Friday Night Drinks at ‘”The Pub”


It’s been a long hard hot week.

The Pub

You have all done sterling work fighting the good fight against a rabid stunt pulling, attention seeking lunatic and his band of unmerry sidekicks,court jesters,jabba the hut impersonators,bug eyed evil women etc.

Time to kick back,relax have a few cleansing ales with friends,sip a red while discussing the finer points of fruit trees,have a white while talking about bees and beekeeping,sip a scotch while talking about your travels to Scotland,I’m sure you get the idea.

You are among friends here with lovely ever so attractive bar staff, a fairly talkative manager and a very lucky publican to have such wonderful help.

You can argue differing points of view in the happy knowledge that you wont be glassed,ganged up on or belittled for your points of view. WE take a very dim view of that sort of behavior.

Put up your favorite you tube clip be it music,sports or of course anything aviation related may get you a free drink.

Being as it is almost a Friday Night pub tradition I am pleased to announce that we will be having a


From 6.00pm till 7.00pm just ask for three numbers between 1-100,you can choose your own as it’s to hard to have a e-raffle book.

If your number or numbers are already taken you can ask for different ones,the earlier you apply the more chance of securing your numbers.The draw will take place sometime shortly after 7.00pm .

So join in everyone, and this is a good chance for any of you lurkers out there that wish to pop in and say hello to do so.

The prize will be announced when the winner is announced as the bloke who will be doing the announcing has got enough nounce to know what it is yet,but it will be something SPECTACULAR.

Come in, relax and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of “THE PUB”



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