Friday Night Frolics

The Pub

Another week  of 2013 has gone and it’s time for Friday night frolics.

Soak in the genial atmosphere,have a drink, marvel at our magnificent staff,share stories,post pictures,play your favorite tunes.

FRIDAY NIGHT RAFFLES  will begin around 6.00pm, (I will let you know when) and be drawn about 7.00pm. “QLD.TIME”

Ask for your favorite  3 numbers between 1-100. First in first served.

All are welcome to join in.



850 thoughts on “Friday Night Frolics

  1. BB
    we dont all have the same talents

    and on this earth we are just passers by anyway
    each has a purpose and a talent some small some big
    we have to accept that as we are

  2. PTMD,

    “why is Tony Abbott a Tony Abbott?”, probably for the same reasons Potsie Weber was such a potsie

  3. Puff
    The really interesting part of the expenses thing is the comparision after the overseas travel expenses are taken out. Abbott spent more than twice as much as the PM. Promoting a lousy, self-indulgent book certainly can be costly.

  4. denese
    It’s just what I think, our PM could have had something entirely different in mind. But whatever the reason I think it’s a good move.

  5. C@t:

    The buggers always target me. I don’t care. bemused will be banned again just as he has time and time again in the past.


    Councillor in push to double Crown’s rates
    January 23, 2013
    Jason Dowling

    CROWN casino could be facing an $8 million headache from the new Melbourne City Council with poker machine reform advocate Stephen Mayne leading a push to slug the gambling giant double rates.

    Unlike the previous council, which blocked a similar move, support for hitting the casino with double rates is stronger in the new council.

  7. John Howard intervened to have Dennis Jensen retain his position as the Liberal Party candidate in Tangney, over and above the wishes of the Rank and File in that seat who wanted another candidate. Same, same but different to what JGPM did today. He exercised his ‘Captain’s Pick’.

  8. I nearly fell face first onto my keyboard. Time to stop propping my eyes open and toddle off to bed.
    Night all.

  9. Why do Political Animal’s posts keep disappearing?

    Political Animal needs a rest so he can wash his potty mouth out with soap, plus a reminder who runs this blog…and it’s not him.

    The last thing we need here is flame wars and foul mouthed posts with people “demanding” this and that, slagging off mods etc..

    You have to put your foot down eventually, or it becomes You-Know-What all over again… an unpleasantness we wanted to avoid here in our little oasis.

    He can’t say he wasn’t warned.

  10. I expect when the polls come out PB will be the main game but that does not mean The Pub pulls down the shutters. There are a lot of progressive topics to be discussed that don’t make it through the flak on other blogs.

    Don’t stress, keep it relaxed. Content is hard to produce regularly, so anyone who puts stuff on here, well done and thank you.

    I will write some things for The Pub, but not till after my exam. For example, I have come across some interesting info lead poisoning of children from lead petrol and I have questions about why Australia was about five years behind NZ in banning it.

  11. OK, that’s it! It is now Wednesday and before it becomes Friday again and this blog again becomes appropriately named I’m going to pull the curtains across it and finally put up a new post!

    So bugger off to the new one! Comments are Closed. 😀

  12. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.
    A very good piece from Jess Irvine on the Australian economy. From the Daily Terror of all places!
    This is not at all nice.
    This will lead to tears, I’m afraid.
    John Watson cans the MSM on the games they play with minuscule movements in poll results.
    This should be an easy decision. “Stop the gloves!”

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