Always with the negative waves, Moriarity…

Wayne Swan is sick of Abbott’s negative waves…

New Year’s resolution: accentuate the positive

Mr Swan, who was acting Prime Minister until the weekend, denied suggestions the government was culpable in helping to set the low tone of what has been labelled the nastiest political year in memory. ”You’ve got to be kidding me,” Mr Swan said.

”The negativity in policy and personal attacks have all been from Abbott. I mean, for god’s sake. These are the people who are now hung out to dry for their activities in terms of Mr [James] Ashby and company,” he said, referring to the Federal Court finding that Mal Brough, an endorsed candidate of the Liberal National Party, conspired with Mr Ashby to end the political career of the former speaker Peter Slipper. Despite the finding, Mr Abbott has expressed full confidence in Mr Brough.

”I’m a little surprised at the notion that there is some sort of equivalence in terms of the negativity going on … The Prime Minister in particular, in the face of enormous negative attack and enormous denigration, performed superbly. Too often that gets brushed aside in some sort of notion that it was some sort of two-way process.”

The Treasurer said hauling the political debate into positive territory next year was his ”New Year’s resolution” to ignore ”glass half empty” naysayers.

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Jacqueline Maley tries her best to tar Labor with the “negativity” tag, but it’s just not on to blame Labor as equally guilty of negativism for responding to the Coalition’s and the media’s vicious attacks.

This contention presupposes that Labor must always turn the other cheek while “color writer”s and Press gallery jabberers like Maley giggle behind their cupped hands at how clever Tony Abbott is for being a complete wrecker. If they’re in a particularly vicious mood they’ll flay Labor alive for not standing up for themselves, declaring they have no “narrative” and no guts.

Maley mentions … um… that … um … Gillard … um … called Abbott an … um … “misogynist”, without noting that he had called Gillard the same thing first, indeed he brought on the whole subject.

She also forgets to mention that Gillard flayed him alive with her response that was watched by millions, enthralled at seeing a true bully reduced to a simpering shell of a man, whose best response was to call her “a piece of work” the next day, when he thought no-one was listening.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that, at the time, Maley assured us that Gillards speech needed to be taken in um… “context” and was a pathetic attempt by the PM to change the subject?

Am I being too negative about the glamourous SMH “color writer”? Nah…

So, fair enough in my books for Swan, Combet and Gillard to respond in kind to Abbott’s negative attacks. It is inconceivable that any government, particularly this one, would seek to trash-talk the economy the way Abott and his gang have denigrated our own.

Negativity has gotten us precisely nowhere. It has destroyed confidence and it has ruined businesses. It has soured the nation and poisoned the national discourse. It has turned us into a nation of bitter whingers.

Billions around the world would love to show us how to take what we have and make something of it besides tears.

We should be celebrating Australia, not moaning that it is finished and a failure.

If this government really was “Stalinist” and we really were living in the equivalent of a Soviet State (as is so often said by the loonier elements on the right), Abbott, Hockey et al would be declared Public Vandals and Seditious Recalcitrants, put up against a wall… and shot. They have done that much damage. Thankfully (for them) we do not employ the death penalty for Economic Treason.

So, let us celebrate Australia, not denigrate it. Let’s get the message out that the promised “Election Now!” is never going to happen, and never was. We should make a New Year’s resolution to spead the good news about this fantastic country and not let the Coalition and its lazy, benighted business mates destroy it becaue they simply don’t have the imaginations to do anything else.

And let us redouble our promises to ourselves to NEVER purchase anything published by Fairfax. The sooner they go under the better, especially if they made the … um … giant mistake of … um … keeping the atrocious Jackie Maley on as an … um … paid member of staff.


UPDATE: (Cross-posted from another thread)…

So glad to see I didn’t read Jackie wrong. She obviously thought she hadn’t explained the “context” well enough in her first go at it yesterday, that her attempts at disguising her dislike for the government had been too adequately submerged in phoney balance

So today she lets us know what she REALLY … um … thinks.

“… it’s a bit cute of Wayne Swan to exculpate the government from any responsibility whatsoever for the low tone of this year’s political debate.

It was arguably Swan who kicked it all off in the lead-up to the Gillard/Rudd leadership spill in February, when he released a press statement criticising Rudd for his ”dysfunctional decision-making” and ”deeply demeaning attitude towards other people”.

That started a round of blood-letting against the former prime minister so fierce it made the Coalition look like pussies.

… it’s one thing for voters to shrug and concede the carbon tax wasn’t quite so bad as they thought it would be, quite another to embrace it as a positive reform that will set Australia up for its post-mining future, which is what the Treasurer argues it is.

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Onya Jackie!

It was all Swan’s fault, apparently.

He reacted to Rudd’s constant white-anting and carping from abroad, finally nailing for the readers and viewers just what the party thought of him.You could even say he delivered bucketloads of context and then tipped them on St. Kevin. Swan’s words flushed Rudd out, getting the supposed “political master” to challenge for the leadership…. from a mere 10,000 miles and two days’ travelling away!

The vote went Gillard’s way in a canter. We saw that all the stories that Jackie and her colleagues had been writing, telling us how dangerous Rudd was to Gillard’s Prime Ministership, how he nearly had the numbers – might have them, actually, if the crowds in the streets were any guide – were, frankly, full of shit.

The baloney substituting for “context” that Jackie and pals were writing about Rudd’s imminent comeback – a sure thing, bar the shouting – was as ersatz as a Coorey phonecall. Swan not only blew Rudd’s cover, but he blew the Press Gallery’s, who were on a nice little earner there, what with their endless yarns about “senior Labor insiders”, dates, timelines for takeovers, even entire New Rudd legislative agendas (usually involving a cave in to Abbott’s own schemes). This was going to be repealed, that was going to be amended. There’s your “context”!

And poor, inept, Wayne Swan, the ugly duckling of the Labor caucus went and killed the story stone dead by opening his trap and pointing out the Emperor (and his media urgers) had no clothes.

THAT is why Maley’s pissed off with Wayne Swan. He told us what the REAL context was, unfiltered, unabridged and unpleasant (for Rudd).

Jackie you’re a year behind the times. Give it up, sweetheart.

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  1. Whilst living in Sydney, I used to buy the Herald every weekday to read on the train to work. When I changed jobs within that company, I was given the use of a company vehicle so stopped buying the Herald (circa 2005).

    The only times since then that I’ve bought any papers is the the first edition of the AFR for the year. I only bought that for the accumulation index tables for the last day’s trading on the ASX for the previous year. That was done purely to compare the All Ords Accumulation* index against my portfolio, to update my spreadsheets and charts.

    Now that S&P publish the Accumulation figures online, I’ve given up on that as well.

    And no, I don’t feel a skerrick of guilt for contributing to the collapse in the Fairfax share price.

    * The All Ords figures quoted on the news every week night is the Price index, which monitors the movement(s) in share prices (obviously). The Accumulation indices incorporate price movements AND dividends, which makes them a much more useful comparison tool.

  2. Why is it that most people I speak to also think it is both sides setting the low benchmark for behaviour. We have the nastiest opposition I can remember sitting in Parliament at the moment, and I believe the most destructive. The National good seems a foreign concept to them.

  3. Up until about a year ago I would buy a TV guide on Sunday and get a free paper with it, the tv guide give only the facts but the Sunday (Courier) Mail gave a mixture of fact and fiction. I am glad to say I am no longer addicted to the printed newspaper. You know the saying “Is it really true or did you read it in the Courier Mail”.

  4. So, let us celebrate Australia, not denigrate it!

    You’re so right, BB, Julia understands it well – that’s the message Australians want to hear. But Abbott doesn’t, does he? As you demonstrated so well in your last post how and why “The waters are lapping at the feet of Fairfax”….I couldn’t help but think of that mad old Pommie King Canute who thought he could turn back the waves……..Now who does that remind me of?

    He’ll Even Turn Back The Boats! He’ll Just Say “No!”

    Tony Abbott knows he has authority
    To give commands, to turn the tide of history.
    He can ignore advice, needn’t wait for votes.
    Of course he can turn back those boats!
    Knowing himself to be pure of soul,
    And with a clear mandate from Newspoll,
    He demands again an immediate election.
    Gillard must obey, with appropriate genuflection.

    Yes! Once Liberals are in ascendance,
    Labor, the Greens and Independents
    Must finally obey his orders
    As he secures Australian borders.
    Then his law enacted will be enough
    To show the world how stern’s the stuff
    Of Aussie sailors. They will obey!
    Who cares what their admirals have to say?

    As for rulers in any neighbouring land.
    They’ll be shown exactly where they stand.
    Just a few short months now to go
    Before they get the meaning of an Aussie “No!”
    In power he’ll brook no opposition,
    Least of all from within the Coalition.
    High Court? International Law of the Sea?
    He laughs. “There’s just one law around here! That’s me!”

  5. BK, if you are out there, you may not have noticed but I have posted my blog. Go for it with the links! 🙂

  6. “And let us redouble our promises to ourselves to NEVER purchase anything published by Fairfax.”

    Nor should we click on any links to any Fairfax (as well as any News Ltd) website. It would be ideal if posters could provide a precis or do a cut & paste of the kernel of the article instead of simply providing a link (like BB did in this post) . This would allow blog readers to minimise clicking the OM links. Maybe some social media savvy Bludger could flag a SM campaign for the progressives to strike back at OM with a day of cyberspace boycotts of their sites. It would satisfying to see their web traffic reduced and get unfriended.

  7. Just a quick heads up to let you know that I, C@tmomma, have a post up as well. It’s called, ‘That Way Lies Madness’, and you can access it at the top of this page on the right. It also has BK’s links if anyone was looking for them.
    That is all. 🙂

  8. What gets me about the ‘put the misogyny speech in context’ meme is that no journalist then does.

    The context is that Tony Abbott, an Opposition Leader with a history of ‘women unfriendly’ acts, used a couple of out of context text messages to accuse the Speaker of the House of sexism and misogyny.

    The PM, quite rightly, pointed out that a man with his history shouldn’t be getting up anywhere, in any context, and throwing stones from his glass house.

    So her speech, taken in context, was entirely appropriate. (If anything, I would have liked her to point out that, in context, nothing Slipper had said or done was really that scandalous).

    Yet the media pretend that her speech was simply about defending Slipper and that the references to misogyny and sexism were inappropriate, an attempt to deflect the attack.

    Even yesterday, PvO was calling Gillard a hypocrite because of the context.

  9. December 31, 2012 at 7:32 pm

    Very Happy New Year 2013 to all PB Tragics, esp Bushfire Bill & Joe 6Pac for this blog.

    Just to add to the celebrations … From The Guardian on WA’s SKA; a happy NY Pat-on-Aussie-backs (with a touch of typically Pom tongue-in-cheek): “Wallaby and Dingo space surveys expected to find 700,000 new galaxies – Huge radio telescope in Western Australia will help astronomers find clues to mystery of dark energy and galaxy evolution”

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