2 more sleeps

2 more sleeps till xmas day and things seem to be working ok.

The log in probs. some are experiencing re. blog names is apparently due to wordpress recognizing  your original email,gravatar profile.

It does”t  recognize any changes you made when you log onto a new blog like this,so I am told.

You should be able to edit your profile after i have approved you to the site. Again so I have been told.

If not embrace your new name for the 2 weeks while PB. is on holidays, you are still the same person and you can always out yourself or let people guess who you are.

BB,and Fiona have kindly agreed to help me out by becoming moderators of the site as I will not be able to be here all the time,and for that I thank them.

Merry xmas and happy new year to all.

58 thoughts on “2 more sleeps

  1. And as much as people might think I am being hypocritical ,There is a line somewhere that will be drawn and I will delete comments. I have had some legal advice about this and I aint copping any shit from anyone.

  2. My moderation philosophy is to check in every few hours and weed out the profane, the defamatory and the pestilential, using similar rules to William’s (but perhaps with a little less tolerance for trolls and concern trolls).

    Apart from that, anything goes.

  3. Well, I can live with being HillbillySkeleton for 2 weeks. A Cat Skeleton! 🙂

    Btw, I do hope the moderators give bemused short shrift if he starts giving people the pip. He can be a real human haemorrhoid when he puts his mind to it, and almost as big a downer as Alexander.

    I don’t know about everyone else but I find his stout defense of Kevin ‘The Superior Campaigner’ Rudd, to the point of denigration of anyone who doesn’t agree with his pov, tedious in the extreme.

    It doesn’t need to be carried over to this blog.

    What does everyone else think?

  4. Needless to say, C@t, I tend to agree, but I doubt Befuddled will even come here, the lunatics being in charge of the asylum and all that.

    William is too generous with him.

    He brings nothing to the blog, not readers or erudition. Just aggro.

  5. What a mob so schoolyard bullies you sound. I am disappointed. I expected our Christmas holiday home to be fun not inhabited by a mob just waiting to pounce. BTW will you moderate this comment out?

    Why not deal with post as they come in, not just lay traps?

  6. I do hope this will be fun site over xmas. I have no desire to see it turned into slanging match.

    Like I have said treat others how you would like to be treated and hopefully we can get along for the 2 weeks

  7. We are having a Christmas lunch shortly at the in-laws due to the policeman brother-in-law being rostered on xmas day.. Its humid as hell and I bet there will be roasts etc,I wold much prefer a bucket of prawns and beers on the beach which is exactly what I expect to be doing on Tuesday:).
    Merry Xmas to you msadventure2 and a happy new year.

    • o joe we always have prawns one year we bought 4 kilo ended up just three of us for reasons i have forgotten, the turkey and pork where not touched.

      best ever christmas food wise we decided

  8. Well, I finally managed to find my way here. Thanks Joe6pack for setting up this refugee site and best wishes to you and yours for Xmas and the New Year (and best wishes to all other PB refugees as well.)

  9. C@t and BB,
    As my long departed and wise old mother used to say, the Befuddled one just has too much of what the cat licked its bum with . As a matter of fact, he has been in my ‘pain-in-the-bum box’ for the best part of 2012 because he is an insufferable bully.

    • its so peacful here sigh

      i am sure in the end you will work out whom i am
      i have not wrapped one pressie yet, but have made quilt christmas bags and put the pressies in them and then bring them home one of my daughters says i should wrap everything;

      she makes a work of art out of it and choses a theme we all wait with baited breath e to see each years colour scheme i really liked the blue silver theme last year

    • cuppa so glad your here you dissapeared to twitter heard your do heaps there ,well the abc does not seem to have improved one bit with the new board

  10. confessions,

    Season’s greetings, and good to hear from you! Yes, I’ve been lurking- looking in at PB on my 5th Estate rounds most days. It’s good to see gallant PBers step into the holiday gap!

    But I’m doing a lot of running about and last-minute chores at the moment, of course…

    • kerse,, where did you go to seem to remember something
      about something on pb
      lets hope many old faces turn up who are so over some of the things on pb that could actullay be helped a bit by

      well nuff said

    • Hullo and Merry Christmas, my say!

      While I’ve been lurking, you’ve been plugging away at the good fight- good on you and more power to your oar.

      I’ll be about very discontinuously over the next few days, what with the strenuous commitments just ahead, but the recovery period should allow some good net time!

  11. Cuppa! You have been missed at PB.


    I know what you mean. Busy time of year at present. About to go and have xmas drinks with the girls. Take care!!

  12. Hi Confessions.

    That’s nice to know! I’ve been doing most of my online ‘activism’ lately on Twitter and great blogs such as Cafe Whispers.


    Can’t speak highly enough of the Cafe. It’s a proudly Left blog and the hosts make you feel welcome.

  13. Thanks for the refuge Joe.
    How about we all just play nice. IMO.Joe should not be put in any difficult situations because of any defamatory or stupid comments. From PB we should be very skilled at knowing what’s kosher and what ‘s not on a blog. Frank tried this last time and it worked well until it all got very narky about some PBers. It made me very uncomfortable. So let’s please not do it here. I suggest if anyone wants to have a go at a bludger go over to PB and do it. How does that sound to everyone?

  14. Greetings. It was going to be Laocoön III, but wordpress didn’t like that 🙂

    Thanks for the refuge Joe6pack!

  15. Cuppa,
    I also am glad you have landed here for the duration of the Xmas Season. You have been missed. I have seen you on Twitter, and lately at the Cafe. Migs wanted me to write for him there when I left The Political Sword, but I was just too busy and would have been unreliable as a Contributor. I do like lurking though. Do you follow his other avenue of comment, ‘Australians for an Honest Media’ on facebook? Anyway, glad to have your company here over the Xmas and New Year season. 🙂
    As well as every one else, of course! (Except for the po-faced. You know who you are).

  16. I used to love working on Christmas Day when I worked in a Hospital. Money for jam! 😀

  17. Puff,

    The general idea is:

    1. Great big nosh-up of duck, goose, pork or whatever finishing up with a rice porridge (which contains a blanched almond and whoever gets it wins a prize)

    2. Go into the lounge where the Christmas tree is lit up in all its glory with real red and white candles and the presents underneath

    3. Sing as many carols as you decently can

    4. Get stuck into the presents.

    Works a treat in cold climates. Here, we just do a big cold table and then the presents.

  18. denese
    How is tassie?
    For the sake of continuity if you wish your comments to be in line post in the’ leave a reply ‘box at the bottom.If you just reply at the bottom af a particular comment we may not see it.
    merry xmas

  19. me too i worked at the weather bureau and volunteered some years
    for christmas day, of course the weather never stops lol

    yes even us girls then got a little extra for working on holidays

    joe have to tell i have been so stressed over there
    the pointng finger comes from al l directions,

    well thats enough from me seem to have caught up
    janice i think you sound like a feel

  20. Blimey, this blog has sure taken off. Hey, Denese, as you seem to come from Tassie, you wouldn’t have run into My Say there by any chance would you! 😉

  21. Hillbilly and Puffy TMD,

    Hi, it’s good to see you again. I see youse on Twitter from time to time. Good to know you’re keeping up the good fight for the Light on the Hill. Hi also to Kersebleptes and Scorpio.

    Hi Denese,

    The ABC! It’s not getting any better, despite all the complaints. It was a big morning on Twitter with the news that the ALP had written to the AFP asking them to investigate whether criminal offenses had been committed in the Ashbygate matter.

    Of course there was nothing about it on the ABC. Awkward silence. (Funny, given how many hours they spent earlier in the year screaming about the allegations against Slipper). Scores of tweets were sent to the “News” channel and to the Managing Director. The anger among Twitter people was quite palpable, I thought.

    About 12 hours after News Limited posted the story, their ABC timidly ran with it too. Naturally they included footage of Abbott denying everything and twisting the situation into an absurd ‘issue’ of whether taxpayer money had been used in writing the letter to the AFP. It seems their ABC had been holding off on running the story until they had Dear Leader’s response in the can ready to roll. So whether it was the dozens of angry tweets that got them moving is doubtful. Perverse as it sounds, I think they thrive on complaints. They get heaps (virtually every hour of the day on Twitter), but there never seems to be any improvement.

  22. Independent Australia is running a fundraiser at the moment. For every donation of $25 you get a ticket in the draw to win a new Apple computer. (The prize is donated by ex-Poll Bludger commenter, George Bludger).

    It’s very important people support IA. It’s one of the tiny number of media outlets doing real investigative work these days. They’re good people bravely fighting the good fight. Please help them continue their work.


  23. Hi all,

    As a long term lurker on Pollbludger I would like to wish all PB’ers a wonderful christmas and spectacular 2013. Thank you for keeping me up to date with the TRUTH about what is happening in politics, seems the OM have forgotten what that word means. I did post christmas wishes on PB site but apparently it is in moderation (don’t know why) so decided to post on here just in case it never shows up. Cheers for now and looking forward to watching karma catch up with Abbott and his bunch of losers in 2013.

  24. so much for my writing plans for the christmas holiday period……… i yesterday had a very minor fall but sustained broken left wrist, and can only do one finger typing. not sure how that and pain killers will affect the creative process…..but i’ll be here to read anyway, but maybe not if i have to keep scrolling past bemused. he is a real pain in the ass at the best of times, impossible now that i’ve got limited mobility,

  25. Patricia WA,

    Rotten luck! Don’t worry about needing to scroll much – Messrs Joe6pack, Bushfire Bill and moi will make sure everyone plays nicely in the PB Tragics’ sandpit.

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