Friday Night Drinks at ‘”The Pub”


It’s been a long hard hot week.

The Pub

You have all done sterling work fighting the good fight against a rabid stunt pulling, attention seeking lunatic and his band of unmerry sidekicks,court jesters,jabba the hut impersonators,bug eyed evil women etc.

Time to kick back,relax have a few cleansing ales with friends,sip a red while discussing the finer points of fruit trees,have a white while talking about bees and beekeeping,sip a scotch while talking about your travels to Scotland,I’m sure you get the idea.

You are among friends here with lovely ever so attractive bar staff, a fairly talkative manager and a very lucky publican to have such wonderful help.

You can argue differing points of view in the happy knowledge that you wont be glassed,ganged up on or belittled for your points of view. WE take a very dim view of that sort of behavior.

Put up your favorite you tube clip be it music,sports or of course anything aviation related may get you a free drink.

Being as it is almost a Friday Night pub tradition I am pleased to announce that we will be having a


From 6.00pm till 7.00pm just ask for three numbers between 1-100,you can choose your own as it’s to hard to have a e-raffle book.

If your number or numbers are already taken you can ask for different ones,the earlier you apply the more chance of securing your numbers.The draw will take place sometime shortly after 7.00pm .

So join in everyone, and this is a good chance for any of you lurkers out there that wish to pop in and say hello to do so.

The prize will be announced when the winner is announced as the bloke who will be doing the announcing has got enough nounce to know what it is yet,but it will be something SPECTACULAR.

Come in, relax and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of “THE PUB”


330 thoughts on “Friday Night Drinks at ‘”The Pub”

  1. victoria,
    James Ashby and the LNP just want to keep this thing going for as long as possible so they can tar the government with the same brush as Slipper.

    They’ve got a hide, really, that they could have that man in their ranks for decades and do nothing about him, yet, as far back as 2003 they all knew about him, apparently, yet still did nothing, but somehow, over the period of his association with the Gillard government, all his sins are the government’s sins now?

    Do people really respect these BS artists that behave this way towards the law, ie abuse it for their own ends, or to other people, going by how they have treated Peter Slipper? Do they really want them to govern our country? I mean, really?

    It’ll be a sad day for the nation if the answer comes out as ‘Yes’.

  2. Thank goodness this place is still open. I’ll have a very long Mojito in a very big glass please.

    And if this seedy-looking bloke shows up would the bouncers please do their thing and make sure he doesn’t get through the door. He’ll try the ‘Don’t you know who I am’ line, but that’s the problem. We DO know who he is.

    By the way, who are the bouncers?

  3. C@tmomma
    Small world, I used to live very close to Rockdale town hall in 4 different houses at different times.

    Don’t give up on the ALPQ. Get involved in a branch and any information sessions run by Party Office. It is not all about the few MPs in Qld Parliment.
    If you are in the Federal electorate I think you are, there is going to be fight on later this year and it will be all hands on deck.

  4. What’s this with the commentary on PMJG looking tired?

    Which of the men PMs’ appearance of tiredness was commented on?
    I really don’t recall Menzies, Holt, Gorton, McMahon, Whitlam, Fraser, Hawke, Howard or Rudd being called T-I-R-E-D,

    Give us a fkn break.

    I saw the video of JG yesterday doing the Skype call and she looked great.

    So, if she looked tired today, what do you think happened overnight to alter her fresh appearance yesterday?

    Undermined, again?
    Camera angle?

    As one of my olds used to say:

    “You’d get tired just following me around”

  5. Tobe,

    We used to drink them at the Milang hotel the night before the Milang / Goolwa yacht race / regatta. Had some great times.

    Also used to try rum and peppermint cordial with a few defence type retirees.

    I couldnt keep up

  6. msadventure2,
    I grew up in Ashfield and Stanmore. A lot of my friends came from around Croydon Park, Burwood, Concord and Bexley North.

    You know what I reckon from my perspective down here? Anastacia Palascjuk is a dud. She doesn’t seem to have much charisma and she can’t even string a sentence together well. If it wasn’t for who her father is, I don’t think she’d be where she is today. Campbell Newman will win another election because of her. Not only, but also. I think Curtis Pitt would have been a much better choice as Opposition Leader. get away from memories of Anna Bligh by putting a man back in the job. Better to go up against the LNP bully boys in parliament too.

  7. Ms adventure,
    My federal goal, apart from JGPM for the next 6 years is the removal of the dhead, dutton in Dickson. i would prefer the local green by the nafme Daivid to this clown. He is offensive in and to local communinty people

  8. Paddy,

    I haven’t tried a depth charge for years… don’t think I could keep up these days. Recently I found myself at an open bar at a do my wife was invited to and ordered a Margareta (just to feel young). I thought it had a great affect on me, but my wife wasn’t so impressed 🙂

  9. Say, C@t

    Call me a cab, please,

    I’ve just discovered three more of those “what do you wear on your feet at night” free vouchers in my purse.

    I’ll be able to visit my good friend at 2 Vancouver Street, Red Hill. I should be received after all as the niece of the Head Jesuit in SA (deceased). It’s not what you know, but whom.

    Oh, wait, it is no longer Giuseppe Lazzarotto.

    Jeez, he’s had a bugger of a time. Apart from the visits from the Speaker of the House.

    Had to get diplomatic immunity while in Ireland. Those bastards set up a Commission in to Sexual Abuse of Children by the Catholics while he was there. He skedaddled to Australia, and now he’s caught up in this how do you do.

    Oh wait. Lucky, he was replaced Paul Gallagher on December 11, 2012.

    The Lord works in mysterious ways.

    So do cab drivers.

  10. C@tmomma

    I agree with you re Anastacia but we have got who we’ve got at the moment.

    Talking around the traps and a recent rally, I think their are more voters with remorse than you might think. I am getting it from hospital staff who suddenly realise it is not ‘them’ but ‘me’ being affected, and tonight from a Qld Rail employee not happy about current govt. Many people taking action and joining either the ALP or their union and sometimes both. I am an optimist and hope for the best for the state. Which of course means keeping Abbot and his henchmen/women out of office and then getting rid on Newman.

    I have spent my early years not far from you and your friends.

  11. Tobe,
    Tried a Harvey Wb last year and dear wife thought I was crazy.
    She was right. The OJ and Vodka watered down and the Gallianos didnt taste the same.

  12. Paddy2

    I don’t understand the voters in Dickson to have taken back the prodigal son instead of dumping him they way he dumped them, Fiona McNamara was a good candidate and would have been a good MP for them.

  13. C@tmomma and Paddy2

    When I was growing up my father’s favourite singer was Paul Robeson, I used to sit on the floor while my father listened to him, he told me that Paul Robeson had a heart of a lion and a voice of concrete because he had to combat first racism and then attacks because of his political beliefs and his fights for all people and he never gave up no matter what the governments of the day threw at him. Tom Waits took over the position of my fathers favourite singer/musician but Paul Robeson remains my fathers favourite political activist and his real disappointment is the US government managed to hide the achievements of PR so well that even today most African Americans, Americans or even British know what PR did for them.

    I first heard Tom Waits in 1979 on an Adelaide radio station, they used to have a late night show on sunday when they would play one album of an artist touring Australia. This night it was Tom Waits and the album was Blue Valentine and I was mesmirised and sold instantly, the next day after work finished I got a lift into the city centre to find any copy I could. The only Tom Waits album I could find was Small Change but they ordered in his others for me. I also managed to buy a ticket to see him, booked a seat on the train to Melbourne and saw him at the Melbourne town hall. The one and only time I have seen him perform live, he did recently hint that he could possibly come to Australia again but he doesn’t like flying and particularly doesn’t like being too far from his home and family but as he keeps saying when interviewed life isn’t over yet.

    I have managed to acquire every one of his albums on cd and a number of bootleg copies of live shows he did in Warsaw, Paris and Oakland. Sadly I never managed to get a copy of his video Big Time but I am still looking.

  14. Msadventure,
    At the lastfed election there was a lot of angst but in 2007 the nasty little man should have been removed.

    I am very upset with this tosser’s failure to support some fiends where there is disability issue. Cold person.

    Do you have recommendations as to which of the loca lsub branches in the North pine / Petrie area

  15. An update with cyclone Narelle, it looks like it will in fact miss the coast and go back out to sea.

    However, there is the risk that it will move further south and maintain its intensity and then be swept east by the trade winds, hitting Geraldton or another major town as a category 1 or 2 or so.

  16. kezza2,
    True story. My family, all Catholics, still knew how to do an Abbott, and be naughty but then go to Confession and repent…on a regular basis. 🙂

    My paternal grandfather used to own a few Houses of Ill Repute in Inner City Sydney. It’s not an easy life keeping all that under control, so he died at a relatively young age. Smoking Capstans, drinking, living the high life-it catches up with you pretty quick.

    Anyway, so he dies, and leaves all his assets to his wife. Guess what happened? A Lothario/Gigolo moved in on her real quick, and she ended up losing the lot! He ripped her off! Divine retribution I think they call it. 🙂

  17. Paul Robeson was one of my favourites too. Not so long ago I saw the tape of his visit to Sydney and where he sung to the workers on the Opera House.

    There is a Kallangur branch, Head Office opens on Monday from there Xmas break, if you call there on 3844 8101 you should be able to get the meeting dates and times for all the branches in Dickson.

  18. Paddy2

    With Federal issues such as Centrelink your friends can also go and see Senator Mark Furner at Strathpine to assist them.

  19. C@t

    Great family history. Don’t you love it.

    All those nasty little skeletons in the closet. All tied to nefarious gains.

    Whilst reverentially donating hoards to the church of choice for indulgences.

    My mother’s family never gave up so much as a peso though.

    The battle of the wills stills goes on.
    The boys think they should be in control.
    The girls don’t

    (but not to do with us
    ours is a separate kettle of fish)

    But the best bit is the moral of the story.
    something along the lines of

    when a devout catholic turns a blind eye, it’s turned all the way. while the owner figures out what to tell those he has insisted be pure.

  20. thanks msadventure,

    i am taking my wine and my wife (who has just finised work) to the lounge for some wine Pimo estate and baileys
    Nite all

  21. Paddy2
    Yes his voice was superb but he was also an accomplished academic, a great athlete but most of all a great fighter for equality amongst all people. He made many enemies and they took a particularly severe toll on him during the McCarthy times. The US never forgave him for his beliefs in equality of all people and they actively worked to destroy his career and he even believed they wanted him dead and were working to that effect.

    His portrayal of Othello is still held as the landmark that no one has been able to reach let alone better.

  22. Alas Morpheus has tapped me on the shoulder and intimated that he has a bag of dreams especially for me (sadly like all my dreams I shall not remember them) but I must away and play humour to him.

    Good night all.

  23. For a dud, tell you what, Anastacia Palascjuk , LOTO Qld, is much more well known than the LOTO in Victoria.

    So, without looking up the Leader of the Victorian ALP, who is it?

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