Who was here when this Poll Result was announced?

Petro the phantom poll poster has released the details of the latest poll conducted by the most respected polling company around “Polldaddy:”

The poll was conducted over the Christmas day/Boxing day holiday, which as most respectable polling companies agree is the optima time to conduct a political poll as people are free from their working life and can really concentrate on the important issues of the day.

12,000 people were surveyed across a broad spectrum of  the Australian public but with 2 common denominatiers that they were all extremely attractive and also extremely intelligent. Go figure . The margin of error is approximatly .0000013% but some Possums may disagree with that and say .0000014%.

According to Anthony Greys calculator this would reduce the opposition to around 5 seats and some pretty unhappy ex mps.

The now very powerful Prime Minister Julia Gillard when asked about the poll stated that polls come and polls go but Alan Jones is still a low life piece of hyena waste.

The leader of the opposition Tony Abbott was seen running around in circles trying to bite his own bum. When asked to comment he stated he is very busy doing important things for Australia and polls smolls I need a new set of togs.

The deputy leader of the opposition Ms. J Bishop ( who by the way is barren never having kids. something is wrong with hey heff. opps sorry wrong party) has called for an inquiry to be held because apparently the main pollster once received a banana paddle-pop 20 yrs ago from his then girlfriend who worked at the local snack bar and did not pay for it.

The shadow treasure Joe Hockey was spotted at Abduls a well know and delicious eatery in surrey hills Sintown,trying to eat the menu.

When asked for a comment he  stated while trying to decide between the vegie. platter and some falafels that Hogwaorths a very reputable accounting firm assured him that as 83+9 only =92 the missing 8% will ensure victory at the next election.

Dennis Shamaham head political wanker at Australia’s  biggest loss making paper the “stralyin” has stated that although things are looking grim for the coalition the sausages are almost cooked and the onions are ready ,but he has lost the BBQ. sauce.

Over at the iceage the champion of the Canberra press galley  Michelle Gratenn has stated in no uncertain terms that this may or not be good for the ALP. and indeed may or not be bad for the Coalition. You don’t get much more straight forward political insight than that.

We at the tragis who commissioned this poll so we own it and understand better than any of you people can tell you in good faith,hands on heart that YES it is a good poll for the ALP.

932 thoughts on “POLLDADDY: 83%ALP-9% COALITION

  1. It clearly suggests Mr Abbott did not tell the truth in the affair at the time, and has provoked government fears of a backlash from voters responding angrily to Pauline Hanson’s jailing.

    Then, today, Mr Abbott’s stalking horse, One Nation dissident Terry Sharples, claimed that the PM was also aware of the machinations.

    Mr Abbott wasn’t telling the truth. When was the last time we saw such words offered by the ABC??

  2. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/12/28/science/earth/in-ireland-carbon-taxes-pay-off.html
    Carbon Taxes Make Ireland Even Greener
    Published: December 27, 2012

    DUBLIN — Over the last three years, with its economy in tatters, Ireland embraced a novel strategy to help reduce its staggering deficit: charging households and businesses for the environmental damage they cause.


    Environmentally and economically, the new taxes have delivered results. Long one of Europe’s highest per-capita producers of greenhouse gases, with levels nearing those of the United States, Ireland has seen its emissions drop more than 15 percent since 2008.

    Although much of that decline can be attributed to a recession, changes in behavior also played a major role, experts say, noting that the country’s emissions dropped 6.7 percent in 2011 even as the economy grew slightly.

  3. confessions,

    Now it’s turned to a desperate bid by the Liberal Party to fob off revelations today that one of John Howard’s most senior Ministers, Tony Abbott, had set up a $100,000 slush fund to ruin Pauline Hanson.

    Now it’s turned to a desperate bid by the Liberal Party to fob off revelations today that Tony Abbott, had set up a $100,000 slush fund to ruin Peter Slipper.

  4. POLITICIAN: I don’t know that it had been organised and I certainly didn’t have anything to do with it.

    Politician? WTF? Who was this “politician” clearly captured at the ‘Doors’, yet the odd one out in their response, and lack of recorded identity.

    “I didn’t have anything to do with it”. Who was this person?

  5. Augustus:

    I thoujght the blank screen was meant to signify silence on the part of ABC24 when it came to the PM;s speech this morning and their failure to broadcast it live..


  6. Home again, hopefully this will go through OK, if goes through will mainly lurk as the invasion has started here for the holidays
    Hope all the bloggers had a great Christmas, I certainly did

  7. confessions,

    “I thoujght the blank screen was meant to signify silence on the part of ABC24 when it came to the PM;s speech this morning and their failure to broadcast it live.. ”

    Nah!, just the silence from the Lib’s about their own grubby dealings

  8. GhostWhoVotes ‏@GhostWhoVotes
    #Newspoll Oct-Dec Quarterly 2 Party Preferred: ALP 48 (+2) L/NP 52 (-2) #auspol

    GhostWhoVotes ‏@GhostWhoVotes
    #Newspoll Oct-Dec Quarterly Primary Votes: ALP 35 (+2) L/NP 43 (-2) GRN 11 (+1) #auspol

    GhostWhoVotes ‏@GhostWhoVotes
    #Newspoll Oct-Dec Quarterly Gillard: Approve 37 (+7) Disapprove 51 (-8) #auspol

    GhostWhoVotes ‏@GhostWhoVotes
    #Newspoll Oct-Dec Quarterly Abbott: Approve 30 (-2) Disapprove 59 (+1) #auspol

    GhostWhoVotes ‏@GhostWhoVotes
    #Newspoll Oct-Dec Quarterly Preferred PM: Gillard 45 (+7) Abbott 33 (-5) #auspol

  9. Newspoll: The trend is our friend. Perfectly positioned. An economy on the up. Consumer spending up, interest rates going lower.

    9 months to the election. Seat belts on. With luck the ALP can do it.

  10. J6P

    Scenes like that plane’s take off make you understand why I am not flying to Europe for my son’s wedding in the European summer. Currently bargaining with tourism offices for a berth on a container ship.

    (and who might you be?)
    Eleanor Rigby.
    Christ, that’s Cille and I (me on guitar) 10 years after one of my older sisters and I had seen Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs at Frankston in 1969. We thought Daryl Cotton was a drop kick, back then/

    Then there was Russell Morris at Springvale, after he was a smash hit, circa the early 70s.


  11. has there been any polls done on turnbull if so
    does he come where in the middle below abbott or above the pm
    have a specific reason for asking

  12. Latest Newspoll suggests a seismic shift in the community’s views of the PMoA and Abbott, the former growing in statue and regard, the latter plumetting. The big news here is what is the LNP going to about their leaders appalling polling?”

  13. still think the election wil be in nov so 11 months
    not sept, footy finals so it would not be announced in sept
    as it has to be 6 weeks before doesnt it,
    so nov , is my thought

  14. Hi Victoria and Kezza. I have mixed feelings about Adele Carles. Confessions is pretty straight down the line in condemning her, which I did initially. Fremantle is a very precious Labor seat since forever and I took my rage out on Adele in 2010 as I explain in my updated background notes on Sleeping With The Enemy. Besides the metaphor of ‘scarlet woman’ was too delicious to forego!

    But since then I have come to like her and to see how she seems genuinely lost her head and heart in a mid-life crisis. She would have stayed with the Greens had they been less immediately judgemental and willing to help her keep the politics and messiness of two broken marriages separate. There are young children caught up in all that and I see her concientiously delivering hers daily to primary school down the road from here. She has obviously lived to regret her mistake and realized Troy’s nature will not change.

    I find what she has to say about the recent humping episode wholly credible and I like her feisty response to Barnett and the Liberal Party which was initially encouraging Buswell to sue her, assuming she would back down. Well she hasn’t. And Barnett is now urging them both to make concessions and give the ‘undignified’ public brawling away. No wonder! It’s doing the Libs more damage than anyone expected. She’s given an unwavering version of events from the beginning. We’ve all made mistakes in our personal lives which wouldn’t look too good sensationalised in the modern media. Besides Labor will win Fremantle back! So my pome today reflects a rather different perspective. Here’s how I saw it then.

    A Scarlet Woman?

    In political terms it’s not in keeping
    To find one side with the other ‘sleeping.’
    There’s sometimes a merging of red with blue
    But crossing the floor makes a hullaballoo.
    Still, parties known by the colors they choose,
    Sometimes coalesce their various hues.
    The Nationals with their green and gold
    Have joined the Liberals true blue and bold.
    When the Liberal party went for the blue
    They thought it stood for all that’s best and true.
    Of course we know why Labor’s flag is red
    It tells of all those workers’ blood once shed.
    It’s clear that Greens stand up for conservation
    Of the world’s environment and vegetation.

    But it seemed as if all that was changed,
    All the colors completely rearranged
    Just because a Green MP had gone to bed,
    Not with an honest Labor party red,
    But with a Liberal of repute so ‘blue’
    At first no one believed the story true
    Until she confessed to her affaire
    With Perth’s chair sniffer extraordinaire!
    The man, in State Cabinet’s been retained,
    Having survived much more perverse a stain.
    Her party would have expelled the harlot.
    Who would vote for a Green so scarlet?
    But she, as an Independent, ran for cover,
    And supported the party of her lover.


    Later, explaining her conversion
    After her romantic excursion
    With a man of known perversion
    She claimed no political subversion
    Nor masculine coercion.
    “It was,” she said, “a mutual diversion!”

    You can see the four lines I’ve kept from this in my latest version, but I really enjoyed re-writing it and revisiting my thinking on this story which has a long way to go yet. Already my notes need updating at http://polliepomes.wordpress.com/2012/12/16/sleeping-with-the-enemy-does-not-pay-2/

  15. Am I on board?
    Terrific to hear on ABC rajio someone spruiking Canberra, with huge enthusiasm.

    Scouts, ballooning, opera.

  16. Rossmore

    Apart from you having a decent size of our historic family name (Rossiters of the Kooweerup Swamp), let me be the first to tell you, PMJG will romp it in, in this year’s election.

    I’ll say that again, colloquially, “PMJG will shit it in.”

    You heard it here, first.

  17. Then the rajio is soon to talk about the Ring Cycle.

    Which will piss me off big time.

    Assume it is about the staging in Melbourne.

    Cannot bear that I have missed out. Cannot bear that tickets were so restricted.

  18. thanks rossmore
    seems a lot of people out there pushing the idea
    to him with the media and polls being ask

    now you mention it it was like that with costello

    as i seem to remember thanks for that
    i will sleep better now and get that one off my mind
    thank you

  19. Kezza I share your optimism, but not your heritage.. Proud Anglo-Irish myself. The far west of Ireland and the Far East of England. Galway and Yorkshire to be be sure.

  20. some one suggested he would be drafted
    the libs vote for their leader dont they.
    they just cannot appoint some one??

  21. ross more me to but the other half from cornwall
    the same place dr martin is filmed
    in fact my gg grandmother looked exactly like me
    we would love to go there
    i sometimes get on google and have good lock at port issacs

  22. [ let me be the first to tell you, PMJG will romp it in, in this year’s election.

    I’ll say that again, colloquially, “PMJG will shit it in.”

    You heard it here, first. ]

    I would much rather she win the “real” one in late 2013 than some pretend one or poll in 2012! 😉

  23. PatWA

    You’re too nice.

    I would’ve said

    “Later, explaining her unprincipled inversion
    She had no excuse, but a roundabout perversion
    Of an inexact, but mutual, strange attraction
    That made her agree to vote with a party of inaction.”

  24. Dense, yes my tree goes back to Cornwall too on my dads line. St. Ewe,a a tiny place somewhere in Cornwall…

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