whinging 101, Advanced Whinging and to be really accepted a Masters in Whinging was an advantage. I gave it all up a few decades ago. I just couldn’t manage all the required whining and moaning.

  8. How long until the OM realise that Trish Crossin voted for K. Rudd in the leadership ballot last year

    That would require research … or a helpful denizen of Menzies House.

  9. On twitter

    Remarkable how journalist resources can get to LA to confront Slipper @margokingston1 but none to confront Brough on a train

  10. Bi-partisanship in the NT

    DRUNKEN DUO: Both NT Senators have a “drinking problem”

    Both Northern Territory Senators Labor’s Trish Crossin and the Country Liberal’s Nigel Scullion have been denounced as “alcoholics” by angry colleagues who’ve had a gutful of both of them.

    Scullion recently made headlines by revealing a private – and drunken – conversation the two had where she claimed (falsely, it seems) that Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd was close to “getting the numbers” to restore himself to the parliamentary leadership of his party.

    It was presumed he leaked it without her blessing although they have been sighted having friendly conversations since fuelling speculation the Labor Lefty was attempting to destabilise the PM using what passes for her version of a “cunning plan.”

    It has emerged when VEXNEWS made inquiries about this unusual drinking buddy relationship that it is well-known in Canberra circles that the two are very big drinkers. Some discount this saying “Well, they are from the Northern Territory” as if that excuses them using their trips to Canberra as an occasion of feasting, boozing and merriment.

    VEXNEWS has learned both MPs particularly target free sources of alcohol, at Embassy parties, Qantas Chairman’s Lounge and anywhere else they can get it, with suggestions both have been known to request “take-aways” at the end of the evening. The spirit of Sir Les Patterson is alive and well.

  11. We have a young up and coming Indigenous Man on our radar in the Labor Party in the seat of Dobell. Yes, that would be Craig Thomson’s seat.

  12. Busy political day today. Listened to Tanya P on radio, she was good, said how Vic was given more funding…..not taking it away. Then watched Julia endorse Nova for the Senate, well done to both. Now we await the headlines tomorrow about how Julia is ruling the roost, how bad it is, how dare a Koorie get boosted to the Senate…….can’t say I’ve missed all the negative stuff, not looking forward to this years politicking at all, at all. 😦

  13. gravel3,
    ….can’t say I’ve missed all the negative stuff, not looking forward to this years politicking at all, at all. 😦

    Put your Wellies and raincoat on then! 😀

  14. C@t
    That would be great, is there a big Indigenous population in Dobell?


    Glad your back in the land of the free. My one bug bear is that not many homes have bathrooms suitable for disabled access, be it temporary or permanent. I would like to see every new home forced to have a fully accessible bathroom. It cost us a bit of $7,000 when we moved here, but worth every penny.

  15. C@t
    Can I just bury my head in the sand, or maybe just become a permanent barfly, with everyone shouting me drinks so I don’t know what is happening? 🙂

  16. Tweet from Simon Cullen

    Senator Trish Crossin: The PM’s announcement “totally undermines” the party’s preselection process.

  17. Senator Trish Crossin: The PM’s announcement “totally undermines” the party’s preselection process.

    Crossin was obviously “next on the list” and was promoted to parliament because of a vacancy in June 1998. Has been there since, winning at each election (NT senators only have three-year terms, or the life of the parliament).

    So, by the time this year’s election is called Crossin will have been a senator for 15 years. And like a lot of senators does have committee work behind her, but not much else.

    So, I’m guessing the pre-selection process worked for her back in 1998.

  18. Of course, if Abbott used his captain’s pick to get someone into the senate it would be praised by the OM as a decisive action by a strong leader.

  19. Screwed that up.

    My comment starts from “Crossin was obviously . . .

    not that I didn’t think you couldn’t work it out, that’s for lurkers’ info.

  20. HalloweenJack,

    That is an excellent suggestion for Ms Crossin.


    I’m so glad that you and Paddy are cool at last!

  21. I was going to write up 2GB’s reaction to the Perris appointment but…

    At the risk of being called partisan by Labor hacks, this NT business (a) stinks of tokenism (b) looks contrived (c) reinforces the perception that Labor doesn’t allow any internal democracy (d) opens the door to a revival of Rudd v Gillard talk (e) continues Labor’s dubious history of drafting celebrity candidates.

    from Patrick Bateman @ PB#863 stole my thunder.

    Well done Patrick!

    The only one Paddy left out was that…

    (f) Gillard is a misogynist because she sacked a woman so a… woman … could take over from her.

    … so I’ve inserted it into the thought flow.

    Well, it seemed logical to the 2GBers, who rang in droves singing “Hypocrisy!”.

    I really do find the angst over this amazing. If the Prime Minister of the nation and leader of the party can’t get her way once in a while, what’s the point of being PM and leader?

    Gillard has apparently upset the same people in the party who, just this morning before the announcement – according to the right wing nutjobs – were seat-warming hacks, man and woman, who’d never had a real job except being union heavies.

    Now, suddenly they’re sainted statespeople cruelly usurped by the evil, backstabbing Gillard.

    Makes you wonder, it really does…

  22. Fiona,
    Yes, Paddy will get over his fear of storms in due course – he is scared of the sky bellyaching loudly. As soon as it calms down a bit he;ll be out there romping in the puddles and enjoying the coolness. Rain is what we desperately need and therefore we’ll take it thankfully however it arrives.:)

    Hope you are feeling better now.

  23. It’s quite good this, isn’t it? Gillard feels confident enough to do something positive for Indigenous relations, despite the expectation of blowback over pre-selection matters and your bog-standard Aussie racism. It shows she’s feeling relaxed and comfortable, and has no qualms about going on the front foot.

    There’s certainly nothing wrong with parachuting a celebrity into a seat, as long as they have a genuine interest in a particular field. After all, the Liberals have John Alexander, and he’s passionate about… um… well, I don’t really know what his interests are beyond pretending to understand and enjoy the antics of his front bench cohorts.

  24. Sorry, guys. Had to drop everything and race off to the Doctor! 🙂

    Now, to answer your questions about our own local Indigenous Labor guy.

    1. Can you give us another clue. I am drawing a blank. 🙂

    No, I can’t say more than I have because I have only seen him on the odd occasion that we have a Regional get-together. However, I will say that he is young, handsome, articulate and intelligent. Plus, he has a wicked sense of humour.
    I’m sure he’s on the radar, but as he is still in Young Labor, I’m not sure he’s going to be ready for the big time for another election or so. Maybe he’s still studying. I’ll have to find out more about him next month when we all come back together again.

    2. That would be great, is there a big Indigenous population in Dobell?

    Yes. The Darkinjung people are located here. I have Aboriginal Rock Art across the road from where I live, and I am sure I live on a Midden because shells keep turning up in the driveway and the dirt around the place, and there’s a billabong out back of my house and a natural spring under the ground that is fed by water from the Blue Mountains. 🙂

    Here’s a bit about them:

  25. And there I was thinking the MSM would be trumpeting the fact that the PM was weeding out the Union Hacks from the Senate! 😀

    No, Julia knows who the Seat Shiners are with a lock on the numbers in their neck of the woods.

    As I said loudly myself to the NSW President and Asst General Secretary, we need to get local heroes in as candidates. The sort of people the electorate can relate to and know from their profile. They just need to have Labor values, and the rest can be taken care of by the party.

    Who cares if a few Unionists noses are out of joint as a result? The Unions are an evaporating demographic, whether we like it or not, and the Labor Party will wither and die on the vine if we keep harking back to past practices for our candidates.

    Yes, the Right to be a member of a Union, is a universal tenet of all Social Democrat political parties. However, the automatic right of a position in the Senate is no longer tenable.

    The Labor Party has to broaden it’s catchment area into places where we have never taken candidates from before. As long as they subscribe to Labor’s values, that’s all that should count any more.

    They need to be outstanding individuals, who represent the diversity of our society.

    President Obama built a winning majority on that concept. Labor need to too.

  26. ‘Business pessimistic on trading, economic outlook: ACCI’

    Seen on the ABC news ticker.

    Should read:

    ‘Liberal Party front group talks down economy and trading outlook for their masters in an election year: ACCI’.

  27. Could I have the teeve on Channel Seven at 7:30 AEDT, please? And a bottle of Vasse Feilx dry white, thanks.

    Mr Djokovic is centre stage.

  28. our news on ch 7 now southern cross now goes for an hour

    i wonder if its because it’s an election year
    we never saw much political news only local
    and more mainland news, but one good thing about it people can see what the libs are up to in qld

    now i see the heading about controversial re senate.

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