Who was here when this Poll Result was announced?

Petro the phantom poll poster has released the details of the latest poll conducted by the most respected polling company around “Polldaddy:”

The poll was conducted over the Christmas day/Boxing day holiday, which as most respectable polling companies agree is the optima time to conduct a political poll as people are free from their working life and can really concentrate on the important issues of the day.

12,000 people were surveyed across a broad spectrum of  the Australian public but with 2 common denominatiers that they were all extremely attractive and also extremely intelligent. Go figure . The margin of error is approximatly .0000013% but some Possums may disagree with that and say .0000014%.

According to Anthony Greys calculator this would reduce the opposition to around 5 seats and some pretty unhappy ex mps.

The now very powerful Prime Minister Julia Gillard when asked about the poll stated that polls come and polls go but Alan Jones is still a low life piece of hyena waste.

The leader of the opposition Tony Abbott was seen running around in circles trying to bite his own bum. When asked to comment he stated he is very busy doing important things for Australia and polls smolls I need a new set of togs.

The deputy leader of the opposition Ms. J Bishop ( who by the way is barren never having kids. something is wrong with hey heff. opps sorry wrong party) has called for an inquiry to be held because apparently the main pollster once received a banana paddle-pop 20 yrs ago from his then girlfriend who worked at the local snack bar and did not pay for it.

The shadow treasure Joe Hockey was spotted at Abduls a well know and delicious eatery in surrey hills Sintown,trying to eat the menu.

When asked for a comment he  stated while trying to decide between the vegie. platter and some falafels that Hogwaorths a very reputable accounting firm assured him that as 83+9 only =92 the missing 8% will ensure victory at the next election.

Dennis Shamaham head political wanker at Australia’s  biggest loss making paper the “stralyin” has stated that although things are looking grim for the coalition the sausages are almost cooked and the onions are ready ,but he has lost the BBQ. sauce.

Over at the iceage the champion of the Canberra press galley  Michelle Gratenn has stated in no uncertain terms that this may or not be good for the ALP. and indeed may or not be bad for the Coalition. You don’t get much more straight forward political insight than that.

We at the tragis who commissioned this poll so we own it and understand better than any of you people can tell you in good faith,hands on heart that YES it is a good poll for the ALP.

932 thoughts on “POLLDADDY: 83%ALP-9% COALITION

  1. Rossmore,

    Now that I think about it, my grandfather’s place was called “Rosscrae” the home he built after establishing Creekside.

    and Ross is a family name for both genders in our family.

    Funny that.

  2. kezza2,

    [ scorps

    gimme a break ]

    You did see the “smiley” I hope? I’m not that hard a taskmaster. Maybe my sense of humour doesn’t translate well in print.

    Time to head for the cot before I upset too many souls.

    Commenting rather than reading seems to cause me some degree of grief which I don’t purposely wish to attract or cause offense to anybody.

    Probably a good time to reconsider.

  3. I had called it a night, but decided to check back in. Great quarterly poll result!

    Kezza i truly hope Labor romp it in! The fibs deserve no less.


    If you are still about. Since you linked the old music video, i decided to listen to my favourite song of the year. The killers Miss Atomic Bomb, and the music clip is cool too. For sentimental fools like me!

    Night all

  4. scorps

    Yep, I did see the smiley. but you did seem to infer that I was being presumptuous about a poll in 2012 (or that’s the way I took it). You’ve had the shits with me for a while, so I took that into consideration as well. But, my man, I was talking about a 2013 election later this year.

    And, as I said, PMJG will romp it in. That’s the poll I;m talking about.

  5. rossmore if you go to the maps and pan in to your dad town
    you see a first w war memorial and the names are visible on it there may be a name you recognise looks like its in land not on the sea

  6. [ You’ve had the shits with me for a while, ]

    I’ve got far better things to do with my life than run with some sort of longstanding verbal vendetta with an anonymous poster on a blog.

    I look for the brightness not the darkness and find that a bit of humour generally smooths over troubled waters or sparks up somebody who’s struggling with the ups and downs that life throws up.

    It throws them up for “ME” too believe it or not. Mostly downers but I try hard tyo keep my head above water & keep on going.

    It’s bloody easy to give up or blame everything that is not so good in ones life onto others. They may not be in anyway to blame and have their own cross to bear too.

    Give some of us a break. You’re bloody quick to condemn. We got feelings and principles too, believe it or not.

    Good night.

  7. denese

    You’re sort of like a sister to me. And I thank you for it.

    You keep me on the straight, if not the narrow.

    But I won’t always stay on the straight nor the narrow.
    But, keep in mind, that I always think of you.

    Take care, my say.
    I always value you.

    Sleep tight.

  8. Confessions is pretty straight down the line in condemning her,

    Actually I’m pretty straight down the line in condemning her Greens piety, but not because she has poor taste in men. She made a mistake with Buswell. It happens.


    Kezza2 and Scorpio please try and get on together.

    It’s enough effort to moderate this blog. So, wasting my precious brain energy sorting out personal spats over ancient disputes lost in the mists of time is not my idea of pleasure.

    We’ve put this blog on for everyone to enjoy, not to continue bullshit arguments and animosities dragged over from Poll Bludger.


    Thank you.

    – BB

  10. Sheesh scorps

    Here I was acknowledging your shittiness with me. And don’t pretend you hadn’t said so.
    As if I was going to pretend it didn’t exist. So, I said so. And now you’re all offended by it.

    Where does a girl go from here?

    Don’t pretend you’re not pretty damn quick to condemn, yourself.

    I was just saying it like it was, mate.
    And you know that.

    Sincerely hope you and your family have a wonderful Xmas and New Year.
    Love Kerry.

  11. P.S. Re my last post I have y own views on who started this crap between K and S, but for the moment no finger pointing will be indulged in by me..

  12. If a cheerful, humerous dig at somebody’s foo-pah or whatever you call them can be construed as some sort of attack on somebody and which attracts the wrath of the moderator to that extent, then I’m far better off finding something better to spend my time with that bring unwanted criticism for doing nothing more than trying to add to the lightheartedness and good spirit of the blog.

    Dump me in the bin with Bemused BB. I don’t think I’ve got the stamina to jump through the hoops set here.

    I know it’s tough moderating. It’s also bloody tough being accused of something that you are innocent of also.

    So it’s either goodnight or goodbye depending on how you deal with this response.

  13. Good quarterly poll result – was interesting to hear “James from The Australian” talking about them on What The Papers Say throw out a “it’s the narrowing” when Rod Quinn mentioned he wouldn’t write Labor off yet

    The tone is changing

    p.s. Greens on a solid 11% as well 🙂

  14. Well, its threatening to rain. There are clouds, lightning, distant thunder and it’s as still as. It’s humid and unbearable.

    My weather station Joe Hockey tells me it’s sunny and cloudless and sweet.

    Just for once I’d love for the actual Joe Hockey’s prognostications of doom to be proven right. Just this once.


  15. Been to boarding school?

    What’s the best way to to get over a shitty time?

    Hey. “own” up. That’s the way.

    But “pwn” became the norm.

    What’s ‘pwn’?

    Pwn’s when you don’t own up, but make out that someone else is to blame, usually the weakest of the pack. And they have to cop it.

    (Do you know why it’s called pwn these days? Simple – it’s the letters on the qwerty keyboard – move your hand to the right, and with your right ring finger you hit “p”‘ your left still hits the correct letters of “w” and “n” – hence incorrect right finger “p” instead of “o” and the left says “wm”/

    Put it altogether and ‘own’ says “pwn”

    “pwn” became known for ‘not owning up’

    That is, “pwn” meant you made someone else take the blame for something you had done.

    And, BB, I;ll be buggered if I;m going to take responsibility for making you work overtime. Capiche?

  16. The “vodka burner” taking off was a classic, but having grown up around big jets (dad was an engineer and i read the Aviation Safety Digest from an early age), i can appreciate how close it was to being a stunningly massive fark up. The fine line between spectacular and being a spectacle.

    Hmmm…..something Mr Abbott and his ilk should take to heart perhaps?? Interesting to consider the relative loadings of policy vs muddy crap between the major parties. Know which i’d rather fly with.

    LoL. Can equate the MSM to parasitic drag on the body politic.

  17. You know what, Scorps

    You win

    In the violin stakes. hands down

    You’ve been accused of nothing
    except a pissed-offness with me/

    And that’s true., You can’t deny it.

    And now you want to carry on, as if I’m just making it up.

    Play fair, or don’t play at all.

    You got shirty over some comments that i made about religion.
    And I’ve apologised.

    Either accept that, or not, once and for all, or forever hold your damn peace.

  18. Kezza

    [That is, “pwn” meant you made someone else take the blame for something you had done.]

    Perhaps there are two words pwn, but I think the more common meaning is to dominate or beat someone, particularly in an on-line game. To be pwned is to come off second best, either in some form of contest or through the vagaries of life.

    For example:
    The Sri Lankans got totally pwned at the MCG.
    It didn’t me take long to pwn them…they were noobs!
    Gee…Bemused got pwned earlier.

  19. Only me, PTMD
    But I’m going now, too.

    Tell you what, though, I’ve had a pretty good day.
    Fantastic massage, fantabulous re-alignment, am a lot taller than when I started the day, AMD described you as a hippie who wears a multi-coloured skirt.

  20. jolyon wagg

    I was giving the history of PWN

    And the of course there was PWN.

    You didn;t not ‘own up’ you made it a virtue to not own up.

    To be pwned meant you were nailed. You were guilty.

    Can you see the compl;ication?

    Of course, AMD = AND

    Got it?

    Comment box is a piss poor effort.

  21. Kezza,

    Fine…it looks like there are two versions of the word with two origins. The one I am thinking of is the one I picked up from my sons, which is described in the Urban Dictionary as follows:

    PWN (verb)

    1. An act of dominating an opponent.

    2. Great, ingenious; applied to methods and objects.

    Originally dates back to the days of WarCraft, when a map designer mispelled “Own” as “Pwn”. What was originally supose to be “player has been owned.” was “player has been pwned”.

    Pwn eventually grew from there and is now used throughout the online world, especially in online games.
    1. “I pwn these guys on battlenet”

    2. “This strategy pwns!” or “This game pwn.”

  22. FWIW
    I really really think a few thin skins need to thicken up around here. If people can’t take the bit of argy bargy on this blog, and pollbludger without redoing High Noon, then you will be no good at fighting Tories, defeating Fibs or tackling RW nutjobs.

    How about taking a deep breath, reread a post which has poked your ribs, and see if it was a deliberate elbow or just a jostle on the escalator? And do it without referring to whatever box you have already consigned a particular person into. And even if it was an intentioned shove, there is no-God given rule that you have to fight back, for days and weeks, until everyone else sticks you on the stfu list to get some bloody peace. . Not everything has to be pistols at dawn, surely. (don’t call me Shirley.)

    I mean, we have days of people saying the same thing to the same person and vice-versa with neither ever going to agree with the other. Ain’t there a time to say, okay, you reckon the chicken came first, and I believe the egg came first, let’s just respect each other’s opinion?

    This is supposed to be a holiday refuge. Maybe it is a good time to try to explore the ideas and opinions of people we do not agree with. Instead of saying, you are a (insert judgement) how about, “Why do you think that?” We might learn something.

    We have the fight of our lives ahead of us in 2013. We have everything to win, and everything to lose. Just remember that, please.

    Thank you for your indulgence.


  23. Thanks jolyonwgg, for spelling out how the current usage of

    Pwn = Domination.

    obviously supercedes my definition, as if is has no standing whatsoever.
    ‘but then, I was only ever talking about the historiography of the word. and why boarders could be susceptible to a different definition.

    When you were pwned at boarding school, you took it as if you’d been pinged for, I don’t know, dropping some rubbish – and you had to get out of it.

    Today, it’s mortal combat.
    I don’t agree the progression of the definition is a good thing.

    But then, what would I know.

  24. Kezza,

    I never had the pleasure of boarding school so never got pwned there. I have had plenty of experience with getting pwned in the course of life though and I must say I don’t particularly care for it.

    I agree that the newer definition has a more aggressive feel to it, which is not a good thing.

  25. J6P
    I haven’t ever posted here, yet I’m getting my email flooded by a copy of everyone elses’ posts. Can you please fix this up so that the notifications cease and desist. Thanks.

    Whilst here, let me say I am in 2 minds as to when Abbott is best shafted. My preference is for it to occur at the actual election. This, delivered by the electorate, would be the greatest thump to his misguided egotistic aspirations. And as well his electioneering would be more favourable to the ALP than say a MT campaign …… the smooth talkin charlatan would probly engage the electorate better than the foot-in-mouth dogma driven hypocrite who so many of us so powerfully dislike. (I fear an Abbott government more than I fear a colonition government.)

    On the other hand to see him slapped down by his own mob with the ensuing need to hugely re-caste policy directions (not “policies”, since they are pretty non existent) would be a joy to behold. And that would really set them back on their heels during the election year. They have no replacement who could do a “Bob Hawke” and effect an immediate up swing in popularity, except perhaps MT the afore mentioned charlatan, and as far as I can gather his popularity in the parliamentary party would have to do a miraculous turnaround for him to become the flag bearer.

    Although I would love to hear the “ahs” and “umms” as he conceded defeat at the hands of his colleagues, his increasingly poor performance since the July 1 “lived experience” began and especially since “I will not be lectured about misogyny by this man” shows him to be a most important asset to the goodies.

  26. i actully love shirley
    shame the name is not around any more
    when i was little girl i use to look at shirey temples curls and think it was something amazing
    puff is spot on,
    me included, re read reread re read

    how does one do smiles here , or any where on my lap top i have about 200 different ones but you cannot transfer them

    puff/ panda love it
    panda bears are so cuddly.
    george was given one by his aunt for chirstmas

    you are not going to beleive this, 14 months and he bent over and kissed it, of the gifts he got he loved the bear and the big box it came in crawled in to it, and enjoyed his day
    ps use to put my girls through the pain for rag curls
    so they looked like shirey temple, well just for few hours
    and her tap dancing good memories

  27. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.
    A rather amusing reflection on the characters of 2012.
    An excellent article from Waleed Aly regarding the Indian rape and the ruling classes.
    The carping Gerard Henderson cherry picks 2012 predictions gone wrong but leaves out Whyalla being wiped off the map. What a flake!
    To think that our financial stability could be in the hands of the US Repugs is frightening.
    . . . end of section 1

  28. one tuew, …….tuewww…….. one tuew…. tuewww……..one tuewww.

    I think this is working, can you hear me clearly up the back?

    tuewww, one tueww.

  29. ,

    thanks bk after reading and re reading the fiscal cliff
    possiblities any critisizm of mr swan and his decision
    should be looked at rather differnetly from the
    nay sayers promise syndrome lot

    it a bit worrying but like all the prediction this year
    i think they have been talked through at the last minute.

    lets hope sence prevails

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