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Another week  of 2013 has gone and it’s time for Friday night frolics.

Soak in the genial atmosphere,have a drink, marvel at our magnificent staff,share stories,post pictures,play your favorite tunes.

FRIDAY NIGHT RAFFLES  will begin around 6.00pm, (I will let you know when) and be drawn about 7.00pm. “QLD.TIME”

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  1. Snow: travel chaos with flights and trains cancelled, roads closed, 36 hours of blizzards and 10,000 without electricity across Britain

    Today’s weather forecast for London – Low 0C, High 0C, Snow.

  2. You do have to wonder what on earth the liberals think like

    for example why send abbott dressed in firemans suit , yes he belongs to the unit, but l o t o are realy or should be busy people,

    The prime minister came here in everyday clothes and talked to the fireman and the people she was very well received, i even noticed a look of amazement on some faces
    as much tosay,, is that really the pm and she has come here to see us and talk to us.

    sound more impressive to me

    everything has been all about the loto not about the people

    i dont think they get it

  3. denese
    Everything has always been about Abbott and not the country. That’s one of the reasons why Windsor and Oakeshott went with Labor.

    Just before Christmas they had this to say –
    TONY WINDSOR: Well, you know, he’d do anything for the job.

    DAVID MARK: Did he beg you?

    TONY WINDSOR: Yeah, on a number of occasions and he hasn’t denied that. You know, it was quite pitiful and it was actually about him rather than about what his political grouping could actually do for the nation.

    ROB OAKESHOTT: And I think that’s his failing. I do. I think it’s politics first before policy when it comes to the crunch and so, and I think that’s disappointing because we were up for grabs.

    DAVID MARK: So you truly were, you could have gone either way?

    ROB OAKESHOTT: Yeah, we were up for grabs. In fact probably our natural leanings, if we could have done it, would have been to go to the Liberal National Party. We just couldn’t get it across the line because this question mark about the sincerity and so the negotiation process, the other side was clinical and the commitment and the sincerity was on full display.

    TONY WINDSOR: Out of the two of them, she was the only one there that had capacity to potentially negotiate through the mine field.

    ROB OAKESHOTT: Julia Gillard is a negotiator and this Parliament needed a negotiator.

    You might have heard the whole thing back then, but the transcript is worth reading.

  4. I hadn’t read this before. It’s clearly designed to get Labor supporters to slit their wrists.

    From May 2012, Jack Waterford and the old “Abbott Has A Blank Cheque” schtick:

    Most likely, even now, that will be after an epic victory at an election which will have seen the Coalition win something in the order of 130 seats, with even the Nationals winning more seats than the Labor Party, down to about 20.

    A landslide victory to the Coalition will be mostly about the failures of a Labor government. But there will be no doubting that it will also be an endorsement, and blank cheque for the alternative.

    Read more:

    My, how times have changed… but it does outline – as if some examiner had written this as an example for students to discuss just how wrong political columnists can be – how idiotic some of the discussion has been, based on a poll situtation that has changed quite drastically.

    National Party with more seats than Labor? Once upon a time some saw it as not only possible, but inevitable…

  5. CTar1,
    GI Joe was also very funny. What pees me off though, is that Jon Stewart has been eliminated from our screens by the Capitalist bastards that he probably personally loathes. However, they own his show, so they make you pay for it over here if you want to watch it any more. :(

  6. gigi

    ‘Wonderful rain falling in the Wollondily after such a hot day.’

    It still feels quite strange to me to drive to Sydney without passing through.

    Although, I guess, the locals don’t miss the traffic.

  7. BB
    noticed your post.
    yes may last year, now that was before the people realised about the carbon price and nothing happened.
    some live by the polls, as though they are tea leaves ,
    most of us thought that the carbon price would become a non event in peoples live,, it did,
    every day abbott popped up , bemoaning the country, and being negative but some of us or a lot of us new the people would grow tired of the negativity .

    some people seem to live by polls , even now , things could change before the end of the year, why do people spend time an money on polls
    now when most likely by the end of the week month or quarter something may happen to change the way people think.
    this will happen that will happen,, she , said he said, they will ect

    i could never take a polling as a hobby,
    i can think of better ways to enjoy my daily life

  8. Amusing exchanges between Gabi Chan, Mumbles, Mega and others

    Gabrielle Chan ‏@gabriellechan
    Bloody good reasoning from @markatextor not to change the voting system
    Expand Reply Retweet Favorite

    13 Jan Peter Brent ‏@mumbletwits
    @gabriellechan @markatextor (But a gratuitous John Howard mention, even crediting him with a Paul Keating line. Why oh why?)

    13 Jan Gabrielle Chan ‏@gabriellechan
    It was at the very end tho @mumbletwits, just above the declaration @markatextor is the founder of CT. The idea, PJK or Howard, is right.

    13 Jan Mark Textor ‏@markatextor
    @gabriellechan @mumbletwits Précisément!

    13 Jan Peter Brent ‏@mumbletwits
    @markatextor @gabriellechan Sorry to be boring, but they are quotes by incumbents warning ppl not to change govt. In reality little changes.

    Peter Brent ‏@mumbletwits
    Howard said he would “flick the switch to vaudeville”, and was true to his word. (last one) @gabriellechan @markatextor

    13 Jan Gabrielle Chan ‏@gabriellechan
    No, no, no @mumbletwits @markatextor He said “I’m going to do you slowly and Oz PMs have been done slowly ever since.
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    13 Jan Peter Brent ‏@mumbletwits
    @gabriellechan @markatextor His 11 and a half years in office sure went slowly. Seemed like 111.

    13 Jan George Megalogenis ‏@GMegalogenis
    @gabriellechan He also said at the 2001 election: “By 2020 no child living today will be a teenager.” @mumbletwits @markatextor

    13 Jan Judge ‘n Jury rocket ‏@sprocket___
    @mumbletwits @gabriellechan @markatextor JWH would not say something so clever. PJK quote.

    Mark Textor ‏@markatextor
    @gabriellechan @mumbletwits Précisément!
    Expand Reply Retweet Favorite

    13 Jan Peter Brent ‏@mumbletwits
    It was John Howard I believe who quipped “Democracy is the worst system, except for the others.” @markatextor @gabriellechan

    13 Jan Tattered Remnant ‏@TatteredRemnant
    @mumbletwits @markatextor @gabriellechan Am I right that Howard invented the internet?

    13 Jan Peter Brent ‏@mumbletwits
    @TatteredRemnant @markatextor @gabriellechan When Howard split the atom he had no idea where it might lead ….

  9. I agree with Aguirre ( to the point where I think this line of thinking should have gone further.

    Abbott’s position has been that Rudd and Gillard have run a flaky government, and that he offers strength and certainty. The way to reinforce that, and embarrass/put pressure on the independents, would have been to effectively make the government govern according to a legislative agenda shaped by the Coalition. This is effectively what the US Republicans did to Obama in his first term.

    To do this would have required the Coalition to get down in the weeds of debate and argue clause by clause for legislation. They would’ve had to eschew personality politics – one nasty comment across the chamber would have seen Wilkie and/or Oakeshott flee to Labor in high dudgeon – but slow, patient policy-focused work would have been the anathema of the way Labor used to work. The focus on “announceables” as practiced by Rudd, and by Gillard in her first year or so as PM, would have been negated by a parliament that produced legislation at variance with the press releases.

    A record of legislative success on the part of the Coalition would have vindicated Abbott and played on the darkest fears of Labor (particularly the NSW Right and its adherents) that the Coalition really are political geniuses and have a lock on what it means to govern this country. The Coalition would go into this election with the benefit of the doubt that they simply do not have, but which the media wishes to give them so that it can maintain its pose of ‘balance’.

    With a legislative record, the Coalition would have something to run on: you’ve seen what we support and don’t support, so vote for us and we’ll do more of that. Because they have no record, two things have happened – neither good for the Coalition.

    First, Labor have come back with actual governing ability and a record to run on (negating the idea that the Coalition have a natural talent for governing and winning elections).

    Second, we are forced to question everything the Coalition says against an absence of proof. Any funding commitment risks being sucked into the surplus fetish and the Budget Black Hole.

    This lingering doubt undermines the benefit of the doubt that Abbott, Hockey (and most of the press gallery) assumes the Coalition have. It is further undermined by women who doubt Abbott on equality and reproductive issues. Both of the above points are good for Labor, bad for the Coalition.

    The Coalition could spend the first half of this year avoiding personal attacks and getting down in the policy weeds; it would throw the government right off balance and force the press gallery to change the way it works too. This is unlikely to happen. It would require a complete cleanout of staff and a replacement with people who do not appear to exist, unless the Feds want to start pinching jaded staff from the state governments. It would also be a tacit admission that the gainsay-everything tactic has failed in some way.

    As with control over both Houses in 2005-07, the Coalition will realise the opportunity it lost after it has gone, and not before, when it might have made a difference. Since 2006 the Coalition have never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity. No wonder they want to go back there and start again, hoping against all evidence that the rest of the country hasn’t moved on from then either.

  10. { Sometime between now and October next year, Tony Abbott will be driving off to Yarralumla to be commissioned as prime minister by the Governor-General, Quentin Bryce.

    Most likely, even now, that will be after an epic victory at an election which will have seen the Coalition win something in the order of 130 seats, with even the Nationals winning more seats than the Labor Party, down to about 20. }

    Can you just imagine Abbott watching Julia on TV doing the drive to Yaralumba later this year.

    You wouldn’t want to be within 50 feet of the beggar. The rage would be more than palpable, more like incandescent I’d say.

    I’d love to see it.

  11. Andrew Elder wrote:

    Since 2006 the Coalition have never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity. No wonder they want to go back there and start again, hoping against all evidence that the rest of the country hasn’t moved on from then either.

    That’s the $64 billion dollar – or whatever the size of their black hole happens to be. – question, isn’t it?

    Can they turn off vaudeville and go back to sober policy stuff?

    Andrew Robb is the Mystery Person in this What’s My Line? routine. Where HAS Robb been?

    I would assume coat off, tie loosened, sleeves rolled up, and wonking away on policy with the Liberal Policy Unit. We’ve seen virtually hide nor hair of him for nearly a year now. No questions in QT, Not a peep. Not even reading out Budget replies with his staffer at the back of the room giving the “throat slash” motion.

    In a normal political party you’d HAVE to assume that. Perhaps Mr. Elder has the skinny?

    He doesn’t think they have the time to come up with anything resembling policy (anything that would last more than 5 minutes under the microscope), andI’d like to believe that. I really would.

    But then again, the fatuousness of the Subsidized Nannies and their crock of a PPL scheme – where rich ladies who lunch had their babies rated more valuable than those from less well-heeled mums – was praised by the 30-something Annabel Crabbe Generation of the journosphere, thinking of their own present swollen salaries and the prospect of equally swollen and subsidized tummies to follow.

    Who’s to say that whatever Robb (or whomever) comes up with won’t be praised in the same way: without reference to sanity, reason, expense or any other aspect of the Real World as it is generally understood?

    After all, there is always this possibility to consider…

    … at 2012’s Press Club supper, the Gallery let Abbott get away with, “For anything I haven’t mentioned, cf. John Howard, 2007”, plus some waffle about Headlands.

    What Hail Mary passes do we have in store for the policy loaves and fishes of 2013?

  12. Andrew,
    It is indeed, only those times, that the Abbott Opposition made a few attempts to be seen ‘Governing from Opposition’, that have filled me with anything approaching dread at the result not going Labor’s way at the next election. With interest I watched the Amendments put into parliament try and convince the wilier of the Independents of their worth. Only succeeding once, if memory serves me correctly, and then only in a minor way, though the media trumpeted it as much, much more.

    Also, there was the Asylum Seeker debate in the House, where the only real effective Opposition Member of Parliament, Scott Morrison(Knight Commander of the Evil Genius category of politician in my book), managed to coerce the gullible Greens(hmm, maybe he’s not that smart then? ;) ), into abandoning completely ant semblance of ethics or morals they had as a collective, in order to support through the parliament the Coalition’s attempt to lay a depth charge on the Gillard Government’s almost successful attempt to get the Oakeshott Bill through the House.

    So, yes, more of that, and less of the Peta-inspired palaver and they would have been able to cement in the support that they got from Abbott’s initially-successful strategy of destabilisation of the government. Such that, you knock the government off their feet, then you keep them down by putting the foot on the throat and keeping it there until after you have consigned them to political history.

    Though, as you also rightly point out, the Coalition have succumbed to the same malady that befell a lot of them when they were in Howard’s government after the 2004 victory. The Hubris virus which got in through their Big Swinging Dicks.

    In Opposition this time Barnaby is the only one who has seen it infect them, yet again, when he sent the coded message to Abbott to try and stop already with the Open Gait. To no avail, it seems.

    As far as it goes wrt Abbott on ‘Women’s Issues’, well, absolutely nothing has changed there, no matter how much fluffing he gets from ‘Margie & the Girls’, Poor ‘Unsuccessfully Barren’ Peta(which is the opposite of ‘Deliberately Barren’, doncha know?), the ‘Good Girls’ in the Coalition, or the ‘Woman-centric’ PR outfit.

    As I pointed out earlier in Bushfire Bill’s last post when I highlighted those parts of Abbott’s speech to introduce William Hague at Menzies House. It’s all there in code, about the love of traditional values, the importance of the family(though he didn’t quite come out and say the Nuclear Family, but we know that’s what he means.

    Jeez, as a woman, it’s bad enough watching the encroaching global theocratisation of society again. Let alone having one of them as Prime Minister here.

    So I’m glad the man has a chink in his Christian Crusader armour.

    However, I’m not stupid. I know that people can be sold food that will shorten their lifespan, and be encouraged to ‘Honk for Maccas!’

    So, it is with this in mind, and knowing that the Gillard government will not only be fighting the Abbott Opposition this year, they will be up against the real Opposition in the media in this country, that I am not prepared to dare to dream about victory for the political party that deserve to win against an incompetent and mendacious Opposition and their ‘Leader’.

    Thus, to use a ‘form of words’ from the political genius, the ‘Lying Rodent’ himself, John Howard, I will be ‘straining every sinew’ from now until the last vote is counted in the 2013 election to get the most deserving team over the line.

    Now, while you’re here Andrew, are you related to Bruce? :)

  13. My suspicion is that Robb is not very happy. If anyone understands the shift they ought to have taken toward policy, it would most likely be him. But I don’t think they intend to, and I don’t think he likes that.

    My feeling all along has been that the Coalition approach depends on a lack of policy, and a lot of deflection if the topic ever comes up. They can make inroads as long as the focus is firmly on ALP policy and that alone; it gives them the opportunity to attack from any direction they like, and they’ve happily availed themselves of that on occasion. Ask the public to weigh ALP policy against Coalition policy and that open field shuts very quickly.

    But again, what should have been a short-term strategy while they got their act together has become a full-blown philosophy for the current Liberals. It worked so well they just stuck with it.

    I don’t know what they hell they expected their Carbon Tax = Bad campaign would achieve once carbon pricing became a reality. They should have known – anyone who gave it any thought could figure it out – that it wasn’t going to be a disaster. That’s the moment they should have been prepared for, the time to shift the goalposts and start competing on policy. It was the last time a negative campaign was possible.

    I was pretty sure, when I saw them holding up electricity bills in Parliament, that they had made no preparation at all for the post Carbon Tax Scare era. They were just going to ride that horse to the election. When it dropped dead, they stuck some electrodes into it, picked it up and dragged it for a while. Then they looked about to see if there was anything else they could latch on to. So far all they’ve found is a stale story about Gillard that’s been doing to rounds for years. More electrodes. It didn’t see the year out.

    Their plan now appears to be to wait for the election and then, somehow, win it. If they were really so smart tactically, they would have acted by now. We’ve seen them try – and fail – to flick the switch to policy. Early 2012 was supposed to be about that. Abbott couldn’t answer any questions about his policy ideas (he could barely describe them, much less explain them). So that was the end of that. Let’s go get Slipper instead.

    They might attempt some policies before the election, but they’ll hold them back as late as possible to avoid scrutiny. They’re going to be pretty crappy.

  14. But you have to really wonder C@t..if indeed the opposition has the capacity to formulate policy they really believe in, like capitalist control of an economy, when all through the last week of paliament they wasted opportunity to press ahead W/AWU bullshit!…as the song goes : “Is that all there is?”…….After the spectacular failure of economic rationalism and the GFC. IS there enough right-wing policy-cred in the entire fwarking world to go around JoHo’s guts let alone cover the bosom of Ms. Liberal Party of the year?

  15. I mean, look at those euro nations trying like f*ck to sell their citzs’ a pup like “bail the banks and they’ll save you”!!!…I’d hate to be caught driving the Lexus to the yatch club when the starved populace wake up to THAT con!
    I think the Liberal Party “box-o-tricks” has morphed into a book of jokes and they are thumbing through it like a bible-basher trying to find that perfect “gospel-truth”!

  16. C@tmomma:

    I’m a terrible cynic, I know, but it looked to me as if the only intention the Coalition had with their attempts to get an amendment passed was to be able to say, “This Government is dysfunctional!” I don’t think they were trying to govern from opposition at all, just to force an early election.

    As far as their co-opting the Greens to vote down the Oakeshott AS amendments – well, the Greens are mercenaries. They can pretend all they like, but their aim there was to raise their own PV and nothing else. They needed a Bob Brown to finesse it, but unfortunately for them the focal point was SH-Y. I suspect worse of her – careerism, I suppose – but she comes across as committed but misguided. Not the kind of person to inspire confidence in the Greens as a party.

    Nothing the Liberals do can be placed into a ‘bigger picture’. If they argue a certain point on AS, it’s only to score off the ALP. If they argue against carbon pricing, it’s only because they believe it to be unpopular. Whatever is happening is Bad, and a viable alternative is none of our business.

    I’m not saying the ALP are guiltless. It’s not hard to point to some things they’ve done for a political outcome. But they haven’t turned that way of thinking into a way of life. That’s the difference.

  17. I love to say it, with a more and more desparate world population, the recipe is there for nothing but social policy…While not doubting the general masses capacity to swallow shit-sandwiches, there comes a time when one has to count the small change in one’s pocket and if it doesn’t add up to the bus-fare home….the govt’s in trouble!
    Cambell Newman thinks he’s too smart by half if he thinks he will be appreciated when, after sacking half the economy of the state he presents a “balanced” budget to a resentful mob armed to the trouser-cuffs with baseball bats!

  18. Andrew – It’s a real shame your mob have so poorly selected candidates.

    Policy heft = none. Graft and poor craft are the story from them. Trailer park trash politics.

    And in the prevailing political climate they still might make it.

  19. Bushfire Bill asked:

    Can they turn off vaudeville and go back to sober policy stuff?

    Yes, but only after they lose this election – not before.

    Andrew Robb held the position that Brian Loughnane holds now: Federal Director of the Liberal Party. When Robb held the position, the Coalition won the third-biggest majority in Australian political history (1996). Loughnane ran a gimme campaign against a Labor leader who got up each day and sprayed himself with voter repellent (2004), followed by two losses.

    Loughnane hates Robb, and so does Loughnane’s wife, Peta Credlin. Credlin organises senior party confabs on economic policy and ‘forgets’ to invite Robb. Robb recognises that policy is important, but this recognition is not the same as being effective at creating policy: Robb was helping Tony Smith at the disastrous communications policy launch in 2010, and nobody in the Liberal Party has learned anything from that.

    Credlin and Loughnane call to mind Hot Lips Houlihan and Frank Burns from the TV series ‘MASH’. After it all goes pear-shaped, watch them blame Robb’s policy wonkery as they beat their retreat while the rotten eggs and tomatoes splash around their heads.

    C@tmomma is dead right about the Coalition framing of the asylum-seeker issue. I only wish the government made the Coalition own it rather than presenting itself as the second-best administrator of a deeply flawed policy.

    While the Murdoch press and a few other outlets are definitely Jonesing for the Coalition, the rest are out to maintain the fiction of ‘balance’ and the MSM as the fulcrum on which that balance pivots. This is why there’s too much focus on Gillard-AWU and not enough on Slipper-Ashby: it’s a handicapping effort. Watch for articles complaining that Gillard has “lead in her saddlebags” without the self-awareness to realise that the press gallery stewards are the ones who put it there.

    Not related to Bruce, and (as I understand it) neither of us are related to the founders of the farm supplies company.

  20. “complaining that Gillard has “lead in her saddlebags” without the self-awareness to realise that the press gallery stewards are the ones who put it there.”

    As far as Annoying Concepts in Politics goes, this ranks right farking up there for me. :(

  21. Andrew, I think one of the reasons your blog is worth while (and you should combine those posts into some sort of post on your own site BTW), is that we get very little analysis or background info on the Liberal Party.

    Plenty of long form articles on the ALP, mostly hostile from either the right or the left, but I can’t think of a mainstream media journo who tries to explain to the public properly Liberal party internal rivalries, except for a couple of agenda driven boosters. Can you?

  22. The Political Sword has a new Email your Pollie idea up on their site …it looks interesting as a concept!…..I think the Fifth Estate is shifting into a higher gear and getting up to warp-speed!

  23. Good article
    Yesterday at 11:50 AM
    David Brooks Now Totally Pathological
    By Jonathan Chait

    Moderate Republicanism is a tendency that increasingly defies ideological analysis and instead requires psychological analysis. The psychological mechanism is fairly obvious. The radicalization of the GOP has placed unbearable strain on those few moderates torn between their positions and their attachment to party. Many moderate conservatives have simply broken off from the party, at least in its current incarnation, and are hoping or working to build a sane alternative. Those who remain must escape into progressively more baroque fantasies.

    The prevalent expression of this psychological pain is the belief that President Obama is largely or entirely responsible for Republican extremism. It’s a bizarre but understandable way to reconcile conflicting emotions — somewhat akin to blaming your husband’s infidelity entirely on his mistress. In this case, moderate Republicans believe that Obama’s tactic of taking sensible positions that moderate Republicans agree with is cruel and unfair, because it exposes the extremism that dominates the party, not to mention the powerlessness of the moderates within it. Michael Gerson recently expressed this bizarre view, and the pathology is also on vivid display in David Brooks’s column today.

  24. I think Julia Gillard has injected a style of politics into the debate that the MSM and the opp’ tactitions haven’t got the grasp of yet….I believe it is a personal style peculiar to Herself, but understood by a female electorate more than the male part!
    In my experience W/ female arguement / seems to underestimate the opposite gender’s capacity for remembering what you may consider trivial at the time but it comes back to you in spades…recall the “Mysoginy Speech”….recall that moment when Julia Gillard emphasised that accusation by leaning over the despatch box and pointed directly at Abbott…”…by that man”…I believe the words were…I too have sufferred at the hand of the accusative digit….it might as well be a stiletto pointed at your heart!
    Yes, politics alla femme may be something entirely new, but it is here to stay…………..”How….sweet it is”!

  25. but andrew if they have no policies, when each give their
    pre election speech, all abbott or morrison or joe can talk about is labor policies and whinge.

    i suppose i should add or turnbull to that
    what your opinion

  26. In my experience W/ female argument / seems to underestimate the opposite gender’s capacity for remembering what you may consider trivial

    yes jaycee as many a hubby or partner will lament,

  27. I had no idea Loughnane/Credlin hate Robb. Suddenly a whole lot of things start to make sense. Not just ‘forgetting’ to invite him to economic strategy meetings, but the whole reason it was Robb who appeared publicly with Smith at that woeful communications policy release in the campaign. Then there are all those times in the last year or so when Robb has been “at odds” with Abbott over some such position.

  28. jaycee
    Having grown up in a household full of women, I have never looked at it like that from a male perspective, but I think you may be right. I know that when I had a few ‘debates’ with men, it was the things that they didn’t think were important that sprung to my mind.

  29. My dog, Bob, just did the Leap Of Death: from the top lawn over sandstone boulders to the concrete terrace below. Six feet down, if it’s an inch.

    I saw him jump and then a second later heard a sickening bone-and-muscle-on-concrete thunk. It sounded so wet and eviscerating. It was LOUD and horrible. I was sure he was dead or maimed.

    I imagined bones in his jaw broken, his pelvis fractured, his neck verterbrae dislocated…

    I ran to the top of the slope to see him standing there shaking his head, as if to say,”Wha…? Eh…? What happened?”

    Then he took off at a great rate of knots and disappeared behind some trees. I thought: “He’s gone off to die.”

    But it wasn’t to die… he’d found a plastic bag he could rip up. When he saw me coming, all angst-ridden and freaking out, blathering like an idiot, he flew off, legs kicking, jumping imaginary hurdles and in general reverting to puppy-hood.

    Bob is nearly 16 years old.

    Long live maniac dogs.

    It can’t be forever, but I’m sure Bob will enjoy it while it lasts.

  30. I had no idea Loughnane/Credlin hate Robb. Suddenly a whole lot of things start to make sense.

    But WHY? Some kind of generational turf war?

  31. But I’m not talking “Thatcher” as a woman politics here…Thatcher played from the “Men’s room” handbook…I’m saying this is a new style completely…a genuine female politics style….consider that last week last year…Memsa and Credlin played by the “Old-boys club” rule book…and Gillard took it and took it and took it…till even I thought..;”Christ! the card, play the card!….I hope she’s GOT the card!!”…..when you saw that fat slush-file folder and you know how deep the Liberal pockets are and how low they will stoop to pick up a bit, any bit, of shit!

    And then she called the bluff and played them like they were helpless kittens and then double bluffed them back and challenged Abbott to call the the hand and he bottled it…they all bottled it…The LOTO, Memsa, the entire Liberal Party Machine, the MSM and every gallery hack that had the capacity to scrawl their “X” on a piece of paper!

    And NOW…She’s back and..she’s rested..and she’s savvy…I doubt there’s a male in the cabinet who’s gonna try to steer her down a dead-end alley any more!….

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not 100% with such ALP. conservatism, I like a bit more bolshie in the leadership, but hey!…that’s ..probably..why I’m not Prime Minister!

    Sorry about the ad in front!…But I’m not that good at this stuff!

  32. BB:

    Jeez you scared me half to death with the first half of that comment about your dog!

    As to Robb et al, dunno. Maybe it’s a Victorian thing. Which raises the question: what has happened to the Victorian Liberals? The new generation coming through are either loud-mouthed boors, or lazy self indulgent types like the Member for Casey.

  33. And hey!..I’ll tell you something else for free..if Hillary Clinton throws her hat into the presidential ring next time the circus comes to town, she’ll more than likely adopt a style ; alla Gillard….I’ll betcha!


    Truckers Knew We Were In A Once-In-A-Generation Recession Before Anyone Else
    Rob Wile | Jan. 18, 2013, 11:29 AM

    If you ever wondered what industry is the American’ economy’s most accurate bellwether, here’s some pretty good evidence that it might be trucking.

    In the just-released minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee’s December 11, 2007 meeting, then-St. Louis Fed Governor William Poole recounted what he was hearing from his nonfinancial business contacts about orders and sales.

    Most reported softening activity, but nothing dire.

    But not Poole’s trucker.

  35. While I think of it the local supermarket today had legs of lamb on special at circa $15 – $20 depending on weight/size.

    A veritable bargain considering their normal cost under the carbon ‘tax’ is $100 each! I couldn’t believe they hadn’t sold out, and so snapped up a couple. Who knows when lamb will be this cheap again!

  36. While elsewhere in the world the attack of the Trolls continues apace, here at the Pub we have been treated to an afternoon of well-reasoned, well-developed and constructive political assessments.

    The way things are going here is a credit to the publicans who built the pub and the drinkers who imbibe here.

  37. Joe6Pack,

    You run a tight ship, cap’n, in the subtlest of ways. This is indeed a great place whether just reading/lurking, throwing in a wisecrack or three, or participating in the many and varied debates.

    Again, thank you for your enterprise in opening the PUB.

  38. Night fiona.

    On dogs, can anyone tell me how I can administer human pain relief to a 23 kilo dog with a sore hind leg? I tried to get her into the vets today, but they are booked out until Monday morning, and she seems to be in a bit of pain.

    She needs an anti inflammatory which I have in the form of aspirin, but don’t know how much of a human tablet to give her. Any ideas?

  39. confessions from what i know asprin and panadol

    IS THEREan after hours service you could ring.

    or look on line
    A Pharmacists may know what dog can have and cannot have

  40. denese:

    Panadol is a no-no. Aspirin OTOH is ok.

    I don’t know how it happened. She was limping yesterday when I got home, and I removed a grass seed from between her toes. That worked and she was walking normally again, but today woke up and she was unable to walk on the foot. I’ve checked for more grass seeds, but there’s nothing there.

  41. i think its the weather every one seems rather tired
    are you well now joe

    confessions also have you a water bottle just tap warm warter and a nice
    old cardigan of yours wrapped around it for her and let her sleep with you

  42. i think a grass seed sometimes hurts the foot and then the next day \it may feel like a bruised foot would feel for us

    i have very sore heel on the bottom i have no idea but then i remmeber i walked over a rock, did nt have my walking shoes on
    i cannot see a thing so i think a bruise internally
    so may be thats what it feels like to her also
    or if it was infected i think you would see it what about some nice warm water on a towel with a bit salt kn the water then if it was ifected
    that would help

  43. denese:

    She normally sleeps with me, but I don’t think in her present condition she could jump onto the bed. That’s a great idea about the hot water bottle, if I drag her bed into the bedroom and place it with her for the night.

  44. fess

    re the grass seed
    here’s a suggestion
    you may need to use a magnifying glass

    I remember mum removing one grass seed and our dog limping again the next day, so out came the magnifying glass and mum could just see the very tip of a another grass seed that had sunk right in. Pair of tweezers carefully wielded and out came another one.

  45. victoria will you pass on to doley m
    i respect him and like him also. he is one i miss not chatting to,

    but as i am not posting there i cannot tell him so
    would u mind. he and maquire bob are so up lifting in there knowledge
    and positive voices
    sleep time i think

    i am hoping and praying for some really soaking rain the country needs it

    not heavey just good drizzle that soaks in and doesnt take the top soil away

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