A government comes of age…

936 days

As of today – January 15, 2013 – Julia Gillard has been Prime Minister for 936 days. That’s one day longer than Kevin Rudd held the same office. For better or worse, Gillard’s Prime Ministership – and her government – have come of age.

They’re on their own now, grown up and ready to make their way in the world.

The passage of time, a result of the deposing of Rudd, has officially eradicated the taint of illegitimacy pervading the government’s tenure. That wound has healed, although it has undeniably left a scar. Despite the injury, it’s become glaringly evident there can and will be no Rudd comeback.

The Coalition is mired in the past. They rely on long distant happenings to keep their spirits alive and their supporters energetic: Rudd’s departure itself, “The Lie” regarding the Carbon Tax, and the so-called “glory days” of the Howard government, now into its sixth year of anachronism.

The Carbon Tax has been legislated and its implementation has begun. It has had virtually no ill effects.

Little Old Ladies and 2GB listeners have not been required to wither in the summer heat or freeze in front of one-bar radiators in winter.

Lurk merchants and business spivs, trying to exploit fear, uncertainty and doubt over the Tax have been shamed, warned off or prosecuted by ASIC.

Whyalla is still there, inflation remains low, interest rates have fallen, unemployment is steady.

Example after example of electricity bills, waved at the government by the Opposition, have finally been tabled and have mostly been found to be the result simply of increased usage. The Opposition has ceased producing them, too embarrassed to have the reality of their misrepresentations discovered.

The polls are improving. Today’s Newspoll shows a steady improvement. Where, as little as six months ago, a 51-49 result would have been regarded as rogue, it is now accepted as a reliable tallying of the two parties’ positions. The days of tsunami-like wipeouts seem to be gone. The political waves of the government’s fortunes have higher peaks and the troughs are not so deep. The tide is rising for Labor.

#Sensitivetony is now openly mocked in the streets, the cafes, on social media and in Australia’s lounge-rooms.

Abbott’s clumsy attempts at suborning the hapless females of his life into validating his SNAG credentials have fallen not only flat, but – importantly – on the progressively deafer ears of the nation’s women. One speech by Julia Gillard, enraged at Abbott’s smartarsed, grovelling reference to Alan Jones’ “Died Of Shame” meme, had him leering at the start of it, and ruined by its conclusion.

What women – and increasingly men – have noticed is that Abbott surrounds himself with females, alright, but only as his adoring housemaids… doing the ironing and carrying his dirt files. When he comes up against a woman he can’t control, be she the Speaker, a political rival from student days, or the Prime Minister in modern times, he resorts to the bully inside that has always given him empowerment and self-esteem.

Coalition stunts, so long a mainstay, are losing their edge. Tony Abbott playing dress-ups in fireman’s suits, skin tight Lycra and red budgie smugglers is now a national piñata.

If he thinks punters will be impressed that he lets his Chief Of Staff keep her IVF drugs in his fridge and use his toilet to self-administer them, then he has another think coming.

This should be normal behaviour for the boss of an organization, common decency, not exemplary or above and beyond the call of office. The more he arranges for these stunts to hit the front page of the Murdoch rags, the more diminishing the return, it seems even into negative territory.

About the only ones left that take him seriously (or pretend to) are the nation’s media, paid to be his friends with the NBN demolition bribe.

But even they have doubts. The “Home By Christmas” campaign of 2011, designed to shoehorn a bragging Abbott into the lodge by Christmas of that year, has not worked. They are doing it by the numbers now, persisting with their demented trench warfare long past the time when it had any chance of success.

As media resources and manpower are frittered away via an orgy of enterprise and confidence-destroying self-harm by the so-called “pundits”, Abbott’s sure fire success which permitted government policy to be ignored and Opposition policy to be archived for future reference, leaving stunts and gimmicks in their place, is now in doubt. Second thoughts and Plan-Bs are becoming more the order of the day in the nation’s newspapers and on its TV screens.

Gillard and her government, from this day forward, can more safely walk past Abbott and his look-at-me routines, and dance to their own tune… of their own composition. The Prime Minister has the keys to the country as well as the Lodge firmly in her grasp.

And she’s not one for letting them go without a real fight.

936 days in office is much more than a milestone… it is a truly defining moment when a government comes of age.

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  1. holy shit! Now 44 Celsius in Beecroft, Sydney. That’s 111 F!

    53.2 C in the sun (128 F).

    No wonder the fern trees are dying.

  2. gravel

    It’s 22 C in Morwell now. About the same in Motown I reckon.

    My email is yahoo, so when I go on the yahoo7 site, it picks up my postcode (which I must have told them at some point) and then displays the temperature from the nearest weather station.

    Actually just googled for current temperature Sale, Victoria and there it is: 23C
    Has other details too.

  3. All I can say guys, is I hope a cool change comes through very soon. These conditions are unbearable

  4. The lastest assault by Campbell Newman on Qlders.
    The staff at at Royal Brisbane Hospital’s Radiation Oncology unit is being reduced by 8%, this means a full shift and a reduction of patient treatments of 10%. This information came to me from a radiation therapist and is expected to start happening as early and next week. This frontline staff member wants us to be aware not only nurses are losing their jobs and the loss of Qld health staff is much bigger than is commonly known.

  5. BB

    Looks like your humidity is only 12%, getting pretty close to catastrophic bushfire conditions except luckily the wind is only 16kmh! Keep your eyes peeled.

  6. Political Animal and Kezza
    Thanks heaps, I’m getting the gist of it now. Wind has dropped here at the moment, and getting muggy…..
    I hope all you wonderful people that are suffering the horrible heat get a cool change soon.

  7. msadventure2

    What the hell is your govt doing? Throwing people of out work when there is absolutely no need to is beyond comprehension.

    And then with Costello’s Audit suggesting the sale of assets. WTF. And then that doofus Qld Treasurer trying to hose down speculation and claiming no assets would be sold without going to the people, but conveniently forgetting the sale is already in the pipeline of the three caravan parks, purchased by the Qld Labor in 2007 and after completing a $19.3 million upgrade, going to sell them to developers. I’d keep a very careful eye on the sale price of those parks.

    And, wasn’t there some suggestion of a sell-off of prime Brissie real estate?

    Who knows what other non-major asset is going to be sold off.

  8. seems pb is getting an inflow of l n and ps.
    i bet it will get worse , but i dont seem to remember to many during 2010

    gee i glad they dont know about this place,

  9. Kezza2
    It is driving me insane trying to keep up with CantDo’s slash and burn destruction of the state.. The fool is also talking about selling off 3 power stations after having stopped the solar power initiative.

  10. may be we will have some new arrivials here lovley cool breeze off the derwent river
    around 26 i think today

  11. its terrible all those people loosing their job a brisbane hospital

    and very bad for the patients.

    i have always wondered if libs, dont like us the people

  12. there is a liberal over on pb

    who says there cannot be much wrong with newman
    as the polls there are 10 points the difference.

    i noticed a couple of labor people really floundering, where comments about qld is concerned the poster there now seems very dominant

    maybe from menzies house

  13. Denese

    The Liberal party seem to attract a certain kind of person, one more self serving than community minded.

  14. msadventure2

    Pretty poor effort with neither the Premier nor the local MP turning up to a community meeting regarding stopping the closure of the hospital (sorry, forgot the details).

    I mean, so what if it is holiday time. That’s the time to get the constituents on board. This time 2 years ago Anna Bligh and the PM and Kevin Rudd and blowhard Tony Abbott were all up in Qld with their sleeves rolled up.

    Regional/local hospitals are so important, especially in such a mammoth state as Qld.

    Is the next Pollie Pedal going to raise funds for the flying doctor?

  15. i think it s about time bb we started saying
    128 degrees. was it for the older folk

    i can remember when 100 deg was discussed as very high temp

    is quite scary, not only for the day but for when it cools down and people see the destruction of their gardens and fruit vegetables

    i would think will put up the cost. o know from just those two days we had
    we have lost vegetables, some have recovered but those ready to
    pick have not.

    if this was to keep up for example a week i think it would as destructive as a flood

    even some of our native s looked burned.

    the agapanthus i have never ever seem them go brown
    its the grass to here, its usually tinged with green.

  16. Denese,

    How’s it going?

    I can’t be bothered logging in over there, only because it takes up too much of my bandwidth. But I think everyone’s forgotten that the poll in New England, taken 6 months ago, was restricted to a known Nationals area (based on 2010 booths). And of course Torbay? romped it in.

  17. misadventure

    i had tradesman here the other day, said he had moved down here

    i said what to get away from newman, he said no ,
    . so don’t know why he came , any way.

    he said, he was not unhappy about newman as the other gov, did some things like sell off stuff ect, i said well i am not familar with that but i do know a lot of people are unhappy there, i said do you read the on line comments , no he said, i said well i think you may be missing a few things he has done,

    he said well i am going up there this week. i thought i hope a few people
    have a word with him, honestly if it wasnt for this blog i would have no idea what newman is doing ,

  18. i noticed william just said something about a 6 month old\poll

    maquire bob said yesterday, another poll was done
    that showed mr.windsor would win,
    as they had been talking about another poll that showed he would lose.

    then i noticed the other man whats his name , talking about the polls
    then i saw something about mumble

    saying who would win what ,

    really at this statge

    to be honest i would not give any one from news a
    spot any where saying what they think

    how do they know any more than any one else.

    it puts my blood pressure up over there

    pb gives bp

    so if i stopped sticky beeking i know we are not allowed to discuss
    but really nothing new over there jus t more people saying the same over and over

  19. msadventure2,

    [ Kezza2
    It is driving me insane trying to keep up with CantDo’s slash and burn destruction of the state.. The fool is also talking about selling off 3 power stations after having stopped the solar power initiative. ]

    He has to kill off the solar power station to maximise potential sale price for those 3 power stations. Probably also behind the slashing of the solar rebate etc.

    The 20,00 jobs just lost here will also result in a sizable hit on the States’ economy in the range of $10M to $20M per week. This of course has the knock-on effect resulting in loss of business and further loss of jobs.

  20. How ya doing Scorps?
    Hope you and yours and especially your newest are surviving the heat.

    Good point about sale of power stns vs stopping solar power initiative.

    Re the jobs losses, I can’t wait for the big HoJo to re-announce a commitment to slash 12,000 PS jobs in Canberra. Watch Qld go up in flames.

  21. i thought the last gov, where not liked, for selling off stuff

    correct me if i am wrong,

    so selling off power stations to whom

  22. Posted this over the other place; I’m to slow at typing to repeat here;

    Campell Newman, like those who support and voted for him, isn’t that bright. Cunning as a sh#thouse rat…yes. But he does know one thing;

    If the people who work for you are scared….there will be no whistleblowers. None at all, if ever. Defeated people avert their eyes. Frightened employees’ question only that which is safe to question. The cowed have no place at the high table. They don’t exist.

    None will question this;

    Gotta mate who wants to build apartments in the trendy, close to CBD areas?…..might just have a school or two that can be made surplus to requirements.

    Perhaps your mate, the big contributer to various causes, might want to get his hands on a bit of prime ” on the water land ” at a very popular seaside town…..well, there is a couple of caravan parks that need to be sold off. The pensioners, after 20 or more years living in them, can fend for themselves.

    Not just anyone can afford to buy the power production network in Queensland. I imagine that if you’re raw fuel suppliers, and wish to strengthen your market, you would be about the only ones who could do it? We may need to go the people on this. Maybe you can start a low key campaign to change the publics mind? You get us the blessing of the public….well then, when it all quietens down and they’re are looking over there at something else. That’s when we’ll write the contracts, or, if it’s easier, we’ll just sign the one you put up.

    Some will call this post fantasy. I would call it a fair assessment of the mindset, dna and corruptness of the philosophy of the LNP, its financiers and ballot box supporters.

  23. I hope Andrew Bolt’s house in LA burns down with him just barely escaping with his life, and a mess o’ 3rd degree burns!

    No such thing as Climate Change my sweaty…everything! Today has been
    THE HOTTEST DAY EVER! in Gosford. And I had to drive around in it for 2 hours in a car without Air Conditioning feeling like I was in a mobile fan-forced oven.


    Therefore, for LA to be experiencing an unusual run of very cold weather,

    It’s still 44C here in Gosford, well, Killcare Heights, actually, which is so close to the coast I can smell the ocean!

    Aaaarrrggghhh!!! Why do people even listen to Andrew Bolt and all the other Fossil Fool shills? The evidence for Climate Change is there before their very eyes that it is real!

    Oi! You Victorians! Stop hogging the Southerly Change and send it up to NSW will you!?! Or I WILL have to become a Topless Barmaid tonight! 😀

  24. kezza but what would the lno announce during an election campaign.

    i think it will be just more of the past
    we will wind back this and that ect.

    for what
    the thing that must be discussed is if they wind back the carbon price
    they take the extra payment back not just for pensoners but evey one who was compensated,, isnt that nearly all of us

  25. Political Animal (@PolAnimalAus)
    JANUARY 18, 2013 AT 4:16 PM
    Tried to keep a list of stuff Newman has cut:


    I like it. And at least you had good intention and started the count. But didn’t it get out of hand so quickly? Noone had any idea the happy-nappy-chappie would spoil his rompers so quickly.

    At the start of this year, I promised myself I would start a log of TA to compare with his claims for expense entitlements, then I thought, aaaah, I’ll keep track of it when he starts doing something. I’ll remember.

    Wish they’d just publish a daily itinerary like they used to do in the olden days.

  26. i love winter so much i am hoping we get extremes in that season
    snow in the streets here, has not happened since 1986
    people had to ski over the tasman bridge.

  27. how can 20 th be sacked in one state for what.

    , it s crazy , they spend less, and then g s t is lost

    that was how lara gidding looked at it , in our budget.

    but i am very worried about the liberals next march 2014

    all liberals are the same they just wear a different out fit

  28. I’ve got Truck Drivers’ Arm. 😀

    If it’s still hot tonight I may not go Topless, but I might have to go Skimpy. 😉

    Anyway, as is my perverse way, here’s a song to open proceedings with:


  29. really sorry about that bb

    can you make it shorter

    i was intersted when the records where being kept

    as regards to the tweet from george mega

    i apologise

  30. o dear that was supposed to be only

    one paragraph about when records where first kept

    as i read something about mega george and his comment
    re heat in 17… something

  31. trumental temperature record – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Colors indicate the length of the temperature record available at each site. Sorry, your … The longest-running quasi-global record starts in 1850. …record. 5 Warmest years; 6 Warmest decades; 7 See also; 8 References; 9 External links …. Coverage for earlier in the 20th and 19th centuries would be significantly less.

    Climate of Sydney – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    An average of 14.6 days a year have temperatures of more than 30 °C (86.0 °F). … °F) on 14 January 1939 at the end of a four-day heatwave across Australia. … has high humidity and precipitation levels in summers, it does get dry heatwaves that …. 2005 were the warmest summers in Sydney since records began in 1859.

    State of the Climate | Global Analysis – National Climatic Data …

    http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov › NESDIS › NCDC

    a summary of global temperatures and precipitation, placing the data into a … The year 2012 was the 10th warmest year since records began in 1880. …. In the Southern Hemisphere, with La Niña still in place, Australia reported its 11th coolest …

    Wildfires across Australia and the US’s hottest year on record: the …

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk › Earth › Environment › Global Warming

    6 days ago – The only honest appraisal of what’s happening to the world’s climate is to look … 1996, a relatively cool year, as the starting point, it would suggest that the … thus keeping up prices and preventing young people buying homes.

    Southeast Australian temperature outlook

    http://www.bom.gov.au › Climate › Seasonal Outlooks

    Dec 19, 2012 – Seasonal Climate Temperature Outlooks for Southeastern Australia. … over these areas, while about three or four years would be cooler. … During January to March, history shows the effect on maximum temperatures to be moderately … tropical and eastern Australia, and an earlier than normal start to the …

    Catalyst: Taking Our Temperature – ABC TV Science



    Nov 15, 2012
    He said, ‘Dad, Dad, what do I do, what do I do? …. OK, so that is a 100-year record, really, for Australia …

    More videos for from what year did australia start keeping … »

    Weather Extremes – Weather Underground


    Ace temperature detective and climatologist Maximiliano Herrera may have … Soviet meteorological stations), does not have a complete data series for Orlovka. … been making the weather observations over the many years (since 1908). …. Record January Warmth in France and Australia while Record Cold in China and …

    Climate Progress | ThinkProgress


    5 hours ago – Video: The Year Climate Change Got Real For Americans …. 2012 was Washington, D.C.’s hottest year, with records going back …. To put this another way, achieving the same 60% chance of success with action starting in 2020 would …. announces its 2013 decision to keep in place the minute hand of the …



    7 hours ago – Did CO2 cause extreme heat in the 1820′s? … They had been used for 200 years, and the Fahrenheit scale was nearly 100 years old … BOM Excuse for deleting some long held temperature records … Threat of ANAO Audit means Australia’s BOM throws out temperature set, starts again, gets same results …

    1934 is the hottest year on record


    According to NASA temperature records, the hottest year on record globally is 2005. … The whole thing does not ring true, it looks manufactured to promote the … You can check out our climate statistics at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. … followed by a sudden dip), but then start to rise again quite quickly-in spite of …

  32. Sorry C@t…was out all day at the central market…but you got the link anyway!…thanks!…………you….?

  33. BB

    Way back when, I was working in outback WA (near Meekatharra).

    We put a thermometer out in the sun and it registered 58C (136F).

    You couldn’t even have a shower as the cold water was too hot to stand under.

    Anyway, after living in Sydney I’m sure the weather in the outback back then was more comfortable then 46C in Sydney.

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