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  1. Hello,
    I am a novice at this, amazed I got this far. Not sure if anyone will use this but it’s here if you want to use it while WB. has a well deserved break..
    It is basic as hell so any help would be appreciated.
    Have fun play nice.

  2. Joe6Pack,
    I’m on board! I remember that politics can take sudden turns over the supposedly quiet Xmas break, and we need somewhere to go to if it does. Cheers for the hard work in putting this new place together!

  3. Clean the pool & do the bins. And the trailer wheels need a proper scrub as well.

    CTar1 says …

  4. Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully it will work ok.You should be able to post now without it going to moderation.
    I,m not sure when crikey goes on holidays but this site will be here when it does so hopefully we will get a few more tragics.

  5. Jaycee
    To keep continuity I think you have to post in the comments box at the bottom.
    If you hit the reply button under your post I think it goes under your first post.

  6. Hope this will keep me sane over the next couple of weeks.

    Somewhat select company and the moment!

    Thanks of the opportunity to keep in the game as it were

  7. Hello!..What happened to my posts?….and who was that guy sang a song on the Jackie Gleeson Show all those years ago?

    • Frankie Fontaine – he had a wonderful voice made all the more remarkable as he played a character called Crazy Guggenheim.

  8. I posted this on PB a few days ago, unfortunately it went into the middle of a circle jerk between ML and a few others. So I am taking the liberty of posting it here again to see if anyone can name any journalists like there used to be.

    There was a time when journalists were revered, they were the heroes of little boys and girls everywhere and their tales of the happenings in far flung outposts of the world made people dream, shake in fright and marvel at the bravery of these men and women that were bringing us the news.

    There was a time when journalists died to bring us behind the scenes news, when journalists risked everything to bring out the truth, they seemed to be beyond fear and had honour to spare.

    Journalists like Carl Gerlich of Germany in the 1930′s, or Edgar Mowrer from the same period, Virginia Cowles during the Spanish Civil War along with Louis Delapree, Ernest Hemingway, Alan Moorehead. What about Dith Pran and Sydney Shanberg of Cambodia, Anna Politkovskaya of Russia, and the more than 200 that are in gaol at the moment around the world for bringing us the stories, the truth of what governments are doing, telling us what big business has and continues to do to those that cannot fight for themselves.

    What happened to this revered trade, where did those brave journalists disappear to, to be replaced by the lightweight, social page writers we have today, these opinionated buffoons that can’t even give us their own opinions but hoist on us ones dictated to them in monthly meetings, opinions that follow the narrative of the dollar and the highest bidder.

    Now the shoe is on the other foot, now is a time when it is the journalist that shake in fright as their positions as movers and shakers who’s opinions (even though they are not theirs) have become the latest jokes on the internet.

    We have incredible things happening across the world and across Australia at the moment none of them brought to us by brave, daring, insightful journalists, no not while they can busy themselves with the latest fashion news, who is bonking who, which film actor/actress, model or singer has released their latest manufactured nothing.

    The lnp can be expected to act as they do, they have always been the pus expectorated from the festering boil of the privileged mentality, the so called upper classes. But to see the journalist trade brought down to the level that their reportage is just more advertising spiels for big business is so disheartening.

    I wonder if we will see any Howard Beales who are “as mad as hell and not going to take it anymore”…………… looking at the pap that laughingly call themselves ‘journalist’ here in Australia I don’t think so.

  9. Frank Fontaine must admit I had never heard of him, did a bit of a google and discovered I had seen a couple of movies that he had been in, still didn’t recognise him though.

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