Friday Night Frolics

The Pub

Another week  of 2013 has gone and it’s time for Friday night frolics.

Soak in the genial atmosphere,have a drink, marvel at our magnificent staff,share stories,post pictures,play your favorite tunes.

FRIDAY NIGHT RAFFLES  will begin around 6.00pm, (I will let you know when) and be drawn about 7.00pm. “QLD.TIME”

Ask for your favorite  3 numbers between 1-100. First in first served.

All are welcome to join in.


850 thoughts on “Friday Night Frolics

  1. fiona,
    There is a big difference as you well know between making a comment or three on a blog and writing a fully-fledged post.

    That’s not the point, and I think you know that. It’s about loyalty and where you want to put your energies within the context of which blog you decide to post most on.

    I can count.

    denese is right. It’s about momentum. And it seems some are putting their shoulders to the wheel here more than others and creating that momentum. Others appear to have slacked off of late. Though not elsewhere. Even though we were told that those persons were just too busy with outside work to make any contributions here for a while. Which would be fine, as it goes, if it were the case. However, it appears that it is not the case at all. So, as denese rightly asked, it then comes down to a question of, what’s the point?

    Which has absolutely nothing to do with the type or quantity of posts, and everything to do with loyalty.

  2. This tweet from Joe Hockey

    I cannot remember ever a Liberal leader unilaterally dumping a colleague for someone who wasn’t even in the Party. JG hates her own party.

    And response from Victoria Rollinson

    @JoeHockey how did you feel about Campbell Newman leading QLD Libs without holding a seat? Guessing this was fine with you.

  3. Political Animal,
    I would love this place to work, being heartily sick of Bemused and PB.
    Me too. Which is why I have put so much time and effort into it.
    And, what is it about bemused that makes people want to suck up to him? Are people masochists or something? He has already come out of the blocks with a reference to other posters having low intelligence, so he’ll make his posts intelligible for them. Yet people are told to just ignore it. How can you when he just starts off that way from day 1 and then proceeds to get worse and worse, all over again? And he, and his little crew of obsequious sycophants, just love lording it over everyone. It sucks.

    On the odd occasion I have a look at Poll Bludger these days, it just seems to have assumed a seamy quality. Not as good as it once was before bemused and crew overwhelmed it.

    Which is why I thought this blog was such a good idea. Worth the time and the effort to make a go of it.

    However, as I said, what’s the point when the so-called major contributors have divided loyalties and have just drifted back to Poll Bludger, thus leaving this place sapped of life and vitality.

    Maybe other’s egos demand a bigger audience. I don’t know.

    I am quite happy with the Friday Frolics only it is Tuesday evening now.

    fiona did get Pleurisy. So sorry about that, and I am working hard right now on a new post for tomorrow. Which I must get back to.

  4. i dont mind being told off
    but i made a pledge never to blog on pb again
    and i have stuck to it

    pb is important becauce a lot of people go there and you need to
    let lurkers see links ect. iunderstand that
    but if every one stayed here this could be good to in that way.
    the site could of been tweeted, and found ect

    i am a busy person and dont realy have time for chit chat

    yes i like to be gracious and chat about ordinary things from time to time.
    but ive never been a big phone chatter for instance
    and dont have any friends realy only two, so i am not that social
    my children and grandchildren are my social world
    also one does not know what one can say and not say.

    but the blog could be informative to lurkers an education,.
    of what labor is all about not what we are all about

    now seems i am a political bloggless

  5. victoria
    I don’t think that sahould be a problem, I do it too, I usually post the same stuff in both places, you seem to do that as well. I like it here, but I don’t have all day and half the night free to hang out. So if I’m MIA sometimes it’s not because I don’t want to be here, it’s because I can’t be here.

    This afternoon though I was using an alien computer and couldn’t log in here because I didn’t have my secret password book with me. My password here is so long and complex I can’t possibly remember it. So my apologies if I seemed to be ignoring you lot. I was lurking though.

  6. well i checked over there and i am sticking to my pledge

    becauce is dont like argy bargy
    and i dont like unkind things said about the p,m
    i dont get how labor people can say those things
    so i dont want to read it
    its easy for me i know

    well ive decided that what ever i say will notmchange the course of the election
    so will be more industrious doing what i do best

    and bb if there had been more to discuss i may have wrote something longer
    i love to see c tomma do well here, i hope she does.

    lets know

  7. vic:

    I’m here too as well as there, and am happy to be told by moderators here if that’s a bridge too far.

  8. i think poster like leone and vic, are great posters
    and should post on both,becauce they educate
    well those that want to be educated that is,

    if you want to, but in the meantime this place could be made moreintersting
    by links,

    i used to think i was to. till i had the stuffing knocked out of me

    some time ago,

  9. C@tmomma

    I prefer the calmness of this place, but as you say, most have gone back to post over at PB, which was bound to happen I guess.

  10. i cannot believe how many times of typed a post and deleted it

    suppose i th0ught this could be similar to pb but just different people
    and grow in numbers

    but a different type of blog
    well ive said enough to last a life time i think

  11. confessions,
    You are more than welcome here. 🙂
    I note that bemused has already started abusing you. And feeney. I think it is unseemly and I don’t know why people put up with it. William especially. It’s not very decorous.

  12. FFS! Am I missing something?

    Possum Comitatus @Pollytics
    Only the current ALP could bring in an exceptional Senate candidate for the NT *and* blow their own foot off simultaneously

  13. c@tmomma

    All it takes is for confessions to say that Rudd will retire after the next election etc…. And it gets them started. As night follows day!!

  14. Here’s somethiong I posted ‘somewhere else’ while I was out this afternoon. After thinking about it for a while it’s also possible that PMJG could have had the Penny Wong in second place on the senate ticket beat-up in mind too. i’m sure she wouldf not want a repeat of that with ‘Why is Trish Mc Crossin only in second place, blah blah blah..’ all over the OM.

    Now –

    I can see why PMJG decided to go with Nova Peris. It was a smart move but as usual the OM are too busy trying to make it all into a scandal to see what was really going on.

    *Trish Crossin has been a senator for many years.
    *She was to be challenged for her spot by Marian Scrymgour, now retired from the NT parliament.
    *Ms Scrymgour has, in the past, been somewhat erratic in her support for her party. She resigned from the party in 2009 and sat as an independent before rejoining the party just two months later. ( I meant to add that Labor had a one seat majority – hers – so jumping ship was a particularly nasty thing to do.)
    *Ms Scrymgour announced last year that she was retiring from politics to spend time in her community, something she said she had been wanting to do for a long time.
    *Earlier this month Ms Scrymgour announced she would challenge for Crossin’s senate spot.

    I can see there would have been a pretty messy fight between these two. PMJG has been very clever by stepping in, acting decisively, giving Ms Crossin the boot and naming Peris as the No 1 candidate. She has also avoided the possibility of Ms Scrymgour once again getting her knickers in a twist about something and resigning from the party again. With a very delicate balance to be maintained in the Senate Julia Gillard isn’t going to want to take on any risky prima donnas.

  15. Now this needs investigating IMO. How come LOTO Abbott’s office expenses are about three times as much as PM Julia Gillard?

    “Note: Tony Abbott’s expenses for Office Facilities ($154,619.26) are more than three times the cost of Julia Gillard’s ($48,654.53).

    Note: Tony Abbott’s Office Telecommunications expenses ($33,100.77) are more than four times the cost of Julia Gillard’s ($7,911.39)”


    with links to PDFs of expenses.

    How long is this going to go on, nearly a million bucks in 18 months according to my count.

    PS, anyone can post anywhere they like, that is the new media. I post all over the place, but not much at the moment because I am studying, or supposed to be 🙂 right now.

  16. Leonetwo wrote:

    I usually post the same stuff in both places, you seem to do that as well. I like it here, but I don’t have all day and half the night free to hang out. So if I’m MIA sometimes it’s not because I don’t want to be here, it’s because I can’t be here.

    Pretty well my own predicament too, Leone. You and I are in the same boat.

    Gratuitous comments from other commenters (who don’t write posts themselves) about my motives and work ethic are NOT appreciated.

    And if Political Animal – or anyone else – wants to contribute, or perhaps thinks the mods are just having too much of a bludge, he’s free to submit an article on any subject he likes. Minimum 800 words. Illustrated articles will be an advantage.

  17. mmm welll i suspect there may be afew return we shall see
    i built my bussiness and stuck to it for 16 years
    it was slow to start with, but in all those years i lost count of the people i recurited and shared my time and business with
    and friendship.

    i was determined it would happen and i must say i made it happen

    there where days when i thought i cannot do this,

    but i remember some one saying you will last 6 weeks
    so that made me even more determined

    my battery is about to go

  18. PA

    I linked the twitter account. It seems genuine. Perhaps he was being rhetorical because he was a former sportstar

  19. BB
    we dont all have the same talents

    and on this earth we are just passers by anyway
    each has a purpose and a talent some small some big
    we have to accept that as we are

  20. how about new beginings

    those that want to contribute do that that dont dont
    simple and build from there

  21. PTMD,

    “why is Tony Abbott a Tony Abbott?”, probably for the same reasons Potsie Weber was such a potsie

  22. Puff
    The really interesting part of the expenses thing is the comparision after the overseas travel expenses are taken out. Abbott spent more than twice as much as the PM. Promoting a lousy, self-indulgent book certainly can be costly.

  23. denese
    It’s just what I think, our PM could have had something entirely different in mind. But whatever the reason I think it’s a good move.

  24. C@t:

    The buggers always target me. I don’t care. bemused will be banned again just as he has time and time again in the past.


    Councillor in push to double Crown’s rates
    January 23, 2013
    Jason Dowling

    CROWN casino could be facing an $8 million headache from the new Melbourne City Council with poker machine reform advocate Stephen Mayne leading a push to slug the gambling giant double rates.

    Unlike the previous council, which blocked a similar move, support for hitting the casino with double rates is stronger in the new council.

  26. John Howard intervened to have Dennis Jensen retain his position as the Liberal Party candidate in Tangney, over and above the wishes of the Rank and File in that seat who wanted another candidate. Same, same but different to what JGPM did today. He exercised his ‘Captain’s Pick’.

  27. I nearly fell face first onto my keyboard. Time to stop propping my eyes open and toddle off to bed.
    Night all.

  28. Why do Political Animal’s posts keep disappearing?

    Political Animal needs a rest so he can wash his potty mouth out with soap, plus a reminder who runs this blog…and it’s not him.

    The last thing we need here is flame wars and foul mouthed posts with people “demanding” this and that, slagging off mods etc..

    You have to put your foot down eventually, or it becomes You-Know-What all over again… an unpleasantness we wanted to avoid here in our little oasis.

    He can’t say he wasn’t warned.

  29. I expect when the polls come out PB will be the main game but that does not mean The Pub pulls down the shutters. There are a lot of progressive topics to be discussed that don’t make it through the flak on other blogs.

    Don’t stress, keep it relaxed. Content is hard to produce regularly, so anyone who puts stuff on here, well done and thank you.

    I will write some things for The Pub, but not till after my exam. For example, I have come across some interesting info lead poisoning of children from lead petrol and I have questions about why Australia was about five years behind NZ in banning it.

  30. OK, that’s it! It is now Wednesday and before it becomes Friday again and this blog again becomes appropriately named I’m going to pull the curtains across it and finally put up a new post!

    So bugger off to the new one! Comments are Closed. 😀

  31. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.
    A very good piece from Jess Irvine on the Australian economy. From the Daily Terror of all places!
    This is not at all nice.
    This will lead to tears, I’m afraid.
    John Watson cans the MSM on the games they play with minuscule movements in poll results.
    This should be an easy decision. “Stop the gloves!”

  32. Dawn Patrol section 2 . . .

    Pat Campbell on the solo sailor rescue.

    David Rowe on Obama’s inauguration.

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