Xmas is over

Well Tragics, Xmas time is over and Pb will resume tommorow.

This little blog will not disappear,it will still be here with a new post every week or so and maybe more surprises.

It will be a haven for you people that wish to have a break from the argy-bargy of pb,and just want to have a bit of a chat.

Talk about Politics,  Cricket,Tennis,Wildlife,Trucks,Aviation,etc, put up a you tube link or photo, whatever.

The overriding  theme will always be the political scene in Australia and especially the 2013 Federal election.

The same rules will always apply

Treat other posters how you would wish to be Treated.


343 thoughts on “Xmas is over

  1. Fiona and C@tmomma

    Cats, like the two who employ me, are best kept in luxury and I will adjust the aircon to suit.

    Be advised that when I change up to a sleeveless shirt, unpatched stubbies and the more upmarket white thongs that I have a hot date lined up, or, I’m seriously on the prowl.

  2. Chatelaine’?

    i have one of these, description
    a beautiful long
    cylinder, it has lid or a cap or top but its actully shaped llike a rocked ship the type of drawing you see or did see in children
    story books

    its for keeping a thimble, thread wrapped around the smallest of wooden
    sewing reels an area for needles and pins it was oH mothers
    grandmothers.worn by my m i l
    she wore it around her neck in her work shop

    the scissors came with their seperate little container and are attached by a chain its , copper, i am sure there would of been silver ones also

    i have read that chanel carried her scissors every where as there was also a cotton or thread of some kind to snip

  3. no i know they are nt thats why i am here not there

    i didnt mean here,

    yes polls necessary i suppose

  4. Cats and aircons…that reminded me of two cats we had years ago. Over-privileged born-to-rule cats with papers that proved they were of royal blood and far superior to their commoner staff. Anyway, one hot Riverina day we had the aircon blasting away and the klitties started to feel a bit chilly. So they parked themselves in front of the oil heater (I told it you was years ago) and pointed, and shivered, and fluffed up their fur in desperate attempts to get the staff to turn on the heat. We negotiated a compromise by turning the cold down a notch and offering laps. A cat must always be comfortable, no matter how the staff may suffer.

  5. ‘Looxery!’

    The cats, not the Air Con. 🙂
    Sadly I have taken a vow of chastity to no longer have a cat because I live in a bush setting with the most amazing array of native fauna around me. Oh well, I have my memories to keep me company.

  6. ian thats to funny and real

    yes i have been known to lift a guests drink hot or cold and put
    a coaster under, it my blackwood you see.
    my coasters are nice though my mil`s blue delft

  7. i am so pleased the pm came over. i new she would
    she always does. she turns up becauce she cares, nothing to do with photos or politics
    she cares

  8. What you can also predict is that the media will say that the PM came over to Tasmania to shore up the shaky federal seats which she might lose in the upcoming election. 😦

  9. welll i did look
    and was quite, very in fact ,dissapointed to see

    how some have very short memories
    and from some that i would never of thought of

    i actuly did nt know there was this sort of stuff went on between blogs

    the sarcasim , quite sad really

    active recruitment as they say,

    i had to do it for years to survive in my business

    you spread your wings get new contacts


    c ats momma, you know you can
    twitter is the best place may be

    if i venture to go back what the bet i find this post

  10. denese

    [gosh changes at the top, wrong party i think]

    Dead right. The Press are at sixes and sevens.

    JG is now just hitting her straps … Watch out Opposition.

  11. Palmer continues to play games

    RT @CliveFPalmer I do not support a Katter alliance #auspol #ausvotes #qldpol

  12. Clive Palmer statement: “I don’t wish to align with or join any political party”

  13. I don’t think the IVF stuff is working. The problem is that even if it’s all 100% genuine, it just doesn’t come across that way.

    I saw some talking heads (who I don’t know the names of) discussing it on a TV breakfast show… and they were trying to be kind… and then the inevitable line “of course many people might see this as a cynical ploy because it is well known that Tony Abbott is not popular with women”… yep. it’s pretty hard for that conclusion to avoid thumping you between the eyes…

  14. CTar1

    According to Mumble

    And we don’t have to ask what Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan will be like during the campaign because we’ve seen that show already. And since then they’ve discovered billionaires, Bruce Springsteen and north shore Sydney toffs.
    The Labor government’s only chance of victory would be personnel changes at the top.

    But they march towards the cliff with a fatalistic calm.


  15. FFS!
    Been over at Poll Bludger for no more than 5 minutes and surprise, surprise Bemused has already started his shit stirring crap.
    What a sad person he must be, truly a reason to introduce compulsory euthanasia
    if ever I heard one.
    I have no doubt he is one of the main reasons why a lot of people only lurk and don’t comment on PB.
    He is one vote the ALP don’t need.

  16. [JG is now just hitting her straps … Watch out Opposition.]

    I’m not sure what mumble is on… but perhaps I should go and read what he has to say…

    Nah… it’s the holidays…

  17. Sorry about my last post. I was quoting CTar1, who I agreed with, and contrasting that with what Mumble is supposed to have said (so 12 months ago)

  18. victoria

    [And we don’t have to ask what Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan will be like during the campaign ]

    Mumble is totally missing the point.

    People are starting to realise that JG is dynamic and correctly focused and fuelled with ideas from people like Combet, Plibersek and Shorten.

    Swan might have been rolled on the MRRT and be as boring as bat sh#t, but he is a safe set of hands who can put a hand-brake on most of the time, to stop some of the more fanciful ideas going ahead.

  19. CTar1

    Mumble has been saying the same thing for the past two years. He obviously does not see what we do. Alternatively, he is merely continuing to do the bidding of his master.

  20. IMO, Mumble’s world is coloured in the colours of those he now associates with. I wouldn’t give an ounce of credibility to anything he writes anymore – last time I saw him on TV it seems he’s even taken on the mannerisms and looks of a Tory.

  21. I’m sure Mumble will be soon be changing his tune. This IVF stuff seems ominous as far as Lib fortunes are concerned (flopping). And how come Abbott isn’t all over the place like the holiday period after he immediately became leader (and Rudd went missing). Gillard has got the timing and tone of the holiday break just right this year.

  22. Tobe

    The IVF timing is ominous. I am inclined to agree with Andrew Elder. It is an exit strategy for Credlin when everything goes pear shaped for Abbott. The Brough/Ashby stuff is going to bite them in the bum, and Credlin knows it.

  23. Thanks Vic. Given a choice between Mumble and Andrew Elder I decided to follow my confirmation bias to Elder 🙂 Great Article and here is the link again for those who want to read it…

    If Elder is right then Peta should leave while the Libs are still ahead in the polls.

  24. What’s interesting is how seriously Abbott and the Libs are taking the women’s vote.

    OK, he’s tanked with women. Always has. Still leading in the polls though, and will always get the angry middleclass white male vote.

    Could it be that, come election time, in at least a significant number of households, men vote the way they’re told to?

    (Vivid memories of a friend of mine – US citizen, so couldn’t vote – winding down her window and shouting after her spouse as he went into vote – “If you vote for f##ing Kennett, I’m never sleeping with you again!”)

  25. Zoomster,

    (Vivid memories of a friend of mine – US citizen, so couldn’t vote – winding down her window and shouting after her spouse as he went into vote – “If you vote for f##ing Kennett, I’m never sleeping with you again!”)

    The only problem is – how would she have known?

  26. andrew has not wavered in his thoughts and the heading at the top of the page, its great to see some one with conviction,
    that’s the writers one reads.
    i was told by a friend of a friend that a friends has
    left her employment to concentrace on ivf
    to work in the family business so it one of those things work on some days and not others of her choice
    now thats quite a different way of organazing ones life

    putting a future family and togetherness first

    also from what little i know
    if one takes on a relaxed life style, and that doesnt mean sitting around all day, it means less stressful perhaps working part time
    like my friends friend plans to do.

    this is the advice i would give any one thinking about this
    it not easy lots of steps along the way, lots of appointments
    and encouragment to keep going

    this is of couse passed on to me by my friends, friend
    who is 40

  27. Peta must have a plan b exit strategy – she could always do a Fiona and break a leg 😀

  28. [The IVF timing is ominous.]

    Tim should tell someone from the Press that his Beagle requires ‘sperm stimulation’ and that JG has been good enough to let him use an Office ‘fridge because the Lodge ‘fridge is turned off due to the renovations.


  29. I hope Mumble has be watching ABC24 for the past hour or so. Every sound grab and visual of Gillard in Tasmania looks like she has become very competent and comfortable in the role.

  30. reading all that i take the other opinon than they proably want me to do

    i think ivf is rather private and in family , so i am not impressed
    i think many woman would think that way and the unmarried not worried about having family may think how odd
    discussing this,
    and the rest dont care
    so i dont see it being very favourable,
    think it shows they live in bubble, not really knowing what us woman think at all

  31. i dont give mumble a second thought,

    yes julia looked great and so so sincere
    i read what the other one said cannot remmeber now
    i tried to post it.
    my lap top doesn not want to copy links

  32. Janice,

    Peta must have a plan b exit strategy …

    I wouldn’t wish that particular exit strategy on anyone.

  33. janice
    i have observed that some people spend so much time together

    they end up sounding like they, whom they spend time with, and even begin to look like them.

  34. seems like nsw is in for some really bad not weathre
    i watched the premier nodding behind lots of officials

    the areas where named i did put a link here to the nsw fire service

  35. Compare & contrast:

    Senator Conroy’s wife had fertility problems, so the couple had a surrogate pregnancy, which at the time was illegal in Victoria.

    AFTER the pregnancy resulted in a successful birth (and an incredibly cute kid, btw) Conroy – a Catholic – agitated for the laws in Victoria to be changed — not just to give couples like his own the same opportunity, but also on behalf of gays/lesbians.

    He used his political clout to solve a situation his personal experience had brought to his attention.

    Peta Credlin has fertility problems. She uses them for political advantage, to help shore up her boss. There is no hint there that her personal experience gave her any insight into how the situation might be improved for others in similar situations, or that she’d be interested in doing anything about it if it did.

    Labor people use their life experiences to help solve problems; Liberals use them to promote their own self interest.

  36. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s commitment to reflecting and representing regional diversity
    Terms of Reference
    That the following matter be referred to the Environment and Communications References Committee for inquiry and report:

    (a) the commitment by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) to reflecting and representing regional diversity in Australia;

    (b) the impact that the increased centralisation of television production in Sydney and Melbourne has had on the ABC’s ability to reflect national identity and diversity; and

    (c) any related matters.

    For further information, contact:
    Committee Secretary
    Senate Standing Committees on Environment and Communications
    PO Box 6100
    Parliament House
    Canberra ACT 2600
    Phone: +61 2 6277 3526
    Fax: +61 2 6277 5818

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